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Top Girl Friendly Hotels In Siem Reap – What To Know Upfront

Top Guest Friendly Hotels In Siem Reap – What To Know Upfront

Whether it comes to sex action or entertainment, Siem Reap is by far the primary choice for Cambodians and foreigners. The small place has lots of landmarks to visit and even more girls to have fun should you travel with the guys or by yourself.

But then, no matter how many freelancers or happy girls you find around there, it is worth noting that not all places classify as guest friendly hotels in Siem Reap. Some of them may charge you a joiner fee if you bring a guest, while others are entirely free, as long as you are responsible for your guest.

So, what are the best girl friendly hotels in Siem Reap?

Quick overview of my favorite places:

  1. Alliance Villa
  2. Angkor Dream Villa
  3. Borei Angkor Resort & Spa
  4. The Mekong Palace Hotel

Keep reading for my full review!

Alliance Villa

Featuring two stars and basic amenities, Alliance Villa is a great budget option for Siem Reap. Rooms are quite small, but you have enough space to store your stuff and have some fun with the girls. Beds are comfy and large though. Plus, you have Internet, air conditioning and other basics.

While you should not expect luxury, you will be treated well by the staff. Receptionists are friendly and can speak perfect English. I personally double checked if girls are allowed for free and I was told there will be no joiner fees. There is one requirement though – girls have to show their IDs to receptionists. It is only a matter of security.

I have never experienced any issues whatsoever. As I kept bringing girls over, receptionists even stopped asking for IDs after a couple of days – they figured what I was after. I do recommend finding girls above average, as cheap hookers may not always carry their IDs on them. Double check upfront to prevent surprises.

Angkor Dream Villa

Angkor Dream Villa is one of my favorite guest friendly hotels in Siem Reapand I will tell you why. I pay more for cigarettes in a western country than on a night here. You might expect amenities to be quite poor then, but no – you have extremely clean rooms, lots of space, air conditioning, TV, large windows and Internet. Plus, receptionists speak good English and will not bother about girls.

The rule is quite simple – you can bring unregistered guests and have fun for as long as you want. But if she looks sketchy, she might be asked for an ID. Not all the hookers have their IDs on them, so you might face a surprise. How do you overcome it?

Easy – tip receptionists whenever they do something for you. Called you a cab? Checked you in? Gave you some info? Throw in a small tip and they will never bother about who you bring over.

On a downside, this hotel is about 15 minutes away from downtown. It is a quiet and beautiful area, but you are less likely to find hookers right by the door. It is still worth some attention though.

Borei Angkor Resort & Spa

Borei Angkor Resort & Spa used to be one of the best guest friendly hotels in Siem Reap. It could still be if you play your cards right. This used to be my favorite hotel because it is comfortable, spacious and clean. It has air conditioning and Internet, as well as a team of friendly receptionists.

Until some people ruined it for everyone… A few years ago, you could bring unregistered girls over free of charge. The policy has changed now – they must show their IDs. It is still alright, but then, if she wants to spend the night there, you will be charged.

The thing is I had no idea about this policy change. Therefore, I banged girls and sent them home within an hour or two. Then, when you bring them over at night, tip the receptionists and become friends with them. They are less likely to charge you if the supervisor is not there. You might as well try your luck on receptionists or bar staff, as they were stunning the last time I visited.

Jasmine Lodge

Jasmine Lodge is among the best if you want value for money. It is extremely cheap and located in the perfect location – close to the rich nightlife, but on a quiet street. You can still enjoy a quiet afternoon nap before going out to hunt some local beauties.

Staff members are extremely friendly. In fact, if you ask a male receptionist for a hooker, they might get you hooked up with a few phone calls. Rooms are not impressive, but they have what you need. They are extremely clean and come with free air conditioning and Internet. There is one minus though – the laundry service on site is extremely slow. You will waste your time waiting for hours for dry clothes.

When it comes to girls, there are no fees involved. They must show their IDs at the reception – just a matter of security. They are then free to follow you to your room. In other words, make sure you get girls who have their IDs on them. But then, it is Cambodia, so a nice tip should help you overcome this issue.

The Mekong Palace Hotel

The Mekong Palace Hotel might seem cheap when you book, but its décor and amenities will underline the fact that it is a middle class hotel. It is located just off the Old French Quarter and one minute away from all the action.

Rooms are spacious and nicely decorated. Internet, air conditioning and television are included in the price. I loved the high water pressure, which is an issue in Cambodia. Breakfast is included in the price and will not disappoint you.

When it comes to girls, they are free to stay over. But then, they need to show their IDs and get registered at the reception. Let me mention that they can stay for free if you book a twin or double room. Otherwise, you would have to pay a fee or bribe the receptionist with a nice tip.

Final words

As a short final conclusion, you can find a decent amount of guest friendly hotels in Siem Reap. Keep it simple and always make your life easier by tipping receptionists and becoming their friends. It will work wonders in the long run, trust me.

Other than that, simply walk into your hotel, hold the key so they can see that you live there, say hello and keep walking. This is how you bring a girl over in a hotel. You want discretion, so keep it casual until you make it to your room.

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