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Best Girl Friendly Hotels In Dubai To Bring Your Dates Over!

Best Guest Friendly Hotel In Dubai To Bring Your Dates Over

There are no doubts about it – Dubai leads the quality standards in hospitality when it comes to luxury and style. The once deserted place is now one of the most attractive places in the world. The opulence and benefits of money are obvious there.

But then, most people also know that Dubai can be quite strict when it comes to rules and regulations. Whether you meet girls from Dubai or you book some escorts for entertainment, here are the top girl friendly hotels in Dubai to use to avoid trouble.

Quick overview:

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Manhattan Hotel Dubai

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Featuring a few different types of rooms and a great location – close to a local museum and public transportation links, Manhattan Hotel Dubai is a cost efficient option for those who love traveling and could use some privacy should they meet a local babe.

You can hire a car on site, benefit from dry cleaning, free wireless Internet, a nightclub, a restaurant and many more. It is also located in a popular neighborhood, so you can explore the surroundings and local nightlife – excellent if you are also interested in meeting some beauties.

I have never experienced any problems bringing girls over. Keep it casual though. Walk in politely, greet the receptionist discreetly and keep walking. You are not the first man to bring a girl over, so they are used to it. It makes no difference if you have just met her in a nightclub or you have paid a prostitute to join you. Occasionally, girls might be asked to show an ID and register for safety, but it is still alright.

BurJuman Arjaan by Rotana

guest friendly hotels in dubai

I was overwhelmed when I had to choose a room at BurJuman Arjaan by Rotana because you have so many options. If you are looking for a quality place to explore the surroundings and have some fun, the smallest or cheapest one will do the trick.

The place is fully featured, meaning you have anything you might need – swimming pool, restaurants, wireless Internet, coffee shops, dry cleaning, car parking and even airport transfers. Practically, all you need is a partner to chill out and have some fun every once in a while. What do you do then?

I found BurJuman Arjaan by Rotana to be one of the leading guest friendly hotels in Dubai. The first time I brought a girl here, we chilled for a bit in the lounge to make it look more natural. Once I figured out no one cares who you bring in, I realized that I could just walk in and go straight to my room – no questions asked whatsoever. I believe it helps if you tip the receptionist the first time you check in though.

InterContinental Dubai Festival City

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If you also want style and luxury while exploring Dubai, chances are InterContinental Dubai Festival City will impress you. This is the kind of place that brings everything, including a fascinating location close to shopping malls – probably some of the best places to meet hot women in Dubai.

You have everything on site – restaurants, bars, Internet, television, cleaning and laundry, parking and so on. If you need something, just ask for it and you will probably get it. But then, when it comes to such luxurious places, you probably imagine that bringing random girls over could be a problem, right?

This place is a bit more expensive than others. It is more luxurious. The way they see it is simple – you pay more money to stay here, so they value your needs. I brought three girls over in five nights.

One time, I was asked to register my partner. She had to show an ID, but that was pretty much it. In other words, it is understandable that you want to have some fun and everybody accepts it.

Guess what? They also have a lot of working girls in the downstairs lobby bars and disco.

Panorama Hotel Bur Dubai

panorama hotel dubai

Located in the heart of Dubai and just minutes away from multiple transportation links, bars, restaurants and nightclubs, Panorama Hotel Bur Dubai is among the least expensive girl friendly hotels in Dubai for those who want to explore the area and have some fun on a budget – no fancy amenities, but just what you might need.

There are more types of rooms available, as well as a beautiful décor. In terms of amenities, you have restaurants, wireless Internet, a coffee shop, daily housekeeping and so on. The staff is extremely friendly and this is probably the biggest advantage in your attempt to bring some hot girls over.

I played it casual and simply walked in with a girl while holding her hand, to make it obvious that she is my partner. I said hi to the receptionist and kept walking to my room – no one questioned me about anything. In other words, you just have to be polite and avoid making a scene – do not walk in drunk and loud, as you will draw lots of unwanted attention.

Astoria Hotel

astoria hotel dubai

Astoria Hotel is one of the leading girl friendly hotels in Dubai and benefits from a great location in the middle of the area. You are close to main attractions, nightclubs, bars, restaurants and happy areas with happy girls. Public transportation links are only seconds away.

The hotel is well rated and features lots of amenities, from wireless Internet and spa to massaging services, games, restaurants and bars. Not only can you bring a girl over to unleash yourself, but you might as well have an escort to chill with before going wild on her.

I stayed at the Astoria Hotel twice for a few days and I have never had a problem bringing girls over. I picked up girls in local nightclubs, but I also booked escorts online. When I booked online, I went downstairs to welcome them and make sure they go in with me. Otherwise, they will be questioned about what they are doing there.

Final words

Bottom line, there are quite a few guest friendly hotels in Dubai. No matter how strict this place is, foreigners want to have fun and enjoy, so girls are always welcome in most hotels. The secret is to keep it cool and be natural about it.

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