Best Girl Friendly Hotel In Bali

Best Girl Friendly Hotel In Bali – Top Options Exposed

Best Guest Friendly Hotel In Bali – Top Options Exposed

Bali is currently one of the most attractive destinations in Asia. The Indonesian island is known for wonderful landscapes, crystal clear waters, soft beaches and ancient buildings. There is lots to do and see in there, whether you want a cultural experience or a relaxing holiday on the beach.

To me, Bali is about beautiful beaches, hot petite girls in bikinis and a rich nightlife. If you are a solo traveler or you come over with the guys, chances are you will want to bang one of these beauties in your hotel room. But then, you need to find a girl friendly hotel in Bali first, as not all of them accept guests.

A quick overview:

Keep reading for my in-depth review!

Kuta Beach Club Hotel & Spa

Kuta Beach Club Hotel is among my favorites. It feels like heaven, like one of those luxurious places in the Bahamas, yet it is extremely cost efficient. You are close to everything – from massage parlors and the beach to nightclubs and the bar girl scene.

I stayed in a deluxe room for six days. It was nicely furnished and extremely clean. I also had a television, a balcony, good views and air conditioning. If you do not feel like hitting the beach, you can always check out the swimming pool on site with a nice bar in the middle. It is literally perfect.

The policy for guests is basic. As long as there are two people in the room, there are no joiner fees. Rooms are spacious and designed for two people anyway. Simply put, you can bring a different girl overnight, but you cannot have an orgy with more girls.

I did not have the opportunity, but I do not think receptionists would mind if you tipped them right. 😉

Flora Kuta Bali Hotel

Flora Kuta Bali Hotel is another girl friendly hotel in Bali worth a visit. It is located close to the rich nightlife – just walk for about five minutes. However, it is in a quiet area, so you can still enjoy a proper sleep at night – unless you are planning to bang different girls every night.

Rooms are very clean and feature a few basic amenities. You have a minibar that will not kill your budget, television, air conditioning, free wireless Internet and a balcony. The balcony overlooks the swimming pool, so you can scout for hot babes while still in your room.

The staff on site is extremely friendly and tipping them regularly will work a very long way. When I brought girls over, they were asked for their IDs. It is a matter of security, but I think they also want to make sure you do not bring any underaged girl – just a matter of safety. I was never charged for bringing a guest over though.

Bounty Hotel

I seriously believe Bounty Hotel deserves more than just three stars. The hotel is heavenly and located in a quiet area, but only a few minutes away from all the restaurants and nightclubs. Also, it takes a couple of minutes to reach the beach.

The swimming pool is open round the clock and features a swim up bar in the middle. For this reason, there will always be people around looking for some fun. Rooms are basic, but they provide access to TV, Internet and a comfy bed – just what you need for such a holiday. Room service is fast as well.

While rated as a guest friendly hotel in Bali, Bounty Hotel charges a fee if you bring a guest overnight. Basically, I could bring as many girls as I wanted – one at a time – during the day. But if I wanted to bring someone overnight, they would have charged me. I did bring a girl late night though, but I tipped the receptionist and I got away with it.

Melasti Kuta Bungalows & Spa

Melasti Kuta Bungalows & Spa is located in the center and has everything at your doorstep. You are one minute away from the beach at the back and another minute away from all the restaurants and malls at the front. The nightlife is about five minutes away, which is great if you want a good night sleep away from all the noise.

I recommend a deluxe room because they are not expensive and provide lots of comfort. You have a nice bed, as well as plenty of space. You also have a good balcony. Rooms are cleaned on a daily basis. The swimming pool on site is not that big, but it is clean and great for a dip after an intense bang.

There are no joiner fees if you want to bring a girl over. During my first few nights there, girls were asked to leave their IDs at the security post. They took it back once I was done with them. After a few nights, the security guys understood why I was there, so they no longer bothered grabbing IDs.

I used to bring them refreshments every couple of days though – just being nice to the people who decide who I can bring to my room, hah.

Final words

As a short final conclusion, you do have lots of options when it comes to finding a girl friendly hotel in Bali. It is worth asking upfront about the local policy though, not to mention becoming friends with receptionists (just tip them) for an easy going experience.

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