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Girl Friendly Hotels In Subic Bay – What To Know

Best Guest Friendly Hotels In Subic Bay

Subic Bay represents a common attraction for both foreigners and locals looking for fun. You can compare it more to partying in Angeles City and Manila. It is excellent for those who love chilling on a beach with a cocktail and a few tanned babes, not to mention water sports and the possibility to swim around tropical fish.

When it comes to the actual nightlife and the girly scene, Barrio Barreto is where you have to go. There are lots of strip clubs, go go bars, hookers and prostitutes.

It is just minutes away from a popular beach, but it also represents my fishing pool when I feel horny. 😉

Now, let me make it clear – unlike other areas in the Philippines, not all hotels in Subic Bay accept guests for free. Therefore, if you think there is a chance you will bang a local beauty (and trust me, you will if you want to), you better check out the girl friendly hotels in Subic Bay before booking.

Here are my main recommendations:

Let me give you a few more details now…

Blue Rock Resort and Dive Center

Rated at two stars only, Blue Rock Resort and Dive Center feels like it deserves more. You are right on the beach and can take advantage of a floating bar. Other than that, the bar and restaurant are open round the clock. Plus, you are only 15 minutes away from all the craziness.

Girls are allowed in without having to upgrade. Each room is double, so you can get a guest in without having to pay any extra fees. There is one condition though – make sure whoever you bring in has an ID on her for security purposes.

I stayed at this resort for five nights and I have never had an issue. All receptionists were males. They were friendly and could even recommend the best places for inexpensive or super hot hookers – up to you. It is definitely among my main recommendations. Once they get used to you bringing girls over all the time, some of them will not even bother asking them for IDs. It just makes things easy, right?

Subic Grand Seas Resort

Subic Grand Seas Resort features more types of rooms, but even the basic ones can take two people in. It is quite modern, yet some parts of it seem a bit worn. You are just minutes away from the nightlife of Barrio Barretto, which is clearly a plus. Furthermore, there are two restaurants on site.

Girls are allowed without extra fees – just one at a time. She must have an ID on her. It is a matter of security. Should you feel like trying a threesome, make sure you tip the receptionist well. It worked for me and it might work for you too – anything to fulfill your fantasies, huh?

I spent a week in this hotel and I loved it. The beach nearby is not the cleanest in the world, so you are less likely to find too many hot girls there. All in all, I had no issues getting girls inside my room. You basically have to check them in. I had a small issue with a receptionist who claimed my girl’s ID was fake one night, but we managed to get over it – money can solve all your problems in the Philippines.

Subic Waterfront Resort & Hotel

Featuring three stars and basic amenities, Subic Waterfront Resort & Hotel is definitely not the type of place to expect luxury from. Rooms are quite large for the money you get though, but the TV barely has a few channels and the AC feels a bit noisy. On another hand, the swimming pool is large and can take plenty of people at once.

You can bring a guest in with no charges, since all rooms can take two people – even three if you get a bigger room. No ID is needed either. No one really keeps track of the girls going in and out and to be honest with you, you see all foreigners hanging around with different girls all the time.

Being there for almost two weeks, it goes without saying that I banged anything I could – from Vietnamese and Thai to hot Filipinas that literally rocked my world. I even had a threesome (never tried it with more than two girls) and it worked well – no one questioned me about getting two girls in.

Wild Orchid Beach Resort

Wild Orchid Beach Resort is one of my favorite girl friendly hotels in Subic Bay. It offers excellent value for money – good prices, beach front location, bars, restaurants, an ATM machine (great for street meat and I do not mean food), speedy Internet and a great swimming pool. The beach area is not the best though, but you are close to other beaches and the rich nightlife.

The policy says only one girl can spend the night there. I have never tried bringing two at the same time though. No IDs are required. However, if you fancy a threesome, become friends with one of the receptionists and tip them well. Next time they are on shift, they will let you take more than one girl inside – again, you have to tip some more.

It was all good with every girl I brought in. But one night I was so tired and bored that I just could not be bothered to go out and find a girl. I ordered a perfect 10 escort online and she could not get in. It seems guests are allowed if they are with you, so you have to go downstairs to pick her up – no biggie.

Final words

Bottom line, you do have a few good girl friendly hotels in Subic Bay. In this part of the country, girl friendliness is a feature that brings business. You will not find as many hotels as in other parts of the Philippines, but the above mentioned options are good enough.

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