Guest Friendly Hotels In Krabi

Best Girl Friendly Hotels In Krabi – Best Bang For Buck!

Best Guest Friendly Hotels In Krabi 

Located on the southwestern coast of Thailand, Krabi is a popular destination among tourists due to the wide variety of beaches and stunning landscapes. When it comes to finding a Thai girlfriend, chances are the local bars and beaches will expose you to plenty of beauties – whether local or foreign. Of course, you can check out the best Thai dating sites for foreigners.

The main road is just as attractive, not to mention the roads around the local McDonald’s. 😉

But then, assuming you get yourself a nice temporary girlfriend or you book a hooker, you do not want your hotel to prevent you from taking her to your room. This is why I always recommend checking out guest friendly hotels in Krabi before you even check in.

Here are my top options:

So, what kind of experience should you expect?

Aonang Orchid Resort

Aonang Orchid Resort is rated at four stars and represents one of your top choices if you want a more luxurious place. You are minutes away from everything – beaches, bars, restaurants and nightclubs. However, the location keeps this hotel quiet.

The girl policy is fairly simple. You can even book a single room and still get a girl over. You will not have to upgrade or pay any extra money. There is only one condition – the girl should have an ID on her and show it to the receptionist.

I had a problem with a girl I met and she did not have the ID on her – there was no way the receptionist would let her in. I slipped him a nice tip and it worked. I also booked a few escorts online and it was all good – they know the rule.

Srisuksant Resort

Srisuksant Resort is also rated at four stars and features a great location. I had to walk for around five minutes to reach all the action. Besides, there are boat taxis just outside, so you can easily book a trip out.

The girl policy is a bit ambiguous. The most important thing? You will not have to upgrade to a double room or pay the extra money, which makes the resort one of the top guest friendly hotels in Krabi. But then, you might be surprised…

You walk in, nod and say hello and keep walking. Most receptionists will smile back and greet you – walk freely, no questions asked. There are, however, a couple of receptionists who asked my girls for IDs. I stayed there for a week and I had to cancel on a safe quickie because she did not have her ID on her. Other than that, it was all good.

Swiss Chalet Hotel

Swiss Chalet Hotel is one of the most cost efficient options out there. It is rated at two stars only, but it is clean and comes with a good location. It took me around 10 minutes to make it to most places and just five minutes to reach the beach.

I got a hilarious reply when I inquired about bringing guests over. I was told I can bring girls over and what I do in my room is my business. They do not care. 

They said there is one condition only – girls have to be pretty. Haha! Made my day! 😀

Being there for two weeks, I had a different girl almost every night – with a few exceptions, when I was really wasted. No one bothered to inquire about them or ask for IDs. As a result, I always tipped receptionists.

Harvest House

With a TV, Internet, refrigerator (you need to hydrate during sex while in such a hot country, trust me) and air conditioning, Harvest House is one of my top options in the area. Reaching downtown or the beach is easy – walk for 10 minutes down the hill. Coming back can be challenging, as you are walking up the hill.

The hotel policy is quite direct – a room can take two people, so there are no extra fees. But then, they say that if you want to bring more than a guest, you will have to pay extra. I still believe having an orgy will not cost you too much, haha!

Anyway, while there for a good week, I had the time of my life. It was a good time of the year – lots of girls around, both hookers and girls looking for fun. I admit it – I paid for sex a couple of times, but other than that, I banged everything I could for free. Happy days!

Pranang Flora House Hotel

You simply cannot go wrong with Pranang Flora House Hotel. While rated at two stars only, it features a good location – 10 minutes to the city center and 10 minutes to the beach. Obviously, much faster if you get a tuk tuk. Rooms are clean and cost efficient. You get Internet (a bit slow though), television, good water pressure and large beds – ideal if you want to bring some local hotties over.

The girl policy depends on how many girls you want to bring over, haha! 😉

If you want to bring a girl over, you have everything you need. If you want to keep two girls overnight and the bed is not good enough, you can ask for an extra bed for an extra charge. But basically, no one will ask any questions if you only have one girl.

Although I was there for five nights only, that was a great time. I had both foreign and local girls over. No one said anything – no IDs, no questions, no nothing. Just walk in casually, greet the receptionist and keep going. No one will ask you who your guest is.

Final words

As a short final conclusion, you can, indeed, find some good guest friendly hotels in Krabi. It is all about asking upfront. Keep the email with the proof just in case you are questioned. Also, let me give you another helpful tip – money will open every door for you.

Keep tipping receptionists for every little thing (such as calling a taxi or making a recommendation) and they will love serving you.

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