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​Top 4 Best Singaporean Dating Sites You Must Check Out!

4 Best Singaporean Dating Sites You Must Check Out!

Here is my quick list of the 4 best Singaporean Dating Sites. Keep reading for my experiences with online dating in Singapore:


Singapore is one of the most advanced countries in Asia. It is not a magnet for tourists because of its open minded attitude only, but also because of the beautiful girls. Not only will you find plenty of stunning petite Asians, but they are also used to foreigners.

After all, Singapore is an attractive hub for international workers.

Whether you choose to do it downtown or over the Internet, meeting a girl in Singapore is a piece of cake if you do it right. Unless they know someone, most foreigners turn to Singapore dating sites.

This article will give you a detailed insight on the best dating apps Singapore has to offer and how to do it by the book.

How to approach the online dating game in Singapore

While there are plenty of great places to meet beautiful girls in Singapore – both during the day and at night, the process is quite slow. You end up looking around, talking to one girl or another and keeping your fingers crossed.

Many of them are taken already, while the procedure can be quite challenging if you are also shy – hence the necessity of finding some free dating sites in Singapore.

You might get a couple of phone numbers during the day, but the value for time is close to none. At night, you will most likely have to spend some money on drinks, as well as expensive cab rides home.

Top dating apps, on the other hand, will solve all of these problems. Technology will help you save lots of time, find girls who are actually interested and boost your chances.

In order to avoid wasting time, more and more foreigners sign up to free online dating sites in Singapore or try to find the best dating agency in Singapore before they even get there. This way, they have a few dates lined up for when they come over. It is a smart way to avoid wasting time on holiday. Instead, they choose to spend their time with a beautiful girl straight away.

Approaching the online game over Singaporean dating sites is relatively simple. Simply sign up and complete your profile. Add as many details as you can to make sure you show up in most searches. You will have detailed search functions to find the perfect girl – looks, beliefs, lifestyle and so on. You should also search for girls in the area you head to – no hassle.

When using a Singapore dating app, you will find local girls, as well as girls from all over the world. Whether you want to get married or laid, the best dating apps in Singapore will give you lots of potential matches.

Doing it online is much easier if you are shy – it also prevents the embarrassment of being rejected.

Now that you understand how these dating sites work, what are the top rated portals for singles out there? More importantly, what should you expect once you are there?

Top 4 best Singaporean dating sites

top dating apps singapore

You will find Singaporean girls on pretty much any international dating website. However, choosing the most popular dating app in Singapore will ensure that you go straight to the point – a place specifically designed for Singaporeans.

With an even gender variation, over 300,000 members and a high percentage of Singaporeans, is one of the top dating sites in Singapore. Members are quite expressive in showing what they are interested in, while females tend to dominate the young segment – 25 to 44 years old.

Registration takes a few minutes (click here to register for free) and can be done with your Facebook account too – make sure you add as many details as possible. You can upload pictures right away. Most matches will be given based on your location, but you can work on the search function to find girls all across the world – assuming that you are not in Singapore yet.

Free communication can be done by showing interest and adding people to favorites. You cannot send messages unless you are a premium user. Searching is free, as well as seeing other people’s profiles. There are a few different subscriptions to choose from. They also provide access to more features, such as a better search function.

In terms of design and usability, this Singapore dating website is simple and straightforward. It might look a bit old fashioned though, but the good news is literally anyone can use it without any prior experience. is not an actual Singaporean portal, but a general one for plenty of Asian countries. It is much bigger than country specialized websites. It is mostly aimed at Asian ladies and foreign men. For this reason, the search function will only show women and no men – most of them with Asian backgrounds.

Signing up is fairly simple and takes a few minutes. You can do it with your Google account. Men are lucky because the registration is simple. Women are not allowed to register the classic way – it is a more sophisticated process to prevent bots and spam. Once in there, the design is simple and easy to use – no experience needed.

The search feature is free. You can also see anyone’s profile. Profiles are pretty detailed. When it comes to sending messages, you need to subscribe first. There are a few different subscriptions and each of them comes with plenty of benefits. Apart from unlimited communication, you also get cam share and live chat features.

If you find the right girl but she barely speaks English, you can take advantage of a three way phone call with an interpreter. Sure, having an interpreter in real life is hard, but it makes a good start if she is willing to learn English.

Slightly dominated by men, but with a good range of girls of all ages, is another general online dating portal that matches Asians with people from all over the world. It is said to be the only website that keeps bots and spam out because registration requires a working phone number for verification.

In order to register, you will have to complete a personality test – great to ensure solid matches. While the verification text message may take a while to get there, you can still browse around for free. Profiles are extremely detailed – no slot for sexual orientation, so most people mention it in the headline to prevent confusion.

Unlike other Singapore dating sites, Date In Asia comes with free communication for everyone. Make sure you follow the rules though – no abusive language. Other than that, you can send messages, give likes and check out chat rooms. Since it is specifically designed for English speaking people, you should not have problems with the language barrier.

Bored? There are a few love games to try. You can also check out the chat room or simply add more details to your profile. It is worth noting that every picture should include your face. The system uses a face recognition software.

With more than 20 million users and over 25 years on the market, is one of the largest websites in the world. It is an international website, so people from all over the world sign up to find love or get laid. From this point of view, you will find a high percentage of girls in Singapore – even if they are not actually Singaporean.

You can browse profiles for free – you do not even need an account. Registration is free and straightforward – you should use the profile builder for a better looking results. You do have to upload a picture and fill out a form with personal information. However, verification is not required – you might find some bots here and there then.

Initiating communication as a free member involves sending likes. While you can do quite a lot with a free account, the premium one is what gives you access to everything – unlimited communication with anyone. In terms of searching, the function is quite detailed, so you can literally search for the perfect girl in your vision.

When it comes to profile quality, Match does better than many Singaporean dating sites in terms of details. You can upload up to 26 pictures and see when users are online or the last time they were there – great to avoid wasting time with inactive profiles.

Which site has the best Singapore dating app for your mobile phone?

best singapore dating app

Almost each of the best dating sites in Singapore has an application, which shares the same features, but it has one major advantage – push notifications. This way, you will never miss a message or a like from a potential match. Choosing the best dating app in Singapore depends on which website you find more useful. There are not too many differences, but at least you know for a fact that nothing gets away. has its own application. It is only available on Android devices for now, but developers are working on compatibility with other operating systems too. It is free and works just like the website. The app is easy to navigate, fully functional and well structured. also has a proprietary app. It only works on iOS devices for now. It sends push notifications for messages and other important events. It is free to use and follows the same principles as the website. does not have an application, yet it has a mobile version of the website, which works just like on a desktop or laptop. has an app for both Android and iOS users – nothing for Windows. It has the same features as the website. It is easy to navigate through and use, but it also has push notifications to keep users updated.

Website Price Functionality Reviews by users Free of charge Same features as the website, available on Android, well structured “I find the application better than the website because I get notified whenever something important happens.” Free of charge Similar to the website, less refreshing, available on iOS, easy to use “The application is easy to use once you get a few chats going, but matches do not refresh as often as on the web. Not available No application, but a mobile version of the website “I am a mobile user, so I stick to the mobile version. It is just like the one on the desktop – easy and simple.” Free of charge Both for Android and iOS, shares the same features with the website “The app is simple, easy to use, intuitive and has the push notifications, which make everything so much easier.”


Useful phrases in Singaporean for online dating

top singapore dating sites

Knowing a few phrases in the local language will not get you laid, even if you use the best dating site out there. However, it will work a long way. First, you will look cute and interesting. Girls love it when you want to know more about their culture and language. Second, some local phrases can break the ice.

Sure, knowing a bit of Singaporean will not work wonders. You and your potential match will actually need a common language, whether you are willing to learn the local language or she wants to learn English. The good news is that English is quite popular in Singapore.

In fact, many foreigners refer to Singaporean as Singlish because there are so many similarities.

Officially, Singaporeans speak Malay – the official language in Malaysia. After all, Singapore was part of Malaysia until recently.

So, what kind of phrases should you come up with to impress your date face to face or over a free dating site in Singapore?

I have used the following sentences with great success!:

  • What is your name? – Siapa nama anda?
  • Please say that again – Tolong ulang sekali lagi
  • Would you like to dance with me? – Mahukah saudari menari dengan saya?
  • I miss you – Aku rindu pada mu
  • I love you – Aku cintakan kau
  • Thank you – Terima kasih
  • Do you come here often? – Ngana jaga kamari?
  • Do you speak other language than Malay? – Adakah kamu boleh bercakap dalam bahasa selain daripada bahasa Melayu?
  • You are beautiful – Awak cantik
  • I find you very attractive – Saya mendapati anda sangat menarik
  • Would you like to go out? – Adakah anda ingin keluar?
  • Can I have your phone number? – Saya mempunyai nombor telefon anda?
  • Your eyes are very beautiful – Mata anda sangat cantik
  • Can I buy you a drink? – Boleh saya beli minuman?
  • Do you speak English? – Adakah anda bercakap bahasa Inggeris?

Final words

Bottom line, choosing the perfect Singapore dating sites involves browsing a bit around. Some of the above mentioned websites allow you to search for free, while others involve registering. All in all, searching is free of charge, so you should get an idea about what you can find before getting a subscription.

To improve your chances, you might want to consider signing up with more dating websites.​


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