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Top Rated Girl Friendly Hotels In Hanoi

Top Guest Friendly Hotels In Hanoi – Anything To Know Upfront?

Vietnamese capital Hanoi is a popular tourist attraction. It has an impressive amount of culture, landmarks and attractions, but it also boosts with beautiful Vietnamese girls. To the solo traveler or the group of guys traveling for a bachelor’s party, this could be the ideal place.

However, the local legislation does not allow local women to spend nights with foreigners in hotels. I know, it sounds stupid and some chain hotels actually respect it. Of course, there are also a few girl friendly hotels in Hanoi where you can bring local beauties over.

Besides, think about it – it is Eastern Asia. Drop a big tip and all the doors will open for you. Now, what are the best guest friendly hotels in Hanoi and why?

My quick overview:

  1. Hanoi Impressive Hotel (My top pick!)
  2. Bamboo Hotel
  3. Camel City Hotel

Bamboo Hotel

Bamboo Hotel is a bit different from what I expected. It is more like a complex of studios where you can rent one. The environment is quite simplistic, but spacious and clean, which is more important. You have basic features, as well as a dining space, a small balcony and a cooking area.

A pool and a sauna are also available on site, not to mention the free wireless Internet. Now, what is the policy about girls? If you book the room for two, there will be no extra fees. Luckily, most rooms are for two or more and the price difference is insignificant – pretty much the cost of a takeaway coffee in a western country.

I brought lots of girls over during my week at Bamboo Hotel. There is one requirement though – they must show an ID, so they basically check in. Local girls know that if you book a hooker or an escort, but if you pick up a girl from a nightclub, you better double check upfront.

Camel City Hotel

I loved staying at Camel City Hotel because it offers lots of freebies. One time I rented a car to explore the country too. This place offers free parking on site. You also have free wireless Internet in all rooms, as well as free breakfast. Basically, you have all the basic things you require for such a trip.

Too lazy to go out for a meal? There is a restaurant with a bar on site. It provides Vietnamese dishes, as well as international dishes. There is something for everyone in there. Should you travel with business purposes, there is also a business center on site.

But let us cut the chase and get to the girls. Generally speaking, the rule says you are free to bring the girls over, but they need to have their IDs on them. When you pick up a girl in a club or a hooker down the road, she may not always have the ID on her. I managed to bring the girls over without their IDs, but I always tip receptionists for every little thing. They pay me back by breaking the rules – works for me!

Hanoi Impressive Hotel

Hanoi Impressive Hotel is one step above everything else. It costs more – still inexpensive for a westerner though. However, it looks better. Rooms are more spacious, the décor is more modern and attractive. Just like you have probably guessed already, it is extremely clean.

You are about seven minutes away from public transportation links – walking distance. You can also exchange currency on the site at a pretty good rate – no need to walk out. However, the place is located in the middle of the city, so you are close to everything.

What is the policy on girls? When I emailed them, they said I can bring a girl over, no problem. No one mentioned extra fees or double rooms, not to mention IDs. I spent three nights there and I was never questioned about the girls I came with – brilliant!

Charming Hotel

I will be honest with you – this so called charming place is not that charming, but quite average. It is an average hotel in the center of Hanoi that comes with just the right amenities for a good stay – do not expect luxury, but just what you need. It also features an airport transfer service, which is great.

Wireless Internet is free and surprisingly fast for Vietnam. It was almost instant. Other than that, room service is available round the clock. Plus, there is a bar on site. You can have a drink before or after banging a local beauty without even going out. How cool is that?

The policy for girls is simple. You can bring a guest over, but receptionists will need her papers. She needs an ID on her. At the same time, the hotel is not responsible for whatever problems the guest might cause, so she becomes your responsibility. If she breaks something, it is you who will have to pay for it.

Blue Moon Hotel

Blue Moon Hotel is even cheaper per night, yet it looks a bit better. However, instead of an entire studio, you get a room – typical hotel type. It is located in the middle of Hanoi and more importantly for me, it provided airport transfers – I always have this fear that taxi drivers will overcharge me for being a foreigner.

Anyway, the hotel has nice, large and clean rooms. You have television, free wireless Internet and air conditioning. There are a bar and a restaurant on site too, so there you go – great for quick meals or breakfasts in the morning.

When it comes to girls, it classifies as one of the top girl friendly hotels in Hanoi. What does that mean? Beds are spacious and can take two people. You do not have to upgrade or pay any extra fees. But just like most hotels there, the policy asks for your girl to have an ID. It is like checking in, but also a matter of security.

Hanoi Apple Hotel

Hanoi Apple Hotel truly displays the Asian spirit in simplicity. It is simple, basic, but extremely clean and neat. It features lots of beautiful wooden furnishings, which makes it look even better. Rooms are quite large and each of them comes with its own private bathroom with a shower cabin.

Some of the amenities include a restaurant with dishes from multiple cuisines, airport transfer and a business center. Free wireless Internet is available in all rooms. Given its location in the heart of Hanoi, you only need to walk for a few minutes in order to pick up girls.

Girls are easy and friendly. You can book an escort or just go out in a nightclub to pick a girl up. In order to bring her to your hotel, you should book a double room – the price increase is insignificant, trust me. Also, she has to have an ID on her. I managed to sneak girls in without an ID too – just offered the receptionist a good tip. All in all, this is one of my favorite guest friendly hotels in Hanoi.

Final words

In the end, there are a bunch of good girl friendly hotels in Hanoi to try out. Even if some of them have some rules, they are mild and easy to deal with.

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