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Top Girl Friendly Hotels In Hong Kong – What To Know Upfront

Guest Friendly Hotels In Hong Kong – What To Know Upfront

Whether you are planning to book an escort to your hotel room or just pick up girls counting on your exotic appearance, you better make sure you book accommodation with one of the numerous girl friendly hotels in Hong Kong.

While Hong Kong is open to foreigners, it is still quite conservative and some hotels may disagree having guests in your room. You might be charged extra or even asked to upgrade to a double room.

Luckily, you do have some guest friendly hotels in Hong Kong to choose from. 😉

Now, what are your top options out there and what should you expect from them? More importantly, what are their policies regarding guests?

Quick overview of the best guest friendly hotels in Hong Kong:

  1. Hotel MK
  2. Casa Hotel
  3. Kimberley Hotel
  4. Novotel Kowloon Hotel
  5. Eaton Hong Kong

Hotel MK

Located in the heart of Kowloon City, Hotel MK ensures you are in the middle of the action. Basically, all the interesting attractions are by your doorstep. It makes no difference if you want to visit local landmarks or you simply want proximity to local bars, restaurants, nightclubs and the bar girl scene.

Rooms are quite spacious. You have a coffee or tea maker, television, good water pressure and Internet. I found the staff to be extremely friendly – they always smile and try their best to help you out. For this reason, I recommend tipping them whenever you have the opportunity.

When it comes to girls, it depends on how well you tip the staff. I had no issues bringing girls to my room – none at all. However, in the worst possible scenario, the girl might have to leave her ID by the reception, which is not such a big deal. Also, if you choose to book an escort online, you should go downstairs and let her in.

Casa Hotel

Casa Hotel is also among the top girl friendly hotels in Hong Kong if you care about the location. You are close to everything – business opportunities, entertainment venues and shopping centers. The Yau Ma Tai station is only a minute away should you need public transportation connections.

The hotel is quite large – 162 rooms over 14 floors. While it only has three stars, it provides access to Internet, room service, housekeeping, TV and so on. Rooms are spacious and extremely clean, yet relatively simplistic. You have everything you need though.

Bringing girls over has never been an issue for me. Girls will need to leave their IDs by the reception, yet it does not always happen. Sometimes, if it is busy, you can go in unnoticed. Just walk in holding the key, so the staff can see that you actually stay there. They may not always ask your guest to register by the reception.

Largos Hotel

Lagos Hotel may not be among the cheapest guest friendly hotels in Hong Kong, but it is still cost efficient for the average foreigner. You are close to the rich nightlife, as well as the Jordan MTR station for various public transportation links. The area is safe, yet relatively quiet considering you are a minute away from everything.

Rooms are really nicely decorated. I was impressed with the space I had – literally lots of it. You can have a full night of sex without getting bored – jump from one place to another, hah! Other than that, you have basic amenities for a three star hotel – do not expect any luxury, but a clean and neat environment.

Although girls have to sign up by the reception when they come in, tipping receptionists for every little thing will open some doors for you. They will not try to bother you because they risk losing their tips, so after a couple of days, no one bothered me anymore about signing my girls up – and trust me, I brought in two different girls a day.

Kimberley Hotel

Kimberley Hotel is among the fancy girl friendly hotels in Hong Kong. It is right in the middle of the entertainment area. You have shopping malls within walking distance, as well as restaurants and nightclubs. The MTR station and a few top landmarks are nearby as well.

In terms of facilities, you get more from this place because it is rated at four stars. The gym is quite spacious, but you also have three restaurants on site, a bar and a spa. Rooms are extremely well decorated – you will love them. Beds are big and comfy – plus, you have Internet and television.

Feel free to bring girls over – no one will bother you about it. You do not have to pay any joiner fees, as rooms are big enough for two people. I was told that girl have to sign up by the reception before going in, but no one has ever stopped me to ask for it. Instead, I walked in holding my girl’s hand and the key, so the staff could see that I stay there. No one bothered me – I loved the experience!

Novotel Kowloon Hotel

Novotel Kowloon Hotel is one of the first four star hotels in the area. It is relatively new and modern. You will find concepts of natural living, as well as nicely decorated rooms. It is just minutes away from the bar girl scene, nightclubs, restaurants and shopping centers. The location is just perfect.

On site, you will find a few restaurants serving dishes from multiple cuisines, bars, currency exchange offices and a gym. Rooms are large and can take two people. Inside, you have Internet, television, room service and housekeeping. Besides, the rooms are sparking clean.

Girls will need to register by the reception. They must have IDs on them. No extra fees are required, but registering is a safety measure. For this reason, you will have to ask.

If you pick a girl from a club, she may not always have her ID on her. But if you book an escort or you get a hooker, most of them are aware of these rules – just double check upfront to avoid unexpected situations.

Eaton Hong Kong

Eaton Hong Kong is another four star hotel located in the same area – Nathan Road, in the middle of everything. However, all the craziness and noise are a minute away, so you can still enjoy a restful sleep at night. The Jordan MTR station is five minutes away – easy transportation all around Hong Kong.

Rooms are flawless. The décor is clean and cozy. Rooms are clean and nicely decorated. You have super fast Internet, multiple restaurants (including an award winning one – Yat Tung Heen), cocktail bars, a heated pool on the roof, a large gym, tours, gaming opportunities and so on. Room service is also available.

Since this is a most serious hotel, guests will have to register at the reception. It classifies as one of the best guest friendly hotels in Hong Kong, meaning you will not be charged extra – you pay more than for other hotels anyway. Since rooms are large, you can keep your girl overnight too – great for a morning quickie.

Final words

In the end, you do not have to search for too long to find girl friendly hotels in Hong Kong. What really matters is finding a hotel that will not charge you extra for guests. Luckily, most managers expect foreigners to fall for beautiful local girls, hence this general freedom regarding guests.

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