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Picking Up Jakarta Girls – My Hook-Up Game Plan!

Jakarta Girls – How To Pick Up Indonesian Girls in the Capital!

Jakarta – the Indonesian capital – has lots to offer. Get ready to experience a completely different culture, lots of beautiful attractions and connections to pretty much every nice part of the country. It is the second most populous urban area after Tokyo and it boosts over 30 million people. I am taking a wild guess here, but I bet there are at least a few million single Jakarta girls hanging around.

Lots of sex tourists and Asian “fans” avoid Indonesia though. It is a Muslim country with plenty of conservative families, so a foreigner will not be as exotic as in other Asian countries like the Philippines or Thailand.

However, it is still a good option if you suffer from “yellow fever”, whether you want to get laid or married.

On the same note, plenty of tourists go to Bali instead. It is the only part of Indonesia where Muslims do not dominate. Girls are more loose and open minded, so getting laid is easier. You can learn more about how to pick up girls from Bali or Indonesian girls in general in my other blog posts. Must read article to nail the Indonesian dating game!

Now, what should you know about local girls from Jakarta?

Here is my detailed guide to help you get laid as soon as you arrive.

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How to pick up girls in Jakarta

Jakarta bar girls

The game is different in Jakarta for a few reasons. First, there are many conservative girls. Unless you are a conservative Muslim man looking for a wife, hooking up with them is almost impossible.

Simply avoid them. Second, if you visit during the hot season, you will notice the city is not walkable, so the day game is quite hard.

Extra tip from the master: Before you travel to Jakarta, I recommend you sign up for this free Indonesian dating site. It will make it 100% easier to meet real and single Indonesian girls.

Local dating culture in Jakarta

Assuming that you have managed to get a girl’s phone number (either online or face to face), exchange a couple of messages and ask upfront – would you like to go out and do something? If she has given you her phone number, she will probably say yes. Let her know that you are happy about it and start planning – you are expected to lead.

Find a nice place – something about average, one of a kind. Ask her if she wants you to pick her up. If she does not, tell her where you will meet her and what time. Make sure she comes alone by telling her you can barely wait to spend some time with her to get to know her better. This tactic clears the gold diggers, as they tend to bring their friends over for free drinks and food.

Girls in Jakarta expect foreigners to travel to Indonesia for sex only. Avoid looking like one. Do not dress like a tourist. Be smart casual, polite and gentle – simply put, be a gentleman. Do not bring up sex, past relationships, past boyfriends and other similar things. Simply get to know her – remember, you are dating a quite conservative girl.

Some girls may ask you apparently invasive question – appreciate their honesty and be honest about it. Do not reply to how much money you make, but to what you do for a living and so on. If you want to bang someone for money, you can find a decent load of Jakarta bar girls. If you want a girlfriend, be genuine and authentic.

If you are serious about it, she will eventually ask you to meet her family – family plays an important role. Do not expect to get laid too soon though.

Best online dating sites to meet girls from Jakarta

online dating in jakarta

If I want dating, regular sex and a nice relationship, I would rather go online than approach girls down the street. At least I know they are single and interested in foreigners.

Tinder and Badoo are decent in Jakarta, but not the best. You will find lots of other tourists too, so you can hookup with a foreign girl looking for an adventure. Personally, I am into Asians, but many foreign girls are interested in western men.

Indonesian Cupid is probably your best choice if you want to meet a girl. There are other options too (international websites featuring people from all over the world), but this one is specifically catering for Indonesian women and foreign men, which is what I need. I had a few good dates over this one, as well as a long relationship. You can click here to sign up for free!

When it comes to more general websites, you can have a look over Asian Dating and Sugar Dating Asia

The do’s and don’ts

I recommend going out on Wednesdays – ladies’ nights. There are more single girls around bars and clubs, so you have a higher chance to find a good girl. Once you get to talk to a girl, keep conversations simple. No one likes a boring guy – just keep it flattering and make her feel important special.

When talking to a girl, be conversational and keep the chat moving on – the best advice I could give you to avoid those awkward breaks. Get a plan – a bunch of questions to ask her, then go on from there. Indonesian girls like making chats complicated – play along, but do not overdo it.

You have to show some courage and lead. If you are just learning how to pick up girls in Jakarta, you might want to ask her to show you the best places around. The trick works most of the time if you do it right. Find out where she likes to eat and get to know her better.

Do not engage into tabu conversations. There are a few things that are considered taboo in Indonesia – public display of affection, sex before marriage or past boyfriends. You can ask her about her family to show some interest and get an idea about her background.

Also, avoid making fun or criticizing anything about this country. Let me make it clear for you – she is allowed to do it because she is Indonesian. But she will feel offended if you do it or agree with her. Just ask her why she thinks that and keep the conversation going instead.

There are a few other things I need to mention – avoid dressing like a tourist, pay for whatever you invite her to do (drinks, food or movie), meet her in a place with air conditioning or you will look miserable and do not talk about her looks. In western countries, women like to be tanned and skinny. In the Indonesian culture, she might take it as an insult.

What do Jakarta girls think of expat dating?

how to pick up girls in Jakarta

I get this question whenever one of my mates decides to visit me and wants to get laid. When learning how to pick up girls in Jakarta, you probably ask yourself – do these girls like foreigners? Generally speaking, they will assume a foreigner hanging around is just looking for sex.

Now, I know it sounds superficial and racist, but girls in Jakarta tend to judge people based on the skin color. White is the best option. As a Caucasian man, you have an advantage over more tanned men. Europeans and Americans are desirable, but Japanese and Korean men are also accepted due to the heavy cultural influence – K pop, music, the manga culture and so on.

If you are an Arab, your background is more important. I would say a German man of Arab descent is more likely to be considered a “bule” and desirable. This man will be above a man born and raised in Saudi Arabia. At the same time, the guy from Saudi Arabia will have a better shot than a man from Morocco.

Black guys will have to struggle a bit to find an Indonesian girl. I would recommend Thailand instead. However, I have a black friend who scores a few times a week, as well as white friends who barely manage to do it.

While the skin color is important for Indonesian chicks, your personality is what makes the difference in the long run.

Simply put, some girls are open minded to foreigners, while others would never date one. It is all about trial and error.

How to get laid in Jakarta as a foreigner

If you ask me, the easiest way to get laid is to pay for sex. You will find lots of Jakarta bar girls, as well as prostitutes and hookers willing to sell their bodies for like no money. You can book an escort online and get laid within half an hour.

Now, most of us do not feel like paying for sex in a country where we feel like gods, right? Learning how to pick up girls in Jakarta is not hard. The more skin she reveals, the more open minded she is. For example, a super conservative Muslim girl will wear a veil. You go to her in your best clothes, putting out your best game – she will not even say hello back. This is how hard it is.

On the other hand, you go to a nightclub in a big city like Jakarta. You see a bunch of girls in sexy dresses or some revealing shirts, dancing around and drinking. They have fun, flirt and make eye contact with you. You are more likely to score then or at least go out on a date.

Where to meet girls in Jakarta?

girls from jakarta

I have no idea how many single ladies are in Jakarta. I am guessing that a city with over 30 million people should have at least a few million single ladies. Since 80% of the country is a conservative Muslim, I would say there are at least half a million less conservative babes out there. If you ask me, it is a pretty good number.

You can meet girls during the day (certain areas only), but the game day is a bit difficult. You are more likely to score (even if it is just a phone number and a kiss) once the sun goes out or over the Internet.

Day game

The day game is quite hard in conservative countries and sometimes, it may not even be worth it. I rarely go out to pick up girls during the day. The majority of girls are religious and will not pay attention to you. Some of them will not even speak English. The day game here cannot compare to what I have experienced in Manila, for example.

While some women are, indeed, interested in meeting foreigners, they have a bad English and they lack the confidence to carry a conversation with a westerner. Even if they are interested in you, their conservative profile and shyness prevent them from having a conversation. It is nothing like in other cities in Asia.

However, if I do have to go out during the day and I feel like seeing some potential targets, I choose shopping malls. You do not want to walk around a super hot area with bad traffic and lots of dirt. Go to a place with air conditioning and women in a relaxed environment.

Most shopping malls are located in the southern and centeral parts of Jakarta. Here are my main recommendations:

  • Plaza Indonesia
  • Plaza Senayan
  • Grand Indonesia
  • Lotte Shopping Avenue
  • Senayan City
  • Kota Kasablanca
  • Pacific Place

If you are not in the area, you can also try Pondok Indah Mall in the south or Mall Kelapa Gading in the north.

Night game

The night game is better than the day game, but still difficult. This is because all the conservative girls will be at home, with their parents and siblings. Those who are less religious will go out for drinks and dancing. Wednesday nights are ideal because many nightclubs offer promotions for the ladies, so you will find plenty of singles hanging around.

They are more relaxed – especially if they have a bit of alcohol on board – and more likely to carry a conversation with a foreigner. Most of them will assume that you are there for sex, but it is alright – just show them that you are a nice guy with real intentions and it should be alright.

Be a gentleman, put on some smart casual clothes and avoid being too macho or masculine. Just be normal and make sure whoever you pick up feels special.

Best pick up bars in Jakarta

There are good spots to pick up girls in Jakarta in every part of the city. If you want more independent and loose women, you can try out some rooftop bars. They are pricier, but you have a better selection of women. Cloud and Skye are renowned all over Jakarta.

Other quality bars to try your luck in include:

You have some good options if you hang around the southern part of Jakarta too:

Best nightclubs in Jakarta

Some locations work as both bars and clubs. I have been in bars that seemed like lounges until late PM, only to turn into nightclubs. The music gets louder and people start dancing.

If you go to the central part of Jakarta, make sure you do not miss the following clubs:

The southern side has a good selection of clubs as well:

In fact, I was more successful in southern Jakarta nightclubs than in the central part of the city.

Best strip bars, massage parlors and gentleman clubs

Club 36 features lots of Jakarta bar girls and naked striptease (completely naked at times). It is part of a hotel and it is relatively small, but girls are good looking and prices are reasonable. Malio Club is just as good, not to mention King Cross – full naked girls and hookers hanging around for a quickie. You can easily get laid by picking girls in any of these strip bars.

If you are after a nice massage (with or without a happy ending), I recommend Delta Spa, My Place, Travel, Melawi and Classic. Kimochi Spa is just as good. Many massage parlors are right next to hotels. If you want sex, you may not always have it there. You can ask the girl for her number and arrange a date for later. I banged girls from massage parlors for less than $30.

As for gentleman clubs, these places provide good shows and all kinds of sexual activities:

  • Club 36
  • King Cross
  • Malioboro
  • Classic Hotel

Red light district

There are a few areas that can classify as red light districts. You can find street hookers, fresh meat every night, strip bars, massage parlors and so on. Kalijodo is the main one. There are around 5,000 people in the area willing to sleep with you for money, so your options are countless.

Cipinang is just as attractive – over 25 years old in terms of prostitution. You can get laid for a fiver (yes, just $5) in a small tent or you can pay up to $30 for a lodge. Make it clear upfront though – there are transgender hookers in this area too.

Bongkaran is popular too – there are over 700 girls hanging around, but not at the same time. Just walk around and they will approach you or make eye contact with you.

If the prices I mentioned above are too high for you (really?), get a taxi and ask the driver to go to Jalan Falatehan. The so called Blok M is full of working girls from all the nearby clubs and bars.

What about other nationalities?

There are other Asian girls hanging around Jakarta – you will find lots of Thai and Chinese hookers and Jakarta bar girls. When it comes to students or regular women looking for relationships, they come from surrounding countries.

Uzbekistan girls in Jakarta

During my ventures, I have run into plenty of girls from Uzbekistan. I know, you have no idea where it is on the map – I looked it up out of curiosity. I find it hard to describe these girls. They are a mix of Indian, Arab and eastern Asian girls. Basically, they have a bit of everything.

I will be honest with you – I found a few good nines out there and I think I can count a couple of 10s. While English is not as popular as Russian in Uzbekistan, girls who go abroad (especially the young ones) can have a decent conversation.

Does religion play a factor?

It depends on what you want to do. If you want to date, Indonesia is one of the most conservative countries in the world (apart from Bali, of course). Jakarta follows the same rule – if you want to date, eight out of 10 girls are conservative and religious.

If you are after banging local beauties, you will find lots of Jakarta bar girls, hookers and prostitutes who simply cannot be bothered about religion. Money is their only god.

Countryside girls versus city girls

I know what you are thinking – countryside are better wife or girlfriend material. They are less likely to go out too much or cheat on you. Well, bad news – they also suck at English. For this reason, I recommend city girls.

They are less traditional and not so conservative. They speak better English and you are more likely to find a loose girlfriend while hanging around big cities.

How much does a date in Jakarta cost?

Obviously, it depends on what you do and where you go. When learning how to pick up girls in Jakarta, you want to impress them. I have been to luxury (by local standards) places, as well as more affordable places. I have been to countless dates. I would say the priciest ones cost me around $40. You can eat in a decent restaurant for $5 or $10. You can have drinks in a fancy bar for $10 for two.

You will probably not spend that much, but my principle is easy – I would rather have extra money on myself than run out of it in the middle of a date, haha!

Where to go on a date in Jakarta?

You have more options here. If the girl is quite religious, she will want to go far from her home. She will try to hide. If you find a girl in the north, take her out in the south – she will be less stressed. Most people go out on dates in bars. Find some luxury ones – they are still cheap and affordable, so you do not have to worry about spending too much.

I hate movies on first dates because you cannot talk. Good food is better. A restaurant for food, a bar for a few drinks and perhaps a walk in a fancy area. That would do.

What about scammers?

Just like everywhere else, you have to use common sense if you are worried about scammers. Here are a few red flags that have helped me in the past:

  • The girl keeps talking about how much money she needs for her mother’s medical treatment, her rent, her studies or other expenses that might convince you to give her money.
  • She is 22 and hot, while you are 40 and the last time you saw your dick without a mirror was five years ago (aka you are fat and ugly, no offense). 😉
  • She has a rich boyfriend history and things do not always make sense.
  • She avoids intimate moments, such as kisses or sex.
  • She brings her friends on dates.

I would also be careful about girls who smoke and drink a lot – they must have some bar experience. It is not a general rule though.

How to get around in Jakarta

Uber, Bluebird, Go Car and Grab Car are quite common in Jakarta. If you hire a car, Waze will take you anywhere you want.

Motorcycle taxis (ojek) are fast and convenient – they do not get stuck in traffic. You need to negotiate the price upfront. You can also use the bajaj (a three wheel vehicle), but again, negotiate the price.

When it comes to buses, you have more options – most buses carry the TransJakarta and Jakarta Explorer Bus brands. The CommuterLine (train) is just as popular for longer distances. Both buses and trains are crowded. Taking the bus was quite an experience for me – I would never do it again. Incredibly slow and hot, but also overcrowded.

Final words

Bottom line, Jakarta can be scary at first – no chance to meet a good girl, but only Jakarta bar girls. However, a little research on the best places will teach you how to pick up girls in Jakarta.

In my opinion, it is all about hanging around the right places. Once you figure out what kind of women (attitude and clothing) you can approach, you will discover a completely different experience.

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