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​Visiting The Red Light District In Manila – A Tourist Guide!

​Visiting The Red Light District In Manila – A Tourist Guide!

If you ever visit the Philippines, chances are you will end up in Manila at some point or another. Whether you land there or you choose to visit the capital, this is a starting point for everything. At the same time, the country boosts of beautiful girls waiting just round the corner for you, be it in a shopping mall or the red light district in Manila. Plus, you have the exotic factor, which makes this whole experience even better.

But then, there are times when you simply do not feel like wasting time getting a date online or picking up girls downtown.

There are times when you feel horny and you just want a stag. What do you do then?

Prostitution in Manila

People in the Philippines are friendly and nice, but many of them are also poor. This is why they hang around touristy places to get some money. The easiest way to do it? Prostitution. The good news is pretty much everyone speaks English, so you will have no problems getting along with girls.

It is important to know that prostitution is illegal in the country. However, just like everywhere else in the world, it is everywhere. You know it, locals know it and police officers know it. There is an underground world based on bribery and connections that keeps it so obvious and easy, despite not being legal.

It is not unusual to find underaged girl too – again, illegal, but common. Other than that, you will find girls willing to sell their bodies everywhere. There are certain places where they do it in a more organized manner, as well as well known streets where they gather and make eye contact with everyone.

Cherry girls represent a particular breed of happy girls. They will take your money, but you cannot do anything to them. They just hang around you with their beautiful petite figures and baby faces. They will provide great company, but you will not bang them.

Now, back to the real thing, where can you get laid in Manilla without wasting too much time?

Exploring the red light district of Manila

Just like everywhere else in the world, the local red light district will provide lots of fun and adult entertainment, as well as plenty of opportunities. But then, you need to stay alert and safe in such areas. Using common sense will turn this trip into the experience of a lifetime.

Since prostitution is officially illegal, there is no such thing as an official red light district. Unofficially, there are quite a few.

The Burgos Street is the main red light district in Makati – one of the touristy areas in Manila. You have lots of nightlife entertainment and plenty of girls around.

On another hand, the Malate district is not to be overlooked either. It has its own red light district too. Most of the action takes place around two streets – Remedios Street and M. Adriatico Street.

Not only will you make eye contact with lots of girls on these streets, but you can also enjoy wild parties until early AM in local nightclubs. While quite far from Manila’s city center, the district is easily accessible by taxi or public transportation.

Ermita is just as attractive. If you ask locals about the classic red light district, this is where they will point. This is the oldest red light district in the area. It has plenty of bars for foreigners to enjoy, as well as loads of hot girls around.

Ermita is a bit under pressure though, as local authorities keep trying to clean its reputation. Given its popularity, it is less likely to happen too soon.

If you plan to explore a different red light district every night, do not overlook EDSA. EDSA stands for Epifanio De Los Santos Avenue – it is just a shortcut for a popular street. People here seem to be more relaxed.

Moreover, some places look luxurious and pricey, but they are actually quite cheap. Hang around Casino Filipino or the Heritage Hotel and you will be surprised.

Girls are everywhere. You can see them standing on the street trying to make eye contact or checking their phones out, but you can also find them in bars and nightclubs.

Best nightclubs and strip clubs in Manila

You will find hot girls in pretty much any nightclub around Manila, but some of them stand out in the crowd. Obviously, if you want casual sex, red light districts represent your top choice. But then, there are prestigious nightclubs in other parts of the city too.

You do not always have to pay for sex. Sometimes, you can just hang around and find a local girl interested in foreigners. She is just looking for a fling – no money, no strings attached. Just like for every other type of girl in Manila, eye contact is the first step. If your eyes cross and she does not turn around, go ahead and say hi.

While there are interesting nightclubs all over the place, three of them gather the cream of Manila.

Club ZZYZX is located in Malate and overfills every weekend. It is a popular choice for foreigners too. Guilly’s Night Club is just as important. Located in Quezon City, you can get there by taxi or bus. Finally, do not overlook XYLO at The Palace, which gathers together some of the sexiest ladies in Manila.

When it comes to strip clubs, Dimple is probably the top rated one. The stage is small though, but girls keep changing every few minutes. Jools is bigger, but it feels more like a cabaret club, rather than a strip clubs. There are all kinds of shows on a daily basis.

Most girls who work in strip clubs are also escorts. If you fall for one of them, ask politely and there is a decent chance to take her home.

When it comes to go go bars, check out the following:

  • La Cafe
  • Havana Cafe
  • Universe Entertainment & KTV Bar
  • Asia Entertainment

Massage parlors in Manila

If you truly want quality, Manila’s best girls gather around in massage parlors. No one goes there for the actual massage, but for the extras. What do you get? You have a room, a bed, lots of oil, candles, a nice scent and a beautiful girl. Most massages are given fully naked.

Extras come with different prices. You will always get a happy ending though. Simply ask for prices upfront, choose the girl you like and enjoy.

You can also find freelance massage girls. Instead of heading out to a massage parlor, you can call them over. They will bring all the equipment, including the nuru gel.

Lots of KTV (karaoke) clubs have their own massage parlors, so you do not have to search for too long.

Freelance prostitutes in Manila

Freelance prostitutes do not work in an organized environment. They hang around streets, bars and nightclubs. La Cafe is your top choice – lots of girls, good and bad looking, skinny and overweight, something for everyone.

  1. Spot – between the Watsons Store and the 7/11 Store – Is one of the top places to find one. Check the area after 10PM. You will not find any 10s though, but a 7 if you are lucky.

Amazonia, close to La Cafe, provides short term accommodation, hence its popularity among street girls. You will find a few 6s and maybe a good 8 if you are lucky.

Freelance girls can be found in the Glorietta Shopping Mall too – close to TGIF and Hard Rock Cafe. The place is in Makati. It is a matter of luck – you could find pretty girls or overweight ladies. Starbucks in the Robinsons Mall is the same, not to mention the Harrison Plaza Mall – the second floor.

Street prostitution in Manila

If you like the experience of picking up girls on the street, hang around the Burgos Street in Makati. There are lots of bars and clubs there, so there will obviously be plenty of girls selling their bodies. You can also find working girls in bars and clubs. They are usually alone and just hang around.

Greenbelt 3 is yet another location popular among street workers. It is basically a shopping area – look for the third entrance, close to Starbucks. Prices are extremely low. Everything is negotiable on the street. You can also get a girl for a quickie, an hour or even the whole night – up to you.

Final words

As a short final conclusion, Manila is a heavenly place for men looking for sex. As a foreigner, you will have that exotic factor that will help you get laid for free anyway. But if you want to do it within minutes instead of hours or days, your options are countless.

To make it even better, prices for sex in the Philippines are extremely low when compared to other Asian countries, so you can afford to be picky.​


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