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Pattaya Girls – How To Pick Up Girls In Thailand’s Most Popular City

Girls in Pattaya – How To Pick Up Girls In Thailand’s Most Popular City

Whether it comes to Pattaya girls, the local nightlife, beaches or the positive vibe all around the area, this is one of Thailand’s hot spots that no tourist can miss. Located right on the coast of the gulf, the city attracts tourists from both Thailand and other countries. Who is it for then?

When I think Pattaya, I think sex. While you might find a few family resorts, the truth is most holidays are meant to be about sex. You will see a lot of guys – both solo travelers and groups, as well as couples looking for some fun.

Now, how do you get hooked up in Pattaya and what do you need to know in order to get laid? But before you go there make sure you check out my blog post about picking up Thai women and my time in Bangkok and Phuket

Ready? Lets do this!

How to pick up girls in Pattaya

girls from pattaya

I will give you a simple answer to this one – just show up. The fact that you are different will make you exotic and attractive to most women around there. You are the forbidden fruit, so you will see lots of ladies making eye contact with you – whether they are looking for a quickie or they are actual prostitutes.

On another hand, you are the so called rich foreigner. Even if you have a few bucks in your wallet, most Thai babes assume that foreigners are loaded. Girls will want you because they think you can pay for their services – even if they are not prostitutes, they will still want to hook up with you for this reason.

Picking up girls is fairly simple. Trust me, this is one of those places where most women will want your attention, so you can be picky about it – time to raise your standards!

However, let me mention one thing before you go out there falling for the first girl who looks at you.

If you suffer from “yellow fever” and feel like marrying the first Thai girl you see, you might want to know that this place is not really about longterm relationships. Of course, there are lots of Thai or Asian girls coming over for some fun – not necessarily prostitutes or Pattaya bar girls.

But then, most people travel to Pattaya for sex. The same rule applies to local women – they want to get laid with foreigners, no strings attached. If they work in bars or massage parlors, they only want your money.

Even the Russians have decided to join the party!

And believe me when I say sex is really cheap there…

Where to meet Pattaya girls

So, where do you go to meet some girls? To make it easy for you, you can just walk out of your hotel and look around. Literally! Just stay in front of your hotel and look around – you will make eye contact within five minutes, I promise you, unless you choose a hotel in the middle of nowhere.

The game is always on there. Girls expect to be picked up during the day or at night. Guys are always up for the game. Keep your eyes open and remember you can get laid five times a day if you want to – morning, snack, lunch, another snack and a long dinner.


The day game in Pattaya is easy. If you want to find loose girls looking for casual sex, hang around beach parties. If you want a proper girl to chill with and have some fun too, hang around the top areas. Now, where can you find girls?

To me, it is all about the chase. I see a girl, I go talk to her, have her for a coffee and then bang her. I like the hunting game as well. The good news is most shopping malls are located along with the popular areas, so you will find lots of girls around there – plus, you can hop from one mall to another.

The Siam BTS is by far the best location. Go into Central World or Siam Paragon before trying out smaller malls. Other nice areas to look around for good stuff and girls include:

  • Central Embassy – Ploenchitt
  • Emporium & EmQuartier – Phrom Phong
  • Pantip Plaza – Chidlom
  • Platinum Fashion – Chidlom
  • Terminal 21 – Asok
  • Seacon Square – On Nut

Feel free to check the busy areas with all the cafés and bars. Many girls will be there sipping a coffee and chilling before getting into action. Whether they plan to chill on the beach or go shopping, most of them will start the day with a coffee.

What do they do there? They have a coffee and they make sure they are visible. They will also face the road and look at people, make eye contact and get friendly if someone smiles back. If you are after a Pattaya girlfriend for your holiday, you are more likely to find her there than in a nightclub.


The night game is similar to the day game. The “procedure” is also the same. So, what do you do then? You see a girl you like and you try to make eye contact. Smile when she sees you and goes towards her. Be nice and polite. Introduce yourself and tell her how pretty she is.

Ask her if she wants to see you later or perhaps have a drink with you now. It is as simple as that. My personal rate is quite good and I am not Brad Pitt or something – I get dates with four out of five women I approach. I bang three or even four.

At night, girls are quite loose. It is the alcohol, of course. But at the same time, they are also hit by the party vibe. Everyone around you parties and has a good fun, so you want to join the crowd too. Therefore, while the day game is a killer, the night game is even easier.

Now, let me give you some details about the best girls in Pattaya. Some of them are real – I mean they want to have casual sex. They want it because they are on holiday and they want to have a good time.

They may also want it because you look different and exotic. There are no strings attached – no money involved.

You will also find lots of prostitutes and massage girls. They hang around half naked or they chill in the middle of the road with their eyes in their phones. They put their eyes up every once in a while and they make eye contact with every man around them. These are usually prostitutes waiting for a man to bang them.

Then, you have the Pattaya bargirl type. These girls hang around bars or nightclubs. They are often alone, but they also hang out in small groups. You see a pretty girl in a club and you go approach her. If she is a bar girl, chances are you will be asked for money at some point or another.

Some of them might wait for you to take them to your hotel before telling you they actually sell their bodies. Some others will be upfront. The good news is they are inexpensive – to be honest with you, I have had more expensive dinners than these girls.

Best Pattaya pick up bars

pattaya pick up bars

Whether you choose to hang around in a bar at night or during the day, there are certain areas where you are more likely to find the best girls in Pattaya or perhaps a Pattaya girlfriend to keep you cozy during your stay.

Nightclubs and bars

The city is insane when it comes to its party vibe. It makes no difference if you end up in a go go bar or a nightclub. If you do not mind paying for sex, your options are literally countless. You walk down the road and look at girls waiting for you just like you check out food in a restaurant menu.

If you want to bang women for free, your options are just as diversified. There are lots of babes waiting to hookup with a foreigner.

Generally speaking, there are four party districts in Pattaya. Two of them are better than others in my opinion. Practically, RCA and Thonglor are the best if you are not after hookers. Sure, there will be plenty of working girls there too, but you have a higher chance to get yourself a Pattaya girlfriend instead.

The Khao San Road is just as attractive. It is more like a tourist spot. You will find lots of tourists around there, as well as lots of women. You can find girls from other Asian countries or even from western countries looking for fun and sex.

Finally, the fourth area to check out is the Sukhumvit Road – go from Soi 4 to Soi 20, as that is where most parties are. This area has some good bars and nightclubs, but chances are you will find hundreds of prostitutes too. The Sukhumvit Road is close to the red light districts, so many girls “migrate” there to find clients more easily.

Now, when it comes to the best nightclubs and pick up bars in Pattaya, I recommend Onyx and Route 66 – RCA. There are other options too:

  • Demo and Beam – Thonglor
  • The Club and Super Flow Beach Club – Khao San Road
  • Sing Sing Theater – Sukhumvit 45
  • Levels and Sugar – Soi 11

Obviously, there are lots of other options out there, but these are the best for singles in my opinion. Some of them are open as bars during the day. If you like beach parties, go around the Super Flow Beach Club.

Stripbars, massage parlors and gentleman clubs

pattaya red light district

Before hanging our strip bars and massage parlors, let me mention that most girls working there will also follow you to your hotel if you ask politely.

G-Spot Pattaya Gogo is my favorite strip bar in the area. There are lots of girls in there. It is also conveniently located to other nice places – Soi 14 and Soi 15. Windmill Pattaya Club & Gogo is just as attractive. Almost every girl will follow you on request. Everyone likes to have fun there, so you will most likely have a good time.

Just like you have probably guessed already, there are more massage parlors, strip bars and gentleman clubs in the red districts.

But before moving on, let me tell you something important as you start stuffing money down a girl’s bra. At the end of September, 2019, a Japanese tourist had a happy ending massage in a parlor that was not as happy as it seemed. By the time he had his clothes back on, he realized about 13,000 baht was stolen from his wallet. The police found the guilty girl – who was proven to be a ladyboy – having most of it stuffed in his… Well, her bra. Check the news report for more details here.

My point is… Keep your eggs in more baskets and always be careful about pickpocketers. Keep an eye on your clothes when you go to such places and keep the wallet on you at all times – or at least in your sight if you need to take clothes off.

Red light district in Pattaya

There are more so called red light districts in Pattaya. This is where you find girls of all ages and in all shapes. Since many areas of Thailand are poverty stricken, you will find hundreds of girls willing to follow you to your hotel or blow you at the back of a building for less than a lunch in a western country.

The Walking Street is right in the middle of the city and represents the main area for hookers. Soi 6 is also a good area. You will find short time girls. They are called this way because they are up for a quickie or a blowjob behind a wall. When you feel like you need to empty your balls, get there and sort it out within minutes only.

LK Metro has the second largest go go district in the area, so you will find lots of places with half naked girls hanging outside and inviting you in. Check out Soi 7 and Soi 8 too. While there are plenty of hookers on the streets, there are even more of them inside bars. This is where you find most Pattaya bar girls.

Around the famous Drinking Street? There are just as many go go bars. As for Soi Bukhao, you will find everything – girl bars, go go bars and even ladyboy bars.

Prostitutes are literally everywhere in this area. They are in bars, nightclubs and on the sidewalk. You would have to be blind to miss them. Most of them are Thai, but you will also find babes from Laos, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar or China, among other countries.

You can get a hooker for 15 minutes, a few hours or the entire night. They treat their customers right and prices vary based on their looks and hygiene. I am not exaggerating – there are hundreds of them. You can easily find the girl of your dreams and bang her like there is no tomorrow. Pattaya is the land of dreams – you might as well get a threesome or a proper orgy.

Top 5 girl friendly hotels in Pattaya

Girl Friendly Hotels In Pattaya

Most hotels in Pattaya are girl friendly, but here is a catch – many of them will charge you a fee for bringing a guest or they will force you to upgrade if you want to keep her in overnight. Luckily, you can also find guest friendly hotels in Pattaya with no restrictions at all.

The Green View is right in the middle of action. I could look down the window and choose a girl – no fees or extra charges. It is only a minute away from the beach. Sunshine Hotel & Residences could be even better. No question asked, a bar to get drunk and lots of girls by the doorstep.

Nothing was better for me than getting drunk, having a girl over and taking a dip in the swimming pool in the morning. Throw in a coffee, a blowjob and you got the perfect cure for a hangover.

Sabai Lodge Hotel is similar to the above mentioned options.

When I want more luxury, I usually book in with Areca Lodge Hotel or LK Metropole Hotel. Areca Lodge Hotel is among those hotels where you can properly relax in a quiet environment, yet the bustling nightlife is a minute away. LK Metropole Hotel makes you feel like a king.

Too much sex last night? Hear my advice – go to the massage parlor and get a professional massage. To me, this was the best antidote – ready to kick it off again for the next evening.

You can find more girls friendly hotels in Pattaya in my personal top 7 review.

Even if you want to book somewhere else, I recommend double checking upfront, as policies may change. Keep in mind there are lots of foreigners coming over just for the intense sex experience, so there is no shame in asking.

Send an email and inquire about the guest policy. Are you allowed? Do you have to pay extra? Can the guest stay overnight? There is no better way to make sure you will not face any unpleasant surprises.

Best online dating websites to meet Pattaya girls

thai cupid review

Whether you are looking for a Pattaya girlfriend, Pattaya bar girls or even a relationship, the online dating game is quite good in Thailand. Thai babes know there are plenty of foreigners suffering from the so called yellow fever. Going online is one of the easiest ways to meet girls, yet I doubt you can get laid as fast as in real life.

However, the online game has one major advantage – you can find girls before you even get to Pattaya. You can get laid by the time you are in your hotel – half an hour after stepping in Thailand.

There are Thais on virtually every dating website, but two of them stand out in the crowd. is probably the biggest. It allows signing up for free and a brief communication with girls. It is mostly aimed at local Thai babes and foreign men. In order to send messages and communicate by the book, you would have to upgrade though – totally worth it. You can also find some freelancers here. is the second top website to meet Thai girls. Again, you can find girls all over Thailand, but plenty in Pattaya. You can find girls looking for serious relationships or just casual dating. Again, you will need to upgrade to benefit of every feature, yet many things come for free. Signing up and looking around is free of charge – go ahead and convince yourself.

In order to prevent surprises, I recommend going for full profiles with detailed info, especially in terms of what girls are looking for. If you are after sex only, go for those interested in making friends or casual dating.

Check my full review on the best Thai dating sites!

How to get around in Pattaya

Getting around by bus is the cheapest way to move around Pattaya – apart from walking, of course. Tickets are about 10 baht per person, but prices depend on the destination. This baht bus (it used to cost a baht back in the day) will take you anywhere. If the driver asks where you go, just wait for another bus or you might be overcharged if he has to make a detour.

Motorcycle taxis are quick and efficient. Sure, they cost more than a baht bus, but they will take you to the destination faster. They can go around traffic without too much hassle – and trust me, traffic could be a real problem in Pattaya.

Meter taxis are similar – funny story, they rarely use the meter. They are often located around busy areas, such as shopping malls. Make sure you negotiate a good price upfront. You HAVE to negotiate or you might be heavily overcharged.

Other than that, you can rent a car or a motorcycle. Prices are low and you need a driver’s license. Traffic could be horrific, so unless you plan to live in Pattaya, I recommend taxis if you have to travel longer distances. If you can walk for 15 or 20 minutes, do so – just my two cents.

How to stay safe in Pattaya

Just like everywhere else, you have to use common sense, whether you walk, take a taxi or hook up with some Pattaya bar girls. Stay away from fraud artists, thieves or sketchy areas with suspicious people around. Hang around busy areas open to tourists.

Remember – this is not a family friendly area. Pattaya is good for singles and couples – it is mostly a sex destination.

Whether you walk or rent a car or a bike, keep in mind that Thailand is one of the craziest places in the world in terms of rules and regulations. No one follows the rules there. Be careful when crossing and look in both directions two times.

Most tourists do not know it, but beaches (or better said waters) are often polluted due to sludge. I would not swim in these waters – you can travel to Jomtein instead, which is only 15 minutes away.

When it comes to girls, keep an eye on your money. Do not leave your clothes unattended, especially if you have valuables in there. Do not flash expensive jewelry or large amounts of money. Also, shop around when looking for some flesh – girls tend to ask for more, but you can negotiate.

Some places can charge you more for this and that, have hidden fees or even fake a police raid to get more money from you. Avoid sketchy areas with suspicious massage parlors – stick to the areas full of tourists instead.

Be careful with the hotel rules and local regulations as well. A woman from Turkmenistan and a man from Russia were arrested after they overstayed their visas. Sure, she was around six years late, while he was almost two years late. Just make sure you do not break any rules and you should be fine. Read more about it here.

Again, not all hotels are girl friendly. I recommend choosing one of the guest friendly hotels in Pattaya to prevent being charged extra fees if you bring girls over. If you want to book in with another hotel than the ones in my list, drop an email first and ask about the guest policy.

Final words

As a short final conclusion, girls in Pattaya represent an attraction by nature. There are hundreds of them willing to sell their bodies and even bang you for free just because you are different.

From many points of view, this is heaven on earth for a single man coming from a western country – it should definitely be on your bucket list.

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