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Best Girl Friendly Hotels In Abu Dhabi To Consider

Best Guest Friendly Hotels In Abu Dhabi

Traveling to the UAE can be an interesting experience – a different culture, lots of luxury and plenty of attractions. But then, just like in every other similar destination, you want a full experience.

So, how about a piece of meat? While these countries are normally conservative and local girls are less likely to even say hello back (unless you are a conservative Muslim), you will have to go in another direction. In my other blog posts I explain how to pick up girls in Dubai and how to find the best hotels in Dubai to get laid.

In this article I will focus on the capital: Abu Dhabi!

Luckily, despite the conservative status of the UAE, you can find more and more girl friendly hotels in Abu Dhabi these days. But of course.. You also need girls to fill up your bed!

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And if that does not work you can always pick up a girl at the bar at your favorite hotel!

My top options include:

Al Diar Dana Hotel – Club 49ers

abu dhabi girl friendly hotels

Al Diar Dana Hotel – Club 49ers provides good value for money, as well as a good location close to all the action. It is in the center of the city, yet located in a relatively quiet area. However, if you want to take a nap during the day with your windows open, noise can be a bit annoying.

The girl friendliness follows the same rules – bring a girl, but check her in with her ID. However, to be honest with you, no one really cares about it. I was there for two weeks on a team building holiday with my workmates and brought like eight girls in over this time frame. Only three of them had to check in.

I got a weird look when I brought in a girl one time. I only dealt with Lebanese and Russian babes – man, they are so hot. But one night, I was in the mood for a petite Asian. She did not look too luxury, but quite cheap. I felt a bit embarrassed when I got that look, but it was all good.

Le Meridian

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Le Meridian is close to The Galleria and less than 10 miles away from the airport. It has a bunch of historic landmarks nearby, as well as access to the Heritage Park and Louvre Abu Dhabi. Guests have access to 234 rooms, Internet, coffee makers, restaurants, bars, room service, live entertainment and more.

Now, you do not want to go to a hotel in Abu Dhabi without inquiring about its girl friendliness, especially if you want to go crazy on the local hookers. I stayed there for a week and was told that guests are allowed as long as I get a double room. So said, so done – the financial difference between a standard room and a double one is insignificant.

There is one condition though. No one cared that I brought different girls in every night, but they must show an ID. They basically check in, then they check out. Most girls are familiar with the procedure, so there should not be a problem. Just ask your partner before taking her upstairs though.

Le Royal Meridian

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Le Royal Meridian provided me the best experience in terms of girls. Rated as one of the most popular girl friendly hotels in Abu Dhabi, it is in the heart of the city and offers beautiful views, as well as bars, restaurants, gyms, spas and even a private beach. As you get inside, you will see lots of business people in there. It is close to many corporations and financial institutions.

There are lots of businessmen traveling, as well as teams of guys in team building holidays. To me, that means lots of hookers as well. There are at least 15 single girls hanging around the lobby at all times, so you can get laid without too much hassle.

Girl must show an ID before going upstairs. I brought girls to the hotel later, as it was quieter, so they always had to show their IDs. But when I got a few hookers in during the day, no one questioned me. The place is quite busy, so you can go to your room without being stopped. Just make sure you do not draw attention – loud laughs, alcohol and so on.

Al Ain Palace Hotel

Al Ain Palace Hotel could be the ideal choice if you want to be close to action. It is located on the Corniche, right by the water. You have a swimming pool, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. It is rated at three stars – the only such hotel in Abu Dhabi, so it is cheaper than its competition.

The girl policy is similar to most hotels in this area – you need to get a double room and have your guest checked in. I had an email about it, so I booked. So far, so good… I found a pretty Vietnamese chick the second night and tried to bring her in and I was stopped at the entrance – no guests allowed. Huh?

I talked to the receptionist and asked to see a manager, as I had an email from the management with the rules. The receptionist went through it, made a call and talked in some language that I could not understand, then apologized for the mistake. It was alright, no other problems later on. That guy did not even bother to ask for my girls’ IDs when I brought them in – he was just way too embarrassed for his mistake. Overall, it was a good experience. Just inquire about it upfront and keep the proof.

Ramee Rose Hotel

Featuring 136 rooms and a suite (quite pricey though), Ramee Rose Hotel is among the best girl friendly hotels in Abu Dhabi in my opinion. Each room can be a double room, so you do not have to upgrade to bring a girl in. Other than that, you have all kinds of facilities and features.

I was not there for too long – four nights only and with business purposes. But when you spend a day in an office, nothing feels better than some fresh Russian meat or a petite Filipina to make your dreams come true.

As long as my girls checked in before going upstairs, it was all good. If you get an escort over the Internet, you will have to come downstairs and greet her. At the same time, hear my advice – do not walk in with a couple of girls laughing loudly and acting arrogant. It might get you in trouble taking them upstairs. Just keep cool and be a gentleman.

Novel Hotel City Center

Rated at four stars, located in the city center and featuring more types of rooms (all double or bigger), Novel Hotel City Center provides a great service and access to lots of facilities.

I always recommend inquiring about having guests over upfront. Rules and policies might change and you do not want to be caught off guard. I was there for five nights and I have never had an issue – in fact, I even got friendly with one of the receptionists. He was calling escorts for me whenever I was too lazy to get the job done myself – just be nice and tip.

Have your girls have an ID on them and you will never have an issue. This is the type of hotel where you tip receptionists and they will no longer bother checking girls in, hah!

Final words

Bottom line, you can find a bunch of quality girl friendly hotels in Abu Dhabi, but you need to research first and inquire upfront. Remember – be polite and act like a gentleman to avoid problems.

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