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Girl Friendly Hotels In Bahrain – What To Expect

Reviewing The Top Rated Guest Friendly Hotels In Bahrain – What To Expect

You do not have to be a sheik to have a quality time in Bahrain. In fact, the local nightlife is quite vibrant and opens the door to plenty of opportunities. While still conservative, this is one of the few countries in the Middle East that allow alcohol. Plus, prostitution has reached western standards.

Most of the nightlife, bars, restaurants and girls are in Manama. But if you choose to live there, you better make sure you stay at one of the guest friendly hotels in Bahrain. And when I say friendly, I mean girls hanging around the lobby and knocking on your door after midnight.​​

Sure, not all hotels are like this. Some of them are more conservative. Some others are simply guest friendly. But then, you also have this category of hotels with girls dying to wrestle in your sheets.

A quick overview:

  1. The Juffair Grand Hotel
  2. Pars International Hotel
  3. Baisan International Hotel
  4. Gulf Gate Hotel
  5. Ramada Bahrain Hotel

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The Juffair Grand Hotel

bahrain girl friendly hotels

The Juffair Grand Hotel is just as attractive if you are after girl friendly hotels in Bahrain. If you like to party, there is a nightclub just two yards away. Basically, you need a couple of steps to get in. It could be an inconvenience because people often piled up by the door. Other than that, the restaurant on site is quite surprising – much better than other hotel restaurants I have tried.

Staff members are friendly and polite, but they also speak good English. They are understanding and less likely to bother you if you bring someone over. I find it quite convenient to drink and pick up ladies in the club nearby, only to take them upstairs and have some fun.

Just like you have probably guessed already, girls hang around looking for westerners to pick them up. Male staff members are helpful and if you need help, they can make a few calls and get a girl over. It is really that simple – just make sure to tip them for small things.

Pars International Hotel

pars international hotel bahrain

Pars International Hotel is one of the most convenient guest friendly hotels in Bahrain if you ask me. It is quite luxurious, yet cost efficient – spacious rooms, feels like home, buffet breakfast, swimming pool, fitness room and even a massage room. Now, how about the girls?

There are four or five nightclubs just seconds away, swarming with girls and party people. You can find both real girls looking for some fun or perhaps a relationship and prostitutes. It depends on how easy you find it to pick girls. Or, if you are like me sometimes – too lazy, just go out there and grab whoever you fancy.

Hotel staff is friendly and understanding. Pop up with a girl and no one will care. Should you be questioned, just claim it is a guest. You will never be asked to pay extra money or fees, nothing to worry about. Sometimes, it is just a matter of security, so girls might need to leave their IDs by the reception.

Baisan International Hotel

Located just 15 minutes away from Beit al-Quran and close to the local nightlife, this hotel definitely deserves more stars. It features free WiFi, a sauna, air conditioning, more types of rooms, daily housekeeping and even a taxi service – make sure you tip the receptionist if they call you one.

Why? Easy! Being friendly will open lots of doors. You will be able to bring girls over without being questioned about it. The service is flawless, from receptionists to the actual manager. Everyone is friendly and understanding, whether you travel alone or you bring girls over every night.

There are a few decent nightclubs nearby, so you can easily pick up girls. While I cannot compare it to Mashtan Hotel Manama, you can still find girls hanging around the hotel occasionally, making it one of the top guest friendly hotels in Bahrain. If you feel dry, you can also ask male receptionists for suggestions – they will make a few calls and hook you up.

Gulf Gate Hotel

gulf gate hotel

My room at Gulf Gate Hotel was spacious, comfortable, clean and cozy. This place offers great value for money. It comes with friendly staff, free parking, Internet, air conditioning and so on. It is excellent for the solo traveler who wants to visit around during the day (great location for Manama visitors) and bang local beauties after sunset.

I stayed at Gulf Gate Hotel for a week and brought different girls over – no one said anything. I always said hello, nodded and kept walking. Make sure you bring good girls – as in clean and elegant girls, rather than some dirty street hookers. If you do so, you might be questioned – they might have to drop their IDs by the reception for security and most of them do not keep their IDs on them.

I do not recommend this hotel if you want quiet nights. There are four nightclubs attached to the building, so the bass will keep pumping until 4AM. It is not that loud, but it might be annoying if you are a light sleeper. On the other hand, they are great to pick up girls and bring them over within minutes only.

Ramada Bahrain Hotel

ramadan bahrain hotel

Ramada Bahrain Hotel is a bit more luxurious than other options, but it still provides good value for money. You have large and comfortable beds, as well as spacious rooms, free Internet, air conditioning and other similar amenities. It is located in the Adliyah area – a quiet region that can still boost an impressive nightlife with clubs, bars and restaurants.

Smoking was allowed inside the bar when I visited, so you can chill having a cigar and sipping your whiskey while looking around at beautiful girls. There are a few prostitutes hanging around and the good news is they are top notch – no cheap trash from the streets, but clean quality stuff.

Even if you choose to pick up girls yourself and bring them over, there are so many rooms and guests that most receptionists will not bother to question you. Say hello and walk with the key in your hand, so they can see that you stay there.

Final words

Bottom line, there are lots of girl friendly hotels in Bahrain to choose from. Some of them are focused on luxury, while others put more work into satisfying their customers – sexually or not.

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