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Thai Women Dating Guide – How To Land Yourself A Thai Hottie!

Dating Thai Girls – Literally Everything You Need To Know To Land Yourself A Thai Hottie

There are certain countries rated to have some of the finest and most attractive women in the world. When you think about hot women, your thoughts inevitably fly to Thailand, Brazil or Eastern Europe. It is easy to tell why – some of them have the perfect shapes and faces, while others have the sensuality and curves.

Plus, there is the cultural factor as well. Unless you live in Thailand, most Thai women will look exotic to you.

Fair enough – now, what should you know before dating a Thai girls? What is the dating culture and how can you become a god in a country overfilled with sexual tension?

My name is Dean (M34, located in Bangkok) and I am about to tell you what I learned in 7 years dating Thai ladies in Thailand.

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Quick History of Thailand

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Just like pretty much everywhere else in the world, Thailand was initially a hunting country that evolved to farming. Nothing special so far. With time, it got divided into more little states, yet the Chinese migration from the 10th century contributed to the first racial mix. At the same time, Khmers from Cambodia also kicked in looking for more fertile lands.

After a few other local Asian mixes, Europeans came over in the 16th century – the Portuguese first, followed by the Dutch, the English and the French. By that time, Thailand quickly a unique mix of races.

The Greek and the French joined later on, contributing even more to this mix. However, Thais broke contact with Europe until the 19th century, but it was already too late.

At that point, Thailand was already an exotic country for foreigners. Things changed a bit over history in terms of borders and political views, but there was not much more.

No one really cares about the local history (unless you are Thai, of course), so this brief introduction should explain why Thai girls look the way they do. They are similar to most Asians, but they have that special something that makes them so sexually appealing – at least to me.

Now, back to our days – what do you need to do to get a piece of that big Thai pie?

Dating Culture in Thailand

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At this point, I am not sure whether you want casual sex on a daily basis in Thailand or a beautiful bride to keep for the rest of your life. Either way, the following information should give you some hints about what to expect.

The dating culture does not have much to do with those girls you can find in busy city centers – a few drinks, some chit chat and straight to bed. You are not dating then, but just having sex. If you want to date and take things more seriously, you should know that the culture revolves around the bride’s reputation.

For this reason, single Thai women tend to be careful regarding the people they hang around with – or better said, the people who they are seen with. They do not want to be seen with a different partner every month in the neighborhood.

Therefore, if she chooses to date you, you might need to take her far from her area – the city center or other beautiful places around.

Physical Intimacy with Thai Women

physical intimacy in thai dating culture

A so called good Thai girl is virgin, monogamous and quite shy. She will be constantly worried about her reputation – I found this the hard way. You cannot pick up girls while in their area, but in public places around the city center or while on holiday resorts. Once they are out of their environment, they are more open. If somehow you manage to do it in her area, she may refuse sex while dating.

A beautiful Thai lady looking for marriage will avoid contact while dating – you can touch hands, but legs and other parts cannot be touched unless she makes the first step. The head is considered a sacred part of the body, so the head is the last thing you want to touch without permission. As for sleeping or living together, it happens when you are close to getting married.

But this is almost everywhere out there. You can also meet hot Thai women who will have sex, sleep with you and do all sorts of things if you are not in their area – many Thai women seeking men in large cities are away from their home towns or villages, so they explore freedom.

There is no one to judge them there.

Social Expectation with Thai Girls

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Whether you use a Thai dating agency or a free Thai dating app chat with Thai women, your expectations are important. When I first visited Thailand, I was there for sex – honestly. Everyone man says he goes for the culture, but we all think about sex with those petite exotic ladies. Flirting was quite common – I could talk to 100 girls if I wanted to.

For the first week there, I had a different girl every night.

As I decided to stay in Thailand and seek something more serious, my expectations change a little. Here comes a trick – there are two types of families out there. I first met a girl with a traditional family. This kind of family expects you to be financially stable.

After all, many Thais live in poverty, so they expect their daughters’ marriage to bring some stability. The family will talk to you about the dowry and so on – common in Thailand, a bit sketchy for western men though.

Then, I also had a girlfriend with a modern family – no differences from western families. You hang around, chat about life, work, sports and so on. No one will see you as a source of money.

While the traditional family felt a bit strange for me, try to see things from a different perspective – you will be with the girl, not her mother or father.

Feel free to ignore those negative thoughts. 😉

Dating Rituals And A Typical Date in Thailand

thai dating customs

I have a thing for Asians, so I have traveled and dated in other Asian countries too, but Thais are different.

No one expects arranged marriages anymore, not even the most traditional families out there.

Couples choose who they date and marry – simple as that. To some, dating feels like a test for women to determine whether men are worth their confidence.

So, what is a typical date in Thailand?

Alright, while you can get into all kinds of dates in Thailand, most of my dates were similar to those I had in western countries. I saw girls I liked, I went there and smiled, talked to them (whether I was in a shopping mall or a restaurant) and I asked for their phone numbers.

Some of them refused me (probably more traditional) and other responded well. We went on dates in bars, cafés and restaurants. Just keep it simple and casual. Slutty girls will go to bed straight away, while others will take a few dates – either way, it has always been alright for me.

What Makes Thai Women so Attractive?

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I guess every man sees different attractions in beautiful Thai women. I mean, you go on one of these best Thai dating websites and you see lots of beauties – each man has their own type, but then, there are common features that make these babes so good.

I guess unless you are into big bums, you will love the petite nature. Thai girls are beautiful and elegant. They have long dark hair, a stunning skin and a warm smile. They are fit and slim – many of them have that sexy thing gap that kills us.

You will love their shiny and smooth skin too, as well as the year round tan. That is right – they are naturally tanned, so they will always look exotic no matter what.

Now, if you want a relationship, here is another thing that makes me happy. Beautiful Thai women never try to dominate relationships. In the Thai culture, roles of males and females are clearly defined. In other words, men are leaders. But here is a trick. No matter what you do, ask her for suggestions and ideas.

Do not ask her to dominate you, but show her that you value her thoughts. Make her feel valuable and she will die for you – really. It is a small thing, but it makes the difference.

Alright, so I basically told you what I and other men find so attractive about Thai babes, but why are they so attractive? What is with those features?

Like I said in the beginning of this article, Thailand has been invaded and dominated by more people over history. Initially, it was invaded by Asian neighbors, which mixed in. Later on, multiple types of Europeans come over and many of them stayed. This is why Thais look different from other Asians. We find them to be the closest to Caucasians, but with their unique Asian features that make them so damn sexy.

I have no idea about you, but to me, this is a killer combo. 😉

What Thai Girls Think of Foreign Men?

how to impress a thai woman

Now, here comes a different one that depends on what you want. If you want sex, you will get it, trust me. You just have to hang around the right places and girls will come to you like a bear chases honey. If you want a proper relationship, you probably ask yourself – does she like me for who I am? Is she interested in my money only? We have all been there.

Although they only represent a fraction of the local female population, lots of Thai women prefer foreigners. I have no facts about it, but it is just how it feels once you get there. But why?

I will not argue with this – many Thai girls working in bars around tourist hot spots are after money. They come from poor families and they have no careers. Escaping poverty can only be done by marrying a rich foreigner. The average tourist male is a middle class westerner looking for a girl like this – win-win situation.

The other Thai women are different. They might have careers and they are less likely to struggle in poverty. They get a decent pay and their families are doing well. To them, there is more than just money – or at least this is how I felt about it. You can meet them down the street or in a shopping mall, but to me, the easy way is going online.

Feel free to take a look around Thai Cupid – one of the most popular Thai dating sites – and you will find a good amount of girls who want a person, rather than money.

The Status

As you meet Thai women, you will notice that many of them take you to places where they know people. It might be her favorite restaurant, her sister or perhaps one of her favorite parks. To her, this experience is about showing you off – a symbol or a status, like I like to say.

The Experiment

Finding a financially independent girl is not so hard on a Thai dating website. Such a girl is not in a rush to start a family. A foreign boyfriend or partner makes an interesting experience – a new thing to the physical intimacy in Thai dating culture. Honestly? I would never mind that.

The Faithfulness

As a general rule of thumb, western men are better educated in terms of love and relationships. After all, polygamy was legal in Thailand until 1935, so many men still believe in having more women – if only I was born 100 years ago… You could have a third wife purely for sex. Anyway, lots of men still believe in it and lots of women accept it. You will be the change that every girl wants.

Less Successful at Home

Thai men want to marry women who have the same social status or higher. At the same time, they tend to stay away from divorced women, widows or single moms. In other words, women in these categories have no other option but to find a foreigner.

The Looks

This one is quite obvious and I will tell you how to test it out. Join Thai Cupidprobably the best Thai dating site – and upload a few pictures, only to watch Thai women swarm around you, like your profile and spam you with messages.

Exactly! Thai women find foreign men exotic, just like we find them exotic. We like their different sex appeal and oriental appearance, just like they like our masculinity, western look and tall figures.

Do’s and Don’ts when Dating Thai Girls as a Foreigner

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I will be honest with you. I have a few lady friends with Thai origins, so I did my homework before actually going to Thai. I know exactly what to do and what to avoid when dating Thai Women. If you go there unprepared, you might be a bit surprised by local traditions. The Thai culture is different and knowing it will boost the chance of a happy romance.

What to Do when Dating Thai Women?

Be gentle and polite. It might seem a bit old fashioned in the western world (I wonder why), but it is not in Thailand. Being polite is one of the most important considerations in the process of picking up girls. Honestly, it can make all the difference in the world.

Here is why – Thai men are quite savage. They are straightforward and they have no idea what kindness actually means. In a western country, their type of behavior would be associated with a hillbilly. If you show a lady that she can have kindness and respect, she will fall into your arms.

Another thing to do – something that works pretty much everywhere – is respect the difference. Yes, she might be your type and your dream girl, but she has a different culture. Her background is different, not to mention the language and ideology.

While you might have things in common, there are things that will be different. This is when you have to show respect and tolerance. She will be surprised to find something different too – a great opportunity to discover each other in a natural way.

Third, keep tidy and clean. Seriously, guys, I can spot a tourist in Thailand from miles away. Why the hell does everyone wear sandals? What about those white socks? How about the running shoes? Are you on a date or in a gym?

I have seen western men dating Thai girls while wearing those annoying sandals and sweaty T shirts. They are untidy and honestly, I wonder what those girls see in them. Your girl will look her best during a date, so you better make sure you are that tidy gentleman she dreams about.

If you have that three date rule, well, let me welcome you to 1995. These days, it is no longer a rule. It has never been in Thailand anyway, so most girls have never heard about it. If you are after sex, you might have it immediately – just get one of those bar girls

If you are after a serious relationship, be patient. Good girls are quite conservative, so you might have to wait for a while – it is worth it, trust me.

Finally, just like most other Asians, Thais are family bound. To boost your chance, ask her about her family and let her talk about it, her uncles and sisters. I know, it is boring AF, but this is what girls do. In Thailand, they respect their families more than anything, so you need to show interest.

What not to Do when Dating Thai Girls

Do not be too aggressive. Again, good girls are conservative. Do not just go for it – this is not South America. Ask for permission. Sure, do not be an idiot asking like you used to ask your teacher to go to the bathroom when you were seven. Do it in a cute romantic way.

No matter how funny you might find some things about Thailand (religion, culture, style, beliefs, anything at all), never make fun of them. Thais are touchy, so even a stupid comment will backfire. Keep the jokes to yourself.

Avoid sweet talking like you have just met a woman from the 15th century. She will know you are fake if you keep exaggerating.

Try not to be the good guy too much – sure, be gentle and well mannered, but do not be the type of guy that would be in the friend zone in a western country. Come up with funny stories and help her relax.

Finally, never ever tell a Thai off in public. Or if you do, you better get ready to meet girls in other countries. This is one of the Thai girlfriend problems local men have, only because – like I said – they often act like rednecks.

Best Thai Online Dating Site

thai cupid review

I have never really fancied the idea of walking down the street and approaching women – I am a bit shy. Therefore, I tried the online world first. I thought – well, I could meet a girl here, face rejection much easier, know for a fact that I meet someone who likes foreigners, get to know her and have some dates set by the time I am there.

There are lots of websites to meet Thai girls online. Plus, they are everywhere – on western dating websites too. One of these websites is specifically created for Thais. This is where Thai girls (predominantly) come to meet met (most commonly, foreigners).

I would say there are about seven decent websites specifically designed for Thais. Most of them have appeared in the last couple of years. One of them stands out – Thai Cupid. If you are trying to meet Thai girls for literally anything – from sex to serious relationships – and from all backgrounds, Thai Cupid will do the trick. is part of a large and renowned network of dating websites – a good reputation and great algorithms to prevent fake or spam profiles. The company is around since 2002, so you know upfront that this is one a basic one man bedroom operation, but a professional business specialized in Thai online dating.

I had a good experience with the customer service, zero problems with secure transactions and good privacy protocols. There are more than 1.5 million users and you can see that as you sign up. There are lots of members online at any time. You will find girls from big cities like Bangkok or Phuket, but also girls from small towns or villages.

And then, there’s an app for push notifications – you will be one of the most active people around there. Simply put, if you want to know how to impress a Thai woman and get a few dates in your agenda before you even land to Thailand, Thai Cupid is the way to go.

Sign Up For Free Membership Here!

Best Cities to Meet Thai Women

What are the best cities to meet girls in the UK? How about Brazil? How about the USA? Exactly – the big ones. Sure, you might find some stunning beauties in the smallest remote villages too, but there are so many of them in big cities that it becomes obvious – this is where you go to meet a hot babe down the road.


bangkok at night

Known as the city of angels and the capital of Thailand, Bangkok has a population of over 15,000,000 people – more than many countries in western Europe. Since there are more females than males, that means you have over 7,500,000 girls to choose from. That is how I see it.

You have a busy city center, lots of bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants. There are plenty of shopping opportunities too, yet you should use common sense and avoid dangerous areas.

Click here to discover the top rated areas to meet hotties in Bangkok, not to mention the so called red district of the city.


thai girls

Phuket is not among Thailand’s biggest cities, but it has an impressive percentage of hot Thai girls. It is not even a city, but a beautiful island in the Andaman Sea. It has some of the most famous beaches in Thailand, as well as high end restaurants, bars, spas and resorts. Top cities in this area include Phuket City and Patong.

Being such an important tourist hot spot, it draws lots of beautiful Thais looking for foreigners too. And not just that – I have met some stunning beauties who were there for some fun and parties only. Phuket City is great for some shop houses and markets, but the real nightlife happens in Patong – click here to discover the top areas for girls.


dating in thailand

Pattaya – another middle sized city in Thailand – is also known for the high population of hot girls. Why? Well, since there are lots of tourists there, they attract good looking girls like magnets – been there, done that. On another note, Pattaya is the most popular spot for girls in the entire country. This is where single foreigners come to meet nice girls.

The best part about Pattaya is that you do not have to chase girls down the street only, but you might as well take fun trips and visit local attractions. The nightlife is what makes it so famous though – check out the world renowned Walking Street where all the girls hang around dozens of bars and nightclubs. Find out more about the best places to meet a hot bird.

Chiang Mai

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First time tourists go to Pattaya or Bangkok. Those who come to Thailand more often will also discover Chiang Mai, which will soon become a favorite place. It is the largest city in the northern part of the country and features a perfect climate. It is surrounded by hills, so you do not feel like suffocating during the summertime. I loved the local cuisine because there are many western restaurants blending into the Thai cuisine chain.

When it comes to Thai women – oh la la! Visit the Loi Kroh Road – great for bars, massages and happy endings – and Zoe in Yellow (part of the old town). Click here to discover some more gems if you are up for meeting girls.

How to Get to Thailand?

Thailand is currently one of the top destinations in the world and not just for sex, but also for the climate, islands, beaches and overall experience. For this reason, it is well linked to most of the world. Flying from another Asian country is quite inexpensive and fast.

If you come from Europe, you also have direct flights – not for America though, or at least not when I traveled. Of course, you can find indirect flights too, but if time is a problem, you will easily find a direct connection. I flew to Thailand from both the USA and the UK – direct flight from the UK for about 14 hours and indirect flight from the USA for about 20 hours combined.

Is It Safe to Travel to Thailand?

Is it safe to travel to the USA? How about Germany or Italy? Everywhere is safe and everywhere is unsafe. You just need to hang around the right places. If you travel to Italy, you do not go around areas controlled by local Mafia, do you?

It is the same with Thailand. I found it safe, but I felt a bit uncomfortable the first time I went there because I was afraid of the unknown – a new culture, not knowing how to react and so on. But other than that, I would say the top 50 places to visit in Thailand are tourist oriented and perfectly safe.

My best advice? Use common sense. 🙂

Final Thoughts

Bottom line, Thai girls represent a different kettle of fish. No matter how good you are with women back home – wherever you are from, Thailand will be different. It will be much easier – surprisingly easier. Even if you are shy and insecure back home, Thailand will open a new door for you.

Once there, you become the exotic guy that most women feel attracted to – honestly, I cannot describe this feeling in words, you have to feel it yourself.

Whether you decide to go there in person and meet girls down the street or you check out my Thai Cupid review to meet one online before you get there, it makes no difference. I have been in both situations and successfully managed to do it.


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