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​Dating Malaysian Girls – The Power Of Asian Persuasion

Malaysian Girls – The Power Of Asian Persuasion

Located in a beautiful scenario with plenty of beaches and beautiful attractions, Malaysia is often overlooked by tourists. Most people would rather visit Thailand, Singapore or China instead.

However, we get to see Malaysian girls everywhere around these countries – whether they work in prostitution or they just visit.

Visiting Malaysia will definitely bring in a different perspective over this part of Asia. Of course, it depends on what you are after. You can find sex pretty much everywhere, but given the relatively conservative profile of the country, you are more likely to find a pretty girlfriend here than in other nearby countries, like Thailand. 🙂

There are a bunch of traditional views hanging around, yet​​ newer generations of girls are more outgoing and open minded. They are more open to meeting foreigners and they can speak better English.

With all these, dating a Malaysian woman will still require a bit of homework. You still have to know what you are getting into.

But do not worry. Teacher Dean is here to show you the way! 😉

Malaysian dating culture

 dating a malaysian woman

The dating culture in Malaysia is quite traditional.

Let me explain this… I would say over 50% of all women I met would not have sex before marriage. I am not talking about girls I picked up, as I obviously look for more westernized women who I can sleep with.

I am talking about girls I randomly met both online and offline. In other words, there is still a conservative spirit around the country, so you must be careful.

Unless you meet a really relaxed lady (or a hooker), chances are Malaysian girls will not really say yes if you ask them out for a date. I learned that the hard way. 🙁

Everything was smooth – smiling, chatting, getting to know each other, then bang, a rejection.

So I changed my tactics… Instead, I am asking for a phone number and it seems to work.

It seems most women want a safe approach. They like a few texts to get to know each other before going on an actual date. This means that if you are looking for a girlfriend or traditional dating, you are doing it right.

Girls do care about your personality as well, which is a plus if you are after a relationship. If you just want sex, there are lots of girls willing to hook-up for a one night stand as well.

They are just hard to find!

What makes Malaysian girls so attractive?

beautiful girls in malaysia

If you have traveled around Asia, you have probably met Malaysian chicks before… They are quite common in a tourist destination and while not a general rule, many of them work in prostitution.

So, what makes them so attractive?

Let me start with the less sexual aspect – their personality. Girls are cautious and careful when they date someone, which is a plus if you want a serious girl by your side.

Locals are always happy and can find humor in everything – you can see them laughing while in work or while struggling with heavy stuff. I love their attitude about life. Mix this aspect with a traditional approach and you have the perfect girlfriend, right?

But then, we are all men, so we do want some sexiness as well.

So, what about the looks?

A typical Malaysian girl is slim and relatively short – not as short as Filipinas though. She has long dark hair, tanned skin and a warm smile. I would say they are like a mix between Thais and Indonesian babes.

Some of them are light like cheese and may have a different Asian descent, but you will usually find them a bit tanned. They have round shapes and medium or small breasts – round butts though.

Whether you consider the personality, the conservative status or the hot petite appearance, I must say girls in Malaysia are quite attractive.

I fall in love like 10 times a day walking down the street. No BS! 🙂

Unfortunately, some girls look too conservative, so I will not even try – I know I will be wasting my time. But if you see a westernized babe with a beautiful appearance, go for it.

How to talk to Malaysian girls and best pick up strategies

malaysian women

Dating Malaysian girls should not be too hard. There are a few simple rules to follow. They are raised to believe that foreigners come to Malaysia to buy sex. Therefore, you might need to try a bit harder than in a western country if you really want a good girl.

Avoid dressing like a tourist, but be smart casual and act like a gentleman – forget about being a macho. Especially this last one is important!

This isn’t Thailand or Philippines!

You must be polite and positive. Your charm and charisma will make the difference. Introduce yourself and have a quick chat about something – such as her drink, the restaurant you are in or perhaps a few attractions if you pick her up down the road.

Do not ask for a date right away, as you might be rejected. Get the phone number instead. Keep the conversation short, get the number, thank her and move on. 🙂

Texts are common for a few days – be casual about it and ask about her day, then go on from there. Try to figure out what she likes to do in her spare time and so on. It will help you later on in case you get a date.

I use a simple rule – three days of texting, then I ask for a date out.

It makes me look a bit traditional and not desperate, but I try to avoid wasting too much time too. 

How to approach the first date

Alright, so you have gone beyond the classic texts and she said yes – good job, it means she likes your style and personality.

The first date can go in three directions – a bad one, a normal one or the top one.

Again, you have to be smart casual (not like a tourist) and act like a gentleman. A normal date means she might want to see you again, but she is not sure about you. The top date means she is already yours.

Based on where you are, I recommend getting a special place for a date. Whether it is a bar or a restaurant, it has to be way above average – you know, one of those few special places that everyone wants to go to, but not everyone can afford it.

Keep the first date casual and try to find out as much as possible about her.

Make it obvious that you are interested in her by asking questions and finding things you two have in common. Do not be too macho or masculine. Be polite to everyone – waiters, taxi drivers and so on.

Finally, do not attempt anything sexual on the first date! It will only backfire on your sorry ass!

She will let you know if she wants to kiss you. Touching is not the best idea either – yet you should sit next to her at the table.

My point is – dating Malaysian girls is more about identifying her boundaries and respecting her needs. Once you got these covered, you are on the right path.

Second dates and more

I recommend a couple of cocktails during the first date. Leave the dinner for the second one. So yes, the second date should go a bit further.

Choose a nice restaurant – you will have to show more of who you are, as well as your values. Again, be a gentleman and make sure she understands how special she is. You have to look like you are happy to meet her.

I need to tell you something important – when dating a Malaysian woman, she will see it as a relationship.

Basically, if you are on a second date, you two are in a relationship. Please keep this in mind! 

Do not rush things though – it is just how she sees it. Also, you should still avoid talking about sex or her past boyfriends – it is the past anyway, plus, she will feel offended.

Like I said before, pay attention to signs that she wants to be kissed or touched. Never push things or you will look like a sex hungry tourist.

Sounds to complicated?

When I am not sure, I simply ask. I take the conversation in the direction I want first. Do not go like – may I kiss you now? Instead, ask her what she thinks about it.

Sex in the Malaysian culture

Now, it depends on the girl. You will meet some beautiful girls in Malaysia who you feel like inviting them to sit on your face. Literally. 😉

You just want to touch every part of their bodies. But then, sex is a taboo topic in the Malaysian culture. It depends on what you want. If you are after a serious relationship, you do not want a slutty girl who you can bang after a date, do you?

But then, if you want casual dating and occasional sex, go for one of these girls. You can tell who is conservative and who is not. Look at the way girls dress, a veil or skin. The more skin she shows, the more relaxed she is. It also depends on where you meet her – if you find her drinking and dancing in a nightclub in western clothes, you have a good shot, so go for it.

I guess it is quite obvious that hookers do not really care about any of these. Show them the money and they will give you everything.


Over 60% of all Malaysians are Muslim, while about 20% of the population is Buddhist.

There are other religions too, but these ones dominate. Religion might be an important element in the process, yet it depends on the girl you mean.

You will see some cute Malaysian girls covering their hair with veils – those are religious and less likely to be picked up. It is almost impossible – do not even waste your time.

Then, you have the less religious ones. They dress like western people and there are plenty of them. They hang around popular spots, so nightlife is important for them.

They drink, smoke and party like you – easy to spot at night.

You can also find less religious girls during the day, but you need to pay attention to their attitude and clothing. It is easy, really… 🙂

Even if you meet a less religious girl, she may still want you to convert to her religion when it comes to marriage.

Red flags and scams

There are not too many red flags and scams, but the common ones that apply to pretty much every country in this part of Asia. When you get a date, make sure you tell her you can barely wait to spend some alone time with her.

This technique prevents gold diggers who usually bring some of their friends over for free drinks and food.

Other than that, do not fall for stories about how badly she needs money for her sick mother or rent. Those are usually gold diggers.

Generally speaking, pay attention to her behavior. If she drinks and smokes like there is no tomorrow, she might have some bar girl experience. Small details will give you all the information you need.

Meet the family

Alright, so you have been on a few dates with a beautiful girl who you did not bang after the first date. It looks like a serious girl and you decide to start a serious relationship. At some point, she invites you over to meet her family.

What do you do then?

I do not think I mentioned this before, but family is extremely important in the Malaysian culture.

When dating a Malaysian woman, you will meet her family, as she needs the family’s approval.

Families expect men to be polite and gentle. Show some respect and do not act too masculine. Let the father know that he is the main man in the house.

You are expected to provide for your family, so you will get lots of questions about your family, education and job. They just want to know you better – answer politely, without feeling offended.

There is also the possibility you will meet a single woman with a good job. She does not live with her parents, so she is a bit more open minded. She will start a relationship with you before introducing you to her parents.

Personally, I prefer such independent women who know what they want, rather than 21 year old babes who still live with their parents.

Do Malaysian women like western men?

cute malaysian girls

This is a sketchy question. Girls in Malaysia love white men because they are different and look beautiful in their eyes. But at the same time, they know that many white men come to Malaysia for inexpensive sex, not to mention healing their “yellow fever” issues.

Their hearts say yes, but their brains say no, so you need to work harder than normally.

On another note, Malaysia is a bit behind other countries like Thailand or China when it comes to interracial relationships. If she goes out with you, she will often overhear others talking about your size, your earnings, her will to go abroad and so on.

Malaysia is still not fully used to this type of relationship. You might see people staring at you at times too.

The secret is in being irresistible. You have to look good and act humble. You must be a gentleman, not a macho. You want to keep a low profile, rather than showing off in bars and nightclubs.

Be polite to everyone and make sure your words are kind and can reflect real intentions with a girl. This is what actually makes the difference.

Living with a Malaysian girl

I will be honest with you – it is not that common. Most girls in Malaysia live with their parents. They will not move in with you because it is taboo. Her parents will disagree with you if they find out you have been intimate with their girl, so you must act conservative. Most couples end up living together after marriage.

Then, you get my type of girl – independent, away from home, with a job and her own place. This type of girl is more likely to move in with you.

Do not get me wrong – just because she is independent and she knows what she wants, it does not mean that she will lead.

You are expected to lead the relationship and the house. She does have rights too. She must be treated like a lady and her opinion should always be taken in consideration.

But then, whether it comes to going out on a date or doing something for the day, you are expected to lead.

Malaysian women tend to be docile and respectful. She will cook for you and be there for you, whether you are up or down.

Marrying a Malaysian woman

Marrying a Malaysian woman will not happen overnight. Girls in Malaysia will take you through a more sophisticated process involving the family, traditions and religion. Of course, it depends on whether you want to remain in Malaysia or you plan to take her abroad.

In terms of traditions, your lady will tell you everything – what to wear, what to expect from the ceremony and so on.

Local weddings are different from western weddings, but they are interesting and appealing. I have attended a few and I felt great. The husband is expected to pay a big chunk of money, if not the whole wedding.

Again, this is a more traditional point of view – independent women will also chip in, as they have stable jobs and do not depend on your income.

I must tell you paperwork can be a bit confusing. It will take time and lots of work. I do not even want to go into details because things change all the time.

My best advice? Contact the local authorities and go on from there.

Different types of Malaysian girls

girls in malaysia

I could categorize cute girls in Malaysia by multiple criteria – looks, religious levels, social statuses, working classes and so on. However, their origins and cultural background will make the difference.

Malaysian Chinese girls

Malaysian Chinese girls are either Chinese girls living in Malaysia or girls born from Malaysian and Chinese parents. They can go in two categories – super hot mixed race or average six girls.

Basically, you can meet a beautiful slim girl with a stunning face, just slightly tanned and great shapes. At the same time, you could meet a girl with uneven proportions, such as a large head.

I am not trying to be funny, but you can get a perfect nine or 10, as well as an average five. There is no middle class in terms of hotness.

Malaysian Indian girls

The same story applies to Malaysian Indian girls, only they tend to be a bit more tanned than average. The difference between a perfect 10 and an average five is even more obvious.

Imagine a beautiful Indian girl with stunning features, mix her up with a hot petite Malaysian babe and you have a perfect 10. I have no idea how to describe this type, but try to picture a beautiful Indian with almond eyes and a great body.

I have been with a couple of Malaysian Indian girls and they looked perfect. This type is not too common though. There are not too many Malaysian Indian girls worth trying your skills.

Malaysian Muslim girls

Many girls in Malaysia are Muslim. Some of them are religious and would only date conservative Muslim men. Some others are not that religious. They find foreigners to be exotic and they do not mind dating you, but when it comes to marriage, you might have to convert.

It is easy to tell who is approachable and who is not. If she wears a veil or she covers most of her body, she is conservative. If you go down to the beach and you see a girl in shorts and a shirt, she is conservative.

On the other hand, the more skin she reveals and the more westernized her clothes are, the more approachable she becomes.

Where to find good Malaysian girls?

You can meet cute Malaysian girls both online and offline. Like I said, doing it offline involves paying attention to her clothes, behavior and lifestyle. The online game is easier because you know those girls are single and willing to hook up – you just have to be their type.

Some girls online are also conservative, but you will find many open minded babes too. Applications like Tinder or Badoo will help, yet they are not as popular as in western countries.

Websites like MalaysianCupid, AsianDating or DateInAsia are even better.

I have found good matches on all of them, but MalaysianCupid seems to be a bit more straightforward – it caters to Malaysians only and it seems to follow a classic trend.

Practically, you will find lots of foreign men and local girls looking for love – exactly my situation.

I had a few good matches and dates, but I also ended up with a seven month relationship over Malaysian Cupid. It is probably my main recommendation, yet you should get an account over all the platforms I mentioned for more options.


Best cities to pick up Malaysian girls

girls from malaysia

Like I said before, Malaysia is quite conservative. If you dream about going to a village where tourists never reach, find a local beauty and marry her in a chilled environment, you are just dreaming. Girls in villages are extremely conservative.

My recommendations? Large cities, where the population of relaxed women is higher.

Kuala Lumpur is your top choice. It is the capital of Malaysia and brings in lots of diversity – it is almost impossible to fail hooking up there. George Town is the capital of Penang and another big city worth a shot, not to mention Ipoh (the capital of Perek) or Johor Bahru (the capital of Johor).

Other large cities worth your time include:

  • Kuantan
  • Kuching
  • Kota Kinabalu
  • Malacca

Exotic and tourist islands in Malaysia are also good, especially if you are there for a limited amount of time. There are lots of girls looking for foreigners, as well as plenty of hookers.

Here are a few good options:

  • The Langkawi archipelago
  • Penant
  • Tioman

Is your money and status important for Malaysian girls?

I would say it is. It will not always make the difference, but it is important. If you have a good job and a nice income (especially if you live in Malaysia), girls will be all over you.

As a tourist, you will get loads of attention in touristy areas – girls who go there are after hooking up with foreigners, so you are in the right place.

Your charm and charisma will make the difference though. I know guys who have average jobs and score a few times a week because they are charismatic and good looking. I also know guys with good jobs that struggle to score.

I would say your status and money will be more important for gold diggers, as well as girls who plan to start a serious relationship with you – they do not feel like supporting you, which makes sense.


In the end, there are plenty of beautiful girls in Malaysia. But when dating a Malaysian woman, you have to follow some rules, as locals are more conservative than in other Asian countries.

But overall, a bit of common sense and lots of charisma will get you laid or in a nice relationship.​

Good luck!

– Dean


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