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Dating And Mating With Phuket Girls – Everything You Must Know Before Going To Phuket!

Dating And Mating With Phuket Girls – Everything You Must Know Before Going To Phuket

Phuket is currently one of the most appreciated islands in Thailand, whether it comes to its beautiful beaches, natural landscapes, the old town architecture or, well, the girls. While most men looking for Thai babes head to Bangkok, I must admit Phuket is quite impressive because the offer is even more diversified.

Phuket makes a great holiday destination for people from all over the world – including Thais. Besides, unlike Bangkok, you actually feel like you are on holiday – beaches, palms, nice views, clear waters and so on.

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Now, assuming that you can find all the interesting landmarks over tourist websites, here is what you need to do to make the most out of your experience with girls in Phuket.

Whether you visit the Phuket island or other similar islands in the area (which, by the way, also belong to the Phuket province), chances are you will end up in the old town at some point or another.

That is where most of the action occurs, whether you want to party like an animal, bang as many Phuket girls as possible or admire the views – yeah, right! 😉

Where to meet girls in Phuket?

best place to meet girls in Phuket

Girls visit Phuket to go to the beach and relax. In other words, if you want to try your day game, this is the optimal place to begin your search. The Patong Beach is probably the best place to meet girls in Phuket by the seaside. Get a drink, walk around and try not to look like a hot pervert. Just be cool about it and only act if you make eye contact.

Since you are on the beach, you can also try out a few beach clubs:

  • Dream Beach Club
  • Coast Beach Club
  • Paradise Beach Club
  • Xana Beach Club
  • Catch Beach Club

girls in phuket

The day game is strong in shopping malls and districts too:

  • Limelight Avenue
  • Walking Street
  • Central Festival
  • Jungceylon Shopping Center
  • Premium Outlet
  • Banana Walk

Things change at night when girls load up with alcohol and a good mood. Hang around Patong – Bangla Road – this is where most of the action is. However, the nightlife in the area can be a bit tricky. You will find families, hot girls, groups of teenagers, prostitutes and happy ending parlors in the same areas. This is because lots of good nightclubs and bars are in the red light district.

While lots of girls will see their asses, I recommend trying your game with regular girls instead. You will find Thai girls from other regions on holiday, as well as lots of tourist girls from abroad.

All in all, some of the best bars and nightclubs to pick up single girls of Phuket include:

City girls versus country girls

girls of phuket

Phuket has lots of local girls, as well as girls traveling from all over Thailand and nearby countries. City girls – those on holiday or locals from the old town – are educated, can speak good English and are open minded when it comes to tourists. You are likely to have more meaningful everything with them – from sex to sightseeing.

Countryside girls are a bit close minded. You can find them in small villages in the area – just as pretty, but not very well taken care of. Their English is not that good, while the fact that some of them struggle in poverty might make you look like a gold mine. Unless you want to pay for sex, chances are you will not get too far with most of these girls.

Quickest way to get laid in Phuket as a foreigner

phuket ladies

If you only visit to get as many Phuket ladies as you can, you can start right away. Hang around the city center or the red light district and buy yourself a girl. Prices are quite low and you can literally browse around like in a restaurant menu.

A bit of charisma can get you laid for free though – lots of hot tourist babes looking for a holiday adventure, not to mention the fact that you look exotic for most Asians.

Best dating sites in Phuket

dating sites in phuket

The online game is just as good as the day or night game – even better if you start early, as you can set some dates before you even get there.

Badoo is one of the leading applications to meet singles – easy and free to use. Click here to give it a try.

Tinder does not need any presentations. You can find singles regardless of where you go in the world and Phuket makes no exception either. Try it here for free. is worth a shot too – suitable for single foreigners and Thais, mostly foreign men and Thai ladies. Give it a try here.

Finally, is probably your best option as a foreigner – lots of Thai ladies looking for men from abroad. There are lots of girls from Phuket to talk to.

You can use the app too and make sure you take advantage of the advanced search function. Check it out here.

How to avoid gold diggers in Phuket

There are a few simple rules here. If you are 55 and a 20 year old babe wants you, she is probably after your money. I recommend staying away from girls who come from families living in poverty, as you might be seen as a ticket to a better life – not a general rule, but be cautious.

At the same time, you must be careful if she keeps complaining that she does not have this and that – things she might need or not. She is probably waiting for you to offer, so keep some distance.

How to spot ladyboys in Phuket

When trying to learn how to meet girls in Phuket, chances are you might run into ladyboys too. How do you spot them apart from Adam’s apple? First of all, they often wear excessive makeup to look more feminine. A girl will look girlish with no make up at all – a ladyboy will not.

Second, when you talk to girls in Phuket, be clear – make sure you mention what you want, be it love or sex. Tell them you want a woman to love or have fun with. Just be clear – at this point, most ladyboys will tell you that they are not women.

If it still does not work… Well, my friends, I have some good news for you, but you will feel the sausage the first time your hand goes under that miniskirt. The good news is you will find out before you do more than that.

Enjoying the Phuket nightlife

phuket nightlife

Foreigners can enjoy the Phuket nightlife by hanging out in the main party districts. Again, Patong along the Bangla Road is where you want to be. Even if you are not after prostitutes, there will be plenty of them. But at the same time, this is where the best nightclubs are.

You will find lots of foreigners in this area looking for some fun. If you try to get laid with some Phuket girls, you may also find other Asian chicks looking for fun. When on holiday, getting drunk and laid is always on their mind. Plus, if they are fit, why not?

If you are not so much into nightclubs, foreigners often hang around bars and pubs until early AM. Depending on how busy a particular place is, it might stay open until really late. You will find other foreigners to hang out with, groups of girls looking for some quality time and bar girls who sell their bodies.

Apart from the so called red light district where all the fun is, you will find nightclubs and parties in other parts of the island too. Stick to safe places and look for other foreigners too – the more Caucasians you see, the safer the place is.

Best stripclubs, nightclubs, bars and massage parlors in Phuket

thai bar girls

When not sure how to get girls in Phuket but you are desperate for a quickie, Thai bar girls might be your quickest bet. Simply head over to a bar in the evening and you will always spot some nice ladies by the bar. They are actual prostitutes – they have a drink and wait to be approached. Sometimes, they approach themselves.

If you want to do it even faster, hang around the red light district and many girls will hang around in front of houses waiting for men to come inside for pleasure. They will smile at you, touch you and making eye contact will have a few of them joining the fun.

The same goes for go go bars – you go in, choose a girl from the menu and have fun. Suzy Wong’s A Go Go has the best looking girls in the area – just a personal opinion though. It is spacious and not expensive at all, considering those girls.

Other good go go bars to try include:

  • Devil’s Playground A Go Go
  • Harem A Go Go
  • Money Night
  • The Secret
  • Crazy Horse Circuit

Let me remind you that a go go bar is a stripclub. You go in, have fun, buy ladies drinks, touch them and even ask them to go back – simply ask how much it is. You will negotiate sex just like you negotiate a used car in a dealership – honestly, it is incredible.

When it comes to happy ending massages, you cannot tell the difference between a regular massaging salon and a slutty one. There is one thing though. If you see ladies dressed in long robes and traditional Thai costumes, you will probably get a massage only. If you see sexy models dressed in miniskirts asking you to come in, chances are they will pour oil all over your balls later on – a guaranteed happy ending.

Here are a few good places to try:

  • Rat U Thit Road – lots of massage parlors
  • Bangla Road – part of the red light district
  • Sawatdirak Road – many of them are one close to another

The red light district area is around the Bangla Road – it is not an official district like in the Netherlands, but it feels like one. There are girls waving, saying hi and waiting for sex everywhere you look.

Top 5 girl friendly hotels in Phuket

girl friendly hotels phuket

You might be able to find the best girls in Phuket – if your hotel does not allow guests, you will have to go to their places or go behind a building. Not such a good idea, is it? Luckily, since lots of people come here to satisfy their fantasies, more and more hotels go girl friendly – or better said, guest friendly.

The Summer Breeze Hotel is a good middle option – just a couple of minutes away from the red light district. Despite its location, it is quiet at night – click here for more info.

Located five minutes away from the Bangla Road, Absolute Guesthouse Phuket is worth a shot too. Set in a quiet area but open to guests, this place features friendly staff and no hidden fees – give it a try.

If you want something more luxurious but still affordable, try out The Royal Paradise Hotel & Spa. It is close to the action, clear, quiet and provides a great feeling of safety – try it out.

I have also tried The Bliss Hotel South Beach Patong a few times – close to the beach, as well as the city center. It is quite new, has a massive pool, lots of amenities and allows guests at any random time. Check it out before you book.

Finally, if your budget is limited, but you still want to bring some hot babes over, do not miss Baan Orchid Guesthouse Patong Beach – comfortable, clean and relaxing.

How to stay safe in Phuket

Stick to touristy areas – downtown, shopping malls and the beach – to keep safe in Phuket. Do not bring valuable jewelry – your exotic appearance is more than appealing to girls in Phuket. Therefore, avoid flashy watches or large amounts of money. Spread your money in more pockets and generally speaking, use ATMs located in banks.

When it comes to common sense, avoid sketchy streets that look suspicious. Avoid people who look dangerous if there is no one else on the street. If you travel with more friends, stick to the group. Other than that, you will be perfectly fine.

Cost of living in Phuket for foreigners

Life in Thailand is hard if you have a local job. Ideally, you should have an external source of money or run a business. The average salary in Phuket is about 26,000 THB ($1 is about 30 THB), while renting a small flat downtown will cost around 13,000 THB a month.

A single meal in a decent restaurant will be about 150 THB. You can also buy your own groceries – around 25 THB to 70 THB for a kilo of fruits or vegetables.

My opinion? If you want to move to Phuket, come live for a month first and see how you like it.

Get used to prices and expenses before making such a big decision.

How to get to Phuket and travel around

Phuket has an international airport, so it is well connected to the world. Many direct flights go to and from Australia, Germany, Singapore, India and other countries. Even if there are no direct flights, you will most likely have to switch in Bangkok.

You can also reach Phuket by bus if you want to explore the local lifestyle. However, buses are slow and may take many hours, depending on the distance. Many of them are air conditioned – do that. You will thank me later.

There are no direct trains to Phuket, but you can get a train and a bus. For example, you can head from Bangkok to Singapore, get off at the Phun Phin station and grab a bus for another five hours.

Getting around Phuket depends on what you want to do. If you are there to party, bang girls and have fun, you can do with local taxis and tuk-tuks. If you want to explore the island and travel around, renting a car might be a better option, yet you can also use songthaews – some pickup trucks with wooden benches in the back.

There are no stations – they just pick and drop people off on request. They usually connect the city and nearby beaches.


how to get girls in phuket

Bottom line, Phuket girls can definitely rock your world. If you want to explore sex with no inhibitions with beautiful petite babes and exotic faces, get a long holiday and you will never forget it. If you are addicted to such experiences and you can live banging hot babes for years, move in.

Phuket is exotic and offers lust and pleasure everywhere, along with family friendly entertainment. There is something for everyone in there, so you will not regret this experience.

P.s – Don’t forget to read my general guide on how to meet Thai women today!

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