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Best Guest Friendly Hotels In Manila – Banging in The Capital!

Best Girl Friendly Hotels In Manila

Landing yourself a beautiful Filipina in Manila is almost the norm these days. Unless you travel with your partner, girls will be all over you. Local girls will be after your exotic appearance and try to get a baby from you, while Manila hookers will be after your money – nothing to worry about, you probably spend more money for a lunch in a western country than a hooker in the Philippines.

But whether you get a hot babe or you get an escort online, it is worth noting that not all hotels accept guests overnight – not unless you upgrade your room or pay a fee.

Luckily, there are plenty of guest friendly hotels in Manila as well, meaning a little attention can get you laid without any hassle or headache. 😉

Here are my top recommendations in Manila:

What should you expect from these places then?

Best Western Hotel La Corona

This is one of my favorite guest friendly hotels in Manila. I have stayed there a couple of times. I usually choose it because it is five minutes away from most bars and nightlife attractions – just walk away. It is safe and quiet – no problems walking at night either.

You do not have to upgrade your room if you want to bring a girl in. Whether you find a temp girlfriend for a week, you get there to meet someone you found online or you bring a different girl every night, there are no joiner fees.

I have had mixed experiences with this place. Usually, I can sneak a girl in without anyone questioning me. Sometimes, if there is nothing going on and receptionists have nothing better to do, they might check her ID – no problem with that, I am off to my room within a minute.

Hotel Kimberly

With three stars and decent prices, Hotel Kimberly is another popular option. I would classify it somewhere in the middle range – better than the average hotel in the area, but still cost efficient. It is close to the rich nightlife and provides massive rooms, comfortable beds and great Internet.

Staff is friendly and aware of the hotel policy in terms of girls – one girl at a time, no joiner fees, no IDs. It is simple as that.

I brought in six girls over 10 days and no one bothered to ask me anything. Given its location, I guess most single males do that, so the staff is already used to it – no funny looks.

Red Planet Manila Mabini

Red Planet Manila Mabini is probably your best option if you want a cheap hotel, but you do not want bedbugs or cockroaches. It is located in Ermita and comes with basic amenities. Rooms are small, but modern and extremely clean.

According to one of the receptionists who replied to my email, there are no requirements or joiner fees when bringing a guest over. Girls will not be asked for their IDs either, so you do not have to check them in.

From a personal point of view, this place is ideal if you are there for sex only. I stayed there twice and banged everything I could, literally. I have never had any issues with the staff – friendly and always welcoming me with a smile.

Best Western Oxford Suites Makati

A bit pricier than the average whore hotel, Best Western Oxford Suites Makati will impress you. Great location in the middle of all the action, huge rooms, television, air conditioning and Internet – you can see and pick girls while you are on the window.

The location makes it obvious – no joiner fees, no IDs. There are girls all around the hotel, whether they are on holiday or just selling their bodies. Beds are suitable for two people, so you do not have to upgrade either.

I am perfectly honest when I tell you that you can make eye contact with a girl from the window and tell her to come in. She will. You have to go downstairs though – girls are not allowed in if you are not there. No biggie.

Red Planet Makati

Red Planet Makati is about 30 seconds away from the Burgos street – one of my favorite guest friendly hotels in Manila. It is basic, but you have new furniture, good looking rooms, cleanliness and free Internet. What else can you ask for? Moreover, the price for such basic amenities is relatively low, so you can spend more on whores.

The official policy says that you do not have to pay anything to bring girls over. However, they must provide an ID and check in. It takes a minute or so. All beds are double, so you can get girls to spend the night over without having to upgrade.

I must tell you – once the staff gets it that you like sex, they will no longer bother asking your girls for IDs. The more they see you around, the more familiar they are with you. Great service, I cannot complain.

Lotus Garden Hotel

Lotus Garden Hotel provides great value for money – recently refurbished, good Internet and breakfast included. Rooms are large and clean, but you also have access to jacuzzi and a gym – all these right in the heart of the downtown.

Girls can be brought in without any extra fees, but they should have IDs on them. When you book, make sure you book for two, yet all rooms can accommodate two people.

It was a pleasure bringing girls to this hotel. I have been there twice – at some point, the staff gets used to you, so they will no longer check your guests’ IDs. I became friends with one of the male receptionists and he even offered to bring me hookers based on my type – just make sure you tip right.

Final words

As a short final conclusion, there are plenty of guest friendly hotels in Manila. Sure, not all of them will provide the same value for money, hence the necessity of doing your homework. In the worst possible case, your girl might have to get checked in with her ID – it rarely takes more than a few minutes before you can take her upstairs and fulfill your fantasies.

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