marrying a japanese woman

​Pros And Cons Of Marrying A Japanese Woman!

Pros And Cons Of Marrying A Japanese Woman

Japan is the most developed Asian country and just like you have probably guessed already, you will find lots of stunning beauties that look just like those dolls you see on television. Marrying a Japanese woman is not as hard as you might think, yet harder than in other Asian countries.

So, what are the pros and cons of having a Japanese wife?

She is loyal

Japanese wives are loyal because cheating is against the local culture. Even talking to a man is considered cheating in the countryside. Monogamy is extremely strict and most girls would never dream of having affairs.

When you are just practicing your Japanese pick up lines or trying to learn how to pick up girls in Japan, casual hookups and sex may not necessarily require loyalty. But if you want a serious girlfriend or a potential wife, you will appreciate loyalty.

She is agreeable

Japanese women tend to be quite agreeable once they settle down. She is less likely to say no if your requests are decent. She will watch a film with you even if she hates the main actor or dislikes the genre. When it comes to getting laid in Japan, she will try new positions just because they might make you happy.

It feels great, but on the same note, you should also show her appreciation. Do not treat her like an object, but try to do things for her too. It is part of the relationship.

She is caring

When learning how to ask a Japanese girl out on a date, make sure you plan ahead. If you want a serious relationship, you better expect a caring and nurturing experience. Japanese wives are known for such characteristics – they will cook, wash and fold your clothes and look after you.

On the same note, if you have kids, she will look after them and ensure they get a good education. You can trust a Japanese girl and relax with her, knowing that your household is in great hands while you focus on a career.

She is after you

When you go to Asia, you expect lots of women to want you – not necessarily for your looks, but because you are seen as a wealthy foreigner. Everything is different in Japan because the country is wealthy and developed.

Simply put, a Japanese girl will date a foreigner because she finds him attractive and worth her attention and not for his financial situation. She is curious about the western culture and she wants someone to start a family with.

She is open minded

Japan is extremely diversified. When picking up girls in Japan, you will explore lots of different women. Some girls are into Japanese men, while others want the exotic look of a foreigner. Some of them work long hours, but you will also find girls who love spending lots of time in cafés.

Women are more inclined to become nurturing housewives though, but this is not a general rule. The good news is whenever you get some free time, you can engage in a plethora of different activities with your loved one.

And now the bad parts…

She has a low libido

This is not a general rule. However, many Japanese women are not really interested in sex. Many of them associate sex with pain. If your sex drive is through the roof, make sure your girlfriend has a similar libido or you might be disappointed.

Some Japanese women stop having sex after having children – they have fulfilled their role. Many marriages are also sexless. With these aspects in mind, such things must be cleared before the relationship becomes serious.

She is boring

If you learn how to talk to Japanese women in Japan and decide to settle there, make sure you spend time to know her better. This is not a general rule, but the Japanese society encourages crazy work hours. Students stay in school late, while adults do lots of overtime – they spend time in work even if there is nothing to do.

Moreover, Japanese colleagues go out drinking a few times a month. In the long run, the free time is almost gone. Therefore, locals do not really have hobbies because they never have time for them. When your life is all about working, eating and sleeping, your personality might become a bit boring. Make sure you get to know as much as possible about a girl before getting serious about her.

She is hard to communicate with

Communication can be an issue. Men and women are different anyway. When they have to use a common language, communication becomes even harder. There will be syntaxes and phrases that make no sense in certain languages, so you cannot fully express yourself.

How do you get over this problem? Easy! Find a girl who can speak good English. As you learn more about her culture, learn some Japanese as well. It is not just exciting, but it will help throughout your relationship.

She is passive aggressive

The Japanese society aims to avoid conflicts. As a direct consequence, some women might be passive aggressive and disappoint you when least expected. Women will be nice to you even when they secretly believe that you are a fool. They will smile at you as you approach them, even if you have no chance at all. This is why you never judge books by their covers

In the western world, this is referred to as manipulation. In Japan, it is perfectly normal. Even if she already is your girlfriend, she might try to avoid conflicts by being manipulative.

Final words

As a short final conclusion, just like everywhere else, women in Japan have certain standards and beliefs. Some of them may seem normal to you, while others will look absurd. The few cons should definitely not put you off. Instead, try to make sure you will find a girl who you can be yourself with – honesty, respect and reciprocal work on the relationship.​


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