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​ Review – Fake Profiles Or Authentic People? Review – Fake Profiles Or Authentic People?

If you are into Asians, chances are Filipinas will most likely be on your list too. After all, the Philippines is not the richest country in Asia, so standards will be a bit lower compared to Japan or South Korea. Other than that, statistics never lie. Go there and you will be seen like a god – a common trait of being a foreigner.

But then, finding the right woman can be tricky. You do not want to walk down the street and chase women, do you? Instead, online dating might do the trick for you.

While you will find Filipinas on literally every dating website out there, is the optimal choice to go straight to the market – designed specifically to meet people from the Philippines.

With more than 3.5 million users, I found Filipino Cupid (known as Filipina Heart before being rebranded) to be the best choice for Filipinas and foreigners. It is run by Cupid Media (which runs lots of other similar websites), so its reputation is flawless. Now, what should you know about it?

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Pros and cons

Communication is the main problem in online dating because you are free to browse around, but you have to pay to get in touch with people. Fortunately, allows contacting other members without paying for a membership – obviously, with some restrictions.

I found the browsing experience to be a plus too. While you do not have to be a genius to use an online dating website, this one has large thumbnails, so you can see your favorites straight away – no need to actually go on their profiles.

Moreover, the live audio and video chat features make it more realistic and allow you to know someone before meeting them in real life.

On a negative note, you better complete your profile as soon as you register. Otherwise, you will experience an aggressive push to do it, no matter what you do. It tends to become a little annoying too.

I found the app a bit sketchy as well. It is clearly quite convenient, as you have push notifications and ease of use. But then, the website seems to provide a more complete experience. Potential matches refresh more often as well. Simply put, I would rate the application three out of five stars. It just did not click with me – could be just a personal issue though.


Creating an account is a two step process. First, you have to enter account details. The second step is more comprehensive and asks for personal details, such as your marital status, the will to relocate to another country, occupation and so on.

I recommend completing all fields or you will be constantly remembered to do it – not a fun experience, but quite annoying. You can also sign up with Facebook – the whole process barely takes 10 minutes. There is no verification needed.

Once on the website, you will love the large thumbnails. If the picture is relatively clear, you can tell whether or not that person matches your type. This is definitely a plus, as I could go through profiles at a much faster rate. You can show some interest by sending hearts – they are all free.

You also have a list of favorites, just in case you do not have the time to approach someone. Add them to your favorites and get back to them later. A matching algorithm is in place and works on personal matching criteria. The more details you add to your profile, the more appropriate your matches will be.

I loved the search function, as you can search for anything – body type, hair color, lifestyle preferences and so on. But I have to warn you – some users do not fill every single detail. In other words, you might miss on some great matches for being too exclusive, so only search by the most important things.

Now, here comes the thing about communication. You cannot send messages if you are a free user. But! There is a but… If you get messaged by a premium user, replying is free. In other words, if someone messages you first, you can go on with the conversation free of charge. It implies the other user is a premium one though, which is good – it means they are serious about finding a partner.

Other than that, if you feel bored, there is a chat room. Filipino Cupid has an application as well – quite clean and easy to navigate. Buttons are intuitive and easily accessible, but there is a drawback – member suggestions do not refresh too often. I find it helpful if you already have some conversations going on. But if you are on the search, it might be better to just use the website.

Member structure

There are more than 3.5 million users on – meaning there is someone for everyone out there. But on the same note, not all of them are active. You will send quite a bunch of messages in vain. The gender proportion is about 50-50.

Most of the females are based in the Philippines, although I also found some Filipinas established in western countries. As for men, most of them are foreigners – lots from the USA or the UK.

Most women are in the 18-44 range. There are around ten times more females than males in the 18-24 range, as well as almost two times more females than males in the 25-34 range. Men tend to dominate in the 35-44 segment – almost twice as many.

Verifying an account adds to one’s credibility. Lots of users on Filipino Cupid look for serious relationships, rather than casual hookups for sex. At the same time, you will find more verified women than men.

Free options

There are quite a lot of things you can do for free on First of all, the registration is free – you do not even have to verify your account. In fact, you can look around and search without even having an account – it gives you a brief idea about what to expect.

Once you are in, you can show interest in people by sending hearts for free – not going to help too much. However, what I did instead was sending hearts to premium and verified users. They can send messages for free, so showing interest in them might land you a conversation.

While you cannot really start conversations for free, the best you can do as a free user is show interest and wait to be messaged. You can reply to messages for free and take it from there. In other words, if someone makes the first step, you can go on and move the conversation outside the website. has its own proprietary application too, which is free to use. However, it is only a reflection of the website, but it has a few flaws. Other than that, you have the exact same features and limitations.

If you feel bored and you want to chat to others, the chat room is free to use. You will not really find too many people there – make sure you take the timezone differences into consideration. Evenings in the USA are late nights in the Philippines, for example.

Paid membership options

There are two types of paid subscriptions on – gold and membership. Differences between them are not impressive, so you might as well choose the cheaper one. Each option has three different plans.

You can pay for one month and hope for the best, but you can also pay for three months or an entire year. Obviously, the longer your subscription is, the less money you end up paying on a monthly basis, so it works like a discount.

Fee based features are more comprehensive – you can send and receive as many messages as you want. There will be no ads whatsoever and you can always hide your profile while browsing if you do not want to be approached – the incognito way.

When someone searches for a match and you are suitable, you will rank above free members. You will have a VIP highlight by your name, so free members are more likely to show interest in you, hoping that you will message them and start a conversation.

The search function is a bit more advanced and gives you access to more criteria, while your profile space will double up. I did not find these features to be too helpful to be honest – like I said, try not to go too much into details while searching.

As a paid user, you will be able to see when a particular member was last seen online. If you like someone and the last time they were seen was three years ago, it may not even be worth messaging them.

Finally, a paid subscription will allow you to translate messages into your language. Again, I find this feature a little useless. Unless you look for a pen pal, you do not want to translate your messages. You want to meet someone face to face eventually – how do you plan to communicate then? If you cannot speak a common language, it is not worth bothering.

Profile quality

The profile quality on Filipino Cupid is quite high when compared to other similar websites. It is easy to tell why. If you fail to complete your profile accordingly, you will be spammed about it in an aggressive manner. You will do it only for the website to shut up and let you browse peacefully.

I also recommend doing it voluntarily. Do not just write a word or two to be left alone. Instead, provide as many details as possible. While I do not recommend a deep search, other users will inevitably do it. You want as many potential matches as possible, so make sure everything is up to date.

Personal experience with

“After wasting my time with all kinds of Asian dating websites, I found Filipino Cupid to be quite active. I love how often you get new matches, nearby members, new users and so on. There is always someone new around to check and get in touch with. I have a few ongoing conversations with a few ladies and I think things are going into the right direction. I will visit the Philippines in a few months and I will stay there for a while with my new job, so I am trying to set a few dates before I even get there. Fingers crossed!”

Simon B., 29


Is an international marriage website?

No. While many Filipinas end up marrying western men, Filipino Cupid is a dating website. You will find relationships, friends and even casual hookups.

Do you need to be in the Philippines to create an account?

Of course not. The website is specialized in Filipinos, but at the same time, it helps Filipinos find foreign partners too. From this point of view, it has become a dating website that connects people from the Philippines and foreigners.

What do I need to become a FilipinoCupid member?

Nothing in particular. You can register for free by using your email address. You can also sign up with your Facebook account if you have one. Apart from a few personal details, no other data will be imported from Facebook. Also, the website or the app will never post on Facebook on your behalf.

Can I deactivate or cancel my account?

You can delete your account whenever you want. The reactivation is simple – just log in and start a membership reactivation process. If you are a paying user, you can cancel the membership whenever you feel like. However, your membership will stay active by the end of the cycle – be it a month, three months or a year. You will not be charged extra for it.


Bottom line, is a great source of Filipinas. While aimed at both men and women from the Philippines, it is more common to find beautiful Filipinas and foreign men looking for partners.​

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