guest friendly hotels in ho chi minh saigon

Girl Friendly Hotels In Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) – My Favorite Top 6!

Top Guest Friendly Hotels In Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) – What To Expect

Known as one of the Vietnam’s party capitals, Ho Chi Minh is one of the most attractive destinations for both locals and foreigners. Given the exotic beauty of local Vietnamese girls, chances are most men traveling by themselves or with their friends will hope to find a hotel that accepts girls as guests too.

Luckily, many places in Asia are aware of this unusual attraction of local girls and Ho Chi Minh makes no exception either. In other words, you can easily find guest friendly hotels in Ho Chi Minh, yet it is worth doing your homework upfront to prevent unexpected situations.

Now, what are the leading girl friendly hotels in Ho Chi Minh and what should you expect?

Quick overview:

  1. Luan Vu Hotel
  2. Ho Sen Hotel
  3. Minh Vy Hotel
  4. Thien Thao Hotel
  5. Liberty Central Saigon Centre Hotel
  6. Sunflower Hotel

Keep reading for my full review!

girl friendly hotels in ho chi minh saigon

Luan Vu Hotel

girls ho chi minh

Luan Vu Hotel is inexpensive, basic and simply ideal if you want to travel on a budget. Do not get me wrong – you still have lots of amenities. It is just that life is so much cheaper in Vietnam than in western countries. All in all, you have lots of room to choose from – I recommend getting a double one to prevent issues.

You have room service, a bar, dry cleaning, wireless Internet and a great décor in every room. Plus, this hotel is known for the staff, which is very friendly and helpful. When it comes to bringing girls over, it just cannot get any better.

Walk in, say hello to the receptionist and keep walking – no one will question you. You are also close to some famous nightclubs, so you can find girls – both real girls and prostitutes – within minutes only. Despite being so commonly used for travel sex, the place is safe, clean and beautiful.

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Ho Sen Hotel

ho sen hotel

Located close to many local and international restaurants, the popular Apocalypse Now nightclub and some nice landmarks, Ho Sen Hotel provides excellent value for money – a night there costs less than a lunch in a western country, but the amenities are more than enough for a comfortable holiday.

Rooms are clean and safe. You have wireless Internet, a safe, a good supply of toiletries to shower before and after sex and helpful staff that can speak good English. It is one of the best guest friendly hotels in Ho Chi Minh, so you should not even bother letting the staff know that you have a “friend” over.

Bringing a girl over is about nerve. Walk in while holding her hand, act decently and avoid being loud. Say hello to the receptionist, smile politely and keep walking. No one will question you about your friend, as it is perfectly understandable for foreigners to fall for beautiful local girls. It helps if you tip receptionists as you check in or when they call you a taxi.

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Minh Vy Hotel

red light district saigon

Minh Vy Hotel has always been a good choice for foreigners, but things have become even better, as it was renovated. The wireless Internet is fast, so you can check out girls online and even book escorts over the Internet. I was surprised to find out that guys at the reception can find girls for you, make recommendations and even take them straight to your room – proper room service.

These people get a commission from prostitutes, so they are eager to satisfy you. All in all, when it comes to the location, you are close to the rich nightlife, restaurants, bars and lots of beautiful girls. You do not necessarily have to book an escort, as you might as well go out and take advantage of your exotic look.

Whether you choose a prostitute or a happy girl looking for fun, no one will ever question you about her. Walk in, say hello and go to your room. To make things even better, Minh Vy Hotel is cost efficient too – you get to pay close to nothing.

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Thien Thao Hotel

thien thao

Thien Thao Hotel is one of my favorite choices if I do not feel like walking. When I want a chill holiday, I want everything by my doorstep. All in all, you have a top central location – bars, restaurants, nightclubs and lots of girls just seconds away from the main door. What else can you ask for?

Right – it is also a popular choice for foreigners and those looking for guest friendly hotels in Ho Chi Minh. In other words, you can bring a different girl every night and no one will question you about her. When bored, I even asked the receptionist for recommendations and he managed to find a couple of girls.

I recommend tipping receptionists for everything – finding you girls, calling you a taxi and so on. There is no way to go wrong then. Other than that, the rooms are clean and nicely decorated. You have air conditioning, wireless Internet and a nice bar on the 10th floor – great for breakfast. It features beautiful views. Moreover, the staff is quite helpful – definitely worth a try.

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Liberty Central Saigon Centre Hotel

woman saigon

Located close to the Ben Thanh market, in the heart of the city, Liberty Central Saigon Centre Hotel is a bit different. It is among the more luxurious options out there, but you will still find it much cheaper than equivalent hotels in western countries, so you still have great value for money.

The difference is in the features. You basically have everything, from bars and restaurants to room service and wireless Internet. Given the location, you will gain access to even more entertainment as you go out, not to mention the plethora of beautiful girls waiting to be picked up by foreigners.

Getting inside with a girl can be natural. I was never stopped or questioned about it. Some said that girls might be asked for an ID, as a security measure – never happened to me. I walked in, said hi and went straight to my room. It is quite common to see a foreigner hanging around with different local girls, so you are perfectly fine.

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Sunflower Luxury Hotel Ho Chi Minh City

girl friendly hotels in saigon

While rated as a luxury hotel, this place certainly deserves more stars. It is cost efficient, rated to be inexpensive, but the amenities on site are excellent – perfect location close to everything, wireless Internet, laundry, television, room service, more types of rooms, air conditioning and many more.

I got a standard room – somewhere between a single room and a double one – just to make sure no one would question me. I often claim that I get the room for myself, but my partner will join in a few days. However, I do not think it is mandatory, as I saw many foreigners hanging around with local girls.

I stayed there for four days and I brought not less than five girls at different times. No one bothered to ask me about them. However, when you book an escort online, you might want to come downstairs and take her in or she will get questioned.

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Final words

Bottom line, you do have some good options when it comes to guest friendly hotels in Saigon. Use common sense, tip receptionists when they do something for you and be casual about it, simple as that.

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