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​Picking Up Bali Girls – King Of The Hill Hook-Up Guide!

Picking Up Bali Girls – The King Of The Hill Guide

Often referred to as the island of the gods, Bali is one of the most beautiful places in Indonesia, as well as the entire world. You get a mix of mountains, sandy beaches, rice terraces and volcanic rocks – lots of culture, crystal clear waters and beautiful Bali girls.

What else can you ask for? 😉

However, while the island is relatively small, some places are more suitable than others. When you go there, you want a bit of luxury, not to mention a rich nightlife, lots of entertainment and a piece of local meat (and I mean girls here).

Whether you are looking for casual hookups, an actual relationship in paradise or just casual sex a few times a day, you better do your homework.

Some things work better than others – here is my guide to help you get laid in one of the most impressive holidays of your life.

How to pick up girls in Bali?

bali bar girls

Well, you do not have to be a genius to pick up girls in Bali. While Indonesia is a conservative country that many sex tourists avoid (you can get laid much easier in the Philippines or Thailand), Bali is the only non Muslim part of it.

Most locals are Buddhists and not so religious, so your chances are way higher.

The first step I always recommend to sign up for a local online dating site. It is a easy way to have some dates lined up before you arrive.

Local dating culture in Bali

The local dating culture is classic, but with a few particularities. On a first date, you will most likely have a drink or a meal. Drinks are preferred in such a hot place and fortunately, you have plenty of options in so many beautiful areas.

Dress smart casual. You do not want to look like a tourist.

I recommend taking girls out during the evening, as it is a bit cooler than during the day. Plus, you have more options. Further dates can go a bit further. It is worth noting that unlike any other part of Indonesia, public display of affection is common in Bali.

Girls are still quite conservative when it comes to serious relationships. You will still have to meet her family at some point or another and you still require its approval.

On another note, girls are a bit more relaxed, so you are more likely to have sex before marriage – not to mention having her move in with you.

It is important to make a girl feel special in Bali. The island is touristic, so many men look after sex only. You want her to know that you want more than that and you will not just disappear in a few weeks or months.

Make sure your intentions are clear and hers will be too.

The do’s and don’ts

Let me make it clear upfront – you are expected to pay for what you do during a date. As things get serious later on, you might be able to share or she might pay for stuff, but you should get the bill during the first dates.

In other words, whether you take her out for cocktails, dinner or a movie, you pay.

Even if she insists to pay for her part, you should just smile and tell her she can pay for a coffee the next time you see her.

Boom – you show her that you are a gentleman and you get a second date lined up. It sounds good, right? 🙂

When it comes to things you should do, here is my list:

  • Dress smart casual
  • Be a gentleman
  • Be kind and polite
  • Be clear about your intentions
  • Pay for everything
  • Show interest in her and her culture
  • Make her feel special

Of course, there are also a few things we do in western countries, but they are not recommended in Indonesia:

  • Never make fun of her country or culture (she is allowed to do it though)
  • Do not tell her that she is skinny or tanned (western girls will take it as a compliment – not Indonesians though)
  • Do not act too macho or masculine
  • Do not be rude to others, like waiters
  • Do not mention sex or past relationships (unless she does)

These rules are quite classic, with a few exceptions that only apply there. Stick to them and you should be alright.

What do Bali girls think of expat dating?

Women in Indonesia are raised to believe that foreigners come to their country for sex. In Bali, it could go in two directions. From some points of view, women are more open minded.

You can meet girls in Bali who have a different opinion on foreigners, depending on the men they met before.

From other points of view, Bali is extremely popular among international tourists, so lots of foreigners will end up there for small periods of time. Therefore, local girls do not always expect them to have relationships. It is usually up to you to convince a girl about your intentions during the first date.

As a general rule of thumb, you will look different there. You will be exotic.

Pretty much everywhere else in Indonesia, girls are a bit racist – white is the preferred color, black is less desirable. If you are in between, it depends on your background.

The good news is that girls in Bali are familiar with all kinds of people, from all over the world. The racist factor will not be too important. Either way, whether you are in Bali or Jakarta, it is your personality and charm that will make the difference in the long run.

There is a small percentage of girls who would never date a foreigner, but many of them will gladly do it. In fact, you can find lots of Indonesian babes from Bali over all kinds of online dating platforms – they are up for it.

How to get laid in Bali as a foreigner

bali girls in my room

Getting laid in Bali is a piece of cake. There are more options. I have tried all of them, so you can learn from the best. There are easier ways to get a Bali girl in my room, as well as more difficult ways that involve spending more time.

The easy way involves paying for sex. You can hang around and find hundreds of Bali bar girls willing to follow you to your room. Many of them are Indonesian, but you will also find Thai, Malaysian, Chinese or Russian girls in Bali.

The second option is also quite easy and involves targeting tourists. If you are into Asians, you can easily find girls from other countries, including Japanese girls in Bali. Traveling babes are there to chill, relax, have fun and perhaps an adventurous affair too, so go ahead and try your luck.

You can find one night stands and local girls interested in casual hookups, but you can also end up dating properly – start a relationship and get regular sex with a less conservative girl.

This option is excellent if you want to settle to Bali or you work there. But then, a good girl will not let you get into her panties after a couple of dates only, so you will have to work harder.

Where to meet girls in Bali?

bali massage girls

Your options are quite diversified when looking for girls. Like I said before, it depends on what you want. Hang around touristy areas and the beach and you will find both local and foreign girls chilling while having some cocktails.

On the same note, you can frequent less touristy areas and discover the local culture – more local girls. If you are after sex, you will find Bali bar girls everywhere, but especially in the areas rich in tourists.

Your options are countless. 😉

Bascially, you have three options to consider:

  1. Day game
  2. Night game
  3. Online dating

Day game

Despite being a bit different from the rest of the country, Bali is still rich in religious girls. It is still part of a conservative country, so whether you are after Ubud girls or Kuta girls, you will still face a bit of rejection here and there.

I find the day game a bit hard in Indonesia, but not impossible. You have two options – the beach and day clubs. When it comes to the beach, you will find lots of hot babes around.

I play by one rule – the more skin she shows, the more approachable she is. If she chills on a beach topless, I will be next to her in a minute.

Conservative girls will wear shorts and shirts, while foreigners wear more revealing swim wear. Religious girls would never consider wearing a bikini. The good news is that the western exposure has loosened this island a little.

You can try your luck with a girl in shorts and a shirt, but she will probably reject you – I have always failed on this type. They barely speak any English and they are probably a virgin.

Your second option involves day clubs. Good conservative girls are less likely to get there, so I find girls in clubs more relaxed and ready to hookup. Many nightclubs have day clubs as well.

Some of your best options include:

Like I said, there are days when I barely run into any approachable women – especially out of the tourist season. But then, it is the same everywhere in Indonesia – the day game is hard.

Night game

I find the night game to be far easier than the day game – like pretty much everywhere. Girls come back from the beach and go out for fun. Conservative girls avoid the night game, so you gain access to a world full of loose and relaxed women – whether they are local or foreign. Some of them will choose to chill out in a bar on the beach or a restaurant, while others will choose to dance in nightclubs.

I must say it helps looking good. Most women will not mind meeting men at night – especially if they are single. You can chat much easier, not to mention casual hookups. Put your best game on, as you will meet girls from all over the island (and world).

Dress smart casual, make eye contact, smile and talk. You can eve find Australian girls in Bali, as well as girls from various locations on the island – including Seminyak girls.

Best pick up bars in Bali

Pick up bars go in two directions. First of all, the bars I mentioned above tend to stay open until late, so they make excellent options for late evening interactions too. They have a different profile though – more alcohol, louder music and plenty of entertainment.

If you hang around Kuta, the club/bar scene comes with solid options like:

Poser’s Pub is a budget option. As you hang around, you will find many more bars in the same area.

Seminyak is just as attractive for its rich nightlife. Here are a few late evening bars I recommend to find single women:

There is a fine line between many evening bars and nightclubs. After a certain time, music gets gradually louder, alcohol keeps going and girls become more and more relaxed.

Best nightclubs in Bali

kuta girls

Kuta is the primary choice for the nightlife in Bali and luckily, you will meet plenty of Kuta girls and tourists around. Some nightclubs pop on and off – just check around. A club that was hot last night might be empty tonight. Hang around, find a club with the right atmosphere and kick in.

Some of the top nightclubs in the area include:

  • Sky Garden
  • Engine Room
  • Hypnotized
  • Boshe VVIP Club
  • Bounty Discotheque
  • Lxxy
  • Pyramid Club
  • District Club

Kuta is rich in Bali bar girls, so many of the Kuta girls in these nightclubs are prostitutes looking to make money.

I recommend being upfront. You cannot always spot a hooker because she may not always hang around the bar by herself.

Sometimes, more of them gather together and party as well.

Other areas are just as rich in nightclubs, but they have less hookers – Seminyak, for example. Apart from the bars I recommended above, there are a few nightclubs worth some attention too:

  • Mirror
  • Motel Mexicola
  • Red Ruby

Best strip bars, massage parlors and gentleman clubs

I am sorry to disappoint you, folks, but there are no strip clubs in Bali. There are, however, some sort of similar clubs. There will be girly shows, but girls are less likely to get completely nude. In fact, more and more nightclubs employ hot dancers in super revealing underwear – they are less likely to talk to you, as their job is to dance – somewhere on a pedestal, a tall speaker or by the bar.

When it comes to Bali massage girls, there are a few massage parlors out there. They are not always designed with a sexual profile, so you have to ask. Mark my advice – everything is about asking. Ask what you get, ask if there is any happy ending involved, sex or who messages you. For example, you will find hot babes inviting you in massage parlors. Those are not the girls who will message you though.

When interested in such services, I recommend the Poppies or Legian. These are probably the most reputable ones. From personal experience, ask and you shall receive.

Gentleman clubs? Not so popular. I will give you a secret though – you can find whorehouses with multiple services. Sanur is your best bet. Walk around and check the house numbers. If they end in X, XX or XXX, they hide hookers in there. Many of them are foreign and they will charge you two times more than they charge locals.

Locals pay under $8 for sex, while you will pay just under $20. It is still a good price if you ask me.

Red light district in Bali

Bali does not have an official red light district. However, if you want to pay for sex, nightclubs represent a safe bet – there are plenty of Bali bar girls hanging around. The Legian street makes a good place for such opportunities.

But then, despite being calm and peaceful at night, Sanur would be my main recommendation for hookers. There are lots of whorehouses – like I said before, check out the house number and make sure it ends in an X.

Like everywhere else when visiting red light districts or whorehouses, I recommend caution and attention. Keep an eye on your clothes – they should be in your room. Use common sense and if something looks too sketchy, it should be avoided.

You will find girls from other Asian countries in whorehouses, but many of them come from Java.

Best online dating sites to meet girls form Bali

dating sites bali

Whether you are after casual tourists or local girls and relationships, you should have no problems in your attempt to meet girls in Bali.

You can find local Seminyak, Kuta or Ubud girls, as well as Japanese, European, American or Australian girls in Bali.

If you are after tourists, you can find many of them on Tinder, Badoo or Tagged. The apps are easy to use and allow hooking up without too many questions asked.

I also recommend Indonesian Cupid as it is more specific – it targets local girls and foreign men. You know for a fact those girls are single and willing to meet up with foreigners. Some of them are interested in casual dating and hookups, while others are into serious relationships.

To me personally, the online dating game is the best. You do not have to guess which girls are conservative and you do not have to ask them if they are single.

Moreover, if you are a tourist, you can meet a few girls online and line some dates up before you even get to Bali. It may or may not work for you – but I am telling you, give it a try. You have nothing to lose.

Click here to sign up!

Girl friendly hotels in Kuta

Best Girl Friendly Hotel In Bali

Let me make it clear – you need such a hotel. Finding the best guest friendly hotels in Bali or another part of Bali is a must if you would not say no to sexual hookups. Whether you travel for sex or you keep this option open, you need a girl friendly hotel.

Otherwise, you might need to upgrade your room or perhaps pay an extra fee if you get a guest over.

Rated at three stars, The Flora Kuta Bali Hotel and Bounty Hotel have similar amenities and allow girls in. The Flora Kuta Bali Hotel allows you to bring a guest in for as long as possible – she will leave her ID by the reception. Bounty Hotel will charge per night, so you can only bring guests for limited amounts of time – a few hours should be more than enough.

Dewi Sri Hotel is located in Legian and features two stars, but it feels like four. Girls will have to leave their IDs at the reception – no joiner fees. The Lokha Legian Hotel has three stars and provides many more facilities. It feels more luxurious too, not to mention being located a minute away from the rich nightlife. Again, the ID is required, but there will be no fees.

If you find Seminyak girls tot be more attractive, I recommend Amadea Resort & Villas Seminyak Bali – one of the best places I have ever stayed at. It feels super luxurious and provides good value for money. The policy is stricter, but doable. You need a double room upfront and you can only bring one girl for free.

Basically, you will pay extra for a threesome, hah! 😉

What about other nationalities?

Bali is a popular travel destination. I have met Asian girls from all over the world. You are more likely to meet Japanese girls in Bali, as well as Chinese, Thai and Korean girls. Other than that, there are lots of Europeans visiting Bali, as well as Americans and Australians.

If you are after sex, trust me, there will be plenty of foreign babes looking for fun.

When it comes to locals, girls are mostly Indonesian, but many come from Thailand, Malaysia and China too.

Russian girls in Bali

There is a decent amount of Russian girls in Bali. And yes, just like you probably ask yourself already… They are stunning. Now, there are a few categories. There are a bunch of Russian hookers hanging around Kuta, but there are many tourists as well. Tourists are fitter… Crazy fit! Some of them are normal, but the wealthy ones look like supermodels.

Local Russian girls can speak decent English, but tourists have a really bad English… You can still hookup, but if she is rich, you better spend too.

European girls in Bali

Bali looks like a luxury destination for Europeans, so you will find girls traveling from all Europe. I am quite familiar with the hooker market and I have never met a European. Their looks depend on where they come from.

If they come from countries like the UK, Germany or France, they are so so… If they come from Eastern Europe, Bali looks like an expensive destination, so only the wealthy ones can afford it. In other words, they look great, whether they are from Bulgaria, Belarus, Poland or Romania.

Australian girls in Bali

There is something about Australian girls in Bali that makes me hunt these girls whenever I meet them. To me, most of them look like Elle Macpherson and have the exact same accent, which really turns me on. These are some of the fittest girls around Bali – great fitness or surfer bodies, cute faces and a lovely accent.

All the Australian chicks I have met around were tourists. There might be some locals too, but I have never met one. They are friendly and approachable – even if you get rejected, at least they will do it in a friendly way, with a smile.

Japanese girls in Bali

When I see Japanese girls in Bali, I see innocence and sexy moans. They are easy to spot if you are familiar with Asians – super clean and neat clothes and colorful outfits. Their English is great and their smiles… Oh, man…

There is one issue with Japanese chicks though. They usually hang around in groups and they often look surprised when approached. I guess they are not used to it. I failed on my first attempts because they are a bit cold. But once you “train” a bit and become more charming, they will definitely have a chat with you. One thing leads to another and so on…

Japanese girls in Bali are usually tourists.

Does religion play a factor?

In Indonesia? Yes, it does. In Bali? Not so much. Indonesia is probably the most conservative country in Asia. Bali is the only part of Indonesia that is not predominantly Muslim. Buddhists dominate here, yet there are lots of conservative people as well.

Religion plays a factor if you want a relationship – even casual sex. If you see a girl with a veil, you are less likely to get anywhere with her. You might be lucky if you are a super conservative Muslim, but this is it.

Other than that, when it comes with casual hookups with locals or foreigners, religion is irrelevant – especially when it comes to tourists. The same rule applies if you are willing to pay for sex – hookers will not really care what you believe in.

Island girls versus city girls

girls from bali

Girls in Bali tend to be more relaxed than girls from other parts of the country. I would categorize girls based on location too, yet you cannot always tell where they come from.

For instance, island girls in Bali are quite loose and relaxed. They are used to tourists and their families are slightly westernized. They are used to hanging around on the beach or having fun in a bar. Other parts are not so popular among tourists, so they are not westernized – people are more conservative.

Now, even on an island like this one, girls can come from more directions. Some of them come from isolated villages, so they are not really exposed to tourists and night entertainment.

Their English is quite bad and they might seem old fashioned – they are also conservative.

On the other hand, Kuta girls, Ubud girls or those from Seminyak are more open minded. Tourists hang around those areas, so they are used to seeing something different.

I found both relaxed and conservative girls everywhere I went in Indonesia. To me, it is all about the way they dress – I can tell whether or not I have a shot.

How much does a date in Bali cost?

I get asked about this all the time. I must say it depends on many factors. I took girls out with like $20 in my pocket, but I have also been with fancy girls who required five times more.

And I am pretty sure you can spend hundreds if you want to… Just hang around some fancy tours, boats or hotels and there is your allowance for a week.

If you end up dating a local girl (or even show a tourist babe around), I would say you do not need more than $50.

And when I say $50, I mean a fancy restaurant, taxi, drinks and $20 leftover just in case you might need more. 😉

Practically, you can have a basic date for about $20 (a few rounds of drinks) or $30 (a meal and a few drinks).

You can also pick up girls on the beach and have a date on the spot. Take a walk on the beach, tell her about the surroundings, have a few takeaway drinks and maybe some street food – it is a more authentic kind of date. I usually try this type of inexpensive date on tourists and they love it.

Where to go on a date in Bali?

It usually depends on the type of girl you get. Some girls are fancy and require proper dates. Some others are more relaxed. I love the second category… You can have a walk down the beach, have a couple of drinks and go home – maybe meet up later again for dinner or a night out.

Anyway, the best areas in Bali include Kuta, Ubud and Seminyak. If you meet a local girl, choose a less touristy area, but make sure it is special. Basically, avoid the three locations I mentioned above. If you meet a foreign girl, these places are ideal.

Let me throw in a few recommendations:

  • Rock Bar
  • Sea Vu Play
  • Blaco Per Mandif
  • Swept Away
  • Locavore

Swept Away is great if you want to impress her to tears – it has a special 100 candle dinner. The Karma Kandara Resort can be alright too for a second date, as it plays movies on the beach on a large projection screen. I do not recommend it for a first date because there is not too much talking involved.

There are also a few fun places to go to – again, suitable for a second or even a third date:

  • Splash Water Park
  • Monkey Forest
  • Marigold Fields
  • Uluwatu Temple
  • Tamblingan Lake
  • Metis Bali

Impressing a local girl might be easier if you choose a different island getaway. She is obviously familiar with Bali already, so a different island could do the trick.

I prefer Moyo, Komodo and Gili. 🙂

What about scammers?

Compared to places like Thailand or the Philippines, Bali is super safe. Scammers are not that common – just use common sense. However, if you reach to a brothel, you will most likely be charged double. A local will pay $6 to $10 for quality sex, while you will pay up to $20. it is still really affordable, so I would not worry too much about it.

Make sure she is a nine or a 10 if you are going to pay double though.

How to get around in Bali

Transportation in Bali is colorful and interesting. Taxis come from more companies – I recommend the blue ones from Bali Taxi. They will not charge you double and they will not claim the meter is broken. You should still inquire about the potential costs upfront.

You can also use apps like Gojek or Grab (similar to Uber), but these riders are not allowed everywhere, so double check upfront.

You can rent a car too, but pay attention to the chaotic traffic. The same goes for scooters, bikes and motorcycles. It is f*cking mental! :O

Buses are not too popular – you will, however, find tourist shuttle buses. They are not too reliable and I would not recommend them. Bemo minibuses are better though – tourists will get charged more, so learn to negotiate.

It is still a cheap option, but it is fun haggling. 😉

Final words

Bottom line, Bali is a top destination around Indonesia. Girls make the difference here. If you have been to other parts of Indonesia and scored, you will find it a piece of cake here.

Whether it comes to locals, other Asians, Europeans, Americans or Australians, there is something for everyone out there.​ 🙂

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