Best Philippines Dating Sites

​The 6 Best Philippines Dating Sites Of 2020!

Best Philippines Dating Sites Of 2020

It is easy to tell why Philippines dating sites have gained so much notoriety lately. There is something about girls in the Philippines. Not only do they have that exotic Asian appearance, but they also have a year round tan that makes them even better.

In fact, it is no surprise that some of the most beautiful women in the world are Filipinas – just take a look at miss competitions!

Now, getting a Filipina is not really hard – unless you are a local, you will look different. The exotic factor is in the right place – girls will stare at you down the street and will want your babies. 😉

However, unless you move there, you do not want to waste time. Instead, you want some dates and hookups lines up before you even come over, hence the interest in Filipino dating sites by foreigners.

But the number one questions people ask me about the Philippines is; What are the best hookup sites in the Philippines and what makes them so special?

Let me show you!

Screw it, Dean – I Just Want To Meet Real Filipina Girls Right Now!

A Quick Overview


Keep reading for a full-detailed review of each site!

Top 6 Philippines Dating sites

hookup sites in Philippines

Run by the prestigious Cupid Media and boosting over 3.5 million users all across the world, is currently the number one Pinoy dating site with the highest reputation in this field. Males are usually from western countries, while women are quite local.

Women tend to dominate the 18-24 and 25-34 ranges, while men lead in the older sectors – 35-44 and 45-54. Signing up takes a minute and can be done via Facebook too. Initiating communication is simple – likes and favorites.

You cannot send messages as a free user, but you can reply to messages you receive. In other words, at least one user has to be premium. You can get verified and use the proprietary app for push notifications. Other services include searching, matchmaking, instant messaging, VIP profile highlighting and so on.

This Filipino dating website has a few different types of memberships – each of them can be purchased over three different periods of time. Just like you have probably guessed already, the longer the subscription, the less you have to pay on a monthly basis.

Interested? – Give it a try here and meet real girls for free!

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars is not necessarily a Philippines dating website. Instead, it covers the entire Asia. You will find women from most Asian countries, as well as Asian ladies living in western countries. There is a huge amount of Filipinas in there, so it is definitely worth some attention.

It is worth noting that only men are allowed to sign up. Women have to follow a different procedure to register – quite alright, as this kind of process screens robots and spam accounts out. Signing up is a matter of minutes. Profiles are extremely detailed and users mention what they truly want.

Searching is a detailed function. Paying members also have live chat features, not to mention the live cam. You can even make three way phone calls with an interpreter. It is quite important finding someone who can speak English though – imagine face to face dates without the interpreter.

The Filipino dating app is available to iOS users only. It comes with the same features you can find on the website. The only difference – quite major – is that you can get push notifications, so you will never miss anything.

Click here to check it out!

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars


Although it does not have a Filipina dating app, could be the best dating site Philippines if you want authenticity and close to no robots. Every profile is properly screened and removed if found to be a robot.

The website interface is easy to use and straightforward – even if you have no experience at all. Apart from chatting, you can also use live webcams to talk to the girls you like. Most of them have classic webcams though – no HD quality, but at least you know they are real.

The selection of girls is not impressive, but you will find hot babes in pretty much every area of the country. It looks like there are less girls than on other free Filipino dating sites, but this is because fake accounts are almost instantly removed.

Creating an account, searching and looking around are free. You will need to get a premium subscription to be able to send messages though. If you are not sure about it, you can opt for a trial subscription that gives you a week.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars is currently the leading Cebuana dating site out there. It is specifically created for those who want to hook up around Cebu City. However, even if you visit another part of the country, it is still worth a try – you will find girls from multiple regions.

Featuring more than 800,000 members, this free Filipina dating site allows a free and quick registration. You will have to add some basic details, then you can start browsing around. Paid memberships give you access to everything – including unlimited communication, which is the most important thing. Interface could be better and is not very mobile friendly.

The website seems to have its own niche – foreign men and local girls from Cebu City. It is one of the most developed parts of the Philippines, meaning most girls can speak decent or good English. It also has its own airport, so finding a girl there could be more convenient.

The search function is quite detailed and allows you to search in small details. Profiles are also detailed, while pictures display authenticity – not a lot of model pictures or artistic images. Instead, you have plenty of candid and basic photography – great news as most of these girls will be real!

My rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars (Only focused on Cebu)

Often known as Cherry Blossoms, is one of the oldest Philippines dating sites out there. It is specifically designed for the Asian market, but most of the girls are Filipinas. There is a great selection to choose from, as well as a specific search function to help you find the perfect girl.

Signing up takes about 15 minutes – add as many details as possible to be found in searches. With a free account, you can look at everyone’s profile and initiate communication by sending smiles. You cannot send messages though, so you will need to upgrade if you find some good girls.

Also my pictures got declined a few times. No idea why but after contacting the helpdesk they approved them. Took a few days though…

Daily updates on new girls that match your profile make this Christian Filipina dating site a front runner. You will never miss any updates. Unfortunately, it does not have an application, so you will only get notifications through your browser – not such a big deal though.

Other than that, you have a free contact number for international help and support. Profile quality is high, as well as member quality. As for subscriptions, you can opt for a specific period of time – the longer the time, the less you pay per month.

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars is different from any other Filipino Christian dating site. Women are in charge here. In other words, as a man, you can register for free and look around. There are no search functions, but just basic matchmaking based on your profile information – hence the necessity to add as many details as possible.

Men cannot message women unless women message first. You can look, but you cannot touch. If you get a message, communication is initiated. This is somehow good, yet weird – knowing they are less likely to get harassed, women love being around and feeling powerful.

Another good news is that you do not have to purchase a premium subscription in order to message anyone. At the same time, profiles are not extremely detailed. Make sure you complete yours to prevent misunderstandings.

Bumble was established by a former Tinder employee and represents the best Filipino dating app for women, which obviously attracts men too. The application is free. While there are plenty of Filipinas and Asians in general, the app is open to anyone, so you will find women all over the world.

Unfortunately this also attracts the scammers as they do not need to any!

My rating: 3 out of 5 stars

How to approach the online dating game in the Philippines

Best Filipino dating app

Meeting beautiful Filipinas is quite simple. You can do it during the day – shopping malls, parks and busy city centers, but you are less likely to get good value for your time. You have to walk around, chat to girls, hope they are single and so on. Sure, you will get some phone numbers, but you will also waste lots of time.

It is much easier during the night, whether you attend a nightclub or you hang around busy city centers. The alcohol loosens girls up a bit, but then again, you are not always guaranteed to get what you want.

This is when online dating kicks in. It can solve all the problems associated with your face to face game. Basically, you join an environment where girls are actually single and looking for partners. You cannot go wrong there. There are two things to look for – her looks and what she wants. If you two match, what can hold you back?

Finding the best dating app in Philippines should not be too hard. Once there, you still have the exotic factor – nothing to worry about. Make sure you complete your profile to 100%. People search for one thing or another – the more details you add, the more findable you are.

When it comes to searching yourself, try a few searches in small details. Define the perfect girl and look for her. It is worth noting that not everyone adds everything to their profiles, so the less criteria you use, the more results you will get. Use this option as well, since you do not want to miss on any good opportunities.

Once on a Manila dating site, try approaching women with more than just a hello. One line will do better. Two or three lines will be ideal. Engage them into a conversation straight away – you should find some things you two have in common over her profile. If you start with just a hello, you might get a plain basic answer that will not leave too much room to advance.

Set yourself a few dates for when you get to the Philippines. If you want a serious longterm relationship, one girl should be enough. It might be smart to get to a Filipina dating site with chat and maybe webcam chat.

My tip: Ask her for her number and get to know her over the phone before you see each other in real life – you do not want any unpleasant surprises, do you?

The pros and cons of online dating in Philippines as a foreigner

Christian dating site Philippines

While you do gain access to plenty of beautiful girls as you walk out, online dating will provide even more opportunities – much more potential lovers. Online dating feels overwhelming when compared to your daily life. A Christian dating site Philippines is even better if you are after a particular type of girl or you travel to an isolated place.

More importantly, you want to know someone before you go out, especially if you are interested in a relationship and not just casual sex. Going online gives you access to a convenient and safe environment – not too much risk to waste your time.

Besides, if you are not in the Philippines already, online dating will save lots of time. While lots of women will check you out as you walk down the street, not all of them would do anything with you. Some of them are married or engaged – they look at you because you are different and exotic, but this is it. You might waste days before you get to meet a single person and she may not even be your exact type.

On the other hand, the online environment exposes you to a bunch of single ladies. You can engage into conversations within minutes – more importantly, with women who are actually interested in you.

Even if you are not really sure what you want – understandable, with so many options around, you can still take advantage of the matchmaking algorithm. Top Filipino dating sites come with various programs to match people based on the information they add to their profiles.

This way, even if you feel lost, at least you have a good starting point – women who you actually have something in common with.

But then, online dating in the Philippines as a foreigner is not always about the good things. There are also a few negative aspects of this industry – luckily, you do not need any experience to dodge them. Simply use common sense and trust your instinct.

For example, since many Filipinas struggle in poverty, a relationship with a foreigner might be their only escape to a better world. Therefore, when using a Philippines dating site, be cautious. If you are 48 years old and 20 year old babes find you hot while you are way below their leagues, something might be fishy about it.

Indeed, you can score way out of your league – especially if you are after casual sex. But if you want a relationship, try to find someone more authentic and who you have many things in common with.

Furthermore, stick to basic safety rules when dating online. For example, do not provide too much private information, such as your address, full name or other things that might lead to identity theft. Besides, never send money to girls who you have just met over the Internet, regardless of the stories they come up with.

There is no need to feel put off. Such situations are all about common sense and quite rare. You will find lots of beautiful and honest girls, yet you must be careful about the small percentage of scammers.

Are Philippines girls honest on their profiles?

Philippines dating site

When you join a Christian Filipina dating website, you expect to meet girls who share similar views and opinions, as well as lots of other different types of women. The quality of a profile can make or break a deal.

Some dating profiles are extremely detailed and include a few paragraphs for each section – you can tell precisely whether or not you match that girl. Some other profiles come with the basics – just the things you need to know and you can go on from there. They leave some room for discovery, as well as unexpected surprises.

In terms of honesty, most Filipinas are honest on their profiles. Whether a girl only adds the basics, a paragraph or the story of her life, she will most likely be honest about it. Just like everyone else, girls in Philippines have their small secrets too, but they will not share every single detail online. If you think about it, it is also a matter of safety.

You will also have profiles that barely have any info, yet they seem authentic – lots of newbies skip many steps and fail to understand the benefits of a complete profile. It does not make them dishonest though.

What about Christian Filipina dating sites?

best dating app in Philippines

The Philippines is the only country in the Asia that is mostly Christian. For this reason, most girls on the best Filipino dating sites are Christian. Over 86% of the population is Christian Catholic. However, there are other religions as well – other types of Christians, Muslims and Buddhists.

If religion is really important for you and you want a Christian girl, you can also find Christian dating sites in the Philippines. There will be no other religions. However, you will find more types of Christians – mostly from nationalized cults.

If religion is not that important for you and you do not mind converting, any free Filipino dating site will work for you.

Useful phrases in Tagalog for online dating

best Filipino dating sites

Knowing the local language will help you out from more points of view. When you get there, you can at least understand what is going on, ask for directions and so on. When it comes to dating, not having a common base will most likely cause lots of difficulty.

First of all, even if you use an online translator to communicate, the point of online dating is to take it to real life at some point. You want to be able to meet the woman you talk to and communicate with her – unless, of course, you are only looking for casual sex.

English is an official language in the Philippines, so pretty much everyone speaks it. But then, knowing a bit of Tagalog will help you make a better impression when scouting the best Filipina dating site. Not only will you look even better with your different accent, but it will also show some interest in your girl’s culture.

Here are some helpful phrases to remember when dating a Filipina:

  • Mahal kita – I love you
  • May gusto ako sa iyo – I have a crush on you
  • Miss na miss kita – I really miss you
  • Ikaw ang lahat sa akin – You are everything to me
  • Ano ang pangalan mo? – What is your name?
  • Ang ganda mo – You are so beautiful
  • Ang ganda ng suot mo – You are dressed nice
  • Anong pon namber mo? – What is your phone number?
  • Gusto mo bang manood ng sine? – Would you like to go watch a movie?
  • Pwede ba tayong mag-seks? – Can we have sex?
  • Puwede ba kitang tawagan? – May I call you?
  • Iniisip kita – I am thinking of you
  • Ang ganda ng buhok mo – Your hair is beautiful
  • Pasama naman – Let me come along with you
  • Ang bango mo – You smell nice

Final words

Bottom line, online dating is quite big in the Philippines. It takes some time and dedication to do it right, but at least you can set some dates before you even get there. As for choosing the best Filipino dating site, different people have different tastes.

Try out more of them and search for ladies that match your type and then decide which one you want to stick to.​

P,s – Don’t forget to check out the number one blog post about dating Filipina girls in Manila! 

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