Vietnamese girls

​Vietnamese Girls – Everything You Need To Know About Asia’s Special Breed

Vietnamese Women – Everything You Need To Know About Asia’s Special Breed

Whether it comes to romance, sex, a proper dating experience or just an exotic appearance, Vietnam is one of the hidden gems of the Asian market. Sure, Asian sex is all about Thailand at a first glance – nothing wrong with that. But everything is much softer and smoother with Vietnamese girls for some good reasons.

Girls are not just prettier, but they also embrace a humble attitude. Thailand is all about sex. Vietnam can be about sex, love and relationships – and trust me, I have experienced all of them in a few different ways. A simple search over the Internet will show you what Vietnam women are like – less slutty in appearance, but just as wild if you push their buttons right.

So, what should you know before you get there?

Vietnamese Dating Culture

vietnamese dating culture

The Vietnamese dating culture is similar to other Asian countries. You are expected to be a gentleman and you can easily work things out in your favor based on your exotic appearance – assuming that you are different, of course.

Dating involves going out, getting to know each other and moving on from one stage to another. Public affection is not too common among good girls, so do not push too hard. Besides, if you bang her the same night, she is probably not girlfriend material.

Good girls are conservative, but if you are after sex, you can easily unload and calm down too. There is plenty of street meat at every corner in big cities, especially around the red light districts or over the Internet – escort agencies.

What makes Vietnamese girls so attractive?

vietnamese attractive women

Vietnamese women can certainly stand out in the crowd. To me, it is all about their clean and more educated appearance. I cannot really describe it in words, but local girls do not seem to struggle in poverty. They do not seem hungry, so they have some standards. They are cleaner and take better care of themselves compared to girls in other Asian countries.

Besides, if you want a relationship, you are less likely to find it in Thailand, where everyone is after sex.

 Now, I did some research about these girls and their history seems to be responsible for this unusual attraction. I liked the fact that girls are less likely to look the same. Go to Thailand and most girls are identical. It is the same rule in pretty much every Asian country.

In Vietnam, it is different.

 Over its history, Vietnam has been influenced by Southeastern Asians, Eastern Asians and even Westerners – not in heavy amounts though, but slightly. You can find pure Vietnamese babes, but you are more likely to find mixed blood – and we all know how hot that is, regardless of the race.

 I found girls of Vietnam who look Korean, as well as girls who look slightly Chinese or Thai. Go to minor ethnic groups and you will find authentic Vietnamese babes who are friendly, shy and warm.

Go to big cities and you will find a plethora of different girls – a mixed blood that you cannot find anywhere else. To me, this was the main trigger to go to Vietnam and I do not regret it.

 In terms of personality, Vietnamese ladies are humble, warm and polite. Thai girls are more after your gold. Other Asian girls are after a status or the possibility to go abroad. Girls in Vietnam are not so eager to follow you in random countries, unless you actually develop a relationship.

Sure, there are gold diggers everywhere, but compared to Thailand, you will be surprised by how authentic Vietnam appears to be.

How to talk to Vietnamese girls and best pick up strategies

vietnamese ladies

Dating Vietnamese girls is not such a big deal – you just have to do it right. In other Asian countries, girls will constantly make eye contact and try to approach you. In Vietnam, you will still look exotic and draw lots of feminine attention, but girls are more polite and less likely to grab you on the street – unless you hang around red light districts, of course.

 If you have visited other Asian countries for sex, let me tell you that local girls are not that desperate to bang you. Therefore, do not expect to walk up to a pretty girl, tell her she is pretty and end up banging her within half an hour.

It is less likely to happen with regular girls – common with street meat or red light district women though.

My best advice is to approach the dating game with no expectations. Imagine that you are in a western country and you have to be a gentleman. Smile, introduce yourself and talk to a girl about how pretty she is.

Ideally, you should find something in common right away. If you meet her at a concert, in your favorite shop in a mall or in a video game store, you can always come up with something in common.

The difference between Vietnam and western countries is that you are less likely to be rejected in the beautiful Asian country – and if you are rejected, it will be in a nice and warm way that will not cripple your confidence.

While you can ask for a phone number – this is the easier version, you can also ask a girl to come to have a coffee with you right now. If she is hanging around in a mall, she probably has plenty of time on her hands.

If she is busy or has something else to do, ask for a phone number. It has always worked for me.

How to approach the first date

If you have a first date with a Vietnamese girl on the spot, I would not really call it a date, but an introduction. The real date will be the one that is properly planned – you schedule it and set everything up.

Never take Vietnamese women out for drinks. Many of them do not drink. Those who drink will barely do it, so this option is not so good. A nightclub is out of the discussion.

On the other hand, I would never take an Asian girl out on a dinner either – not the first date though. This kind of strategy weeds out the gold diggers who are after a nice free meal before ignoring your calls.

Take her out in a nice café, a good lounge or even a walk in a beautiful area. If you have a car, you can pick her up. Let me mention that most Vietnam girls do not make too much money, so even a cheap taxi ride can add to her expenses.

Get her a taxi through Uber or something.

As for the initial connection, you should be able to tell how fluent she is in English after the first few minutes. While many local girls speak decent English, talk slowly and use easy words. You might even have to use an application to translate certain things – a good option to sit right next to her and initiate light touching at some point.

Second dates and more

If I click with a girl during the first date and we seem to be on the same wavelength, the second date is much more comfortable. You can kiss her on the cheek when you see her and you can take the experience further.

I choose a nice cocktail bar or a restaurant for the second date.

Keep everything under control though – men are expected to dominate in Vietnam. The society is patriarchal, so you are expected to pick a place and lead the date. Have some topics in mind too.

I choose nice places above average in prices and standards, but not the fanciest places in town.

Regarding your leading role, never ask a girl what you should do next or where you should go next. She will be out of answers and she will start staring at the ceiling. She expects you to lead and failing will show weakness.

If your date goes beyond a meal or a few drinks and involves activities or walking, show some attitude and lead her.

If you are after a real relationship with girls in Vietnam, you need patience. Your girl may even refuse to kiss you because good girls do not show too much affection in public. You could hold her hand at the beginning of your relationship, but do not expect to grab her ass and touch her thighs in a bar – unless she initiates it, of course.

Red flags and scams

There are not too many scams involving girls of Vietnam, but there are certain red flags that I have discovered the hard way. Well, not really the hard way, but let us say that some things are quite obvious.

There are, however, men who can miss them – especially those with “yellow fever” who would do anything to tap some Asian ass.

So, most signs relate to gold diggers. In terms of safety, stay away from sketchy areas – if a girl’s place looks too dangerous, simply do not go there. On the same note, avoid back streets in the middle of nowhere. But this is common sense, right?

Now, how do you spot gold diggers? I avoid dinners on first dates because some girls may just want a fancy dinner for free. When it comes to second dates, she can provide some suggestions, but a good girl will expect you to lead.

If she suggests a place, look it up. If it is one of those ultra fancy places that she would never afford (the kind of places that she has never been inside), she could be a gold digger trying to take advantage of you.

Also, when I offer to get a girl a taxi via Uber, I am careful if she says she will get her own taxi and I can pay her back later. Sure, she will not ask me for a fortune, but I would rather know upfront what I have to pay.

Talks about money on the first few dates can also raise some question marks, especially if she ends up talking about how badly she needs money for studying or her family.

Now, just like in the western culture, if you want a proper relationship, you do not want a girl who will follow you to your hotel after a date or two. She is probably just a slut.

Meet the family

Dating in Vietnam is quite simple – if her family invites you for dinner, you are quite serious and the relationship goes in the right direction. Families are tight in the Vietnamese culture. Get educated on some local customs and show respect. For example, older family members must start eating first.

When you get a bowl of food, you can also serve others by asking politely if they want some more – the same rule applies when you refill your glass.

 But before getting to this stage, make sure you bow when you meet her family. You can shake hands when you meet men, but not when you meet women. If her mother or grandmother wants to shake your hand, so be it. However, do not attempt it first. It is not the worst thing in the world, but people in Vietnam do not do it.

 During the dinner, expect all kinds of uncomfortable questions. Traditional families may ask about marriage or children. Modern families will not do it – they understand you two need time and it is none of their business.

However, if you get questioned, just be polite and say that it is still too early, as your relationship is fresh.

Local men versus foreigners

Foreigners represent a different breed for Vietnam girls because they can be split into two different categories. Unlike girls from other Asian countries, Vietnamese babes are a bit more careful because they know many foreigners go there for sex – and to get healed of “yellow fever”, of course.

Then, there is another category – real men, but they are hard to find. Most girls expect them to have sex and leave. For this reason, a good girl dating a foreigner will not have sex too soon. Instead, she will try to get to know him and understand his real intentions.

According to this article on The Good Men Project, women in Vietnam are open to foreigners. But if they want real relationships, they are careful – unless you get a gold digger, of course.

Foreigners are expected to be better educated and to treat them right. Local men know they are supposed to lead, but they are not really careful about it. They fail in education and end up with crappy lives – in the country side, they might as well beat their women. On the other hand, a foreigner is expected to behave like a gentleman and treat a woman right.

Westerners are preferred over other Asian men – not too many differences between Chinese, Thai, Korean or Vietnamese men. For example, Vietnamese brides have gained quite some popularity among Chinese bachelors, but things have turned ugly for some – check out this article.

Some of them have been tricked into marrying, while others were forced. The same goes for Korean men, who tend to abuse foreign women in poor areas – according to the BBC. 

In other words, many foreigners have ruined it for girls in Vietnam, but luckily for westerners, such stories tend to target Asian men. As for westerners, they are clouded by the wave of sex tourists who only want to bang hot petite girls, so you will need to work on a relationship before you can get some ass.

Where to find good girls in Vietnam

online dating in vietnam
Online dating in Vietnam

You can find good girls pretty much anywhere. You can hang around shopping malls, parks, bars, restaurants and nightclubs. When approaching women in real life, you better get ready to have some failures too. How do you know she is single then?

To me, going online was the best way to find a Vietnamese girlfriend. Instead of chasing beautiful girls downtown, I thought – what is the best place to find single girls?

The Internet, exactly.

There are quite a few good applications and websites to try out, yet one of them stands out in the crowd because of the low spam percentage. Basically, you will find bots and fake accounts everywhere, but seems to be more authentic – you can tell the pictures are real and not downloaded over the Internet, but you can also get detailed profiles on women, so you know exactly what to expect.

I set a few different dates before I even managed to get to Vietnam – one of them seemed more realistic when I thought long term though. I spent time to know her and tried all my tricks to ensure that she is not a gold digger – we are still together after 13 months.

Best cities to pick up Vietnamese ladies

saigon girls

I have met beautiful girls all over Vietnam. Obviously, the bigger the area, the more beautiful girls you will find. I had this idea of meeting a chilled girl in a village – beautiful, good and without the sense of foreigners.

Basically, no gold digging, but just an authentic village girl. It works, but their English is quite bad, so mark my advice – you will have to stick to big cities.

Hanoi is probably your best option. Girls there are educated and open minded. There are lots of areas to meet nice singles, as well as good places to impress them on a date.

Plus, it is the capital of Vietnam, so there are lots of opportunities for both sex and real relationships.

Ho Chi Minh – better known as Saigon – is just as attractive. There are about nine million people living in it, so you can imagine how many beautiful girls you can spot in shopping malls, bars or just down the street.

Vietnam or Thailand?

Alright, I know Thailand is the main spot for sex babes in Asia, but Vietnam is even better in my opinion.

Thailand is great if you want to book a week and bang three different girls a day for like no money. It is great for the weather, landscapes and – again – its girls. Vietnam is just as attractive if you want sex – cheap whores and red light districts. However, while you can easily have sex a few times a day, the street meat offer is a bit lower.

What makes Vietnam better then? Most importantly, the GFE is top. The girlfriend experience leaves no room for mistakes because there are more girls looking for serious relationships here – no gold diggers or wannabes.

Go try to find a proper girlfriend in Pattaya or Bangkok – I dare you! All of them want sex and your money.

Now, the difference in looks is just as attractive. Most Thais are skinny, short, petite and slightly dark in appearance. Many of them have small breasts, but they boost sexuality in a slutty way. Given influences from so many Asian countries, Vietnamese babes do not look standard.

You can find Vietnamese girls looking slightly Korean, slightly Thai or slightly Chinese. They are also petite and pretty, only their skin is quite light and many of them have full, beautiful breasts.

If you are a face person like I am – meaning the face is quite important in a girlfriend, you will love Vietnam. Thai babes look a bit slutty – you just want to ruin them sexually. Vietnamese babes are innocent. You want to love them and marry them. Trust me, this is the effect they have on you.

Of course, different men have different preferences and types, but overall, I find Vietnam to be a far better option than Thailand, whether you are looking for diversity, casual sex, a long term relationship or marriage.

Final words

As a short final conclusion, Vietnam is like a western version of Asia. It is not the average Asian country where most girls are dying to grab your money or marry you in order to have better lives in a western country.

Instead, this is the type of country where good girls do not get laid on the first date, but you can still find sluts for a quickie when you need to relax a bit.

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