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​Hanoi Girls – Ultimate Hanoi Nightlife Pick Up Guide!

Girls in Hanoi – Ultimate Hanoi Nightlife Pick Up Guide!

Vietnamese capital Hanoi has become a hidden gem in the southeastern part of Asia. It represents a mix of local cultures, Chinese influences and French accents from its colonial history. As for the beautiful Hanoi girls, get ready to see a mixed blood like nowhere else in Asia.

Whether you are looking for a relationship or casual hookups on a daily basis, Hanoi has everything you can ask for. The best part about it? Vietnamese girls are never the same. I find some girls to look Korean, while others look Thai or Chinese – all because of the mixed blood.

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Now, where do you find the best girls in Hanoi?

Yes – I am Interested to Meet Girls from Hanoi!

How to pick up Hanoi girls

How to pick up Hanoi girls

The dating game in Hanoi is pretty simple. If you are a foreigner, you will inevitably look different. As a westerner, you will turn heads wherever you go, so picking up girls is a piece of cake. Stick to the classic scenario because it always works.

If I see a babe I like, I try to make eye contact first and I smile. If she looks at you, go to her and introduce yourself. Tell her you to find her attractive and find something in common right away, whether she is in your favorite store in a mall or in a bar that you both like. Basically, you have to sparkle a conversation right away and keep her engaged.

From that point on, you can ask her out on a coffee. You can ask her for a quick date straight away or you can just get her phone number. I usually ask girls to go for a coffee on the spot, so I can get to know them for like half an hour or an hour before a proper date – saves some time, right?

Where to meet girls in Hanoi

meet girls in Hanoi

Given your exotic appearance, you can meet girls anywhere, anytime. I stick to busy areas that girls love – city centers and shopping malls. They are more relaxed when they go shopping, so it gets easier. However, you can meet the woman of your dreams stepping out of a bus as well.

Day game

Personally, I find the day game easier than the night game. Sure, girls are chilled and loosened up in a bar or a nightclub, but the day game is better because you can see them as they are – sober and without too much makeup.

The best location? Girls from Hanoi interested in foreigners will most likely hang out around touristy places. For example, the Hoan Kiem Lake will bring in lots of beauties who walk around, have a coffee or enjoy the atmosphere. The Hoan Kiem Lake is close to the Old Quarter – walking distance.

The French Quarter is just as attractive. There are lots of things to do and see around there. You can hook up with a local babe or perhaps spot a hot backpacker. Simply go talk to her and explore the area together – you might end up spending the night with her too. I find tourists easier because even if they have someone, they are far from home and they are often down for an adventure with a foreigner.

Now, if you are after local girls from Hanoi, you must hang around the hottest spots – shopping malls. There are lots of them and most importantly, they are relaxed while shopping and they have plenty of time on their hands.

The Hanoi Square is a great option, but the Trang Tien Plaza and Lotte Center have plenty of foot traffic too. Look around at the cafés in shopping malls too. Many girls drink coffee by themselves – just chilling after a shopping day or perhaps checking their social media notifications.

Like I said before, make eye contact and smile. If they smile back, they basically open the door to a conversation.

Night game

If the day game is more suitable for actual dating than one night stands, the night game will bring in lots of loose girls willing to hook up. While Hanoi is not as easy as other large Asian cities when it comes to casual hookups, the good news is you will find lots of nightlife districts. In other words, forget about getting in a cab whenever you want to change the place – walk and hop from one place to another.

Local girls are quite conservative, but you will still find lots of slutty babes looking for casual hookups. It is much easier during the tourist season, as plenty of traveling girls will be around. In other words, you can bang other foreigners too, whether it comes to Chinese, Thais, Koreans or others.

Do not get me wrong though – local girls are open and will chat with you, give you their phone numbers and so on. It is just that you should not always expect to bang them the first night. On the other hand, you can spot lots of other hot Asians who will follow you to your hotel straight away. It is all about your charm and luck.

Best Hanoi pickup bars


There are lots of options when it comes to singles. There are plenty of pick up bars in Hanoi. It may not be as easy as in Thailand, for example, but a little patience will work wonders, especially as the girls here are far more attractive.

Best nightclubs & bars to pick up girls

I find the Beer Corner the best place to meet singles in Hanoi. It is also known as the Bia Hoi Junction. It is located in the Old Quarter, so there are tourists, local girls and plenty of singles looking for fun. It is hard to tell what place is the best because I usually go from one to another. Let me mention one thing – a place that is hot tonight might be completely empty tomorrow. The party atmosphere keeps moving, so you will need to try out a few different bars before finding something to fit in.

The French Quarter is not to be overlooked either, not to the West Lake area. While the Beer Corner is by far the top choice, these two places are worth some attention too.

Here are some of my favorite bars and nightclubs to pick up girls from Hanoi:

Obviously, these places are more expensive than low quality bars where locals hang out. These places gather together the most open minded people in Hanoi. You can also hang around a cheap bar in the middle of nowhere, but you are less likely to find any hotties.

What do you do if you spot a nice girl? Keep it classic. Make eye contact and smile, then go talk to her. You can buy her a drink or ask her to dance, then go on from there. If she is local, do not push it.

Like I said, locals are quite conservative, so use your intuition and pay attention to signs.

This way, you will know how far to go. You can usually end up making out with her by the end of the night, get her phone number and end up dating.

If you are after sluts and casual sex, you have to look for aggressive girls – I mean girls who will stare at you, talk and act in a way that makes it obvious.

If you see hot and nicely dressed ladies hanging around bars – by themselves or in small groups of two or three, these are usually the bar girls in Hanoi. Basically, they are prostitutes.

You can have a drink for fun and she might pretend to be genuine, but she will ask you for money at some point. You should be straightforward after a few minutes if you want sex.

Best strip bars, massage parlors and gentleman clubs

strip bars in hanoi

There are some sort of strip clubs in Hanoi, but not really. Basically, there are no strip clubs around the city, but you will find places that feel similar. Ask a taxi driver to take you to a place that feels like one. Such places feel like bars, but you can be taken to a small room and given an extra service. You can ask for a lap dance and get the girl to strip for you. Some of them may refuse it, so show them some money.

I pay around $5 for a massage, then tip extra for striptease, a handjob and so on. I tip $5 to $10 to keep girls happy and return. The experience feels like a strip club, yet there are no official strip clubs in the city.

When it comes to actual massage parlors in Hanoi, there are plenty. They usually end with a handjob. You can also find massage parlors disguised into barber shops – you can get more, including blowjobs.

Tip the girl and she will let you play with her too. Prices vary between $5 and $15. You can also tip another $5 if you are happy – the girl will go the extra mile if you return.

Some of the safe and reputable massage parlors in Hanoi include:

  • Nghi Tam 109
  • Annam Spa
  • Kingston Club
  • Tam Quat
  • 381 Kim Ma
  • Royal Rose Massage
  • Esalen 3
  • Oasis Massage
  • Pham Van Dong
  • 148 Au Co
  • 26 Doc Ngu

Most of the massage parlors on Thuy Khue are alright too – after house number 200.

Red light district

red light district in hanoi

When the night comes, the red light district in Hanoi swarms with hot babes dressed in provocative clothes. It feels like heaven, really. There is no such thing as an official red light district in Hanoi, but you will find lots of cafés full of prostitutes:

The Phan Dang Luu road is probably your best option. It is a short road, but it is easy to spot – red lights everywhere and sexy girls by the windows. Some of them are topless and they invite men in. The Mai Lam road in the Dong Anh district is just as attractive, not to mention browsing dozens of locations in the Quoc Oai district. The Duong Noi commune in the Ha Dong district – especially the La Duong village – has lots of coffee shops too. Just look for red lights and hot babes hanging around and making eye contact.

Prices in these so called red light districts vary between $20 and $50.

Prostitutes are quite pricey. You can usually find them as bar girls in Hanoi or in hotel nightclubs. They are also common in Gia Lam, Dong Anh and Hah Dong – some of the top areas for sex walkers. The Nutz Bar in Sheraton Hotel is a good spot too, not to mention Fortuna Hotel.

Street hookers are cheaper – the top ones should cost $30, but you will probably pay less. The best areas to find fresh meat include:

  • Mai Lam in the Dong Anh district
  • Phan Dang Luu in the Gia Lam district
  • Duong Noi in the Ha Dong district
  • Ba La in the Ha Dong District

Going online

online dating in vietnam

You can find both good girls and slutty babes over the Internet. In fact, I recommend the Internet if you want free sex. You can use some of the common applications that work in western countries, yet they are not so popular in Asia, so you can miss on plenty of opportunities. I usually stick to VietnamCupid.com – the perfect spot to match foreigners and local girls.

Going online is great if you want to start dating and get a few dates lined up before you even arrive in Hanoi. All girls on Vietnam Cupid are interested in foreigners or they would not be there – easy.

You will get to know lots of about them before you even see them in real life.

Obviously, you can also find some girls looking for casual hookups – great if you want sex only.

How to get around in Hanoi

Getting around in Hanoi is pretty simple because the city is compact. Many shopping malls, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and massage parlors in Hanoi are close to each other, so you should not travel too much. Anyway, transportation is cheap and will not affect your budget.

Motorcycle taxis are cheap and will cost around $1 or $2 for a couple of miles. There are no meters, so negotiate the price upfront. Also, you should write the address down, as most drivers can barely speak any English. Taxis are just as handy – they have meters though. Round up the final price and tip the driver.

Cyclos are suitable for one person or two skinny and petite travelers. They are inexpensive – about $1 or $2 for an hour, but they are not extremely reliable. They make a good option to look around and enjoy the experience.

As for buses, they are inexpensive and tickets cost a few cents only, yet it depends on your destination.

Let me mention that most of these options involve using cash, so make sure you carry all kinds of bills – especially small bills.

How to stay safe in Hanoi

Use common sense when you hang around Hanoi, whether you are after bar girls in Hanoi or you check out massage parlors in Hanoi. If the area looks dangerous, stay away from it. I recommend hanging around touristy areas only.

When it comes to girls, always use a condom because many prostitutes have HIV, so you have to keep safe – pretty much like everywhere else, right?

Also, you have to look at the big picture. Prostitutes come from poverty. While local girls can have a decent lifestyle, hookers struggle to survive. Given the opportunity, they can and will steal your belongings. Therefore, do not just go shower once you are done banging her if she is still in your hotel room, as she will grab some of your stuff.

Even when it comes to dating or meeting girls, do not fall for their stories about their sick relatives or studying expenses. Girls would do all kinds of things to get your money, but you should only spend it on drinks and food if you go dating, as well as fresh meat if you choose to get a hooker.

Final words

As a short final conclusion, Hanoi is excellent for girls. Girls are different and may look like they come from different parts of the world, yet they still maintain their petite Asian appearance. Girls from Hanoi are diversified and will impress you with their style. Their conservative profile makes them excellent as girlfriends and wives.

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