singapore love link review Review – Dating in Singapore Review – Is It A Time Saver Or A Total Waste Of It?

Specialized in Singaporean single men and women, is mostly about longterm relationships. Most of the users seem to look for love, rather than casual hookups – there are other applications for such things.

Despite being designed for Singaporeans, Singapore Love Links is not limited to them only. In fact, it is available in any country. Whether you want to find a Singaporean in your country or you plan to travel there to find love, this portal could be the ideal option to meet your special one.

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The website promises to use modern algorithms in matching profiles according to their preferences, needs and expectations. Even if you are not from Singapore, you will still get some good matches – the only thing left to match is the actual type.


While not so obvious from the name, is part of the wide umbrella of dating websites managed by Cupid Media Pty. The company’s name is a good enough consideration when in doubt about the credibility of this website – it is practically a front runner in dating services.

Now, what kind of experience should you expect when you join?

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Pros and cons of is aimed at everyone who is into Asians – and especially Singaporeans. It makes no difference where you are. As long as you can speak Singaporean or your matches can speak your language, you are free to go ahead and start talking.

The website comes with a plethora of features – many of them are premium and require an upgrade. However, you will love the possibility to filter unwanted messages. Just like on any other website, you will get some spam messages now and then – filter them out.

I found the proprietary application to be quite efficient. Unlike other website that run their own apps, Singapore Love Links has a perfectly working one. Every feature on the website will be available on the app too. Plus, potential matches refresh just as often.

Last, but not least, I loved the CupidTags you can use on other websites run by Cupid Media Pty. Singapore Love Links has it too – they work like hashtags and make matching profiles so much easier when someone performs a search.

On a negative note, the website is not fully available for free. Many of the features require a premium subscription. Of course, I was still able to do lots of things, such as searching, checking out matches and even talking. But then, if you want to video chat with someone, you will need an upgrade.

Features of

The registration is user friendly and fast. You can do it by email or over Facebook. Once you sign up, you will get your first suggestions. I recommend filling your profile properly – as many details as you can. You will look better when someone wants to know more about you, but you will also show up in more search results.

I loved the fact that you do not need admin approval to upload pictures. That is a plus – you can start looking for partners right away. But on a side note, you will also find some sketchy profiles that look fake here and there.

When looking for people, a basic search can provide lots of results. You can perform searches for free, but they are quite basic. You cannot go into details unless you subscribe. It is not such a big problem anyway – the less filters you use, the more potential results you will get. Plus, not everyone fills their profile up, so you risk missing some important matches.

The application is easy and free. It works just like the website, but it also has the exact same design – simplistic and well put together. I could not use it, as it is only available on Android devices. Windows and iOS users will have to stick to the website. Besides, SingaporeLoveLinks has a mobile friendly website, which is just as easy to use.

There are more options when it comes to matches. Seeing your basic matches is free of charge. Seeing mutual matches or reverse matches will require upgrading. These algorithms are more advanced and literally tell you that you and a match are perfect together.

There is no way you will ever miss a notification (especially if you use the app). But then, if you somehow do, you can check the activity. You will see the activity towards you, but you have another tab that shows your own activity too.

When it comes to the profile, fill up everything – literally. I recommend doing it to 100%. Even if stuff seems irrelevant, a good match might search for it, so you want to be there in the search results. Answer all the personality questions and do not forget adding your CupidTags.

While not mandatory, I think verifying your account will be a plus. You can do it by uploading an ID document. Why is it helpful? It tells people that you are who you say you are – it will add to your credibility.

When it comes to the search function, there are more options – advanced, saved, keywords, CupidTags, first names, member numbers and even the most popular searches if you run out of ideas.

Just like on other Cupid Media websites, you can send interest and add people to favorites. They will be notified about it, so they can show some interest in you. But then, if you want to communicate, you will have to upgrade.

Member structure has a fair distribution of members. It is not like on other dating websites, where you find more men than women. Luckily, proportions are equal – 50-50. Furthermore, I liked the fact that you have lots of options in each age range.

There are slightly more males than females in two age ranges – 18-24 and 55+. Other than that, there are more females in any other range. Just like you have probably guessed already, most people are in the 25-34 and 35-44 segments – significantly more women than men.

Singapore Love Links has over 300,000 users spread all over the world. Like on other Asian dating websites, many men are foreigners, while many ladies are local. It is a common type of setup in online dating these days.

There are around 1,000 members active on a daily basis, with others checking back in every few days. I learned that myself – messaged some women and kept refreshing waiting for replies. It took them a few days to get back to me.

Free options

Basic things are free. I could even search for women before signing up. I recommend that. While there are not too many criteria to use, at least you get some ideas about what kind of people you can find in there or how many of them are in your age range.

To see more or to interact, you will need to register. Registration is free – as well as the application. The same goes for profile management, not to mention the basic search function, which is still good enough for a free service.

Everyone can see everyone’s profile – you have all the time in the world to analyze potential matches, search and find potential partners. No one will charge you for that. Basic matching follows the exact same rules.

Other free options include the possibility to send interest to others or add them to favorites. Here comes the catch. While you cannot initiate conversations or talk to non paying members, you can reply to messages from paid members.

So, what did I do? I mostly sent interest to people who were upgraded. Of course, I made sure we wanted the same things. They were just my type. A few of them decided to message me straight away after getting my notifications, so I had a few meaningful conversations without even having to upgrade.

Paid membership options

There are many features that open up once you upgrade, but frankly, only one of them is worth some attention – the possibility to message whoever you want, whenever you want. Free users will also show more interest because they know that you can message them back if you like them.

Private chats go with a built in instant messenger – helpful because you know exactly when you get a message, but not mandatory. If you use the app, you get a notification anyway, so you can reply right away.

If you have a slow device that slows down even more because of those animated ads, the premium upgrade will clear all the ads. It feels cleaner and easier to use, but again, it is not mandatory.

You get more space to talk about yourself in your profile, as well as a VIP badge – others will know that you are verified, so free users are more likely to send you notifications by liking you or adding you to favorites.

If you are new to online dating, you will get better matches through the advanced algorithm – not just people that match your preferences, but also people who you are perfect for. The same goes for the search function, but like I said before, do not use too many filters or you can miss on many great opportunities.

The possibility to translate messages is nice too, but… I would not really use it. If someone cannot speak English, I will not compromise a potential relationship overlooks, so I will not even bother. I am not planning to learn Singaporean anyway, so I think about seeing that person face to face – how can we communicate? You get my point.

There are two types of premium memberships – each of them allows you three payment types. You can pay for a month, three months or a year. The subscription renews automatically, so you will have to cancel the renewal yourself. It gives you some control.

Profile quality 

You do not have to pay to see someone’s profile or their pictures. The content includes a few words about yourself, as well as what you seek. More details are better and will provide better matches. I liked the fact that most people are clear about their intentions – they will let you know if they want casual dating, longterm relationship, marriage or friendship.

You can change profile details later on, just like you can report or block annoying profiles if any. has a good algorithm to identify fake profiles, but some of them still get away.

Personal experience with

“I work in Singapore, but for some reason, I have always found it difficult to approach ladies on the street. We do make eye contact and all that, but I am just too shy. Going online is so much easier. I dated several ladies over and I am now seeing the same lady for over three weeks. It took me a while to get here, but it is just like in real life – you cannot find the perfect partner from your first date, can you?”

Chris A., 29


How does Singapore Love Links work?

Singapore Love Links has simple operating principles. It allows searching for you to define your perfect type, but it also matches people based on the things they add to their profiles. It was launched for Singaporeans, but it gathers people from all over the world – whether they are Singaporean or into Singaporeans.

What are the differences between gold and platinum memberships?

These are the two VIP subscriptions available on The gold membership is a middle option, as the platinum one has even more features. However, differences in monthly payments are insignificant, so I found lots of people ditching the gold membership and going platinum straight away.

When can I cancel my subscription?

Anytime. Go to the billing section in settings and make sure you uncheck the automatic renewal option. You will not get a refund though and you can still use the premium subscription for the initial period of time.


In conclusion, is a good bridge between Singaporeans and foreigners, as well as locals. In a country that is extremely attractive to expats, it seems to help Asian users find meaningful relationships with foreigners, not to mention expats looking forward to long relationships with Singaporeans.


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