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Best Girl Friendly Hotels In Doha – Luxury & Entertainment

Guest Friendly Hotels In Doha – Luxury & Entertainment

While quite small, Qatar is one of the richest places in the Middle East. Interesting to visit, indeed – but keep in mind, the country has strict Islamic laws that can affect the average foreigner. For example, there are hotels that do not allow women to be there by themselves.

At the same time, men may face problems when trying to bring a guest over, be it a girl they have just picked up in a nightclub or an escort.

Luckily, there are a few girl friendly hotels in Doha – Qatar’s capital – that overlook such laws. While guests may have to register, the good news is you can bring someone over and have some fun overnight.

Now, where should you book to ensure that no one will stop you from bringing a hot babe over?

Quick overview of the guest friendly hotels in Doha:

  1. Ramada Encore Hotel Doha
  2. Al Muntazah Plaza Hotel
  3. Grand Qatar Palace Hotel
  4. Moevenpick Hotel Doha
  5. W Doha Hotel and Residences

Ramada Encore Hotel Doha

Ramada Encore Hotel Doha belongs to a quite expensive chain of hotels, but in Doha, it is among the most cost efficient options. It is located in the immediate proximity of Souq Waqif and brings in lots of amenities. It is relatively close to lots of malls and restaurants as well – in case you are not settled on site.

Facilities are quite impressive for a three star hotel. Rooms are extremely clean. I loved the simplistic, yet elegant décor. You have Internet, television, housekeeping and a swimming pool. Beds are large and comfortable – plenty of room to have a girl in and even keep her overnight for a morning quickie.

Receptionists are friendly and helpful – if you ask for something, they will be glad to help. I brought three girls over during my four day stay. The only request is to have the guest register by the reception. There is a book where she has to enter her name. There are no fees involved. Also, you must be there with her, so if you book an escort online, you better get downstairs too.

Al Muntazah Plaza Hotel

Also rated at three stars, Al Muntazah Plaza Hotel comes with massive rooms – literally. You can play football in some of their rooms. They are extremely clean and also come with buffer breakfast. The restaurant on site also hosts dinners if you want to eat on side. Selections are good and diversified.

Some of the facilities include Internet, television, housekeeping, gym access and a swimming pool. The location is good. If you want to explore or go out, there are lots of attractions around, especially restaurants and grocery stores. As for the staff, everyone I interacted with was courteous.

Bringing girls over is not a problem. However, the rules are strict. While this is among the guest friendly hotels in Doha, guests must sign up at the reception. Your companion must have an ID on her and you have to be there with her. Simply walk to the reception, mention you have a friend over for a few hours and go straight to your room – there are no extra fees involved.

Grand Qatar Palace Hotel

I chose Grand Qatar Palace Hotel for three reasons. It provides good value for money at three stars. Second, it offers airport transfers – whether you want to get to the hotel or back to the airport. Third, it is located in a central area, so you are close to everything – restaurants, bars, malls, nightclubs and girls.

Rooms are comfortable and clean, but also large. Beds are impressive. You got everything you might need – 600 TV channels, Internet, air conditioning, a restaurant, a gym, a swimming pool, a fridge and so on. I could tell the employees were well trainer because I felt perfect whenever we interacted.

While rated as one of the best girl friendly hotels in Doha, guests will still have to register at the reception. It is a matter of a minute, so there is nothing to be concerned about. Sometimes, you might be able to go through without registering your girl – happened to me one time. Other than that, you do not have to pay extra for having a girl over – even if she stays overnight.

Moevenpick Hotel Doha

Moevenpick Hotel Doha will certainly keep you busy during the day. It is located close to most tourist attractions, as well as the city center. You have lots of stuff to do during the day and a comfortable experience once you get back to one of the top girl friendly hotels in Doha.

Amenities on site include a restaurant with dishes from plenty of cuisine. You also have room service, housekeeping, transportation, 24/7 reception, Internet, immaculate rooms, lots of space, television and so on. A business center to rent with all equipment is also available there.

Having a girl over will involve her signing up at the reception – nothing else. You can take her to your room within a minute or two. Professional staff will always be there waiting to welcome customers and listen to their needs, so simply stop by the reception and have her signed up – just a friend. I truly recommend this place for its professionalism.

Hilton Doha Hotel

I will be honest with you – I stayed at Hilton Doha Hotel to feel like a star and I only spent three nights there because it is quite expensive compared to other guest friendly hotels in Doha. It is located right by the ocean. The views in the morning while having a coffee? Simply astonishing, I am telling you.

Shagging a girl doggy style by those floor to ceiling windows with a beautiful view will be the experience of your life. You will feel like a rock star banging celebrity models, honestly. Everything is perfect on site – fast Internet, modern rooms, amazing food, spa, swimming pools, beach nearby and so on.

When you bring a girl over, she must sign up at the reception. It takes a couple of minutes and you are ready to go upstairs and impress her. If you pick her up in a nightclub instead of booking over an escort service, chances are she will be even more impressed when she sees where you live – the hotel itself will help you score with no issues at all.

W Doha Hotel and Residences

Rated at five stars, W Doha Hotel and Residences will surprise you with its views, as it overlooks the Persian Gulf. It is located right on the main promenade – The Corniche. In other words, all the entertainment is by your doorstep. You simply cannot go wrong here.

The hotel has a futuristic appearance and rooms are extremely well maintained. Everything is sparkling clean. You have cable TV, WiFi Internet, coffee making facilities, a swimming pool, a fitness center, lounges and not less than seven different restaurants.

If it was not for girls, you would not even have to get out of this place – yet I have seen some stunning babes hanging around the hotel too. Once your guest is registered at the reception, you are free to take her upstairs.

Final words

In the end, there are some quality girl friendly hotels in Doha. Make sure you double check the guest policy upfront, as it might change. Simply drop an email to ask about it.


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