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​How To Pick Up Girls In Dubai And The Best Places to Meet Them

​How To Pick Up Girls In Dubai And The Best Places to Meet Them

Dubai has become a gem for the rich and not o​​nly – more and more places in Dubai are now suitable for those with a limited budget as well. Whether you are going on vacation there or you have a working project, chances are you will fall in love with the vibe, luxury and extravagance. But then, you do not want to feel like a monk, do you?

This is when girls in Dubai kick in. 😉

It makes no difference if you have a ballers budget or you want to limit yourself – you will find beautiful girls from all over the world, from models and Internet stars to average girls looking for fun. Dubai, however, is not as relaxed and chilled as other places.

Dealing with a local girl can be a bit challenging, but luckily, there are many foreigners in there who are just as open minded as you are.

How to pick up girls in Dubai?

girls from dubai

When you think about local girls, you probably imagine fundamentalist Islamic babes who might look stunning, yet you cannot really see them in their splendor.

While you can, indeed, find lots of religious girls, there are plenty of contemporary babes as well. Dubai is a mix of cultures, which has opened the door to the western influence.

Now, just like everywhere else, a lady has the power when she is approached by a man. You can go for a local girl and get lucky or snubbed right away. It depends on her marital status, religious profile and so on.

You can also go for a foreigner, who is used to being approached and will be more friendly in the process. Girls on holiday are after fun, while girls working in Dubai are more about making money.

Unless you are a religious Muslim, local girls could be out of the discussion, yet you can still find a few exceptions. It would take a lot of work though.

On the other hand, foreigners are usually Asian or Russian, yet there are many babes from other European countries too. Some of them are on holiday, while others work.

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Online dating in Dubai

online dating in dubai

Online dating is the same all around the world. You can find girls from all over the world looking for dates, a serious relationship or marriage.

You can also find hookers looking for casual sex and your money. If you want to meet someone genuine, there are a few portals that will help out.

Sugar babies in UAE

Sugar babies come in all shapes and sizes. I would say most of them range between 7 and 10. Yes, you can find a perfect 10 with the perfect curves and shapes, as well as a baby face. Since she is after making money, you will have to spend with some of these babes. They will offer company in exchange for money or gifts.

They come from all over the world and the profile is similar to a prostitute’s.

Based on how much money you are willing to spend, you can get a sugar baby for the company or perhaps a week worth of daily sex. Sugar babies are beautiful and they often hookup with older guys, rather than guys their own age who are attractive enough to get laid without having to spend money – pretty much similar all around the world.

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How to stay safe in Dubai

When it comes to accommodation, you are better off at a hotel on the beach or somewhere downtown – you will always be close to touristy and safe areas.

The only dangers in the city include pick pocketing and dangerous driving. The heat may also be a problem – common sense will always prevail.

When it comes to dating, you will deal with extremes in Dubai. Local women can be extremely conservative, so your chances to get casual sex are close to zero.

You are more likely to date, meet and bang a tourist or a foreigner working in Dubai. And that is just fine! 😉

Best places to pick up girls in Dubai?

Picking up women in Dubai

Picking up women in Dubai must be done with care and attention to small details. It is not really hard to tell the difference between a religious girl who will refuse you and a foreigner on holiday.

Best places for daytime

The daytime game in Dubai is not as strong as in other parts of the world. While you can go out there and talk to a pretty girl in a mall in South America or Europe, things are different in Dubai.

Like I said before, locals are conservative. Foreigners? Not so much. You can go in a bar and try to pick a beautiful lady there. You can also hang around a shopping mall and attempt to approach a hot babe.

Let me put it out clearly – there is a fine line between approaching a woman and abusing her. I would stay away from conservative girls (you can tell by their clothes), unless you are conservative as well and you are familiar with the rules.

Other than that, stick to foreigners. A conservative girl might feel harassed when a foreigner approaches her, so you might end up doing something illegal.

Stick to foreigners or at least locals who seem westernized – modern clothing, an open minded attitude, eye contact and a smile. These would be the signs that she is open minded and willing to engage in a conversation with a different man. But then, if you are after one night stands and casual hookups, foreigners represent your best bet.


What does a woman like to do? What is the one thing she could do 24 hours a day? I have no idea what you are thinking, but I think shopping is the answer.

Go to a shopping mall and you will find lots of girls – traditional, modern, average, super hot and so on. Even if they do not buy anything, they love hanging around.

Since Dubai is a popular shopping destination, you will find plenty of babes hanging around malls. Go for those wearing modern clothing – the westerners, of course.

Anyway, there are a few good things about malls – they have air conditioning, you will not melt, you will find lots of girls and you might as well have a coffee on the spot.

Here are your best choices:


dubai girls

Local beaches represent a good starting point in Dubai too. You are more likely to find foreigners or at least open minded locals there. Again, I recommend caution in Dubai, as what you may know as freedom of speech could be misinterpreted for harassment, so wait for a sign before approaching – eye contact, a smile and so on.

Apart from plain beaches, I find pool and beach parties to make things easier. Here are some of the most popular spots among foreigners:

Best places for nighttime

best pick up bars in dubai

The nighttime makes more sense in Dubai. If you see a mix of men and women drinking and dancing together, chances are you can get hooked up there. Choosing the right nightclub depends on your wallet.

You can find luxurious nightclubs filled with supermodels and famous people, as well as more accessible places for those with a limited budget.

Most nightclubs are loose when it comes to your outfit. Unless you choose the fanciest ones, you will have to dress smart casual. Get your clothes together and look neat. It is pretty much like everywhere else – the better you look, the easier it is to get hooked up.

There are more types of girls you can meet at night. Stay away from the conservative ones, yet they are less likely to get into nightclubs. Those hanging out alone by a bar are usually prostitutes, but not always.

Your best bet is finding a foreign girl, whether she works in Dubai or she is there for a holiday. I usually ask them a bit about themselves – if something does not add up, she might be a hooker.

Best pickup bars in Dubai

Cocktail bars and restaurants make a good starting point. Do what I do – look around, get a table close to a hot girl or a bunch of girls, then try to make some eye contact at some point. Make it look accidental, rather than stare at her.

Fortunately, there are plenty of good options:

  • Al Dawaar, Hyatt Regency
  • Hakkasan, Emirates Tower Hotel
  • The Beach Bar & Grill, One & Only Royal Mirage
  • 40 Kong, The H Hotel
  • Blue Bar, Novotel World Trade Center
  • Pierchic, Al Qasr
  • Nathan Outlaw, Burj Al Arab
  • Prime 68, JW Marriott Hotel
  • Jamie Oliver’s Pizzeria, Jumeirah Lake Towers
  • Bahri Bar, Madinat Jumeirah

There are cheaper alternatives too, such as Ravi’s, Cafe Isan or The Talk Restaurant.

Best nightclubs

Nightclubs are quite luxurious and could be your best bet. You are less likely to find any conservative girls in there. However, I recommend hooking up before getting there, as they prefer ladies or at least couples.

If you are with a bunch of guys, you should find some ladies before trying to get in.

Anyway, here are the top hot spots in Dubai’s nightlife:

Some bars and pubs are open until late. Some of the more budget friendly options include Barrels Sports Pub, Casa Latina and The Huddle Sports Bar & Grill.

Girl Friendly Hotels In Dubai – Any Good Options?

guest friendly hotels in dubai

Girl friendly hotels in Dubai are quite common, but it is still worth double checking upfront to prevent unexpected situations. To make things even easier, I usually claim that I need the room for myself, but my partner or wife may come to visit in a few days – it covers me in case someone wants to question me. 😉

Also, you will probably get a double or standard room if you want to get laid, rather than a single one – in this case, you are less likely to be charged extra anyway,

The hotels in Dubai are quite diversified, but most of the have working girls in the lobby or downstairs bar.

If you want to be in the middle of the action, you might want to try out the following places:

  1. InterContinental Dubai in Festival City (Full of Asian and Russian girls)
  2. BurJuman Arjaan by Rotana (Mostly Russian, Moroccan and Ukrainian girls)
  3. Manhattan Hotel Dubai. (Chinese, Filipino and Thai. A few Russians but not much)

Not only do they allow guests in, but they are also well rated in terms of facilities and level of luxury.

If you want more value for your money, Astoria Hotel could be the key – good location, but less stars and amenities. Nothing to worry about though – you still have plenty of facilities on site. The Girls? Mostly Asian but hot as hell! 

Interested in spending money on everything else but accommodation? Try Panorama Hotel Bur Dubai – few stars, clean, polite staff and just the right features. Mostly Chinese and Bangladesh girls here.

As a general rule of thumb, I recommend tipping receptionists when checking in or when asking them for taxis. They love tips and they will never want to upset you, so you will always get away with things.​

Like sneaking girls to your room. 😉

If you are planning to travel to Abu Dhabi, make sure you check out the best hotels and bars to pick up girls in Abu Dhabi.

Type of girls you will find in Dubai

dubai women

Wealthy people from all over the world visit Dubai. In my quest to meet women, I have met hot babes from countries like the UK, the USA, most European countries and Asia. Many of them visit for a week or less, so they are on holiday.

Some others work in Dubai, not to mention a heavy amount of prostitutes trying to make money off rich guys. Here are the most common types of girls you will meet in Dubai.

Filipina girls in Dubai

If you are into Asians, there are many Filipinas hanging around Dubai. Unlike hot babes from other countries, many of them get to Dubai to make a living.

Obviously, I have run into Filipina hookers as well, but I must say that most of them will not sell themselves. They are more suitable if you are after a hookup or even a relationship.

Of course, the more charismatic and handsome you are, the easier it is to get laid. Filipinas are into western men, who they find extremely attractive, so you could find casual sex without too much work.

These girls usually hang around in small groups – quite common for foreigners living in a different country.

Morocco girls in Dubai

Moroccan girls are some of the most diversified ladies I have ever met in Dubai. Some of them have blue eyes and full lips, so they look like Russians. Some others have a beautiful Arabic appearance, so they look extremely exotic.

Trust me, you will be surprised. Some of them are typical, while others are completely different.

Anyway, as much as I like this mix of Moroccan girls, I was a bit disappointed to find out that most of them hang around looking for money. If you are after sex, you will find many Moroccan prostitutes in the girl friendly hotels.

There might be a few expats too, but I have not met any. On another note, tourists from Morocco are not too popular either, but there are a few exceptions every now and then.

Indian girls in Dubai

Indian girls from Dubai are split into three categories – tourists, expats and hookers. Hookers stand out in the crowd because they tend to hang out by themselves around bars, waiting to be approached.

I have met a few Indian babes working legally in Dubai, so it is not hard to find a relationship or a casual hookup with no money involved. Then, you also have the rich tourists, who look like Priyanka Chopra or Manushi Chhillar.

These are the best if you ask me, but they are rich, so you better raise to their standards.

Ukrainian girls in Dubai

I find it hard to describe Ukrainians. They are like a mix between Russians and Eastern Europeans. Anyway, I would split them into two categories – good and bad looking. There is no middle class in terms of Ukrainian beauty.

Some of them work, but most of them will dig your gold and sell their bodies – great if you are after sex with a good 8 or 9.

I must say I have never met any Ukrainian tourists. I guess given the local economy there, most of them cannot afford going to Dubai. I am pretty sure there are some rich babes hanging around on holiday, but this is it.

Russian girls in Dubai

Oh, man… There are plenty! I would say Russians dominate the hot babe market in Dubai. They come in all kinds of categories, but two of them are more common – prostitutes and rich girls on holiday.

Russian hookers are beautiful – some of them go in the Natalia Vodianova category, which is my favorite. Some others are more like Anna Kournikova – still hot, but I am not so much into blond babes. 😉

Anyway, the hottest Russians are those on holiday. They are rich, trust me. Their daddies make good money, so they will spend left and right – you have to keep up with them and you need to look good too.

Russian prostitutes are more common though. I find them more expensive than Vietnamese or Moroccan hookers, but maybe because rich Asian men are more into white meat, so they will spend on them.

Black girls in Dubai

I find black babes exotic, but most of them work as hookers. I believe I am still good looking enough to get laid without having to pay, hah!

Anyway, they come from poor countries of Africa, such as Uganda or Nigeria, among many others. I would rate the best ones at 8 – it is more about the exotic factor.

The good news if you are into black babes is that every now and then, you will find black tourists from all over the world – the UK, the USA and so on. They love having fun and they will easily respond to your flirting.

Again, make some eye contact and get a smile first – it makes everything so much easier. Even if she does not notice you, you can still go there and talk to her in a polite manner. If you get rejected, simply move on and do not insist.

Vietnam girls in Dubai

I am no immigration specialist, but I would Vietnamese girls from Dubai are 90% hookers and 10% honest workers. I like that, to be honest. I would rate most Vietnamese hookers 6 to 8. As for workers, they can be anything.

Vietnamese prostitutes are way cheaper than Russian or European hookers, which is good if you are into Asians.

You may find Vietnamese babes coming to Dubai as tourists for like a week or 10 days. You can try your luck if you see them in a bar or a nightclub, yet they seem to be in some sort of a closed circle when outside. They hang around with themselves, explore, visit and take pictures of everything.

Lebanese girls in Dubai

Lebanese girls are among my favorites. They are either 6 or 10, really. Some of them look perfect and chances are they are rich and on holiday. As a foreigner, you will be exotic, but you need to maintain a smart casual look and act like a gentleman – they obviously have high standards.

Then, you have the hookers as well. They can easily overtake Russians when it comes to their looks, but they are cheaper. You can find Lebanese hookers in most hotels. You might as well ask a receptionist (make sure you talk to a male receptionist) for a beautiful Lebanese prostitute and chances are you will get a stunning beauty.

Final words

Bottom line, Dubai is definitely worth a shot. Apart from the tourist part, you want to have fun and explore the local nightlife and girls too. Fortunately, there are lots of options out there.

No matter how conservative it seems from the outside, Dubai is rich in prostitutes and sex spots.​


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