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Top 5 Girl Friendly Hotels In Istanbul – Expectations & Experiences

Guest Friendly Hotels In Istanbul – Expectations & Experiences

There are no doubts about it – Istanbul is huge and overwhelming. Whether you travel there for a bachelor’s party, with the guys or just yourself, chances are you might get laid if you try. Local beauties are quite exotic and reflect some of the Middle Eastern beauty in a country where you look exotic and attractive.

But then, Istanbul is still quite conservative. In other words, not all hotels allow guests over without paying a fee. Here are some of the girl friendly hotels in Istanbul based on personal experience. Also, these places are close to public transportation links, which you will probably need if you do not rent a car.

A quick overview:

  1. Vault Karakoy The House Hotel
  2. Cheers Port House
  3. Rixos Pera Istanbul Hotel
  4. Palazzo Donizetti Special Category
  5. Tulip by Molton Hotels

Keep reading for my full review!

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Vault Karakoy The House Hotel

guest friendly hotels in istanbul

Vault Karakoy The House Hotel features a few different types of rooms. It looks good, traditional and elegant. I was surprised by how clean it is. Other than that, it is a 20 minute walk away from the city center, not to mention access to public transportation. Basically, you are close to everything, but still in a quiet area.

Bringing girls over has not raised any issues for me. But then, I follow a few tricks when I travel abroad. I tip receptionists when I check in, ask them for a taxi and so on. I simply walked in casually with a girl, said hi and went straight to my room – no question asked.

In the worst possible scenario, the girl might be asked for an ID. It is just a matter of security. Also, I had a double room and not a standard one, just to make sure there are no issues. The difference in price is quite small – better to be safe than sorry. Furthermore, there are no extra fees for guests.

Cheers Port House

cheers port istanbul

The smallest room you can get at Cheers Port House is a double room. It is not a waste of space if you travel alone, but an opportunity to get some girls over. This is one of the best girl friendly hotels in Istanbul, whether you count the location close to everything, proximity to nightlife or staff friendliness.

I managed to become friends with one of the male receptionists and I even asked him for recommendations in terms of girls. He called an escort service and hooked me up one night. It is pretty much like everywhere else – be nice, tip when you have to and karma will be good with you.

The hotel itself is quite nice. You have clean and spacious rooms close to the rich nightlife, access to landmarks and public transportation, Internet, television, air conditioning and so on. Like I said before, the staff is friendly and always willing to help. You do not have to explain anything when you bring a guest over – just greet the receptionist and walk to your room.

Rixos Pera Istanbul Hotel

rijos istanbul

Rixos Pera Istanbul Hotel is located in an area with beautiful views and lots of activities. You are minutes away from top landmarks and the rich nightlife. The hotel is more luxurious, but given the low prices in Turkey, it provides excellent value for money and access to plenty of features and amenities.

There are 116 rooms, meaning if you travel during the summer season, you will see lots of people around. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, chances are you will go unnoticed when you bring a girl over. However, I recommend going downstairs and welcoming a girl in should you book an escort over the Internet. Otherwise, she might be questioned.

Other than that, rooms are large and nicely decorated. You have access to a gym, sauna, massage center, Internet, television and air conditioning. Daily housekeeping is also included in the price, as well as access to a chapel to pray after you sin. Public transportation links are literally five minutes away, so you can get pretty much anywhere around Istanbul.

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Palazzo Donizetti Special Category

I certainly believe that Palazzo Donizetti Special Category should get more stars. It offers the facilities of a five star hotel in the heart of the city, but it costs much less. You are one or two minutes away from buses and other public transportation links, not to mention the Galata Tower nearby.

There are more types of rooms and each of them is extremely spacious. While luxurious, this place makes you feel like a sultan from the 14th century in terms of decorations and style. I have to tell you – banging beautiful babes in this kind of décor is priceless, whether you find a girl in a local nightclub or you book an escort. You just have to try it.

Bringing girls over is easy – no one will ask you for extra fees. You are responsible for your guests though, just like in all the other guest friendly hotels in Istanbul. In some cases, girls may be asked to leave their IDs by the reception as a security measure.

Tulip by Molton Hotels

istanbul girl friendly

Unlike Palazzo Donizetti Special Category, Tulip by Molton Hotels feels like it has too many stars for what it can offer. Do not get me wrong – it is still cost efficient and provides access to the main things you need on a holiday. You get access to public transportation, the city center, nightlife and lots of beautiful girls around it.

I have never experienced any issues bringing girls here. The process was always the same – went out, hooked up and walked back in with a girl. I looked at the receptionist, nodded for hello and smiled, they did the same and that was it. No one questioned me or asked me who my guest was.

I was told that at times, some girls might be asked for IDs. It happens when you bring over cheap prostitutes. Luckily, Istanbul has plenty of quality flesh around, so stick to clean and beautiful girls instead.

Final words

Bottom line, the above mentioned girl friendly hotels in Istanbul are less likely to disappoint you. Receptionists are aware of the fact that you are a foreigner and you feel excited about exotic women. You are not the first man to bring girls over, so they are used to it. Remember to be polite and tip when you need to – nothing can go wrong then.

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