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Top ​4 Most Popular Japanese Dating Apps For Foreigners!

Top 4 Best Japanese Dating Sites

Browsing local Japanese dating sites will bring in lots of benefits. The online dating game is quite strong in Japan and for some good reasons – mostly because Japanese people work too much and fail to find the time to find a suitable date!

Great! More hotties for us, right? 😉

As a foreigner, using popular dating apps in Japan will bring in even more advantages than your exotic Western looks! It does not matter if you just focus on picking up Japanese girls during your travels or if you are interested in actually marrying a Japanese woman. With online dating you will have some hookups set before you even get there.

What can be more convenient than that?

But no matter how easy it seems, you need to hang around the right places and say the right things at the right time in order to get some phone numbers! Oh boy, those are a lot of rights, right? 😉

But the most important thing is finding the top Japanese dating sites that increase your chances of picking up real and honest Japanese girls. Nobody likes to invest a lot of time and effort into a girl and find out she is FUGLY in real life or an absolute 10 but also a samurai master in gold digging!

You guys ready? Let me show you the way, young online dating grasshoppers!

Finally – A Dating Site With Real Japanese Girls!

A Quick Overview

  1. JapanCupid.com
  2. AsianDate.com
  3. TrueLoveJapan.com
  4. Tinder.com

Keep reading for a full-detailed review of each site!


japanese dating app

JapanCupid.com runs under Cupid Media – one of the biggest online dating conglomerates, with over 30 websites designed for particular markets. Ok, well that is all fun and interesting but you are here to find out how to pick up girls ASAP, right?

Here are some interesting facts:

  • 700,000 members on the website
  • The female to male ratio is 1:4

(..) me, right? A 1:4 female to male ratio sucks!

Sure – but guess what? 90% of these guys don’t even know how to talk to Japanese women. Let alone understand how to pick them up!

Remember, this ain’t Thailand or the Philippines. As a foreigner you need to make an effort. But a good player can always get some attention. You just need to know the rules!

Ok – back to business. Joining Japan Cupid is simple and free. You can register with your email or with Facebook. The verification process is not too strict, so you can have an account within minutes only. Add some pictures and try to fill it up to 100%.

My number one tip:

The more details you add, the more likely you are to show up in other peoples’ result pages.

Making contact is relatively easy. You can show interest to attractive members, but you can also add them to favorites – they will be notified about it. In order to communicate, one of you has to be a premium user. If you upgrade, you practically get unlimited communication with everyone. Pretty basic stuff.

Otherwise, you will have to wait for premium users to message you first.

While you will also run into incomplete profiles, most of them are quite detailed – lifestyle choices, hobbies, type of relationship required and other private information to help you find a good match.

As for the premium subscriptions, you have two of them – each with different times. A premium subscription will provide unlimited communication, a live messenger and more advanced matching algorithms, among many others. It also cheap as (…) as the lowest rate is around 1 USD per day!

My rating:

Quality of girls: 4,5 out of 5 stars
Scammers: 2 out of 10 girls  (Easy to spot as they talk/type like a Nigerian prince)
Response rate: 52%

Dean knows best: Great site! Yes – there are a lot of guys, but this site had the lowest scam rate of all and the highest response rate. A basic opening sentence in Japanese gives me the best response rate. If you just start talking in English your response rate will drop to 19%. Most of them speak good English, but they are really shy at first.

Click Here To Sign Up for Free!


Japanese dating sites free

AsianDate.com is not created for the Japanese only, but for the entire Asia. There are, of course, lots of Japanese women around too. The website mostly caters to men.

You know what I love about this site?

Nope – Tell me Dean!

Women cannot register! – they have to get in touch with the team to get a profile. This way, you can make sure robots and scammers are almost inexistent.

The website is created for men from all over the world, yet most users come from western countries – seeking love in an Asian location. It is probably one of the best Japanese dating site for foreigners after JapanCupid.

Registration is simple and takes a couple of minutes. You can sign up with your Google account – an email verification is needed. In the famous words of Lionel Richie … Easy like Sunday morning!

Some of the features are free, while others are premium. Free features include a search function, viewing profiles and their pictures and reading messages from all women. One of the top premium features is the possibility to call girls with a translator.

My golden tip : If you plan to meet the girl in real life for a relationship, try finding someone who can speak basic English.

While reading messages is free, replying to them is not. Unlike other free Japanese dating sites, this one does not require a monthly subscription. Instead, you will have to purchase credits. The website will tell you when to do it. In other words, you only pay when you truly have to use the premium features – otherwise, it is free.

Profile information is quite detailed, so you will know upfront whether a woman is interested in a relationship or just casual sex.

My rating:

Quality of girls: 3,5 out of 5 stars
Scammers: 3 out of 10 girls  (Based on Japanese girls – They will message you on the first day and even without profile photo)
Response rate: 48%

Dean knows best: Great site if you focus on Asia in general! If you 100% into Japanese girls you should go for JapanCupid, but otherwise you can jump between any Asian country and talk to stunning girls!

Click Here To Sign Up for Free!


The Tinder application is world renowned. People use it all over the world!

As for Japan? Well – For  Japan it really sucks!

Wait, what? Dean, are you saying to us that the most famous dating/casual sex app in the world is not popular in Japan?

That is correct – These days, Tinder has extended a bit and represents a good choice for dating too, but the Japanese women don’t trust this it all.

The people at the FastCompany wrote an very interesting article about Tinder use in Japan. Turns out that a lot of Japanese girls are not interested in using the app as it is labeled as a sex app, instead of a dating app. Fair enough, as you could argue that the famous quote “Netflix and chill” wasn’t the slogan of Tinder.

Unfortunately, this stigma is still present in Japan and even though the more serious dating apps like JapanCupid are gaining popularity, it are apps like Tinder that give online dating in Japan a bit of a dodgy reputation.

Now – Does that mean Tinder is lost and does not have any advantages in Japan?

No – Tinder has a massive advantage when compared to other dating websites – it is perfectly free. However, communication is enabled in certain circumstances only. You and the girl must like each other or match. If you are in any of these categories, you can start talking and set some dates. Once you get there, communication becomes unlimited.

While most people do not use them, there are a few premium subscriptions that make Tinder even better due to the extras.

My rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Quality of girls: 3,5 out of 5 stars
Scammers: 3 out of 10 girls
Response rate: 38%

Dean knows best: Not the best dating app out there. It is free – but unless you are staying in Tokyo I would not put much effort into it. Combine it with JapanCupid or AsianDate for the best results.


Japanese dating sites in English

TrueLoveJapan.com caters to both Japanese people and foreigners. Signing up is a matter of minutes – you can do it with Facebook too. The website will never post or do anything on your behalf. You will notice that many users have a verified badge, which involves sending an ID for authentication – those users are for real.

True Love Japan allows free messages. You can send free messages, but you cannot read replies. It works on a membership basis. You can upgrade for one, three or six months. Obviously, the longer the subscription time, the less money you will pay on a monthly basis. There are two different subscriptions out there.

The portal comes with a language translation tool. It makes a good choice when you meet someone. However, unless she plans to learn English or you hope to learn Japanese, it will not really work in real life. You cannot really hang around with a translator whenever you see her. Therefore, try finding someone who can speak English.

The search function is extremely detailed and it allows you to find the girl of your dreams. Keep in mind that the less filters you use, the more results you will find. In other words, it pays off sticking to filters that are really important to you and just browse through results. Using too many filters can skip lots of partially incomplete profiles.

Furthermore, you are free to attach photos to your messages. You might as well attach one of your best pictures when you message someone for the first time. It may seem insignificant, but it will help you achieve more when someone can see you without having to click on your profile. The VIP badge is also handy, as your messages will be shown first in someone’s inbox.

Now – I have not tried this site yet but it is certainly gaining popularity. Will try it within in a few months and write a detailed review about it.

Which site has the best Japanese dating app?

meet Japanese women online

We all have a smartphone these days, right?

Having an app can bring in a few major benefits. Most importantly, you have everything at a glance. When using an dating app version of a popular Japanese dating site it makes everything that much easier. No screwing around with stupid browsers, login and other drama.

Just download the app, sign-up and get instant push notifications.

Push notifications represent the biggest plus because you will never miss anything. Whether you get a message, a like or a match, you will be notified about it. You can take action right away, so you are basically always online and available.

Ok – So let us compare the above dating sites based on their apps:

Website Price Functionality Reviews
JapanCupid.com Free of charge Similar to the website, only comes on Android devices “I mostly like the app for the notifications – I’m not missing a single thing.”
AsianDate.com Free of charge Only available to iOS users, same features as the website “It’s a good app. It loads a bit slow, but it keeps me updated.”
TrueLoveJapan.com Not available No app, but a mobile version of the website “The mobile version feels like an actual app, so no problem.”
Tinder.com Free of charge Good functionality, easy to use “Probably the easiest app to use. Tinder is a master at swipe dating.”

How to approach the online dating game in Japan

best Japanese dating sites

The online dating game in Japan has only recently gained popularity among Japanese girls.

How come? Easy – the latest generation of Japanese women a lot and they often go out with their work mates, so they fail to join other circles and meet new people.

Use my 7 golden tips to smash the online dating game in Japan. Remember, all these tips are based on my personal experience on swiping right for many hours! 😉

  1. When using a Japanese dating app, make sure you fill out 100% of your profile
  2. First sentence should be in Japanese
  3. Japanese girls are shy. I can honestly say they are among the most introvert Asian people you will ever meet. 
  4. Avoid empty profiles
  5. Avoid supermodel profiles. They are 9 of 10 times bots and a waste of your time.
  6. Once you are connected get a Skype or Face Time session ASAP! Make sure the person is legit.
  7. Never transfer any money

The pros and cons of online dating in Japan as a foreigner

free dating site in Japan

Why would you choose a free dating site in Japan and what are the negative consequences if any?

My honest personal opinion, using a Japanese dating site for foreigners is great if you plan to visit Japan or move there. Make the connection before you arrive and make sure you already talked to dozens of girls so you gain some experience.

Keep in mind that you are dealing with a different culture and it will take some time to implement your day- and night game.

Sure, you can also try your game in real life, but your chances are much lower – many girls may not be interested in dating foreigners, some others want a different type of man, not to mention the ones with boyfriends or husbands.

Going online gives you access to a single market – all women there are supposed to be single. Each one of them is a potential target. And since you are becoming (with the help of my blog post) a mean Japanese dating machine, you will get laid in no-time!

Other than that, it is worth setting up some dates before you even get to Japan. This way, you will not waste your time hunting girls down the street or in nightclubs. It is much easier when you have someone waiting for you.

Finally, you do have options. you can register and search for free on pretty much any website. You can test the market before diving in, especially if you think about upgrading.

Now, are there any negative effects of a Japanese online dating site?

It is worth noting that most websites have a decent amount of spam and fake robots – fake accounts advertising for websites, so you will get some random messages too. They even arrested a bunch of Japanese businessman for running these fake Japanese dating sites.

The results of such operation: 

  • Eight executives are said to have made millions running several fake sites
  • Allegedly paid male employees to pose as lonely women looking for love
  • The men were charged large sums to continue talking with the ‘cute girls’
  • But when the men suggested meeting, the women would inevitably refuse
  • Online scamming is a growing problem in Japan, where it is known by as sukura

You can also end up wasting some time when dealing with such accounts, not to mention potential scammers who may waste your time trying to come close to you before asking you for money or presents.

Stay away from such people no matter what – you are not getting anywhere with them.

Are Japanese girls honest on their profiles?

type of japanese women

Good question. I would say it is about 50/50. Most commonly, they are. Ideally, you should take to girls who do not look like supermodels. The supermodel pictures are fake, especially if they are obviously taken by professionals in beautiful environments.

According to the members of TokyoAdultGuide, Most men would stay away from women who have no profile pictures. If they message you first, give them the chance to send you a picture privately though.

Some of them are really good looking, but tired of creeps stalking them. Most of them are just very ugly and will forward you photoshopped pictures.

In terms of profile information, those seeking long term relationships are usually honest, yet those looking for sex may lie at times – but then, if you want the same thing, who really cares? Does it really bother you that she is five years older if she looks fit?

Useful phrases in Japanese for online dating

A few phrases in Japanese will not help you build a relationship if you two do not have a common language, but they may help you look better and more serious about a girl. Plus, when you use Japanese on the best Japanese dating site, your accent and dedication will add to your charm.

  • Anata ga suki desu – I like you
  • Anata o aishite imasu – I love you
  • Anata ni muchū desu – I am crazy about you
  • Dēto e ikimasen ka? – Would you like to go out on a date with me?
  • Anata no koto o motto shiritai desu – I would like to know more about you
  • Kondo itsu aemasuka? – When can I see you next time?
  • Kirei dayo – You look great
  • Anata wa hontō ni yasashī desu ne – You are so sweet
  • Anata to issho ni itai desu – I want to be with you
  • Anata wa subarashī – You are incredible
  • Eiga demo dō – How about watching a movie?
  • Suteki na gogo deshita – It was a lovely evening
  • Watashi to kekkon shitai desu ka? – Do you want to marry me?
  • Issho ni itai – I want to spend time with you
  • Ga inai to samishi – I feel so lonely without you

Final words

Bottom line, getting on a free Japanese dating site will open lots of doors to women who are single and open to foreigners. The game is always on in Japan, but things simply go better online because you get to know her better before the first actual date.

Plus, you already know you like her, so there is only room for getting to know each other better.​


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