Girl Friendly Hotels In Patong

​Top 9 Girl Friendly Hotels In Patong – Thailand

Top 9 Guest Friendly Hotels In Patong

Phuket is probably the second most popular Thai city among tourists, as well as the most important one in the southern part of the country. Millions of tourists visit it for the scenery, beaches, clear sea and white sand, but there are just as many tourists coming over to explore the open sex market with petite Asian babes – hence the importance of girl friendly hotels in Patong.

However, while some hotels are mostly aimed at families, there is also an exclusive category of hotels for couples or singles who enjoy spending days on the beach and nights in bed with different girls.

Unfortunately, not all hotels accept guests and girls – unless they are actually booked in. You do not want to book a second place either, not to mention paying a tax.

At this point, girl friendly hotels in the area of Patong beach become your primary choice. They do not necessarily advertise it on their websites, but word of mouth is quite powerful these days.

So, where should you go to ensure you have all the sex in the world without paying taxes or being stopped from bringing girls in?

Without further ado, here is my summary of the top 9 guest friendly hotels in Patong:

  1. Lamai Hotel
  2. Orange Hotel
  3. Arya EightballRecords Hotel
  4. Safari Beach Hotel
  5. Indochine Resort & Villas
  6. The House Patong Hotel
  7. Soleluna Hotel
  8. Sharaya Patong Hotel
  9. Duangjitt Resort & Spa

I’ll go into more detail in my reviews below

Lamai Hotel

guest friendly hotels in patong

Lamai Hotel has more types of rooms. It is small and often rated as a boutique hotel. It can provide airport transfers and it is a couple of minutes away from the beach and all the nightlife bars and clubs. You can find girls willing to come with you just yards away from the doorstep.

It is a popular area for tourists. It is not just safe, but it also features hundreds of girls on all the streets around you. There are also happy ending places and nightclubs to enjoy some wild parties. No one will question you when you bring a guest back for the night.

When it comes to amenities, you got free WiFi internet and high standards of cleanliness. Value for money is great because the hotel is not rated as a luxury one.

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Orange Hotel

best girl friendly hotels in patong

Orange Hotel is just as close to the beach. It comes with parking, airport transfers, wireless Internet and air conditioning. It is one of the cheapest guest friendly hotels in Patong because amenities are basic – no luxury there, but cleanliness, politeness and a good overall experience.

There are more types of rooms to book. Bars, restaurants and nightclubs are within walking distance – some of them just yards away. Since this area is popular among tourists, there will be happy girls everywhere.

No one will question you for bringing someone in – you might as well get a few different girls a day, no one will care.

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Arya EightballRecords Hotel

patong girl friendly

So, what does Arya EightballRecords Hotel provide for you? You have cheap prices, basic amenities, good wireless Internet, air conditioning and walking distances to what could be interesting – it sounds perfect. After all, you do not need luxury to enjoy Thailand.

Bars, clubs, restaurants and the beach are five minutes away. You can enjoy a quiet night, but still feel close to the action. You would probably have to walk for a couple of minutes to find prostitutes and happy girls trying to hook up.

Back to your hotel, you can choose from more types of rooms. Guest privacy is extremely well rated at Arya EightballRecords Hotel, so no one will bug you about bringing girls over.

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Safari Beach Hotel

patong women

Coming with different types of rooms and located in the heart of Patong Beach, this classy hotel is just 60 seconds away from the beach. You will notice a beautiful exotic scenario with large coconut trees, a swimming pool, bars and restaurants.

Out of the hotel, you will be minutes away from nightclubs, bars, restaurants, massage parlors, happy girls and prostitutes. The so called fun beach unit is among the top guest friendly hotels in Patong and allows its guests to bring guests for the night or maybe an hour or two.

It is a general hotel – not adult only, so keep it decent and cool before you make it to your room, regardless of what happens after you close the door behind you.

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IndoChine Resort & Villas

girl friendly hotels patong

With bars, swimming pools, wireless Internet, daily housekeeping, airport transfers and air conditioning, this is one of the most luxurious five star places in Patong. It might be more expensive than other place, but you will be treated like a king – lots of different rooms, studios and villas to try out.

Given the high luxurious standards of this place, guest privacy is a priority. You are free to bring a girl over – or perhaps two of them for a threesome. No one will care about it. You have lots of privacy around – no nearby rooms or places and no one to take a peek.

The area is quiet and calm, but all the nightlife, beach life and happy girls are just minutes away, so you will not feel lonely.

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The House Patong Hotel

girls from patong

Opened in 2014, The House Patong Hotel is an intimate boutique hotel – about 15 minutes from the beach and five minutes from the famous Walking Street. Each room is differently decorated – four different options there to choose from. It has its own café and restaurant to relax when you need a break.

Given its intimate profile, there will never be too many people around. That means you cannot really go unobserved. However, even if you bring two different girls a day, no one will be bothered about it. You are not the first person to do this and certainly not the last one.

The place offers great value for money because despite its cozy and intimate design, it comes with basic amenities – just what you need to feel good, no luxury.

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Soleluna Hotel

Soleluna Hotel

Soleluna Hotel feels like it was specifically created for fun and excitement. The hotel is close to everything – the beach, local plazas, nightlife, bars, clubs and restaurants. Obviously, given its central location, there will be girls selling their bodies just minutes away from you.

Amenities and facilities on site come with just what you need to relax – Internet access, air conditioning and massage. Everything else will be available around you. You will most likely need the room to sleep and get laid – everything else takes place around the hotel and not inside it.

When bringing girls over, you do not have to sign them up or let anyone know. Just say hello as you enter and mind your own business.

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Sharaya Patong Hotel

patong hookers

Sharaya Patong Hotel provides large spacious rooms, cleanliness, a quiet atmosphere and a perfect service. You would have to walk about 15 minutes to reach the city center, all the nightlife and girls making eye contact with everyone while waiting to be taken to a hotel.

Since you will not spend too much time indoors – just to get laid and take a nap, you do not need any luxury. You have just the right things – a front desk, air conditioning, daily housekeeping and wireless Internet.

The outdoor pool is great to chill during the day while planning your night. There is lots of room between sun beds and a nice bar.

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Duangjitt Resort and Spa

guest friendly hotels in thailand

Duangjitt Resort & Spa is just two minutes away from the beach, but unless you want to pick up hot girls with goddess bodies, you will have everything else on site. The pool and scenario are simply magnificent. There is also free Internet, air conditioning, currency exchange and a game room.

There are lots of different rooms to choose from. Since this is among the guest friendly hotels in Patong, you will not have to let the front desk know about your babes. Just bring them over, have some fun and chill by the pool after.

The hotel is great for singles with the one and only purpose to bang as any Thai girls as possible, couples and families, so try to be decent in public areas.

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Final words

Bottom line, there are quite some good options when interested in guest friendly hotels in Patong. The list is longer, but these are just some of the top rated options. You can find girl friendly hotels in all budget ranges and all kinds of luxury levels – from one to five star establishments.​


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