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Is It Easy Getting Laid In Singapore? How To Pick Up Singaporean Girls!

 Is It Easy Getting Laid In Singapore? How To Pick Up Singaporean Girls!

Singapore is an attractive hub for foreigners – business opportunities, high lifestyle standards and, of course, lots of beautiful girls. Singaporean girls represent a different kettle of fish on the Asian market. Not only are they educated, clever and beautiful, but they also come from good family backgrounds.

Most of them can speak decent or good English – in fact, Singaporean is often referred to as Singlish among foreigners.

Now, what do you need to know about the local dating culture and where can you get yourself some hot Singapore girls?

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How to pick up girls in Singapore?

The classic scenario works in Singapore just like anywhere else – you see a girl you like, you talk to her and if she is into you, she will go out with you. It sounds easy at a first glance, but you need to know more about the dating culture in Singapore in order to land yourself a nice girl.

Local dating culture

Dating culture in Singapore

Generally speaking, men make the first move in Singapore. However, the country has a free dating culture. It is acceptable for women to talk to men, so they often make the first move as well. Once you have a phone number, you can have a few text messages before arranging a date.

Singaporeans are less likely to go out with you if they only know your name and phone number. You should talk to them a bit more before asking them out. Find something you two have in common or perhaps turn the initial chat into a quick date to get to know each other better. Otherwise, there is a decent chance to get rejected.

The Singapore dating scene involves activities like watching a film, having some cocktails, having a meal and enjoying a long conversation. You might find it unusual, but some girls bring their friends over on a first date.

It is a common technique to prevent unwanted situations, so get ready to show off your group socializing skills.

In the long run, you must know that Singapore ladies are quite involved with their families, meaning they live with their parents until they get married. It is normal to be invited to family events, as you will soon be considered part of the family – in case you date for a long time.

Best online dating websites to meet Singaporean girls

best online dating sites to meet singaporean girls

Going online is yet another great idea when not sure where to meet girls in Singapore. You can set some dates before you even get there.

Sugar Dating Singapore

Sugar dating is the most popular upcoming form of exclusive dating in Singapore. The idea is simple. You set-up an account, make an arrangement with a girl and you pay your part. This is normally cash or expensive items like bags, clothes and jewelry. What do you get in exchange? Well – Anything you can dream of!

Ranging from hugs and kisses to straight up sex. It all depends on what you as the sugar daddy agrees upon with your new sugar baby. It is the perfect solution for busy and wealthy businessmen who want to get straight to business.

Sign up here for free! is probably the leading name in this industry. You will find girls from all backgrounds – lots of search criteria, plenty of features and a few premium subscriptions to take advantage of everything. Click here to check it out. is based on multiple Asian countries. You will find girls in Singapore, but you can also try other parts of Asia if you travel around. Again, you can search for girls in the smallest details. Give it a try here.

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Is speed dating popular in Singapore?

speed dating singapore

Whether you are not sure how to get laid in Singapore or you want a relationship, speed dating is quite common in Singapore. There are particular events organized by various institutions – mostly dating agencies.

Speed dating Singapore will take this venture to another level. Once in there, you will no longer feel like you are surrounded by losers. In fact, there are lots of educated people with or without careers who simply do not have the time to meet someone the classic way.

This is why they are here. You will find lots of attractive ladies and the rules are mentioned in the beginning.

What about other nationalities?

Singapore is one of the most civilized countries in Asia. It attracts lots of foreigners – some come over there to live, not just to visit. For this reason, there are lots of women from other countries too.

When it comes to women hunting men, you will find girls from the entire Asia, as well as other countries.

Thai girls in Singapore

thai dating app

If you are after a stag, chances are you will meet more Thai girls than Singaporean beauties. Thai girls are often seen as trouble – even in Thailand. They rarely work in certain industries because they end up selling their bodies or having fun with bosses, causing all kinds of trouble. Sure, this rule does not apply to every Thai girl, but low quality girls are often seen like that.

For this reason – and for the fact that Singapore has many foreigners too, many Thai girls simply come over for some fun. The area around the Orchard Towers is practically the Mecca of Thai prostitution. You will find girls from all backgrounds. Some of them speak English, while others do not. The sex language is universal though.

It makes no difference if you opt for street prostitution, whorehouses, massage parlors or anything else. Thai girls dominate the market and compete against Chinese and Vietnamese girls. Most foreigners do not necessarily want a certain nationality. If their type is a petite Asian with a doll face, the nationality becomes irrelevant. In other words, you do have plenty of options.

What about Russian girls?

russian women

Russian girls are known for their beauty, yet they may either attract you or chase you away. If you are into Asians, you clearly do not feel like banging a Caucasian girl. Sure, Russia is massive and some of the eastern Russians have oriental features – you could barely tell the difference. All in all, since Singapore is seen so well in Asia, lots of Russian girls come over to make money.

When compared to girls from other Asian countries, Russians look like supermodels. They could easily strike a career on the catwalk, but the country is huge. There are thousands of stunning models who are underpaid in this industry, so they have to find different options.

While this is not a general rule, many Russian girls in Singapore tend to work like call girls. In other words, you find them online or by getting in touch with agencies. They are not so common as you walk down the street and analyze girls.

Many Russian girls are not in Singapore for a long time. They hang around for months or even weeks, but many of them work in some sort of circuit. They spend a while in Singapore, then they visit Malaysia, Macau, Dubai and other top rated destinations.

Does religion play a factor?

singapore girls

Singapore might be a technologically advanced country – especially when compared to other Asian places, but deep down, it is still a conservative territory. In other words, it depends on what you are looking for and what you hope to achieve.

If you are after a stag, one night stands and girls selling their bodies in brothels, religion becomes irrelevant. After all, for you, it is just a sex trip – you pay and you have fun. For the girl, it is a business transaction. You are less likely to become friends or romantic partners, so no one cares about religion at this point.

Things change to 180 degree if you are actually looking for a relationship – dating, getting to know each other and maybe even marriage. At this point, the religion is quite important, especially for Singaporean girls.

Singapore is home to 10 big religions, but some of them are more common than others – Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and Christianity. Some people are more religious than others. You can find girls who will not take religion into consideration, but start a relationship with you. Some others may also accept a conversion – from your side or her side.

But then, there are also girls who would not go out with a man who was not born and raised in the same religion – pretty much like everywhere else in the world. Girls who let themselves picked up tend to be less religious.

Do’s and Don’ts

When not sure where to go on a date in Singapore, a local bar or a restaurant will do the trick. Keep your date short – you do not need more than 90 minutes to know enough of her.

Be open minded – Singaporean women come from another culture. Plus, dating is like traveling – not every part will be great, but remember your goal.

Give her a few compliments – do not exaggerate or she will think you are fake. These compliments should not necessarily be on assets – such as her eyes. She knows she has beautiful eyes. Instead, compliment her on things that she is actually responsible for, such as her dress or her earrings.

Do not forget about basic etiquette – such as chewing with your mouth closed. Whether you aim for getting laid in Singapore or finding a wife, this date is about seducing her and playing with her imagination, so do it right.

Do not talk about things that can put her off either – there is nothing more annoying than that. In other words, stay away from ex girlfriends, how annoying your job is or a medical condition. Talk to her about her passions instead and keep her interested.

Finally, never refuse desert or another drink in a different place. When dating a Singaporean girl, asking for more means that she is interested, so you are going in the right direction.

What do Singaporean ladies think of expat dating?

Singaporean women

You could find the prettiest girl in Singapore – if she is not into foreigners, you can forget about it. Generally speaking, Singaporeans are open minded, especially when compared to girls from other Asian countries. There is a huge influx of foreigners in the country, so they are used to you. Besides, it is not unusual to see many mixed couples.

While the exotic factor is not so big, you will still have a better shot when compared to local men. But your race is not everything. You must look good and presentable, but also act like a gentleman.

If a Singaporean man steps in and treats her like a gentleman, your exotic factor is worth nothing.

Simply put, Singaporean beauties have nothing against foreigners. They are slightly more interested in expats because they are different, but this is it. On the same note, they have nothing against such relationships either. Play your cards right and you will have a local beauty in your bed sheets in no time.

How to get laid in Singapore as a foreigner

Getting laid in singapore
An exotic mixture between East and West is a common sight amongst Singaporean ladies!

There are multiple ways to get laid in Singapore. You can find a girl everywhere – in a shopping mall during the day, a restaurant in the evening or a nightclub after sunset. You might as well join a Singaporean dating website and start dating straight away – even easier if you are a bit shy.

If you want to get laid with a girlfriend, you will need to work your way there. It might take a few weeks or even more than a month to get a good girl to sleep with you, but it is worth it if you are interested in a serious relationship.

If you are there with business or just to have fun, you do not want to waste time. There are lots of hook up bars in Singapore – that is where most people looking for one night stands gather.

You can find easy girls who will go to your hotel the same night, but you may also have to pay if you choose a professional girl.

Simply put, finding a hot girl for sex in Singapore is just like everywhere else – you do have options and you need to consider your priorities.

Where to meet girls in Singapore?

meet girls in singapore

You will run into petite beauties wherever you go, but there are certain areas where you are more likely to find singles. It is just like in the western world – you would rather go to a nightclub for a classic one night stand than to a library.

So, what is the best place to pick up girl in a Singapore?

Day game

daygame in singapore

The dating game in Singapore is pretty much always on, so do not be surprised to run into single beauties all over the place. There are certain pick up places in Singapore where you can try your luck for a higher success rate.

Just remember – be polite and act like a gentleman. This is not Brazil or Romania!!

Now, what do women really love? Exactly! Shopping. Not only will you get the opportunity to waste some money on quality stuff, but you will also find some of the best pick up joints in Singapore. If you use public transportation, head over to the Orchard station and start looking around.

There are lots of malls around. Just walk around, try out stuff, make eye contact, smile and watch out for signs. If she smiles back, you are alright and can start a conversation. She might be polite, but she may also be interested.

Some of the best shopping malls to try your luck in include:

Clarke Quay is another clean and beautiful area where you are likely to meet a Singapore girl. Even if you do not feel like shopping, just roam around the Orchard area and do the same thing.

If you are up for some parties – basically push your night game during the day, simply head over to the Sentosa Island – look for the Tanjong Beach Club. There are day parties pretty much everyday – alcohol, happy girls and lots of singles. The beach and local parks are just as handy. Get a takeaway coffee and walk around.

If you are not the shy type, you might as well explore local attractions, discover hidden streets and admire the local architecture. It is a good starting point if you want to meet girls during the day – they are everywhere, after all.

Night game

night game in singapore

The night game changes everything to 180 degrees. It is pretty much like everywhere else. The night game has a few benefits. Many hot girls go out with their boyfriends or husbands, so you can easily spot the ones who are likely to be single. On another note, there is plenty of alcohol,pick up bars, girls looking for hookups and so on.

It is worth noting that no matter how advanced Singapore is when compared to other Asian countries, it is still a conservative country. This is one of the nice things about it – a particular nightclub can rock one night and be completely empty the next night.

Nightclubs are quite diversified – there are lots of places downtown, but there are also a few party districts where you can party and meet girls. Most people interested in Singaporean expat dating will simply go in the middle of an area, then hop around. They will jump from one club to another trying to find the perfect party to fit in.

You do not necessarily need to wait until the night falls to pick up hotties. Bars, pubs and restaurants are open until late, especially during the summer season. Many of them will close around midnight or early AM, so you can easily get to meet a girl over dinner, then ask her out on a party.

From many points of view, the night game makes the whole job much easier due to the party spirit and alcohol. But then, no matter what you choose, your charm will pay off.

Best Singapore pick up bars

singapore pick up bars
This is why I love Singapore. Pretty girls everywhere!

When not sure where to meet singles in Singapore, you should know there are certain places that are more likely to help out in the process. You do not want a family friendly place where locals in their 60s hang out with their grandchildren. Instead, you want a place with lots of young babes who are already used to foreigners.

So, what are the top places to meet women looking for men in Singapore?

Best nightclubs and bars

Some bars and nightclubs are better rated than others. You will find middle and top girls who are used to foreigners. You will find couples, as well as many groups of girls and singles:

You might find the hottest party in Bang Bang one night, only to find it empty the night after. Parties keep moving around. At the same time, the nightlife in Singapore will bring you a nice bunch of hot singles.

But at the same time, if you are used to crazy parties like those in Eastern Europe or Thailand, you might be a bit disappointed with Singapore.

If you are the type who likes to go in the middle of the city and jump from one club to another, there are a few good areas worth checking out:

  • Orchard
  • Clarke Quay
  • Sentosa Island
  • Marina Bay
  • China Town

When not sure where to go dating in Singapore, these places will provide lots of opportunities. Which club is the best? Which brings in the most singles?

Hard to tell, as people keep moving. It is also down to personal preferences. However, on a side note, try getting into clubs on ladies nights. Girls get massive discounts and free drinks, so they come out in large amounts.

Those who spend lots of time in Singapore and can explore the surroundings should also hop the border and reach to Johor Bahru for some nice parties.

At the same time, you can take the ferry to Batam – the Nagoya Entertainment District. You might need to book a night in any of these places, as it might be difficult to come back.

Best strip clubs, massage parlors and gentleman clubs

singapore massage

When your time is limited and you are not sure where to hook up in Singapore, it might be worth skipping all the hassle and just paying for the pleasure. Sure, if you want a Singaporean girl for marriage, you need to go the long way – find a nice girl, go dating and let the relationship evolve.

But if you are after a quick stag, your options are quite interesting as well.

When it comes to strip clubs, your options are quite low. There are a few strip clubs, but do not expect to get too much. You will find some perfect beauties dancing around in bikinis, but you will be lucky if you get a lap dance. If you truly want that, simply go for an escort.

All in all, these clubs include:

Singapore has a so called red light district. There are plenty of brothels around. Police monitors a few brothels and girls are often checked to ensure they are healthy. However, street prostitution is also part of the scenario.

Once the sun goes down, head over to Geylang. Everything changes – there are dozens or even hundreds of girls aligned shoulder to shoulder. Check out the Darlene Hotel – those are the kind of supermodel hookers. Most of them look like models. Generally speaking, all girls are quiet slim and in good condition.

It is an astonishing amount of flesh waiting for you down there. Walk towards the Lorongs and you will find Thai girls, Malaysians, Indonesians, Chinese and so on. There is a back street where you will mostly find Indians.

Not happy? Hard to believe, but if you are really picky, check out the Clarke Quay area too, especially the bridge. There are lots of girls there. You do not have to be an expert to tell which one wants to make money – they will make intense eye contact. There are lots of Indonesians there, as well as girls from the Philippines.

Massage parlors will give you a classic massage, but you can ask for anything – nude massage, happy endings and so on. You can have a full sex session – no problems at all. Massage parlors in Singapore are often referred to as health centers. They are licensed.

Some of the top places include Executive Spa, Sembawang, Jurong Spa or Take 5. You will have to take a shower before and after the service. Girls will do anything you ask them to for the right amount of money.

Red light district

red light district singapore

Singapore has a few red light districts – regulated and safe to use. Just like everywhere else, you will also find street prostitution. Most girls in these districts come from abroad, so you will meet Thai, Chinese, Malaysian or Indonesian girls too.

Geylang is the largest area – there are hundreds of girls coming from all over Asia to sell their bodies. There are around 10 streets there. You will also find lots of whorehouses – legal, of course.

The Orchard Towers are worth some attention too. There are all kinds of girls – some of them willing to go with you, while others will just strip or give you a lap dance. The fourth floor is where most of the strippers hang around – Euro Girls Club. There are lots of Russians there.

The Petain Road is not to be overlooked either. You will find older chicks – no 20 year old babes. However, they look good and they are much cheaper than the young ones. Check out the Desker Road too – one of the oldest red light districts in the area.

While the Keong Saik Road should be mentioned too, there are just a few brothels left and they are old fashioned. They are more suitable to those who have visited Singapore in the 1970s or 1980s and would like to remember those experiences.

Top 5 girl friendly hotels in Singapore

girl friendly hotels in singapore

Some hotels in Singapore keep it clean. In other words, you are not allowed with a friend. Some others are girl friendly and will let you bring one or more girls, whether you want casual sex or an orgy.

Raffles Hotel Singapore

Raffles Hotel Singapore is one of the top rated units in the area. Everything is five stars, from the room service to the amenities and nearby attractions. You will be close to everything – more expensive, but worth it.

Grand Park City Hall

Another five star hotel, this unit even has a separate entrance for those who do not want to pass the reception while bringing girls in. It is cheaper than the previous hotel, but the service and amenities are literally flawless.

Click here to check the current rates

Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

Four Seasons Hotel Singapore will also allow you to bring guests – as many as you want. It is just minutes away from the hottest parts of the city. It is close to parties, nightclubs, whorehouses and restaurants.

Hotel Grand Hyatt Singapore

Hotel Grand Hyatt Singapore comes with modern and clean rooms, lots of space and great room service. It is a common choice among foreigners, whether they travel for a Singapore hookup or with business purposes.

Hotel 81 Star

Hotel 81 Star is located close to the best whore houses in Singapore. There are girls everywhere – great for a quick stag. Whether you are too lazy to find dating places in Singapore at night or you want casual sex within minutes, this is one of the best places to be in. It is old fashioned, but clean and quiet.

How much does a date in Singapore cost?

dating in singapore

If you expect a classic date, expect paying around $80 to $100 for a date. Of course, it depends on what you plan to do. If you meet a girl down the street, you two can have some takeaway coffee and have a walk in a park while getting to know each other better. When dating a Singaporean woman, it is more about getting to know you, rather than the activity you use as a reason for the date.

Singapore is more expensive than most other Asian countries, but it is still cheaper than many large cities around the world. For example, you can ask a girl out, head to a middle range restaurant and have a three course meal. You should pay around $40 for both of you.

Now, you do not have to go on expensive dates on a daily basis. Find some nice and inexpensive dating places in Singapore that do not involve too much spending – such as walking around some nice areas with great views.

When meeting a girl, try to turn the initial meeting into a short date. Get to know her better, have a laugh and find out more about her.

This way, you will know whether or not you two should go out on a date. Otherwise, you will spend time and money to realize that you do not match.

Where to go on a date in Singapore?

romantic places in singapore

Whether you rely on various dating services to find pretty Singapore girls or you trust your own strengths, you have lots of options to go on during a date – both during the day and night.

If the weather is good, you can visit parks and natural places, get an ice cream or some takeaway coffee and chat.

Some of my favorite places to try include:

  • East Coast Park
  • Merlion Park
  • Marina Bay
  • Singapore Botanic Gardens
  • Gardens by the Bay
  • Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

The beach on the Sentosa Island is another great idea that does not involve spending too much money – plus, you might get to see what her body really looks like. 😉

Other than that, you can also go to water parks or perhaps local museums and galleries – if she is more sophisticated.

During the night, things change a bit. Your budget should be a bit higher, as you will spend more money. Here are some of the best restaurants and bars to take a girl out:

  • Akira Back
  • The Spiffy Dapper
  • Bitters & Love
  • 28 HongKong Street
  • Ristorante Da Valentino
  • OSO Ristorante
  • Barnacles
  • Corner House
  • No. 5 Emerald Hill
  • Maison Ikkoku
  • Employees Only Singapore

When done with the dinner, you can take her out and explore the local nightlife or perhaps catch a show at the Victoria Theater.

Generally speaking, there are plenty of romantic things to do in Singapore. It is hard to decide on the best place to date in Singapore, but if you truly want to make an impression – assuming that you have found the perfect girl, maybe you should book a weekend in Bali, which is not too far. I love it! 😉

Romantic things to do in Singapore

dating agency singapore

So, what is the best place to date in Singapore? There are lots of options out there. Visit the Gardens by the Bay and enjoy a picnic on a sunny day. Visit the local conservatories too for a more complete experience. A boat tour is just as exciting – lots of options here. Do it around sunset for a romantic feel.

If she is into outdoor activities and walks, the Fort Canning Hill is excellent for romantic walks. Once inside the park, you forget that you are in the middle of a busy city – everything is just about you and her. Is she into art? Land yourself a clever lady with a decent education and you two can enjoy the National Gallery together.

If you want to get far from the busy city and enjoy a day of relaxation, Auriga Spa is probably one of the top rated options out there. You can get a bit more intimate at the spa, but you will also have quality time with all the activities on site.

Finally, when you are after relaxation, a day on the Sentosa Island will solve your issues – relaxation taken to another level.

How to get around in Singapore

public transport in singapore

Public transportation in Singapore is among the most efficient networks in the entire world. Everything is fast, clear and straightforward. The MRT is one of the best ways to get around – get a card from local stations and you can use it for multiple lines.

Buses are extremely efficient too and they serve almost every area of Singapore. Taxis are just as handy – especially when traveling in groups. This is the quickest way to reach your destination. River taxis are less efficient, but more exciting.

What to be careful about in Singapore

Singapore is rated among the safest countries in the world. Crimes against foreigners are close to zero. Petty crime like pickpocketing exists, but it is not too common. Pay special attention if you want to rent or buy properties – a lawyer is recommended if you want to buy.

When it comes to learning how to meet girls in Singapore, pay attention to the obvious factors. While Singapore is far ahead of countries like Thailand or the Philippines, be suspicious if a 20 year old babe falls in love with you, although you have lost 75% of your hair and you have just turned 55.


So, whether you are not sure where to find girls in Singapore or you look for a serious relationship, there is something for everyone in one of Asia’s most civilized countries. There are lots of girls of all kinds of nationalities – some of them interested in longterm relationships and others willing to sell their bodies.


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