Girl Friendly Hotels In Pattaya

​Top 7 Girl Friendly Hotels In Pattaya – Thailand

Top 7 Guest Friendly Hotels In Pattaya

It is almost impossible to explore the nightlife in Pattaya without spotting lots of happy girls and prostitutes making eye contact with you. They are everywhere, but especially in places that tourists like to visit. Some basic eye contact and a hello will work wonders – most local girls will go back to your hotel for almost nothing when compared to western prices. It does not matter if it is a date or an escort.

However, many hotels charge a fee if you bring a visitor. Heck, some others do not allow visitors at all – especially those who target families or couples, rather than sex tourists. Luckily, you can also find girl friendly hotels in Pattaya and I did all the research for you!

Keep reading and you will get the best BANG for buck.. If you know what I mean. 😉 Don’t forget to check out my blog posts about how to date Thai women and the best thai dating sites to get laid. It will provide you with valuable information on how to pick up girls in Thailand!

Extra tip: If you plan to get laid a lot and bring girls over all the time, it might be wise to book for two people. Prices are usually the same – you only need one room.

Without further ado, here is my summary of the top 7 guest friendly hotels in Pattaya:

  1. Sunshine Hotel & Residences
  2. Sabai Lodge Hotel
  3. LK Metropole Hotel
  4. Areca Lodge Hotel
  5. Intimate Hotel
  6. Eastiny Inn
  7. LK The Empress

I’ll go into more detail in my reviews below

Sunshine Hotel & Residences

guest friendly hotels in pattaya

Located in the heart of the city in terms of nightlife, Sunshine Hotel & Residences one of the best guest friendly hotels in Pattaya – no one will question you about anything. Whether you want a girl or a threesome with a couple of girls, this is one of the best places to be in. The hotel features clean and spacious rooms, as well as lots of modern appliances and amenities.

The style is simplistic and traditional. Some rooms will provide beautiful views over the local bay. You have swimming pools, a café and a restaurant, plus all the bars and nightclubs at your doorstep. If you want to hang out on the beach, you need to walk for about five minutes. Other than that, you have a 24/7 front desk.

Every room has free wireless Internet. You can benefit from air conditioning, not to mention daily housekeeping.

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Sabai Lodge Hotel

pattaya guest friendly hotels

Sabai Lodge Hotel is not just one of the best girl friendly hotels in Pattaya, but one of those places where you can bring a blind legless prostitute with the Alzheimer’s disease without any of the staff caring about it. You will not get funny faces when you bring three different girls a day, so you can enjoy your privacy with girls picked up from the nearby areas.

You are 10 minutes of walking distance away from shopping malls and the beach – some of the top places to meet girls. You have three bars on site and a local restaurant. Free wireless Internet is available in all rooms. It is worth noting that this hotel is for everyone, so you might see kids and families around too.

Simply keep it casual and simple until you make it to your room. You also have more types of rooms to choose from.

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LK Metropole Hotel

pattaya girl friendly hotels

LK Metropole Hotel is not just girl friendly, but also one of the most luxurious places in the area. You have more types of rooms with different views – the pool, the city or the ocean. Everything that is cool in Pattaya will be a walking distance away – girls, prostitutes, shopping malls and the beach. You have everything by the doorstep.

Given the facilities on site, you may only have to go out to explore nightclubs and meet girls. Other than that, you have a massage service, a swimming pool and your own gym. Television, Internet and bars are also available. The place is pretty quiet, despite all the craziness going on as soon as you get out of it in the street.

Since it is rated among the top girl friendly hotels Pattaya, you can bring girls over without explaining anything to anyone.

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Areca Lodge Hotel

girls from pattaya

Areca Lodge Hotel is located in the heart of the city. However, the place itself is quiet and peaceful, with lots of amenities – jacuzzi, gym, sauna, eateries, bars, balconies and so on. You can also get an airport transfer – just make sure you get in touch with the hotel management early to request it. Once on site, you will love the contrast.

The place is peaceful and lets you relax. Not sure what is going on outside? Go out on the balcony and check the activities around. You will spot sexy girls waiting to be approached – some will even make eye contact with you and wave if they spot you. Whether you meet a nice hookup for the night or you hire a prostitute, no one will question you for bringing her in.

Once the concierge employees see you and know you live there, they will not be bothered. Simple smile and say hi when you get in and they will not bother about those three girls you brought in for an orgy.

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Intimate Hotel

Intimate Hotel pattaya

Intimate Hotel has a self explanatory name. This is one of the most romantic girl friendly hotels in Pattaya. Not only can you come over with your partner, but you can also check in by yourself and bring a different girl over whenever you want to get laid. You will not be questioned about it. You are not the first one to do it. Just nod, smile and say hello as you enter – no one will care about you having a girl.

The hotel is in the hub of the local nightlife. You do not have to book prostitutes online. Look out the window or take a five minute walk around, choose a girl and bring her over. This is the kind of place where you can come over and bang 10 different girls a day. It is also just five minutes away from the beach – a good chill and some promising flirts.

Some of the amenities on site include free wireless Internet, a hot tub, a gym, a nightclub and room service. The poolside bar is worth some attention as well.

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Eastiny Inn

Eastiny Inn pattaya

Eastiny Inn is massive. Newly renovated and with lots of new amenities, it is the perfect place to feel like a king in Pattaya. You have walking access to shops, the city center, the nightlife and, most importantly, the wild girls. There are so many people there, yet the place never looks crowded. No one will be bothered about you bringing girls over – as many as you want on a daily basis.

Amenities on site are extremely diversified – swimming pool, cash withdrawal for hot girls, convenience store, laundry service, shops, free Internet and so on. When you bring a girl over, say hi to the doorman and be polite. It adds to your style, but it will not affect the experience – simply walking in will not raise any questions either.

You can get an airport transfer or, if you rent a car, you can park on site for free. You will not really need it though, unless you plan to explore the surroundings.

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LK The Empress

LK The Empress

LK The Empress has an excellent reputation as one of the leading girl friendly hotels in Pattaya and lots of types of rooms to choose from. It was built in 2011, so everything is relatively new. You are 15 minutes away from the city center, 10 minutes away from the beach and the rich nightlife – this is where all the girls are.

The hotel is recommended to everyone. It is girl friendly, which means you can bring a stranger for a quickie. But at the same time, you will also find families there. Do not enter the hotel with two prostitutes by your arms, a bottle of whiskey and loud laughing. Simply keep it nice and polite – be a gentleman until you make it to your room.

Amenities on site are also diversified and make you feel like home.

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Final words

Bottom line, you do have options when it comes to girl friendly hotels in Pattaya.

The location is probably the main thing to look at – do you want to find girls on your doorstep or do you want a quiet place to bring girls over only when in need? 🙂


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