Guest Friendly Hotels In Koh Chang

Best Girl Friendly Hotels In Koh Chang – What Makes This Place So Special?

Guest Friendly Hotels In Koh Chang – What Makes This Place So Special?

Koh Chang has become one of the main tourist hubs in Thailand and not necessarily among tourists, but among locals. It features the beautiful White Sand Beach, lots of bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

It sounds perfect for a foreigner, right? You will find beautiful girls from all over Thailand looking for fun, while your different appearance will make you extremely attractive. If not, you can always try the popular Thai dating apps.

Apart from all the Thai babes looking for fun, you will also find plenty of bar girls and freelancers. Your best option is to hang around the so called Little Pattaya, close to the main beach. 😉

Further down the same road, you will find a bunch of nightclubs. But then, once you meet a beautiful girl willing to follow you to your hotel, can you actually take her inside?

Here is my list of top guest friendly hotels in Koh Chang:

Now, let me get into more details about each of them…

Alina Grande Hotel & Resort

Alina Grande Hotel & Resort consists of two parts separated by a main road. Both of them feature great facilities, as well as a beach location. The staff is friendly and despite being close to all the action, rooms are extremely quiet. You also have a swimming pool at the back.

The girl policy claims you can bring girls from the bar – practically, hookers working within the facility – without any extra charges. However, you should have the receptionist see their IDs for security. You do not have to upgrade to a bigger room either.

I followed this rule for the first few nights. But then, no one really cares, especially if you keep tipping receptionists for everything. You can bring hookers from other locations or local girls you meet in nightclubs – no one questioned me about anything. I liked this kind of experience.

Keeree Ele Hotel

Keeree Ele Hotel features a great location – a couple of minutes from most bars and less than 10 minutes to the beautiful White Sand Beach. Despite being close to everything, the area is quiet at night. You have fast Internet and clean rooms – the hotel is relatively new when compared to others. There is no television though.

The girl policy is oriented towards the customer. You can bring a girl over for free. You do not have to sign her up or get her checked in – no IDs needed. But then, the hotel takes no responsibility if your belongings are stolen or damaged – and you better be careful with some hookers, man!

It was a good warning though. Nothing bad has happened, but I made sure I kept my stuff hidden when I had girls around, such as my wallet or my watch. I had an issue one time when I booked an escort online – she was not allowed to come upstairs. I had to go down and bring her in – a matter of security it seems.

Paddy’s Palms Resort

Paddy’s Palms Resort is one of the best guest friendly hotels in Koh Chang and my favorite option. I find it hard to get a better value for money somewhere else. Great facilities, room service, free bottles of water, fast Internet, a fridge, good water pressure, a few minutes away from bars and the beach… Simply perfect.

The girl policy is simple and straightforward – bring a girl over and take her upstairs. No fees, no IDs, no nothing. According to the management, you are responsible if your stuff is damaged and stolen, so just be careful.

Now, here is why I love this hotel. The reception closes at 10PM. After that time, you can bring all the bar girls you find in a club – no one will question you. You can bring 20 girls for a massive orgy and have the time of your life. I never tried with more than three girls at once though. All in all, this place is perfect for sex tourists.

Top Resort

Top Resort is established in a tranquil environment and around five minutes from the beach or the bars. There are three types of accommodation and each of them provides good value for money. Facilities are classic, yet the Internet was a bit slow.

According to the reception manager who replied to my email, the hotel has never charged fees for guests and never will. IDs will not be requested either. The policy is fair – you can bring whoever you want, but you are responsible if anything bad happens.

During my trip last year, I brought in eight girls over 10 days. I always got a smile and a hello from the receptionist, but that was it. Hookers also know this place for being extremely girl friendly, so you will always find some fresh meat around.

Baan Ton Rak Boutique Resort

Baan Ton Rak Boutique Resort is small, friendly and clean. It has all the basic facilities too. However, it has one downside – it is not as close to the beach and bars as other guest friendly hotels in Koh Chang. The hotel rents scooters though, while getting a tuk tuk is really cheap.

I inquired about the possibility to bring a girl over, yet I must say this was not the primary goal of my holiday. I just wanted a relaxing holiday in a clean place with nice gardens and sun beds – I still wanted to make sure everything is alright if I feel horny. All rooms are double though, so you can bring girls in without any fees.

I have never had an issue, yet I must warn you – there is one female receptionist whose name I cannot remember. She always asks for an ID. Since the hotel is not that close to the city center, I recommend double checking with your girl upfront – you do not want to be turned down by the door, do you?

Banpu Koh Chang Hotel

Banpu Koh Chang Hotel is a bit more expensive than other places nearby. Located on the White Sand Beach, it also provides more facilities – cheap minibar, your own balcony, nice furnishings, fast Internet and so on. It does not have too many rooms, so it feels quite intimate. Hookers know it is expensive, so you can always find some around if you want a quickie. Two downsides – poor channel selection on the TV and the Internet, which is not free and actually pricey.

You will not be charged anything for bringing a girl over. The staff did not respond to my inquiry about IDs or anything like that, so I assumed your guests need to show an ID to check in.

Nope, I was wrong. No one will bother. You walk in holding your lady’s hand, smile and greet the receptionist, then keep walking. No one has questioned me once over two weeks – and trust me, I banged anything that walked during those weeks. 😉

Final words

In the end, the good news is you do have options when it comes to guest friendly hotels in Koh Chang. Policies are relaxes and you are less likely to experience any problems. I do recommend asking upfront and tipping receptionists just in case.

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