​Getting Laid In Kyoto

​Getting Laid In Kyoto – My Ultimate Bachelor Guide In Japan

Getting Laid In Kyoto – My Ultimate Bachelor Guide In Japan

Kyoto was Japan’s capital for more than 1,000 years. These days, it still has the reputation of the most attractive city in the country. However, as you get there, you will be surprised by its modernism – an urban jungle with modern glass and steel buildings.

As you dig deeper, you find beautiful landmarks and attractions.

Since it is such a big city, it obviously carries high amounts of girls. Wherever you look, you will spot petite beauties with baby faces and smiley faces.

If you are new to picking up girls in Japan as a foreigner and want to learn more about the best Japanese dating sites you have come to the right blog. We even discuss the pros and cons of marrying a Japanese woman. Education is key here, my friends!

Back to business in Kyoto! Whether you plan to move there or you want a stag for a weekend, here is everything you need to know before getting in touch with the girls from Kyoto.

So, where do you find them and how do you approach them?

Yes – I Want To Meet Hot Girls From Kyoto!

How to pick up girls in Kyoto

girls from kyoto

Getting laid in Kyoto is not hard if you get your things right. Most importantly, you need to know that Japan is not like other Asian countries. While you will still look exotic and attractive, girls will not just throw themselves at your feet. You will still have to do some work to get them.

Classic rules apply with girls from Kyoto. Basically, you have to make eye contact and smile. If you get something back, go ahead and approach them. Introduce yourself and go on from there. You need to maintain a gentleman spirit.

Girls in Japan expect men to treat them right – even more from foreigners. You will have to be polite and understand that if you want a relationship, it will take a while to get laid. If you want a quickie, there are certain places where you can find girls ready to sell their bodies.

Where to meet girls in Kyoto

kyoto girls

The busies the area, the more girls Kyoto you will find – simple as that. Obviously, downtown is a good spot, not to mention shopping malls and parks. Bars, restaurants and nightclubs are worth some attention to. If you want a quick bang, you need to keep an eye on areas known for prostitutes and bar girls.

Day game

The day game is quite good in Kyoto. In fact, it might be better than the night game. Generally speaking, the day game is more suitable if you want to date a girl. In other words, you may not get laid by the end of the day. It is purely a matter of luck.

The day game is also suitable for those who are not too comfortable hitting on girls in bars and nightclubs. They want to see them in proper daylight, whether they are picky or they want to look more exotic as foreigners.

For instance, you can find lots of hot girls around busy subway stations. It is highly recommended to avoid approaching them right there – you will look like a perv talking to one girl after another. Instead, stalk them a bit and approach them a block further. Make it look casual.

Shopping malls and districts are even better. Girls Kyoto are quite relaxed when they go shopping. They are in a good mood, so they are more likely to stop and talk to you. Plus, there are lots of cafés in these areas, so you can meet a girl and have a date straight away.

Some of the best shopping malls and districts in Kyoto include:

  • Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Kyoto
  • Aeon Mall Kyoto Gojo
  • Porta Underground

When it comes to shopping areas, hang around the Shimogyo Street and the Shijo Street. They are packed with shops, so there will be loads of hot girls roaming around.

Keep in mind that not everyone speaks good English in Kyoto, so the day game might bring in a few unlucky approaches. If you do not seem to be successful or you cannot speak Japanese, you might want to reach the Gion District – it is loaded with tourists.

Night game

The night game in Kyoto is just as good. This should be your primary choice if you plan on getting laid in Kyoto as quickly as possible. You will find both good and bad girls.

Good girls hang around in groups. They go out in a bar to have some fun. You can find them in nightclubs and restaurants. They are approachable, but they will not go to your hotel in the first night. You can have a chat and hook up, but that is pretty much it. You will get a few phone numbers, but you will need to ask them out and go on a few dates before getting laid.

On the other hand, bad girls are more common and make a better option if you want to get laid. You can get some for free or you can pay for them. Free girls are just slutty girls who might sleep with you the same night or the night after. They are slutty in nature or they just want to hook up with a foreigner because you look exotic – no strings attached.

On the other hand, you can also pay for sex. If you are too shy or you fail getting some, check out local strip clubs, nightclubs and bars. You will find single girls making eye contact and waiting to be approached. They are usually prostitutes.

Some strip girls also work as prostitutes, not to mention the unofficial red light districts – fresh flesh everywhere for you to enjoy.

Best Kyoto pick up bars

Some places are better than others when it comes to getting laid in Kyoto. Some bars, for example, are known for attracting more girls, whether it comes to the rich foreigners hanging around, the style or music.

Best nightclubs and bars

A foreigner in Japan is referred to as a gaijin. Some places in Kyoto are not gaijin friendly. In other words, when they see you trying to get in, bouncers will politely tell you that you are not allowed in. It might put you off a bit, but this is life. Being arrogant or aggressive about it will not help you. Instead, simply move on.

Some other places allow you in if you have a Japanese friend. But then, most foreigners will be there by themselves or with other foreigners.

All in all, the best areas to enjoy the local nightlife include the Kiyamachi Dori Street and its surroundings, the Pontocho Alley or the Gion District. The Kiyamachi Dori Street is probably the best and easiest place to meet girls.

When it comes to bars and nightclubs, some of the top options that allow foreigners in include:

Best strip bars, massage parlors and gentleman clubs

Getting laid in Kyoto is much easier if you hang around adult entertainment locations. For example, there are quite a few good strip bars in Kyoto. One of them stands out in the crowd – DX Tohji. It has an entry fee, but you can get in and out as many times as you want during the day. If you get in before noon, you will get a discount. 

There are plenty of erotic massage parlors in Kyoto. Most of them are advertised over the Internet as well. You can get all kinds of massages – prostate, testicle and so on. You can shower with a girl, get oiled up, experience a nuru massage and, of course, enjoy a happy ending. These places provide pretty much anything you can think of. You might as well ask for face sitting and you will receive it. 

If your only goal is getting laid in Kyoto, simply ask for it. Not all girls work as prostitutes, but many of them will provide a full menu – sex types with prices. You can also find soap massage parlors. Some of them will work as “massage therapists” during the day and prostitutes overnight.

They do it independently, so you can just ask for their numbers and hook up with them later – out of the parlor.

It is worth noting that actual sex – vaginal penetration – is illegal in Japan. Well, prostitution itself is illegal. However, most of these places do offer it. They will not openly advertise for it, but they will not refuse you if you ask. Ask politely and you shall receive.

Red light district

 There are no official red light districts in Kyoto, but you can find places where girls roam like nowhere else. They make eye contact with everyone. They smile and they wait to be approached. Most of them sell their bodies – you can find anything, from 5s to 9s. 

Kiyamachi is probably the best known red light district in Kyoto. It is basically a street adjacent to the Pontocho street. The one way traffic road is filled with girls hanging around the Takase River. You can also find massage parlors, soap lands, pink salons and blowjob factories.

Some places provide all you can cum in 30 minutes services. Apart from this road, you can also check the adjacent streets for fresh flesh.

The Pontocho street is worth some attention too – lots of bars, restaurants and some nice girls hanging around and waiting to be approached.

Ideally, this red light district should be visited after sunset. That is when action begins, yet you can also find girls during the day should you get too horny.

Top 5 girl friendly hotels in Kyoto

girl friendly hotels in Kyoto

Not all hotels in Kyoto are girl friendly – or better said, guest friendly. Some of them are quite restricted – if the babe you pick up is not registered there, she will not be let in.

If your only goal is getting laid in Kyoto, make sure you reach to a guest friendly hotel.

Hotel Sakura is a top girl friendly hotel. It is well rated by other guests too and not just by sex maniacs. It is extremely clean and has lots of amenities, including free Internet access.

Hotel Crown Kyoto is worth some attention to. It is rated as an adult only hotel, meaning there are no families around. From this point of view, it is guest friendly too. Plus, it has spacious rooms and friendly staff.

Hotel Cuna is not to be ignored either. Located in a quiet area, but close to the local nightlife, it will impress you with its adult only attitude – rooms look like matrimonial rooms in fancy hotels.

Jardin De Fleurs is also an adult only hotel close to lots of amenities. Given its size, it can be categorized as a boutique hotel too – friendly, cozy and clean. You have daily housekeeping, Internet and car parking on site.

Hotel Grand Fine Okazaki is similar in standards. Created for adults only, its room feature television, DVD players and even erotic items – great for some games with the hotties you pick up.

Even if you choose a different hotel, make sure it is guest friendly – give them a call and inquire about it.

Best online dating websites to meet Kyoto girls

meet Japanese women online

The online dating game is quite good in Japan. You will find lots of girl seeking love online. The Japanese are often focused on their careers. They spend many hours in work and most of them do overtime. They often hang out with their work colleagues, so meeting new people is a bit difficult. This is why many girls in Kyoto will seek love over the Internet.

It is important to know that they will not be eager to meet foreigners. Sure, a charming expat will be attractive if they have many things in common, but they will not be all over you seeking your attention.

JapanCupid.com is probably the leading website designed for the Japanese market. There are over 700,000 members all over the world. The bad news is that men overcome women at a 4:1 ratio. However, you will still find lots of girls who you share common things with.

AsianDate.com is not specifically designed for the Japanese, but for Asia. In other words, you will find many Japanese babes as well. It has lots of free features, but full communication is only available to paying members. Click here to find out more about it.

Going online is highly recommended because you can come up with some dates before you even get there. Check out my blog post on online dating in Japan.

In this post I compare the top 4 most popular dating apps based on:

  • Functionality
  • Response rate
  • Scammer ratio
  • Monthly fees
  • User reviews

How to get around in Koyoto

There are six train lines in Kyoto, as well as two major subway lines – east to west and north to south. Buses are even better. You can literally get anywhere in no time. The Japanese reliability will give you plenty of options when not sure how to get somewhere. But then, subways are faster – after all, there is no traffic.

You can also choose taxis, whether you use an application or you wave at local drivers. This is probably the most efficient way to get from point A to point B. They are reasonably priced for Japan. Make sure they have a meter.

Other than that, Kyoto is one of the best cities in the world when it comes to cycling. The entire city is quite flat, so there will be no hard times for you there. There are proper cycling lanes, so accid​​ents are quite rare.

Plus, drivers in Japan are quite sane when compared to drivers from other Asian countries. The weather is also pretty good.

Last, but not least, walking is like cycling – flat surfaces and enjoyable experiences.

Final words

Bottom line, getting laid in Kyoto is not hard, but it is definitely not as easy as in other Asian countries. This is because Japan is more developed. Girls are also more qualitative – better looking.

Plus, they speak better English. If you are after a relationship, the good news is that many of them will not be with you for your money.​


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