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Best Girl Friendly Hotels In Boracay – How to get Laid!

Best Guest Friendly Hotels In Boracay

Whether you like them tanned, white like cheese, skinny or curvy, Filipinas can definitely help you overcome the frustration associated with the inability to satisfy your sexual fantasies. Most foreigners travel to the Philippines to meet girls in Manila or pick up women in Cebu. Or they already start their game-plan by using the best Philippines dating sites.

But let me tell you a little secret. πŸ˜‰

Once in Boracay – a small island in the Philippines, you open the gates to heaven.

Boracay is not as flashy and lit as other places in the Philippines. Instead, it features an extremely active nightclub scene, as well as beautiful beaches and lots of freelancers.

This is where the action is. Now, while many hotels accept guests, some of them will charge you.

This is when you understand how important it is to do your homework upfront. Check out the best girl friendly hotels in Boracay and make sure you do not have to pay extra for having a girl overnight.

My main recommendations on the island:

Now, let me provide a few more details to help you get an idea about what to expect…


Boracay Mandarin White Sand Resort

girl friendly hotels boracay

Boracay Mandarin White Sand Resort is close to Station 3 – a good location to reach all the action on the island. Some places are within walking distance. You get air conditioning, wireless Internet, a restaurant, television, clean and spacious rooms. The terrace and swimming pool are worth some attention too.

White Beach Station 2 is within walking distance – lots of freelancers around there. You literally walk around and girls approach you out of nowhere, coming from the dark – sometimes, you can have two or three girls coming to you at the same time.

I stayed at this hotel two times. I knew the policy upfront because I inquired about it before booking – you can bring a guest in. This is it. No extra fees, but your guest should have an ID on her. She will get checked in within a minute, so it is not like you waste too much time.

I have never had any issues bringing girls in, apart from this special occasion. In fact, there were times when receptionists did not even bother to ask my dates for IDs. However, there was this one time when a receptionist refused to let a girl in because she had no ID. I knew the rule, but I thought it would work.

My point is – make sure she has what she needs or you might be left with your balls swollen. I ended up doing her on the beach – it was early AM anyway, so there was no one there. πŸ™‚

Red Coco Inn

boracay girl friendly hotels

Red Coco Inn is also among my favorite girl friendly hotels in Boracay. Rated at two stars, it provides great value for money. It has an outdoor swimming pool, wireless Internet in the public areas, television, daily housekeeping and a restaurant. You can even arrange an airport shuttle – not free though.

To help you get an idea about its location, it is between Station 1 and Station 2 – walking distance if you have a bit of energy. The Bulabog Beach is 10 minutes away. You are quite close to the action, but you can also enjoy a nice comfy sleep at night – if you are too lazy or drunk, taxis are cheap anyway.

The guest policy is classic. In other words, you can bring a guest over, but they must show an ID. Basically, your girl needs to be checked in. It only takes a couple of minutes, so it is not like you have to wait for too long before taking her to your room to fulfill your fantasies.

Knowing the rules, I have never had any issues with this hotel. If you get a hooker or an escort, most of them know the rules, so they always have their IDs on them. Girls around clubs may not always have their IDs, so double check upfront. Otherwise, you will end up doing her behind some house on a backstreet.

One more thing – if you meet someone online or you book an escort over the Internet, you will have to go downstairs and meet her.

Otherwise, receptionists will not let her go in just like that. πŸ™

Red Coconut Beach Hotel Boracay

guest friendly hotels boracay

Red Coconut Beach Hotel Boracay is different from the average accommodation in Boracay. It features four stars – you will pay a bit more, but trust me, it is worth it. It is not too expensive anyway. You have a beach bar, free Internet hot spots, airport transfers (for extra charges), television, a balcony and so on.

The location is what makes this place one of my favorite girl friendly hotels in Boracay. It is right on the beach, by Station 2. This means you will have hookers hanging around the doorstep. You are seconds away from nightclubs, hot girls looking for fun and shopping.

What else can you ask for? πŸ˜‰

To get a girl in, you need a standard room. Book a double room – it costs a bit more though, but probably less than your daily coffee in a western country. This way, you will not be charged any extra money when you bring a girl in. She does have to check in by showing her ID.

I have been there for 10 nights with a few of my mates. Pointless to mention that it was a shagging marathon – it felt like we were trying to see who can bang more beauties. We have never had any issues at all.

The Boracay Beach Resort

guest friendly hotels boracay

The Boracay Beach Resort is in Station 1 – plenty of fun and entertainment around, as well as just seconds away from the White Beach. You can also get a cheap taxi to Station 2 if you want a higher selection of girls – Station 2 is like quantity over quality though.

The hotel features clean and spacious rooms, as well as multiple activities on site. You have a terrace, a bar with great views and a restaurant. Rooms come with television and free Internet – some of them come with ocean or garden views, up to you.

Make sure your room is double and you can bring in as many girls as you want – one at a time. She must have her ID on her, as she practically checks in with you. I recommend paying attention when you pick a girl up in a club. As for most hookers, they know they need their IDs.

There are no issues with this hotel, but hear me out – get friendly with a receptionist. See who can be bribed and ask them for small favors – call you a taxi, make a recommendation and so on. Tip them every single time. Next time you are on shift, prepare a bigger tip and you might get more than one girl to your room. It worked for me – best threesome of my life!

Final words

Bottom line, Boracay may not be as active as other places in the Philippines, but the island itself can be lots of fun if you play your cards right. Luckily, you have some good girl friendly hotels in Boracay too to satisfy your fantasies. πŸ˜‰

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