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Best Guest Friendly Hotels In Hua Hin – Exploring Thailand

Best Girl Friendly Hotels In Hua Hin

Whether you have already visited Bangkok and Pattaya or not, make sure Hua Hin is on your list as well. If you are after girls and a chilled experience in a small beach town, this is the ideal place.

It has become a popular destination among tourists, but it is not overwhelmed with foreigners like big cities. All in all, it is certainly a different experience and girls are just as diversified.

Hang around Soi Bintabaht and you will find lots of girls – a few foreigners here and there, a bunch of local Thais who find every foreigner to be exotic and the regular hookers who will have a quickie with you for less than a dinner. 😉

But then, just like everywhere else in Thailand, you have to make sure you find accommodation in the right place. Luckily, there are quite a few guest friendly hotels in Hua Hin that can take your experience to the next level.

My top guest friendly hotels in Hua Hin include:

Now, what makes these places so special and what should you expect from this experience?

Chaba Chalet

Chaba Chalet is quite inexpensive. If you would have to bring your partner to Hua Hin, you would probably choose a different place. But when it comes to hookers and one night stands, it is perfect. It is close to all the nightlife clubs and pubs, as well as close to the train station. The beach and market are less than 10 minutes away.

The hotel is guest friendly, but its policy is a bit sketchy. Basically, you do not have to pay extra to bring a girl over. As for the ID, I have no idea. There is nothing official about it.

My advice? Make sure your date or hooker has an ID on her. 😉

Two of my girls were asked for their IDs by a couple of receptionists. Most others could not care less. I always say hi when I go in and smile, then walk away. Luckily, they had IDs on her, so it was all good. It is still worth double checking if you do not want to bang your date in some bushes behind the hotel.

Royal Express Hua Hin

Royal Express Hua Hin is in the city center – a great location if you are after fun and entertainment. You are close to everything. It is only 10 minutes away from the main beach and features free shuttle service, a swimming pool and relatively luxurious rooms – impressive for the money I had to pay.

The guest policy is classic for smaller places in Thailand – there is nothing to pay. No one will ask you for an ID either. If you want to bring a girl to your room, what you do with her is your business – simple as that. Besides, most single men visiting Hua Hin will end up with girls in their room anyway.

I was in Royal Express Hua Hin for seven days and I had eight different girls coming over. No one has ever bothered to ask me anything – if I am alright or if my girls have any IDs on her. In my opinion, this is the perfect experience if you travel for sex.

Sukkasem Guesthouse

Sukkasem Guesthouse is a bit more expensive than my previous recommendations, but it also comes with more facilities, including Internet, a TV, an outdoor terrace and fantastic views over the water. You will love waking up in the morning with that view. Then, you turn around and see a naked exotic beauty still asleep on your bed. I have no idea about you, but to me, this is a perfect morning.

Sukkasem Guesthouse is one of the best guest friendly hotels in Hua Hin. The policy involves no questions asked. If you want to bring a guest over, go ahead – you will not need to upgrade your room or pull more money out of your pocket. No IDs are required by the reception either.

Being there for a week with a bunch of childhood friends, sex and booze were our main priorities.

You are just minutes away from all the rich nightlife.

If you are up for a quickie, you can find hookers hanging around the hotel, which is great. 😉

Mod Guesthouse

Mod Guesthouse could be the cheapest hotel I have ever been in – the price per night is about the price of a good pizza in a western country, I swear. It is close to all the local attractions, as well as the Hua Hin beach. What else can you ask for?

There are no extra requirements should you decide to bring a girl over. However, if you get a hooker over the Internet, she cannot just walk into your room. You will have to welcome her by the reception or in front of the hotel, then walk in with her. No extra fees, great!

While I was aware of the policy, I have had a few problems with a female receptionist who kept asking my girls for IDs. She said it is for my own safety. I was turned down one time because my date did not have an ID on her, so I recommend checking upfront. Male receptionists are better and can even recommend the best hookers around – for a tip, of course.

Let’s Sea Hua Hin Al Fresco

I have been to Let’s Sea Hua Hin Al Fresco for a week with a few friends of mine, doing some sort of a bachelor party. Since we wanted it to be classy, we opted for a more expensive and luxurious place. Yes, expect to pay way more for this hotel – it is a five star unit with an outdoor pool, a rooftop terrace and all kinds of extra services.

We inquired about the girl policy upfront – no extra costs, but they must show their IDs by the reception. We were planning to get a few strippers only. It turns out there are no strippers in Hua Hin, but just hookers with an entrepreneurial spirit who can also dance.

Anyway, this hotel is a professional, so you have to act accordingly. No matter how many girls we brought in, they showed their IDs and they were allowed in. We booked hookers over the Internet too, but we had to go downstairs to take them inside. Overall, the experience was great.

Evergreen Boutique Hotel

I would rate Evergreen Boutique Hotel as a middle option – more expensive than the average hotel in the area, but definitely one of the best guest friendly hotels in Hua Hin. It is close to plenty of good restaurants and features the Internet, television, an outdoor pool and so on.

The hotel allows girls in for no extra charges. They must be accompanied though, so you cannot just call them up and expect them to knock on your door. Since it is a bit pricier, hookers know tourists who can afford it are also up for some fun, so there will always be some fresh meat around the hotel.

I was there for 10 nights and had a great experience. Hear my advice – tip male receptionists who look like they know stuff around and they will give you the best recommendations in terms of girls.

Final words

Bottom line, while the area is relatively small and new on the tourism map, you can find some good guest friendly hotels in Hua Hin. Inquire about the policy upfront, respect the rules and act politely – you should never face any issues.

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