Guest Friendly Hotels In Cebu

Top Girl Friendly Hotels In Cebu – Get Yourself Some Brown Sugar!

Best Guest Friendly Hotels In Cebu 

Cebu is one of the top destinations in the Philippines. It is not as chaotic as Manila or Angeles, but it has a vibrant nightlife, modern Filipino girls and good city vibes. The atmosphere downtown is amazing, while the unofficial red light district makes a good choice for those who want to empty their balls without wasting too much time.

But then, whether you find a girl while shopping in a mall, partying in a nightclub or scouting the best Filipino dating sites, you need a place to take her to. Many places are rated as guest friendly hotels in Cebu, but some of them will charge a joiner fee or ask you to upgrade.

We do not want this, do we? 🙂

Here is my list of top guest friendly hotels in Cebu that allow you to bang local beauties for free.

Let me give you some more details…

Cebu Grand Hotel

girl friendly hotels cebu

Cebu Grand Hotel is not the cheapest place in Cebu, but not an expensive one either. It is somewhere in the middle range and provides good value for money with Internet, spacious rooms, clean and modern furniture.

The guest policy involves no fees, as beds are large enough anyway. You can bring one guest – or more if you are clever and become friends with a receptionist by tipping them all the time. However, girls require an ID to check in.

I have never had any issues – in fact, I had a nice threesome. Just follow my advice above and you will love the outcome.

Golden Prince Hotel & Suites

guest friendly hotels cebu

Golden Prince Hotel & Suites is more suitable for those who want a bit of luxury. It is not the type of hotel I would normally stay at – I only need a clean bed and a shower. However, it is good for a treat, especially as it is still cheap compared to what you can find in western countries.

The staff is friendly and will not charge you for having girls over. They must check in – the process takes a few minutes. Make sure they have an ID on them – especially if you pick some locals up. Hookers and escorts are familiar with the rule.

I have had a great experience at this hotel – no issues with girls over. In fact, I even got some tips from receptionists regarding the best places to find hot girls.

Definitely one of my favorite guest friendly hotels in Cebu!

Alpa City Suites Hotel

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Alpa City Suites Hotel is a five minute walk from the rich nightlife. It is safe and feels better than the average hotel in the Philippines – good facilities, fast Internet and beautiful decorations.

The policy regarding guests is a bit sketchy, but alright. You do not need to pay extra to bring a girl over, but I have no idea whether or not your girl should have an ID. I would play it safe and ask my date upfront – or at least the receptionist who is on shift.

It was all good for me – five nights there, six girls over, zero problems. One of them was asked for an ID, but that was pretty much it – she had a baby face, so I guess this is why.

Beverly Boutique Business Hotel

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Beverly Boutique Business Hotel is a bit unusual. It looks more luxurious, but the price is surprisingly low. Just because it is a business hotel, it does not mean that you should expect any special treatment – you will rarely see any suites there. It is more common among tourists.

Just like in the other hotels I mentioned above, you can bring girls free of charge. Sometimes they need an ID, other times they do not. I guess it depends on the receptionist.

I was turned down one time by a zealous receptionist who would not let me go upstairs with a girl because she did not have her ID. It ruined the night for me, but I learned the hard way. In other words, I recommend making sure your date has everything she needs to go upstairs with you.

Metro Park Hotel

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Metro Park Hotel has two stars and costs less than a two course meal in a western country. It has almost 60 rooms with basic amenities – air conditioning, television, a fridge and so on. You even have access to a swimming pool.

The staff is dedicated to customer service, meaning you do not need to pay extra if you bring a guest – not even if you bring a different guest every single night. Given the central location, the staff is used to seeing foreigners bringing different girls in all the time.

What I am trying to say is that your first or second date may get asked for an ID. But once the staff figures out that you are there for sex, they will stop bothering.

Elegant Circle Inn

resorts with girls in cebu

Picture this – spend the morning in a local restaurant for breakfast and coffee, reach the on site spa for a massage in the afternoon and go out in the evening to bring back a Filipina stunner to your hotel room for your fantasies. This is what Elegant Circle Inn is about – good facilities and an even better location.

Girls can join without a fee, but they require an ID. It is a security consideration. Some receptionists will ignore it though, but I would still play it safe and double check with my date.

I had lots of fun during my two week trip – literally, this is what I did all day. Wake up, coffee, spa, drinks and sex. I brought in like 10 days – no one bothered about it. Probably one of my best experiences in the Philippines.

Final words

Bottom line, while there are some good guest friendly hotels in Cebu, I recommend double checking the policy upfront – before you even book. It is not the ID you are worried about, but the potential joiner fees. Fortunately, most places have double rooms as standard.

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