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Best Guest Friendly Hotels In Koh Samui – Party With Thai Beach Girls!

Best Girl Friendly Hotels In Koh Samui

Better known as the Samui Island among locals, Koh Samui is the third largest island in Thailand. With more than a couple million tourists on a yearly basis, it is obviously an attractive hub for both locals and foreigners. You will find a lot of Thai women in sexy outfits parading the beaches.

It has beautiful beaches, nice landscapes, go go bars and nightclubs. Most entertainment is available around Chaweng and Lamai though – the most famous beaches in the area.

With so many girl bars around there, it is obvious that most tourists traveling by themselves or without their ladies will look after a piece of Asian meat as well. πŸ˜‰

But then, we all hate joiner fees, right? You find a super hot girl and you think about the night of a lifetime, only to find out that you need to pay extra to have her in the hotel. This is why I always recommend booking with guest friendly hotels in Koh Samui.

My best recommendations include:

Now, what kind of experience should you expect from these places?

Al’s Resort

Al’s Resort’s location is what makes it such a good place. You have the rich nightlife just minutes away from you, as well as the beach nearby. The hotel has a swimming bar, a swimming pool, air conditioning, Internet, television and so on. The Internet is a bit slow though.

The policy regarding guests is quite simple – there are no joiner fees. Beds are relatively large, so you can fit a hot babe in if you want to keep her overnight. Most receptionists will not care about who you bring in.

There are, however, situations when some receptionists may ask the girl for an ID. It happened to me once in two weeks, which was alright. She had an ID on her. Other than that, you just walk in, say hello and reach to your room – simple as that.

Ark Bar Beach Resort

I will be honest with you – I came to Ark Bar Beach Resort because its beach bar is one of the most popular ones in the area, so I thought it must be good. Well, you have late night parties, over 300 rooms on the beach, swimming pools, restaurants and so on – just minutes away from Soi Mango.

I forgot to ask about the policy before booking though – terrible mistake. Luckily, they allow a guest in overnight. If you want to bring two guests, you will have to pay for the second one. Basically, normal sex is alright, but you would have to pay for an orgy, haha!

I have always brought one girl at a time – no one seemed to care. You feel like you have privacy, as no one stares or looks at you, making this place one of the best guest friendly hotels in Koh Samui. I definitely recommend it.

Chalala Samui Resort

I stayed at Chalala Samui Resort for a week with some mates from work – we wanted a quiet location. This hotel is about 15 minutes away from the nightlife, so you can get a good sleep. It has a picturesque design, clean rooms, a restaurant with great food and a swimming pool.

I have no idea what the others did, but I know myself – I asked about the girl policy before getting there. Apparently, you can bring a girl over – free of charge, no fees if she spends the night over. But if she causes any damage or trouble, you are responsible for her.

There is only one receptionist who seems to take things too seriously (he seems Eastern European by his accent, tall and bulky). Whenever he was on shift, the girl I was with had to show her ID. No one else cared though… It is pointless to say that everyone got tipped except for him, right?

Montien House Hotel

Montien House Hotel was our primary choice for a bachelor party – right on the beach and just minutes away from all the go go bars and girls. It is still quiet and feels tranquil due to the cleanliness and beautiful gardens. Featuring three stars only, it provides excellent value for money.

Now, what we really cared about… We were all there without our ladies, so we obviously wanted a piece of Asian ass. So said, so done. You can bring a girl in for free, but her ID stays with the receptionist – not really a problem, as most girls are familiar with these rules and prepared.

We have never had any issues and trust me, girls were coming in and out like there was no tomorrow. Receptionists lack a bit of communication skills because they are all new in English, but it was no problem at all.

Al’s Laemson Resort

Al’s Laemson Resort is the kind of place where you bring a girl to impress her. It is half a mile away from the city center of Chaweng, in a quiet area right on the beach – about 80 small bungalows with modern facilities.

You can bring girls in, whether you pick them up from nearby bars or the hotel bar. All girls will need to leave their IDs by the reception. Also, you are responsible for them, so if they cause any damage, you pay for it.

Unlike my random trips to Thailand, I failed to bring too many girls in. I found this literally perfect chick – super skinny, nice breasts, a round ass and a stunning baby face. Exactly my type! I felt like I could have married her, haha… All for free, as she was not a hooker, but a Thai tourist. Best week of my life! Some of the receptionists kept seeing her everyday, so they even stopped asking for IDs.

Buri Rasa Village Hotel

Buri Rasa Village Hotel is one of the best guest friendly hotels in Koh Samui, as well as a top recommendation over booking website. It is located in a quiet area, but walk for 10 minutes and you will be surrounded by go go bars and nightclubs.

Most rooms are new, so everything is modern and good looking. It is rated at four stars and feels a bit more expensive, but still cost efficient. Girls can follow you to your room, yet they need to have IDs on them – they will have to leave their IDs by the reception. They say it is only a matter of safety.

I was left with my balls in the air one night when a chick I picked up in a bar did not have her ID on her. Bummer! πŸ™

Other than that, follow the rules and you will never have an issue. Also, if you book a girl online, you will have to come, greet her by the reception and lead her to your room.

Final words

In conclusion, there are quite a few good guest friendly hotels in Koh Samui. It is all about knowing what you want to expect before making a reservation – even if you fail to do so and you are charged extra, fees will not really overwhelm you.


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