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Aiming to dominate the Thai dating scene with more than 1.5 million singles, tries to put together people from all over the world. Whether it comes to Thai singles interested in longterm relationships with locals or foreigners looking for casual dating with Asians, this is the right place to begin your venture.

Run by Cupid Media, Thai Cupid is one of the largest websites in its portfolio in terms of members. Your potential soul mate might be just miles away, but they could also hide on the other side of the world – simply join in and give it a try.

While it was not the primary goal of Thai Cupid, it seems it has become a paradise for foreigner men looking forward to meet Thai women. For this reason, you will find lots of foreigners too, but also Thai singles relocated all over the world.

Whether you want to know more about the people, memberships, VIP benefits or features, this review will give you all the details you need – everything from a personal point of view and experience. So, what should you know before registering?

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Pros and cons

There are lots of positives regarding Thai Cupid, but since nothing is perfect, I have also identified a few drawbacks. Most importantly, you will love the plethora of features – you can search for free, but you have more criteria when you sign up or upgrade. You can find matches, send interest, chat and so on.

The user friendly profile of Thai Cupid is also a positive thing. I am quite experienced with dating websites and I find my way within seconds. However, Thai Cupid is so simplistic and well put together that you can get along with it even if this is the first time you try online dating.

The mobile application is not to be overlooked either, but it is not mandatory. After all, Thai Cupid has a mobile friendly website too, so it feels just like running the app. What I really liked about it was the possibility to get push notifications. You get notified as soon as something happens – no need to refresh the page trying to see updates, new messages or other interactions.

When it comes to negatives, I found quite a decent amount of spam and fake profiles. If you think about it, the more popular a dating website is, the more fake profiles you will find. The same rule applies to too. It is a popular website for a popular area when it comes to love and sex. Therefore, you will find a good amount of fakes – luckily, they are easy to spot with no experience at all.

Features of

You can search for people for free. If you register, you have more search filters. The registration takes a minute – no need to verify by email. Besides, you can register and login with Facebook as well. I recommend taking your time and completing every field in your profile. Why?

Easy – two reasons. First, the more details you add, the more search results you will be in – everything must be completed. Second, accounts might get deactivated for looking low quality or fake, so you want to avoid that. Upload a few pictures too.

Unlike other websites operated by Cupid Media, allows everyone to use the instant messenger. It is a built in application that pops up when in use. It is not a separate application though. A chat room is also available, but I could never find too much in there – just a bunch of desperate men asking if there are any females around.

You can add CupidTags to your profile. These CupidTags represent a specific feature for Cupid Media websites. They work just like hashtags. Add a few to your profile, as some people may only search by these tags.

You can see who is online in real time and the amount of people. You can easily find a few thousand users at certain times of the day. There are around 3,000 logins a day.

Showing interest is yet another common feature. The same goes to adding to favorites. The best part? The other user will get notified if you add them to favorites or you show interest. Here comes the tricky part. You cannot communicate with free members if you are free too, but you can reply to messages and conduct a conversation with premium users.

You can also see premium users in search results. This is what I used to do until I upgraded – searched for my type, then showed interest to premium users. I got quite a bunch of ladies messaging me, so I ended up communicating for free.

The application is available on both iOS and Android – there is no version for Windows users. The design is similar to the website – a nice alternative to classic browsing with push notifications. However, the overall style is not impressive and feels outdated, but at least it works.

You can choose to verify your account by uploading an official ID – nothing to worry about, it will stay private. However, it will show a badge on your profile and add to your credibility. Potential matches will know that you are who you think you are.

Member structure

Members on are quite active and responsive. But unless you are a premium user, you can only reply to messages from upgraded users. If you upgrade, you can message anyone, anytime – you are in charge.

Anyway, there are more than 1.5 million users ready to mingle. But here comes the bad news – 85% of them are males. To be honest, I felt a bit put off in the beginning. After all, there is a lady for every eight men – what are my odds? The good news is that many of them are just random males desperate for sex – local men or foreigners. Most ladies do not fall for such men, so you have a pretty good shot. I was quite successful in my attempts to strike some conversations.

Free options

You are pretty limited as a free user – not much to do at first. You can search, look at pictures, drool, find the perfect partner like 10 times a day and find yourself unable to do anything because, well, you are just a standard user.

Like I said above, there are a few simple tricks to boost your chances and get some conversations going for free. It worked for me. But on a negative side, many hotties on Thai Cupid are standard users and expect the same thing – a message from a premium user.

Showing interest, adding people to favorites, communicate with paying members, basic searching and matching algorithms – all free. The application is also free, which is a plus. Of course, you will have the same features you get on the website – no extras, apart from the technical push notifications.

Paid membership options

While you can get around some of the limitations for standard users, I believe I faced lots of disappointment too when I found myself unable to message girls that seemed perfect for me. A new world opened up in front of me after I upgraded.

Most importantly, you can communicate with everyone. If someone looks like a potential partner, drop them a message – simple as that. Another plus that some people might like is the possibility to browse Thai Cupid without those annoying ads. They would not be so bad, but most of them are animated GIFs that slow your device down.

Other than that, VIP members are displayed first in search results. If someone searches for particular criteria and you match, you and other VIP members will show up before standard members, even if their matching percentage is higher. A VIP badge is also displayed on your profile.

Now, some of the features you get as a premium user might seem beneficial for some, but I found them useless – nothing but bells and whistles. You have two times more space to write about yourself on your profile – no need to. You can also hide your profile and browse – not too helpful, unless you are actually cheating on someone who you met there. Otherwise, you are looking for love, so why would you bother to hide?

How about translating messages into your language? Unless you want to meet someone for casual sex, why would you? If you are not planning to learn Thai, there is no point – how do you expect to communicate in real life then?

However, enough with the bad things, as there are more helpful extras. The search function is more advanced and you can use even more filters. Stick to as few as possible, so you can get more results though.

The matching algorithms are better too. Normally, you would only find girls who match your demands, but you do not necessarily match theirs. With the premium membership, you get 100% matches – just perfect.

You have two memberships – gold and platinum. You can pay for whichever you choose over one, three or 12 months. If you choose the longterm subscription, the monthly cost will be much lower than if you keep renewing month by month.

Profile quality

The profile quality is pretty high on Thai Cupid. To me personally, verified accounts are the most credible ones. You cannot be 100% sure about their intentions, but at least you know they are who they claim to be.

Everyone knows that a complete profile increases your matching chance, so most users provide lots of details. Besides, you have to tell what kind of relationship you look for, so you know upfront what someone wants when you check their profile.

You can change profile details later on, yet I recommend filling everything up as soon as you sign up. Profile pictures are visible to everyone free of charge. Just like everywhere else, you will find some spam profiles too. They are easy to spot – no profile pictures, sex invitations out of nowhere, sex profile information, professional pictures that look like they were stolen from escort websites and so on.

Personal experience

“I travel to Thailand at least once a year. Everyone knows you are quite exotic there as a foreigner, not to mention the easy going women. I am more of a dating type, rather than casual sex, so I find it hard to trust girls if they approach me, knowing how exotic I appear to them. I find to be more comfortable. Already met a few ladies online and I am seeing the same girl for over two months now. Hoping for the best. Thank you!”

Terry P., 36


How do I reply to people who are interested in me?

You get a notification when someone is interested in you. You can also message them if you are a premium user. If they have already messaged you, it means they are upgraded, so you are free to reply. You can also leave the messaging aspect for later and just show interest back, but I recommend starting a conversation.

How can I see who is interested in me?

You have a link that shows you “who is interested in me”. Click it and you can see all the users who have shown interest in your profile. In order to access this link, you have to go to the activity menu on the homepage.

How can I get my photo approved?

Photos are double checked by admins to ensure you follow the rules. Simply upload your photo and give it 24 to 48 hours. I got all my photos approved within seven hours only.

Can I change the order of my photos?

Make sure there are no hidden or pending pictures. If there are not any, you can drag and drop them until you are happy with the order. Submit the changes to save them. Changes are instant.


Bottom line, is like a magnet for Thai singles and those who travel to Thai. No matter what you look for, chances are you will find it there. Although the website is mostly aimed at those looking for longterm relationships and proper dating, you will find casual sex hookups as well. In other words, there is something for everyone.​

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