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​Best Thai Dating Sites of 2020 To Get Laid!

Best Thai Dating Sites of 2020!

From many points of view, Thailand is the country of all possibilities and definitely a place of all contrasts. You can walk down a busy city center by a happy ending massage salon while some go go girls grab you to come into a bar next to a family taking pictures of the busy street.

Getting laid in Thailand is piece of cake, but how do you do it by the book without too much hassle or spending any money?

Exactly! This is when the online dating game kicks in – find the best Thai dating app, set up some dates with some foreigner hungry chicks before you even get there.

How to approach the online dating game in Thailand?

best thai dating app

Being a foreigner makes you an exotic fruit for Thai chicks. However, a little attention to small details will make you irresistible. So, how do you approach the online dating game in Thailand?

Setting up your profile

Setting up your profile is like setting up your first impression. You want to make it count! Use these tips to make your online dating profile the best one out there!

Profile pictures

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Pictures make the difference in online dating – while Thais are crazy after foreigners, you still need to be decent and presentable… Unless you are a millionaire, of course. Choose different pictures – one where your face is perfectly visible in natural light, one where your entire body is visible and a few others from everyday situations.

Do not wear sunglasses or hats – girls want to see the merchandise before they get in touch with you. Try to underline your attitude too. If you are a happy person, show it in pictures. Choose pictures that your friends think you look good in, even if you actually hate it – laughing, doing something, not looking at the camera and so on.

Other than that, take advantage of every feature. If you can go through five forms for better matches, add 20 pictures and complete 150 fields, do so. Sure, it sounds like a lot, but if someone likes you, they want to know as much as possible about you – this is the optimal way to ensure that there will be no unpleasant surprises.

Use the search function properly

Think about the search function on a free Thai dating site too – there are lots of criteria. If someone searches for something in particular, you want to be there, hence the importance of completing everything. Your profile must be 100% complete.

Owning the bio

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While your bio is your best friend, remember that you do not have to write novels. No one will read a seven line paragraph about your beliefs, another nine line paragraphs about what you look for and another six line paragraph about your hobbies… And the list goes on. You need to keep things simple, but true and straightforward.

More small details will give girls the opportunity to strike a conversation with you. Whether you like cooking, dancing or hiking, they will find something interesting to talk about and this is exactly what you should do too if you approach someone. Go to their profile and find something in common to discuss about.

Sex Vs. Relationships

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Keep in mind that although the Thai culture is quite open when it comes to sex, girls who look for a longterm relationship (rather than paid sex) will be a bit shier than western women. Even if they make the first step, your lines must be detailed and over a few lines. Avoid smiling faces and short answers that close a conversation.

With these aspects in mind, setting up a good profile is fairly simple. What else should you know then?

Getting scammed

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Unless you are really stupid, it is almost impossible to get financially scammed or hacked by someone over an online dating website. There are other ways to get scammed though. For instance, make sure you never send money to anyone you meet online – unless you actually meet in real life, develop a nice relationship and things go well. Do not send money for flight tickets, bus tickets to your hotel, accommodation or anything else.

All in all, the most common way to get scammed involves wasting time and getting your computer infected. If someone without a profile picture approaches you and asks you to continue the conversation over another website, avoid it. That is probably an infected website. Apart from having a chat, other reasons involve seeing nude pictures or getting women straight away.

The same rule applies to those profiles whose pictures portray supermodels. If you get a message from a supermodel asking you for sex before you even upload a profile picture, chances are you are dealing with a robot – avoid them and block the profile.

Now, what are the top rated online dating websites when it comes to Thai women?

Top 5 best Thai dating sites

best free Thai dating sites

You can find Thai girls everywhere – best free Thai dating sites, international applications or even dating websites from other countries. What are the best ones and why?

A Quick Overview


Keep reading for a full-detailed review!

thai dating app

Being specifically created for Thais, is clearly your top choice and one of the leading Thai dating sites. It has around 5,000 daily logins and most ladies come from popular destinations, such as Bangkok or Phuket. While designed for Thai men and women, it has mostly become a dating platform for Thai women and foreign men.

You can register on the Thai dating site within a minute or two and opt for a few different membership options – a free limited one as well. You can see who is online, search by a plethora of criteria (from body shape to hair color), use an application and initiate contact by showing interest and adding people to favorites.

Profiles require lots of information from you, which is a great thing. If you are not dedicated enough to fill everything up, Thai Cupid will ask you for lots of details and will get the job done for you.

As for the Thai dating app, it is free to use on Android and iOS mobile devices.

Matching algorithms are quite good and will bring people together based on things they have in common. You can also swipe while quickly browsing around, not to mention enjoying a clear and straightforward interface.

Both the app and the website are easy to use and intuitive. Not sure yet? You can always read my in depth ThaiCupid review.

Thai dating websites is part of the same category – online Thai dating websites specifically designed for locals. Although it gets around 1,000 new visitors on a daily basis, it cannot keep up with Thai Cupid – part of the Cupid Media umbrella. It is still worth a shot due to the active community.

The best part about Thai Friendly is the fact that no matter what age category you fall into, there are more women than men in there. The registration is simple and takes a few minutes – no personality tests and forms to complete, but it is extremely important to complete your profile to 100%.

The portal features a few different memberships – some of them paid, one of them free. The free one is quite limited, but at least you can check the market and explore your options before upgrading. You can tell whether or not the website is worth your time. You can also like and favorite people for free – a good way to show interest.

Finally, you have a free app, search filters and a chat room. On a negative note, since people are not pushed to fill their profiles, you will find many of them without too much information.

Interested? – Click here to sign up and meet real Thai women!

best Thai dating site is a niche website specialized in Asians – lots of Thais as well. While it has a good database, its operating principles are a little weird. Only men are allowed to sign up, while girls tend to register by request. Many of them skip the process because it is tedious. Plus, since it is created for Asians, it cannot really qualify as the best Thai dating site.

There are no monthly fees associated with this basic online dating website. Instead, you will have to buy and use credits for premium features. The registration takes a few minutes. Once premium, you can use three way calling with an interpreter and an impressive search function. Video calling is also allowed.

Asian Date comes with an application and push notifications – never miss anything. The website is a bit better though. While the app ensures you can reply right away, the website provides more profiles when matches refresh.

The design is user friendly and intuitive. Even if you have never used online dating websites before, you will get used to the menu and features right away. There is one bigger problem though – just like another website, often gets spam or robot accounts – other websites’ algorithms are more efficient when it comes to wiping them off.


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Badoo is one of the most popular online dating platforms in the world. It is widely used all over the world and while it looks like a good thing, it is actually quite bad. While there are lots of people there, the platform is not specialized. You will find some Thais there, sure, but not as many as on

The app features 1.5 million daily logins, so it is still worth a try. You might as well find Thai girls in other parts of the world – maybe a few blocks away from you. You can register straight away – basic details required. Again, take your time to fully update your profile.

Since the app is free, images will never be blurry. You can swipe left or right, not to mention searching in the smallest details and even searching for nearby users. Always keep an eye on this search function, as you might find some horny ladies just minutes away from you.

The photo verification process is quite extensive – great, at least you know that most users are real. As for design and usability, there is nothing to be concerned about. Everything is customizable for your peace of mind.


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Just like Badoo, Tinder is a popular choice to find someone to get laid anywhere in the world. But unlike Badoo, Tinder is more popular, so there will be more people in there – more options around you too. With these aspects in mind, you can log on to Tinder once you reach Thailand and you can find lots of potential hookups around you.

Tinder is not extremely diversified, but it has the features that matter. You will not see profiles in a grid design. Instead, you choose the distance, age and gender, then you start swiping left or right – whether you like Tinder’s matches or not.

This is a negative aspect if you think about it. For example, if you want a brunette, you can look through a list of profiles and choose the brunettes only. This is not possible with Tinder. You will be hit with whoever happens to be around you before you can make a decision.

Tinder is also free, not to mention its straightforward use – just come up with a couple of settings and you are ready to start swiping.

Is Tinder popular in Thailand?

free thai dating sites

Given the impressive popularity of Tinder all over the world, most people expect Tinder to be a front runner everywhere. It does seem to dominate Europe and America though – especially the UK and the USA. How about Thailand? Is Tinder among the best free Thai dating sites?

No matter what dating or hookup platform you use, you will still get a decent amount of Thais. If you are into Asians, you will be a bit disappointed – you will also find lots of foreigner babes trying to find some local entertainment. The bad news is you cannot modify this setting.

So, why is Tinder not so popular in Thailand? There are a few reasons behind it. First of all, most Thai girls on an online dating site are interested in longterm and serious relationships. They know that if you want to find bar girls or prostitutes, you could get laid within minutes.

Therefore, Tinder is not really the place for longterm relationships. It is more helpful if you want casual sex – swipe, get there and smack it. If you are after random hookups and sex, just walk out of your hotel and head to the city center. You can find a partner within the first minute there – no hassle at all.

What else makes a website like Thai Cupid more popular then? Finding the woman of your dreams is clearly something. Imagine that – you can search by the body type, hair color, eye color, lifestyle habits, choices, hobbies and so on. You can search in the smallest possible details for a perfect match.

Now, Tinder has over 50 million users. has 1.5 million users. Despite these crushing numbers, Thai Cupid is your main option in Thailand because it is specialized. Most of these users are Thai. When it comes to Tinder, the percentage is much smaller.

Then, Tinder is mostly about sex. Again, you do not need to go online to find sex in Thailand. You will find lots of ladyboys, even more prostitutes and a good percentage of Thai girls who can barely speak English. For all these reasons, Thai Cupid is the better choice in terms of Thai dating sites and love in Thailand.

Useful phrases in Thai for online dating

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Thai girls are proud of their culture and will appreciate you trying to know more about it. While you cannot learn Thai overnight, knowing a few words will open the door to some new experiences.

Furthermore, if you are serious about dating a Thai girl, you will want to learn her language, right?

From another point of view, nothing is sexier than an attractive person of the opposite sex trying to speak a foreign language with a different accent. You will drive her crazy. Here are a few phrases that might help you in certain circumstances – as you approach a girl, ask her out or tell her how beautiful she is, whether you do it face to face or over the most popular Thai dating sites:

  • You are so beautiful – Khun sǔuay mâak
  • I have a crush on you – Chǎn lǒng rák thooe yùu
  • Can I have your phone number? – Cor ber tho-ra-sap kong khun dai mai khrup/ka?
  • Can I call you? – Phom thor haa khun dai mai khrap/ka?
  • You have beautiful eyes – Dtar khun suu-way mak khrup/ka
  • I miss you – Khit thueng khun khrup/ka
  • You are pretty – Khun naa rak khrup/ka
  • You look sexy – Khun duu seksee khrup/ka
  • I really like you – Phom chorp khun mak khrup/ka
  • I love you – Phom rak khun khrup/ka
  • You are special – Khun ben kon pis-ed khrup/ka
  • Can you speak English? – Kun pood paasaa anggrit dai mai?
  • Thank you – Khop khun
  • Having fun? – Sanuk mai?
  • Kiss – Jùub


Bottom line, getting laid in Thailand is not hard. In fact, it is probably easier than anywhere else in the world due to the heavy sex tourism. But then, once there, it depends on what you are looking for. Are you interested in getting laid three times a day with three different girls and pay for everything?

Are you trying to find a good girl and date? How about a longterm relationship? For any of these situations, Thailand has the answer.

Just make sure you take your time while browsing the best dating sites in Thailand!


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