Girl Friendly Hotels In Chiang Mai

​Exploring The Top Rated Girl Friendly Hotels In Chiang Mai

Guest Friendly Hotels In Chiang Mai

Located in a mountainous area of Thailand, Chiang Mai is a popular destination for its nightlife, history, culture and experience. You will find beautiful nightclubs, Buddhist temples and walls built hundreds of years ago. To top it all up, there are lots of cute Thais hanging around and waiting to be picked up.

Now, what happens when you get horny? You see some hot Thai women around and your sexometer goes wild. Luckily, there are lots of girl friendly hotels in Chiang Mai, but some of them will actually make the difference.

What are the best guest friendly hotels in Chiang Mai?

  1. Lai-Thai Hotel & Guest House
  2. BP Chiang Mai City Hotel
  3. Hotel M Chiang Mai
  4. Diamond Riverside Hotel
  5. Royal Lanna Hotel

Keep reading for my full review!

Lai-Thai Hotel & Guest House

Chiang mac Girl Friendly Hotels

Lai-Thai Hotel & Guest House is located in a beautiful area – just five to 10 minutes away from all the markets, bars and nightclubs. It is quite close to all the craziness, but far enough to avoid nuisance and stress. It is rated at two stars, so it is quite inexpensive for its location.

Do not let the rating fool you. You have cozy and clean rooms. They are quite compact, but they have what you need – free wireless Internet and air conditioning, as well as a TV. The swimming pool on site is great for a dip after having sex with a local babe. What could be better than that?

Despite being compact, rooms have nicely sized beds, so you can bring girls over without being uncomfortable. There are no joiner fees. You can bring a girl over and have her the whole night – even get her to sleep there for a quickie in the morning. I simply loved it there. Receptionists will not be bothered about who you bring over.

BP Chiang Mai City Hotel

Chiang mai guest friendly hotels

You will be stunned once you step foot into this place. Rated as one of the best guest friendly hotels in Chiang Mai, BP Chiang Mai City Hotel has an impressive lobby. It feels like a palace or a museum – super high ceilings, comfy chairs, marble and beautiful decorations everywhere. I was like WOW!

Rooms are quite large and comfortable. I was impressed by how clean they are. However, the hotel seems a bit old fashioned, but it is still worth the money. It also features a beautiful swimming pool on site. As for its location, it is about 20 minutes close from most of the action, yet you can find clubs and restaurants nearby too.

Girls are allowed there with no extra fees. Rooms and beds are large enough for two people. One time, a receptionist asked my girl for an ID, but that was it. Other than that, there were no issues. I have never been charged extra either, so I was happy with my experience there.

Diamond Riverside Hotel

Rated at three stars, Diamond Riverside Hotel is among the leading girl friendly hotels in Chiang Mai. It offers the facilities of a four star hotel, so it offers great value for money. It is on the busy Charoen Prathet Road, which has lots of nightclubs, bars and restaurants – not to mention a plethora of girls everywhere.

Rooms are great – beds for two, nice décors, air conditioning, TV and Internet. You have a bar on site too, not to mention the large swimming pool. Daily housekeeping and room service are also offered on site. Plus, certain packages come with breakfast.

The rule says girls must show an ID when they enter the hotel. It is a security measure. However, after a few days of bringing one girl after another in, receptionists figured why I was there. They stopped asking for IDs and they just minded their own business. Bringing girls over is free, even if they are actually asked for an ID. I also recommend tipping receptionists for an easy going experience.

Hotel M Chiang Mai

Located in the old city of Chiang Mai – the most attractive part of this place, Hotel M Chiang Mai is ideal for solo travelers or groups of guys. It is opposite the Thapae Gate – walking distance to all the bars, nightclubs, restaurants and girls. Besides, rooms are cost efficient and breakfast is included in the price.

A few other good pickup locations are around 10 minutes away – a bazaar and a market. Other than that, everything is there. Rooms are large enough to take two people – even three if you want an orgy with some petite babes. They come with air conditioning, Internet and WiFi Internet.

All rooms are designed for two, meaning there are no extra fees for girls. However, the policy asks guests to check in by the reception. It is a formal registration process that takes a couple of minutes. This is it. Some receptionists asked my girls for IDs, but most of them were not bothered. It might happen if you find a babyface girl who might look underaged.

Pornping Tower

Pornping Tower is among the old fashioned guest friendly hotels in Chiang Mai. It feels a bit odd, as you feel like going back in time. However, it is extremely clean and the rates are reasonable. It is located close to all the entertainment areas. Overall, you will get good value for money, so it is worth a shot.

I liked the large rooms and even the old fashioned décor. They have more types of rooms there. If you book a single room and you want to bring a girl over for the night, you will be charged extra. Therefore, I booked a double room – the difference in price is insignificant, really.

Girls are not asked to leave or show their IDs at the reception, but I think the policy says they should, as you might find some zealous receptionists who take their job too seriously. All in all, I have never been charged extra and the experience was worth the money. Happy girls are just five minutes away, so get ready to stain those bedsheets.

Royal Lanna Hotel

I chose the Royal Lanna Hotel on one of my lazy holidays. Simply put, I did not want to talk for too long to find a girl or get drunk. This place is in the Night Bazaar, meaning all the night entertainment is by its doorstep. You got nightclubs, bars, restaurants and massage parlors a minute or two away.

The staff is extremely friendly and will understand when you bring different girls over. Most foreigners do that, so they are used to it. Rooms are really large – lots of room and banging places around. You can start on the armchair, move on to the table and finish on the bed. The swimming pool on site is also amazing.

As for girls, there are no extra fees. Just keep them coming and enjoy the experience of a lifetime. Male receptionists can also help by recommending escort services or the best areas to find hot local babes looking for foreigners.

Final words

In the end, girl friendly hotels in Chiang Mai are quite diversified and offer lots of options. All of them are cost efficient, so it is mostly a matter of personal preferences and location. What truly matters is that you can bang like a porn star by taking advantage of your western money and exotic looks. After all, this is why you are here, right?

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