guest friendly hotels in angeles city

Best Girl Friendly Hotels In Angeles City – What Makes Them So Special?

Best Guest Friendly Hotels In Angeles City 

The Philippines might be the ideal destination if you want an inexpensive holiday boosting with beautiful girls who see foreigners as gods. It makes no difference if you travel alone or with a bunch of friends – if you want to get laid, you will. If you want to get laid three times a day with three different girls, you will.

Now, Angeles City is one of the leading destinations for wild parties, nightclubs and crazy nights out. This is where you will find girls of all kinds – local girls looking for a hookup, girls who find foreigners exotic, prostitutes, escorts and all kinds of happy ending massage parlors.

But then, not all hotels will allow girls in.

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So back to business, what are the best girl friendly hotels in Angeles City?

  1. Kokomos Hotel & Restaurant
  2. Orchid Inn Resort
  3. Century Hotel
  4. Wild Orchid Resort

Kokomos Hotel & Restaurant

girl friendly hotels in angeles city

Kokomos Hotel & Restaurant is located in the heart of the city – where most of the action is. You have food at the ground floor, as well as various girls hanging around to get picked up by foreigners. Rooms are large and suitable for two or more guests, meaning you do not need to pay any fees for a guest.

You have a television, a fridge, air conditioning and Internet. The bar and restaurant are open round the clock. Plus, if you want to chill, get to the swimming pool at the back.

Given the location, the place can be a bit noisy at times, but it is excellent for fun, entertainment, parties and value for money.

The hotel policy is quite simple. It is among the top guest friendly hotels in Angeles City. Managers will even mention it, so there is nothing to worry about.

I brought a different girl in every night without anyone to ask me who she is or why she is there. It is just perfect.

Orchid Inn Resort

Girl Friendly Hotels In Angeles City

Orchid Inn Resort is another top hotel located in the heart of the walking area, close to all the bars and restaurants. I would give it more starts for the amenities on site though. Rooms are quite big, but also extremely clean. While the outside looks a bit old, the interior has everything you will require.

I recommend getting a poolside room. The pool is at the back, so at least you get away from all the noise in the main street. Other than that, Internet is available in all public areas and in certain rooms – ask upfront if this is important for you.

Bringing girls over? Not a problem! There are no joiner fees and no need to upgrade. However, I guess they must have had some idiots staying there, as I was told girls must be of legal age. Doh! In other words, if your girl has a baby face, she might be asked for an ID.

Century Resort Hotel

Girl Friendly Hotels In Angeles City

Located about five or six minutes of walking from the walking street (Fields Avenue), Century Hotel is one of my favorites. You are close to all the action, but you are still far from the noise and music. Some rooms have been recently renovated, so everything looks new and modern.

You get bigger rooms with clean bathrooms, proper water pressure, free wireless Internet (quite fast if I may add), television and lots of comfort. Your daily breakfast is included in the price, which makes this place even better. Other than that, you have a casino behind the hotel if you feel lucky one day.

Century Resort Hotel is among the guest friendly hotels in Angeles City. There are no requirements for fees or IDs. However, you will be charged if the bed is too small and you want an extra one for your girl. Chances are you will mostly work her out the entire night anyway. By the time we fell asleep, we were so tired that we could have slept on the floor anyway.

Wild Orchid Resort

Guest Friendly Hotels In Angeles City

I chose Wild Orchid Resort because it felt a bit more luxurious than others, yet the price was just as good. I find this place to be perfect for a single male traveler or a group of friends. You are three blocks away from the Fields Avenue. It is quiet, but close to all the wild parties and happy girls.

Rooms are extremely clean and comfortable. There is lots of space – you can have sex in like 10 different places. There is a speedy Internet in each room, television with lots of international channels and even thick walls. You will not hear anyone else although – trust me – there is plenty of banging going on there.

There are also two swimming pools with bars open 24/7, as well as two restaurants. Girls? Everyone brings some. You can even find girls hanging around the hotel. You will never be questioned about them. Just make sure your girl is legal – in terms of age – and you should be alright. There are no fees involved. You can bring different girls every night and no one will find it weird.

Angeles Beach Club Hotel

Angeles Beach Club Hotel offers excellent value for money. You can even book a helicopter to pick you up from the rooftop and take you to the airport in Manila. This is how far they have taken this hotel. Besides, it used to host some of the wildest parties in the area. If you want to feel like a rock star and bang beautiful girls all day long, this is where you want to be.

You are only a couple of minutes away from the action. You also have large comfortable rooms, playboy style rooms with cozy decorations, Internet, television and so on. It is certainly not a place for families, so you will run into lots of party people.

I asked about girls before even checking in and they confirmed what I secretly knew – no fees, no question asked. If you find a local beauty, bring her over and bang her until the bed joints start squeaking. No one will bother you about it.

Phoenix Hotel

Phoenix Hotel is a bit quieter. You would have to walk for about 10 minutes to reach the crazy nightlife area. It is no far though and at least you can enjoy a restful sleep at night. Rooms are not massive, but quite compact. They come with everything you will need for this trip though.

You get a refrigerator for drinks and quick snacks, television with lots of channels, free wireless Internet and air conditioning. Beds are comfortable too. At the back, you have a swimming pool and a bar. All in all, given the costs per night, it is extremely cost efficient.

Phoenix Hotel is among the top guest friendly hotels in Angeles City. Basically, when I asked about it, I was told that there are no fees to pay and no IDs to show. You could bring anyone you wanted. I brought in different girls without being questioned. They can also spend the night over if you fancy crowding in the bed.

Final words

In conclusion, you do not have to search too long for girl friendly hotels in Angeles City. The above mentioned ones are just better known, so chances are lots of girls will hang around them looking for foreigners.

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