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Picking Up Girls In Manila Made EASY – My 2 Years in The Capital!

Picking Up Girls In Manila Made EASY!

When they think about Manila, most people imagine an inexpensive place, a completely different culture and lots of landmarks. Me? I am totally different. All I can think about is sex with two or three different women a day, cheap blowjobs and inexpensive massages.

Manila is the capital of the Philippines – a quite large conglomerate of people from all parts of Asia. It has its rich parts and poor parts. Unfortunately, you will find lots of people struggling in poverty. It normally depends on where you go around.

When it comes to girls, those who travel by themselves or with other men will be surprised. You have the exotic factor – you are different, so you are attractive. Girls of all kinds – married, engaged and single – will eye you. Many of them will make aggressive eye contact – the single ones. You will love it.

But then, what do you need to go before going there? How do you pick up Manila girls and how do you make the most out of this experience?

Hi, my name is Dean and I will show you all the things I have learned during my 2-year stay in Manila!

Thank you, Dean – But I Just Want To Meet Real & Beautiful Manila Girls Right Now!

How to pick up girls in Manila

I will start with a little joke here. You can get a fishing rod, hang it to yourself and just go around downtown fishing. In Manila, a different man is like a cake in front of a fat kid – irresistible.

Picking up girls is fairly simple – you can do it naturally and bang for free or you can pay close to nothing and have a lovely girl treat you like the best man in the world.

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Local dating culture

pick up girls in manila

Manila women are different from western women. No matter how open they seem at a first glance, they are not in certain circumstances. For example, you will find loose girls who just want a fling with a foreigner.

You will also meet some prostitutes who will do anything for less than a lunch in a fancy restaurant back home. But if you want a relationship, you will have to find a good girl.

At this point, I recommend going for the upper class. Despite being the upper class, it will still feel like middle or low class to a foreigner. Girls in the upper class are more civilized, speak better English and they have a decent financial situation, so they will not be desperate for your money.

Plus, you want a woman who is hard to get. Luckily, in this whole mess of girls from Manila, you will also find some good ones.

The dating culture is classic. However, let me mention that if you are just trying to get laid, there is no point taking her out to lunch or anything like that. A date may cost more than you would have to pay a prostitute – plus, you save the time.

Golden rule: If you want an ongoing relationship, you need to fish!

The dating culture is simple – approach a girl that seems good, talk to her, ask her for her phone number, take her out and find out more about her.

Use your intuition and common sense to determine whether she is interested in you, your money or your exotic appearance. One thing leads to another and you will be married before you even know it.

The Do’s and Don’ts

pick up bars in manila

There are a few things to do to impress Manila girls. One of them involves being a gentleman. Apart from the exotic factor, girls Manila like foreigners for their education too.

They know that you are well raised and you act like a gentleman, so raise to her expectations. This aspect involves everything you can use in the western culture too – open her door, hold her coat, be polite and so on.

Do pay attention to her culture and heritage too. Ask her as much as possible about herself, her family and her history. People in Philippines are proud of their heritage.

They like it when someone from a western country takes interest in their place and habits. Just because you come from a well developed country, it does not mean that you are a god there, so act accordingly.

Also, if you ask a girl out, you are expected to pay for all the stuff you do, drink or eat. Do not expect to share the bill. It might happen, but if she sees you counting your expenses on the bill and sharing it, she may not want to meet you again.

As for negatives, never make fun of anything related to the Philippines. Again, locals are quite proud and they love their culture. Take interest in it, rather than make fun.

If she makes fun of something, just nod politely and smile, but do not take the conversation to another level.

Remember, she is allowed to do it because it is her culture.

What do Manila ladies think of expat dating?

girls manila

Generally speaking, dating girls in Manila should be a positive experience because ladies like foreigners. There are more reasons – for each reason, there is a type of girl.

First of all, you have the girls interested in exotic and attractive men. Since you are different, you are attractive. To many girls, you are a good fling and they would love to hook up – no money or feelings involved.

Second, you have the girls who have to work (even as prostitutes) to support their families. They come from slums and they would do anything to marry a foreigner and leave this place.

They dream about better lives and the possibility to support their families by taking jobs abroad.

Third, there are girls who are up for local men or foreigners. If you go around, talk to them and draw some attention with your charm, you will be the next best thing in their lives.

They have decent financial situations, so they are not necessarily after your money. The exotic factor works for these girls too, but they are a bit more indifferent.

Simply put, it is hard to find a single girl who would not want to be with you – especially if you are presentable, charming and polite.

How to get laid in Manila as a foreigner

dating girls in manila

There are more ways to pick up girls in Manila and have sex. You can do it within minutes if you want or you can spend a bit of time and enjoy the game – knowing that you are in charge of it, of course.

To me, the easiest way once I got here was to get in touch with a hooker. So said, so done. They are everywhere – especially in certain areas of local red light districts. You can also find them online – call them to your hotel and bang. I got to my hotel, saw a beautiful receptionist who turned me on, called a hooker I found online and sorted myself out within 15 minutes, before I even unpacked.

Prostitutes come in more forms – I call them all prostitutes because you pay them in one way or another to get laid. You can find them on the street, over the Internet, in bars, nightclubs, strip clubs and massage parlor. This is probably the easiest way to get laid.

The other option may take longer – a few hours to a few nights. You hang around local nightclubs, party, meet girls and hope they are looking for a fling. Some of them are – especially since you are so different. Therefore, you will get laid for free.

The last option involves dating – find out where to meet girls in Manila (real girls I mean), talk to them, date and fingers crossed. It might take you a few dates to get in their pants, but it works.

Where to meet girls in Manila

where to meet girls in manila

Oh man, the real question is where to go to avoid girls. They are everywhere. Go downtown, hang around a shopping mall, have a meal in a nice restaurant and walk to a nightclub. You will find girls on the street or inside. Some places are better than others though.

Day game

If you think girls are easier during the night because of the party spirit and alcohol, you are wrong – the day game in the Philippines is terribly good. Go from one mall to another, look around at stuff and you will find plenty of girls walking around and doing nothing.

Hear my advice – talk slowly. They do speak English, but it is not their primary language. Most of them have some interest in dating foreigners, so just make eye contact, smile and go introduce yourself.

There are many places to try out, but malls are the best in my opinion. I run once into some girl who looked like one of those Miss World contestants. The mall was great because she was relaxed, but there were also some cafés there to chill and get to know each other better. I banged her by the end of the night, but that is another story.

There are lots of big malls everywhere. Some of the best ones in Makati include:

  • Greenbelt
  • Power Plant
  • Glorietta
  • SM Makati
  • Century City

If you fail and you really need to empty your balls, there is a nice prostitute spot by Greenbelt – Café Havana. Get yourself a babe and feel better.

Other malls to meet girls in Manila include:

  • Mall of Asia
  • Robinsons
  • SM City North EDSA
  • SM Megamall Ortigas Center

Another reason why I find malls to be so good is the air conditioning. You do not want to sweat like a pig when you approach girls in an uncomfortable environment.

Everyone feels miserable then. Instead, do it in a place where they feel good – it is all about the moment, baby!

Night game

The night game is just as good. There is a decent chance you will find the best girls in Manila at night. Top girls spend their days inside because it is too hot and they come out to socialize after sunset – even if some of them are prostitutes.

The night game is better if you are not Brad Pitt or Orlando Bloom, so they cannot really see your worst face – sweaty, exhausted and miserable because of all the heat and humidity.

But then, you also have the alcohol, which helps a lot in the process. 😉

In my opinion, the night game is about sluts and hookers. You will find slutty girls who will make out with you within minutes and drain your balls within an hour or two.

You will also find lots of prostitutes – when picking up girls, many of them will ask you for money, so always double check.

However, if you want to date properly and actually start a relationship in Manila, I recommend the day game.

The same rules apply after sunset. Make eye contact, smile and go start a conversation. Most girls will be happy to chat with you. Even if they are not single, they will mention it in a polite and friendly manner.

What about sugar dating in Manila?

manila women

Sugar dating has become more and more popular worldwide. The idea behind sugar dating is that you make an arrangement with a local girls. This deal can include anything from gifts, to dates, to cash to mind-blowing sex. Whatever you guys agree upon, that will be the arrangement. I noticed that over the last 2 years more and more girls in Manila join this site.

Sign up for free here and give it a try!

Best Manila pick up bars

There are lots of places where you can find Manila women looking for hookups. Apart from nightclubs, random bars and restaurants are just as handy. Remember – stay away from Café Havana if you do not want a prostitute.

Instead, head over to the A Venue Night Market – located in Makati. It has live music and lots of food stalls.

The Black Market bar is just as attractive, not to mention some nice restaurants to meet women:

Karaoke bars are also great – Filipinas love singing and dancing. Make sure you head to a family KTV and not an adult one. Some good places to try out include Family KTV, Center Stage and Lemon Box Family KTV.

Most of the above mentioned places are great during the day or in the evening.

But what if you want to party? What if you want alcohol and wild girls?

I got an answer for that as well! 😉

Best nightclubs and bars in Manila

Each area of Manila has its own nightlife. Hunting the best pick up bars in Manila depends on where you stay. Ideally, you should get around your place or you might have to face the annoying traffic.

For instance, if you live in The Fort, you can try out XYLO The Palace, Revel or Haze.

On the other hand, Makati is yet another fabulous place for parties – lots of girls and foreigners. However, when compared to The Fort, there are not as many nightclubs.

Quezon City is just as attractive, but even better for you. There are not so many foreigners, so you will make the difference. For this reason, there are less prostitutes around. Make sure you check out Guilly’s.

Other pick up places in Manila worth being mentioned include:

What do you need to know?

The Fort has some of the most beautiful women in the country – some of them will be a bit bithcy, but just move on. Also, club names keep changing all the time, so just go around nightlife areas and hop until you find a crowded place.

Best strip bars, massage parlors and gentleman clubs

best place to stay in manila for nightlife

This is one of my favorite parts. Unlike other places out there, most girls in strip bars are also prostitutes. If one of them turns you on while having a drink, simply ask her for more and negotiate.

Dimples is one of the leading strip clubs out there, with girls changing every few minutes. It features a large lounge for customers and affordable drinks. Jools is similar, but it puts up regular dancing shows every once in a while.

Sometimes, it might feel like a cabaret show, rather than a strip show.

Many adult karaoke bars feature their own massage parlors too. You can sing, drink, party and get a massage later on – with a happy ending, of course. While a massage can be more expensive than bar hopping, it is worth if you want to be straightforward.

You do not want to hop from one club to another, take a girl with you and drink, only to find out that she is on her period or other random crap like that.

There are lots of massage parlors in Manila’s red light districts, yet you can also find parlors that send the “masseuse” to your place.

Jetscape and Starfleet are some of the best massage parlors in Manila – or let me say, some brothels disguised into massage parlors.

Red light district

manila red light district

Searching for Manila red light district could confuse you a bit because the city has multiple districts – each of them featuring lots of Manila girls waiting for someone to pick them up.

Here are the main districts and what to expect there.

Ermita is the oldest district in the area. It is not as popular as it used to be because authorities try to clean the area and its reputation. You can find lots of KTVs and girls hanging around and making eye contact – they only wait for your smile.

Malate has its own district too, especially with so many foreigners around. Most places are located on the Remedios Street and the M. Adriatico Street. You will find all kinds of nightclubs, bars, KTVs and massage parlors.

There are prostitutes in every bar, not to mention the streets.

EDSA is quite unofficial, but still worth it. It stands for Epifanio De Los Santos Avenue and features luxurious, yet affordable bars and nightclubs. You can find Manila women roaming the roads looking for customers or by bars, waiting to be approached.

Burgos Street is where all the happy girls hang around in Makati.

Top 5 girl friendly hotels in Manila

girls friendly hotels in manila

Given the wide variety of sexpats in Manila, some hotels do not accept companions. Some others are specifically designed for fun. You can find Manila red light district hotels to rent rooms for three hours only – exclusively for sex.

All in all, there are a few girl friendly hotels in Manila that will make the difference!

Best Western Hotel La Corona is in the middle range and provides excellent value for money. I stayed there a few times – clean, spacious, great food, close to amenities and girl friendly. It is also a safe area, so you can take a walk at night.

Hotel Kimberly is another cost efficient option. It is close to the nightlife in Malate, but it also features large and clean rooms and comfortable beds. The staff is friendly, while the food will rock your world. With so many amenities nearby, it is worth a shot.

Red Planet Manila Mabini is probably the best option if you want to spend less money. Located in Malate, it features a good location, friendly staff, plenty of room and good food. Girls are welcome.

If you are going to Makati, try out Best Western Oxford Suites Makati – cost efficient, right on Burgos Street in the middle of action, spacious and clean. You will have prostitutes just yards away from the hotel entrance. This might be the best place to stay in Manila for nightlife.

Red Planet Makati is even better. You will only need a place to shower and a clean bed. This place has just what you need – one street behind Burgos Street, so it is quiet, but close to the wild nightlife.

Best online dating websites to meet Manila girls

Best online dating websites to meet Manila girls

The online game in Manila is just as big. You will find hundreds of girls – even thousands – available on any Manila dating site. is specifically designed for Filipinas – great search functions, lots of women, detailed profiles and more women than men. Click here to try it out for free! is just as diversified, yet it is created for Asians and not just Filipinas. Therefore, you will find girls from other countries too, but it is still worth it. Try it here! will bring in some of the hottest girls in Manila. There are less options than on other dating websites, but at least you have quality. looks like it was created for girls in Cebu City only – no way. There are girls from all over the country waiting for their foreign princes. may not be self explanatory, but it is quite popular. It is also one of the oldest dating websites in this niche. It has a large database and lots of features. works like Tinder. The app gives full control to women though. Men are not allowed to initiate conversations, but they can reply to the women who message them first. Interesting, right?

If you want more in-depth information about all of the above dating websites, check out my top Philippines dating sites blogpost!

What about other nationalities?

best girls in manila

Most girls in Manila are local, even the prostitutes. Some of them come from other cities though. When compared to other popular areas for sexpats – like Thailand or Singapore, the Philippines has an inexpensive sex life, so girls of other nationalities choose other places instead.

For example, sex in Bangkok with a street hooker in the red light district cost me about $50, but I did everything I have ever wanted to do with a girl. In Manila, I got done for as little as $15.

Of course, the experience lacked some quality, but even top girls cost less than in other places.

However, you will still find slutty babes from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand or China.

Russian girls in Manila

russian girls in manila

Just like Asian girls, Russian babes represent a special breed – they are known for their exquisite beauty. There are lots of Russian girls in Manila to try out, only they represent a more luxurious range of prostitution – they are still inexpensive though.

They usually gather around red light districts. Just like every other happy girl, they are looking for areas rich in tourists – mostly sex hungry tourists.

Many of the Russian girls in Manila work as pole dancers. In other words, some of them have incredible bodies.

When you check out prostitutes, you can easily tell the difference – Russians look far from Asians. Most of these babes gather around on Burgos Street, just after the Ringside Bar in the northern end of the street.

Nightclubs like Horizon also feature lots of Russian girls. It is inexpensive when compared to clubs on Burgos Street, but quality. Girls’ drinks will cost more though, but this is perfectly normal.

At least you can spend the night with a few stunning Russian babes by your table.

Ask and you shall receive. Whether you want a blowjob or a threesome, I found these Russians to be quite open minded. Flash some cash and back to your hotel.

Does religion play a factor?

girl from manila

Religion plays a factor when hunting Manila girls in certain circumstances. If you want to get laid, no one cares about your religion. Money is the only religion at this point.

Whether you pick up girls in go go bars, head over to a massage parlor or find a hot prostitute down the street, religion will never be an issue. It should not even be a discussion topic.

On the other hand, religion is important when you start dating. In other words, you meet a good girl who you have to take out and date. You start an actual relationship and you get to meet her family, do things together and head towards more serious things.

Most people in the Philippines are Catholic, yet you will find small percentages of various Christian cults and other religions. I have been with religious girls who started dating me hoping that I am Catholic. If things get serious, she will ask you to convert if she is religious.

But then, just like everywhere else, there are religious girls who do not mind taking your religion either. Sure, they are rare, but they exist. It is pretty much like everywhere else in the world.

Countryside girls versus city girls

dating in manila

Now, when looking for a good girl, you need to understand differences between countryside and city girls.

The Philippines is not a rich country. In other words, countryside girls tend to come from poverty. They have poor families to look after. They are more eager to marry a wealthy foreigner than city girls.

On a negative note, their English is not the best either, yet many of them can still speak it without too many problems.

City girls, on the other hand, come in a few categories. Some of them live in the slums by the edges of Manila. They have big families and they must work to look after them.

Many of them work in prostitution. They are poor and they see a relationship with a foreigner as their only way out of poverty – not too far from the truth actually.

You will also find Manila girls who live in decent areas. They come from good families with a stable financial situation. They would still like a relationship with a foreigner, but they are not that desperate to do it.

Finally, the upper class in Manila is what I have always aimed for when I wanted a relationship. The upper class is not ultra rich, so you will still be the leading factor in the relationship.

Why do I like these girls? Easy – they do not starve, so they are not really after my money.

All in all, city girls speak better English. Many of them have good jobs and some education, so they provide some stability.

How much does a date in Manila cost?

how much does a date cost in manila?

Most Manila girls expect men to pay during the first dates. Therefore, get ready for what you want to do and plan it right. If you take her out for a coffee in a nice place, expect to pay about 150PHP for a coffee.

Interested in dinner? Sounds good, but get ready to spend anywhere between 1400PHP and 2500PHP for two. These prices involve a nice restaurant in a good area, rather than a random sketchy place in a slum.

Taking her to a movie is not a bad idea for a third or fourth date – before that, you want to talk and get to know each other. Tickets for two will cost around 750PHP. As for going out to drink, areas filled with foreigners are more expensive.

If you choose Quezon City, for instance, you will have to pay around 1500PHP for a couple of cocktails.

When thinking to do more things in a day, expect to pay about 4000PHP to 5000PHP for a complete date with multiple locations.

However, you can also keep things cheap – pick up girls in a shopping mall and have a drink in a café right there. At the same time, it might be wise to grab a couple of takeaway coffees and walk in a park.

These simple ideas are more suitable for immediate dates – you see the girl, you talk to her and you take her out for coffee on the spot.

Where to go on a date in Manila?

Manila is not the cleanest city in the world. In fact, streets are quite smelly and dirty, not to mention the crowds. Shopping malls and their surroundings might be good for quick dates. If you want a real one, head over to Bonifacio High Street.

There are lots of good restaurants there. Most Filipinas would say this area is luxurious, but it is still alright for a foreigner’s budget.

Once you finish your meal, you can check out nearby bars and nightclubs. Check out the Greenbelt patio for a bunch of places too.

No matter what you do, stay away from Cafe Havana – lots of prostitutes around. On the other hand, the A Venue Night Market is a good idea if you want something quick and cheap.

You can get a takeaway meal and a coffee, then head to a park. There are lots of food stalls, but the place is too crowded and not too fancy.

A few interesting bars and restaurants for dates include:

  • Black Market
  • Lemuria Gourmet Restaurant
  • Spiral
  • Café Juanita

When it comes to night entertainment, remember that Filipinas love to sing and dance, so karaoke makes a great choice. Stick to family KTVs though. The adult ones are more about sex and prostitution.

A few good examples include Center Stage or Lemon Box Family KTV.

Things can go even further. As the relationship evolves, you can take dating to another level. Spend a weekend away in the best areas of the country – amazing beaches in Boracay, Palawan or Bohol.

What about scammers?

scammers in manila

The Philippines can be a perfectly safe country if you use common sense. Most scams involve rent, girls and small crime. For example, if you plan to live there longterm and rent, mark my suggestion – pay more, but get a real realtor with a proven reputation.

Small crime involves pickpocketing. Do not wear flashy jewelry in sketchy areas. Stick to touristy areas and use common sense. Your wallet should be safely inside the pocket.

Now, how about Manila girls? The most common thing they will try to scam is your time. Well, money, but I see it as time. For example, you might spend some time picking up a hot babe by a bar.

You talk to her and end up making out with her, maybe buy her a few drinks. You dance all night long and you expect to take her to your hotel and bang bellies.

This is when you face drops – she asks you for money. You find out that she is a prostitute. What a waste of time… But at least she is quite honest. You may also end up with a runner – at some point, she freaking disappears in the club.

You will never see her again. Then, you have the one with the excuse – she is on her period. Another waste of time…

I encountered some of these excuses. What do you do then? You head over to the nearest street whore and empty your balls.

However, such situations are rare, but they might happen. If you pick up girls in common areas for prostitutes, you might encounter the first situation more often though.

How to get around in Manila

A Grab Taxi is probably the easiest way to get around town – it is some sort of local Uber. It costs less than a take away coffee in your country to cross the city from one side to another, hah! Manila – and a few other cities in the Philippines – also have Uber. Sometimes, Uber is cheaper.

Bike taxis are just as handy – two or three times more time to reach your destination, but fun to be in an open cabin attached to a bike. Make sure you negotiate the price upfront. These rides are everywhere in Manila.

A Jeepney is uncomfortable, but costs close to nothing – honestly. Most of them are American vehicles from World War 2. They were left here and became part of the local culture – worth the experience if you are not in a rush.

Finally, you got regular taxis – great if you do not have Internet for other similar options. Make sure they have meters. You also have the train, but it is a bit irrelevant over short distances. After all, taxis are so cheap…

Final words

Bottom line, Manila girls are part of the local culture and come in all shapes and sizes. You can find good girls – wife material – and bad girl – sluts and prostitutes.

At the end of the day, it truly depends on what you are looking for – real relationships or the possibility to bang three different babes on a daily basis.

The best part?

Both options are possible in Manila. 😉


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