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​How To Pick Up Girls In Bangkok – Best Places To Hook Up!

How To Pick Up Girls In Bangkok – Full Guide On The Life In Bangkok & Best Places To Hook Up

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Bangkok?

Some may say traffic and crowds of people. But if you are like me, you will say girls and sex. Thailand is the country of sensual sex and​​ Bangkok is its capital.

Sure, the country can easily compete with countries like Colombia or Brazil, but at the end of the day, there is nothing better than a petite babe with nice round shapes that you can flip around when you switch positions.

Anyway, Bangkok is an attraction for everyone!

Tourists get there because it is the Thai capital, whether they want culture, sightseeing, girls or a starting point in exploring the country. It is also an attraction for girls from all around the country – and even from other Asians countries. They know lots of tourists get there, so the city might represent their only way out of it – a life in an occidental country, a more civilized place and with higher standards.

Now, finding girls in Bangkok is not like going out in front of your hotel and expecting them to jump all over you – unless they are prostitutes, of course.

Here is my full guide on everything you need to know to stay safe and have the time of your life.

Where to meet girls in Bangkok?

girls of bangkok

Well, you will meet the first girl at the airport. Then, you will meet some more as you get out of it, not to mention your hotel, area and downtown. However, they may not really be down for a quickie straight away.

Before going into small details, you should know that you are an exotic fish in Bangkok. You look different and no matter how used Thais are to foreigners, you will still be an attractive foreigner – even if you are ugly. 😉

The game is always on in Bangkok. You can meet girls in a shopping mall or down the street. Most shopping areas are close together, so you can pop from one mall to another. Siam BTS is probably the main spot – you will find top malls like Siam Paragon or Central World. If you want to try your luck during the day, this is the best place to meet girls in Bangkok.

Other similar places include:

  • Central Embassy – Ploenchitt
  • Seacon Square – On Nut
  • Pantip Plaza and Platinum Fashion – Childlom
  • Terminal 21 – Asok
  • Emporium & EmQuartier – Phrom Phong

When it comes to bars and restaurants, I have had some good interactions in Le Du, Cantina Wine Bar and Riva Floating Café – places where I actually went to girls’ tables and talked to them out of nowhere.

At the same time, I went out with a few girls in some romantic places swarming with beauties, but since I was with someone, I could not make any moves.

However, I also recommend:

  • Mezzuluna
  • Sala Rim Naan
  • Il Fumo
  • Buritara Wine Bar
  • Moom Muum Park
  • Palm
  • Vertigo Rooftop Bar
  • Sky Bar
  • The Gardens of Dinsor Palace
  • Above Eleven
  • Speakeasy Rooftop Bar

The Lumphini Park is also worth a shot.

Now, as the sun goes down, the city goes crazy. Bangkok girls invade the streets and nightclubs represent the top party spots. Some of them include:

There are four top nightlife spots to meet Bangkok ladies – RCA and Thonglor. Khao San Road is not bad either, but you will also find many party girls from other countries – many Asians though. They are on holiday and willing to get laid.

But just meeting girls is not enough. You also have to understand the local Thai dating culture if you want to be successful. Make sure to use my dating in Thailand guide!

City girls versus countryside girls

girls from bangkok

You will find Bangkok girls from all environments and backgrounds. Many of them are local. Girls in Bangkok tend to be used to tourists. They can also speak decent English – some of them even fluent. They are open minded and have met foreigners before, so there is not much to be worried about. They know some of the best places in town and will show you around if you choose traditional dating.

City girls are cleaner, better educated and more open to all kinds of things.

But on the other hand, Bangkok also has countryside girls – girls who are sick and tired of the poverty in the countryside and choose to head to Bangkok for a better life. Those who are new will be a bit different. They are clearly not so open minded.

They will be shy as you approach them – one of my favorite “qualities” in a Thai girl. Many of them cannot really speak English – they will say yes to anything or they will just smile and nod.

You will be able to tell the difference between city and countryside girls straight away after you meet a few women. At this point, my advice is to opt for an open minded city girl, especially if you are on holiday.

Your time is limited, so you do not want to waste two days with someone who can barely speak English – no communication and no sex.

I would also like to mention that many girls of Bangkok are not even Thai. They know there is money in Bangkok from all the hungry tourists (I am not talking about food here), so they come over to try their luck. I went there over a dozen times, so I can easily identify an Asian foreigner.

But then, if you only want someone with an exotic oriental look and a great body, it really makes no difference, does it?

Quickest way to get laid in Bangkok as a foreigner

getting laid in bangkok

This is quite easy. The simplest way to get laid in Bangkok involves going out in a party area, get one of the numerous Thai bar girls that hang around, pay her and take her back to your hotel.

This is what I first did. It took me about five minutes to reach a nice bar, another couple of minutes to have a drink and a girl approach me and five minutes later I was sweating like a sinner in a church in my hotel room.

Now, that was just my first taste of Thai meat. I wanted better after, so I decided to avoid prostitutes and all these bar girls. Instead, I wanted a clean girl who did not get trashed minutes ago by another man, if you know what I mean. It was not the money – girls are cheap there. It was just the idea of being with a clean beautiful girl.

You do not have to be a genius to figure it out. Given your exotic look, you will get lots of ladies to turn around and look at you. I was in front of the hotel one evening, looking for a nice round ass to harass. I already mentioned the best party areas of Bangkok, so I took a cab to Thonglor and started going from one club to another.

If a girl approaches you within the next 15 minutes and she seems to be there alone, chances are she is a prostitute. If you get approached by a girl from a bigger group of people, she is just into you. You can do the same thing there. Do not wait like an idiot by the bar – just get a drink, get in the mood, dance a bit and walk around.

You have to be direct in Bangkok – you see a girl you like, you go to her and show her what a gentleman you are. Introduce yourself, tell her you find her pretty and ask her to have a drink with you or perhaps a dance.

I recommend nightclubs if you want a quick bang. Girls are half drunk and more likely to look for fun. If you want to date a girl and all that, you can head over to bars and cafés.

It still works, but it is just slower. 🙂

Best dating sites in Bangkok

best dating sites in bangkok

I used this idea for my second trip to Bangkok. My first one was a total fest – one or two different girls on a daily basis.

I wanted my second one to be better – see some local attractions too, talk to a girl and so on.

There are a few decent websites that will teach you how to meet girls in Bangkok: was probably the best I tried – quite popular in Thailand, quite popular all over the world. I got to talk to a bunch of girls, had lots of dates ready for my first few days. I nailed three out of six within 24 hours since I met them – 50%, not bad. Give it a shot – you will be surprised.

I tried too – it feels like it is specifically created for Thai babes. Registration is free and you can search by multiple criteria – find the girl of your dreams with the perfect size and features. There are a few prostitutes there as well. Visit it for a few connections, so you can get some dates before you are in Bangkok.

Badoo is international – lots of people from all over the world. Lots of Thai girls are there and many of them come from Bangkok. It is easy to use and it has an app too. Give it a try.

Tinder? It does not need any presentations. It may not be as popular as in the USA or the UK, for example. However, girls in Bangkok are aware of their popularity among foreigners, so you will find lots of them there. Try it out before you get to Bangkok.

Why do I recommend online dating? You can find dates while chilling in your hotel room with the push of a button.

There are some risks when it come to online dating, but thankfully I covered all aspects in my blog post: Smashing the online dating game in Thailand!

Most importantly, you can set some dates up before you even travel – it saves you some time once in Bangkok, right?

How to avoid gold diggers in Bangkok

gold diggers in bangkok

If you are in Thailand for sex only, you should not mind simply paying for it. But if you want a real girl, you should clearly stay away from gold diggers.

Gold diggers are everywhere, but girls from Bangkok have a pretty good reputation about it. So, how do you avoid them?

I will point a few obvious things here. If you are 56 years old and she is 19, chances are she is not really into your looks. Even if you have Gianluca Vacchi’s body, there are probably better looking men around there, so a 19 year old will most likely cling to your financial status.

If you are 30, it might be a bit more difficult. But at this point, you need to look at her lifestyle. Opt for a decent lifestyle. Make sure she is a student supported by her parents or she has a job.

Make sure she does not share a flat with three other girls. Of course, you can find the perfect girl struggling in poverty too, but chances are most of these girls will hunt you for the money only.

At the same time, I recommend visiting less tourist areas too – not so many in Bangkok. But if you plan to live there or stay for a long time, you can visit around. Some parts of Korat and Hua Hin are excellent – you will find decent lifestyles and good girls who will reject you if you are not good enough for them.

If you are 45 and you find a single 40 year old lady, you should know that she might attempt clinging to you because men in Thailand are after young babes. Besides, divorced or widowed women are often avoided by Thai men, so a foreigner might be her only choice. The good news is a 40 year old lady who looks after herself will look 33, so she is still hot and totally doable.

Do not get me wrong here – you can find a good girl in any situation, but these are the rules I follow when I look for a girlfriend. Also, avoid flashing money, expensive jewelry and buying her everything she wants.

Even if she is not a gold digger, she might become one if she notices that you are… Well, stupid.. 😉

How to spot ladyboys in Bangkok

ladyboy bangkok

This is an easy one – if one person looks like a girl, but she has a sausage under her dress, she is a ladyboy. 😉

The problem is that ladyboys are so good at masking it that you will barely know how to make the difference. You will look at a stunning girl in a short sexy dress with fine legs, nice breasts and a baby face sucking alcohol through a straw at a bar.

Perfect, right?

You come closer, still perfect. You undress her and her sausage almost slaps you in the face.

I have never had this experience, but there are lots of foreigners who have it. So, how do you spot a ladyboy?

Ladyboys tend to exaggerate taking care of themselves. They will look much better than many girls, so if you see girls in Bangkok who look neat, tidy and almost perfect, you better double check. In terms of looks, pay attention to facial features.

There are lots of good looking girls in Bangkok who actually have masculine features. It is not a general rule – they are not always ladyboys, but you should still be cautious. Adam’s apple is a pretty good indicator.

Other than that, I recommend being straightforward. When you talk to a girl, be straightforward and let her know that you are looking for a nice girl. Most ladyboys will tell you if they are not… Well, nice girls. They might try their luck anyway if you are totally wasted though, so avoid looking for girls when you are too drunk.

Most of them will be honest with you because of the risks they take. They have no idea who you are. If you think you are going home with a girl and she turns out to be a man, you might go crazy on him and become abusive. Therefore, be straightforward and you should be alright.

Enjoying the Bangkok nightlife

bangkok at night

The nightlife in Bangkok is quite active. Finding the best girls in Bangkok implies going to areas like RCA and Thonglor. There are a few other party districts around, but they are close to red districts, so you will find lots of hungry tourists, prostitutes and bar girls. You can usually pop from one club to another until you find the right kind of atmosphere.

Prior to going out late at night, there are lots of bars, restaurants and cafés to chill and relax. You can also meet a nice girl to spend the evening with – it is not a bad idea to approach beautiful girls, even in such peaceful environments. Just because they are not full of alcohol, it does not mean that they might reject you.

You will find bars and pubs full of foreigners and tourists from other countries too. In other words, you might as well hook up with a Chinese babe or a Korean beauty – and mark my words, Koreans are stunning.

If you travel there alone, I recommend finding a nice girl and hanging around with her during your holiday. You can also explore by yourself and pick up random girls if you are good at it. You might feel lonely at times, but you will still meet lots of interesting people.

Best stripclubs, nightclubs, bars and massage parlors in Bangkok

bangkok nightlife

Let me make this clear – I am not talking about clubs where you may or may not meet girls. I am talking about places where you can meet girls up for a quickie in your hotel room. I am talking about places where you will have to spend a few bucks to get two girls to join you in a threesome.

I will not teach you how to get girls in Bangkok to do everything for you, but where to find girls that will do it for the right amount of money – nothing to worry about, life is not so expensive in the Thai capital.

You can find prostitutes and bar girls in pretty much every nightclub of Bangkok. You will head to the bar to get a drink and there will always be a couple of girl sitting around and trying to make eye contact. Once done, they smile at you. You will most likely have to pay to bang bellies.

Now, strips clubs are just as attractive. You have a bigger selection. Not all the girls would go home with you, but many would for the right amount of money. The Pimp is probably the best stripclub in Bangkok – lots of girls, private rooms with jacuzzis and so on.

The Villa International Bangkok is mostly recommended to foreigners – the elite. Again, you will find over 100 girls in there, private rooms and one with its own swimming pool too. The Czech Club is worth a shot too – lots of events, food, restaurants, drinks and private rooms.

Other popular stripclubs include:

  • Sherbet Club Ekamai
  • Piano Forte
  • Exotica Exclusive Club
  • Pegasus Grand Bangkok
  • Pent 33
  • M Club
  • Aladdin Gentleman Club
  • Baccara
  • Shark
  • Crazy House
  • Tilac Bar

And I could go on forever… These are just some of the best names coming to my mind. Let me remind you that banging girls in such clubs will cost you more than banging prostitutes and bar girls from clubs.

Now, if you are up for a happy ending massage – usually a handjob, but you can show her the money and ask for more, here is a list of happy places:

  • 101 Premier Massage
  • Angel Massage
  • Dream Heaven 3 Massage
  • Addic Massage
  • B and B Massage
  • BKK47 Massage
  • Cherry Massage
  • Dream Massage
  • Hera’s Massage
  • Mango Massage
  • Teen Massage

Again, the list is longer, but these names lead the market. You will get a menu or have all the available girls in a room. You can choose just like you choose cakes in a shop. You can also choose what you want – lotion massages, nuru massages, ball massages, prostate massages and so on.

Bangkok also has some red light districts – unofficial ones. There are basically a few areas with prostitutes and go go bars everywhere – great if you are tired of chasing girls and you want to tap a nice round ass before heading back to your hotel.

These areas include Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza and Patpong. Chinatown is also nice for cheap hookers. Lots of girls will make eye contact with you, so feel free to choose.

Top 4 girl friendly hotels in Bangkok

girl friendly hotels in bangkok thailand

Now, Thais are not stupid – they know that most foreigners go there for the weather and sex. Therefore, some hotels do not allow guests, while others do. While it might look like going out is the way to do it, there will be times when you will feel lazy.

Besides, some of these places are a bit sketchy, so you want to do it in the comfort and safety of your hotel room, right?

Many massage parlors and whorehouses have websites, so you can choose girls online. I like to see meat in person – pictures can be deceiving sometimes. But if you are really lazy, browse the catalog and pick up the phone.

Some hotels do not allow guests in. Some others allow one guest at a time only – say goodbye to sliding your sausage between two girls while they kiss. But then, there are also a few good hotels that allow anything – you can have an orgy in there if you feel like.

Do not get me wrong – you can find such hotels everywhere, but many of them are terrible. The ones I will mention are clean, good for tourists, safe and with a great service.

Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park is pricier than the others, but still affordable. It features a good location in a safe area. Give it a try if you want more than just sex.

Aspira Grand Regency is large, has a posh feel and good places to visit around, whether you want to get drunk or laid. Visit its official website to explore more of it before booking.

Holiday Inn Sukhumvit will impress you with the great location – close to many party areas, so you can always find happy girls looking for fun. Check it out if you want the feeling of chain accommodation.

Royal Asia Lodge will give you the best value for money. It is cheap, but still clean and with basic amenities. Check out its features to make sure it can raise to your standards though.

Interested in more? See our full top 9 guest firendly hotels in Bangkok here!

How to stay safe in Bangkok

stay safe in bangkok

Just like everywhere else in the world, you must use common sense. If you see a backstreet with some men people checking you out and no one else, do not go there, but stick to main roads. Roads are quite dangerous in terms of traffic, so try to avoid it. If you have to take a tuk-tuk or a taxi, establish the destination and rate upfront – also, do not share with strangers.

Avoid flashing high amounts of money and jewelry. If you want to wear a watch, do not wear an expensive one – not even one that looks expensive or a famous watch replica. Chains or bracelets should be avoided too. As for money, keep them spread around multiple pockets – pickpocketing is quite common in Thailand.

Do not accept drinks from strangers. If the prettiest girl you have ever seen offers you a cocktail, kindly refuse it – come up with a random reason. Even bottled drinks can be opened, filled with drugs and closed back. Instead, buy your own drinks and never leave them unattended. You do not want to end up drugged and robbed, do you?

Common sense again – do not give your passport away. Stick to touristy areas, unless you have local friends who can take you to safe places. If some pretty girls in Bangkok ask you to go to their place in some sketchy areas, kindly refuse. If you want a bang, ask them to come to your hotel instead.

Bottom line, you do not have to be paranoid about it either. Such crimes are insignificant when compared to the impressive amounts of tourists visiting Bangkok every year.

Cost of living in Bangkok for foreigners

cost of living in bangkok

The Thai baht is the currency in Thailand – one dollar is about 30 baht. If you want to live there, I recommend going for a month first. See how you like, whether or not you enjoy it and what you could do there. After all, it is one thing to go to Bangkok as a tourist and another thing to live there.

Sure, girls in Bangkok are hot, but do you really want them forever? Or is it just a holiday fling? At the same time, you should become familiar with the safe and unsafe areas upfront.

Now, rent in Bangkok’s city center for a simple one bedroom apartment will cost you around 21,000 baht a month. It will cost you about half if you live out of the city center. When it comes to transportation, a taxi will cost you about six baht per kilometer, while a monthly pass for public transportation will be around 30 baht.

Now, how about food? You will get an idea about costs as you eat out or go to supermarkets. A meal in an expensive restaurant will be about 60 baht. A local beer is about 80 baht – up to double the price if it is imported. Fruits and vegetables will be anywhere between 30 and 70 baht per kilo, while a pack of cigarettes will cost you 150 baht.

If you do the math and compare the monthly expenses to the average monthly salary of 23,000 baht, you will understand why many Thais are rated to be poor. For this reason, an external source of income would pay off – you might as well consider starting a local business.

How to get to Bangkok and move around

travel in bangkok

Bangkok is well linked to pretty much any country out there. Being such a fabulous destination and a great sex spot, people visit it from all over the world. You can normally fly directly from Europe, while you might need one stop flights from America. If you travel from another Asian country, you will most likely find direct flights from big cities too.

Transportation around Bangkok is quite diversified. Taxis are not too expensive for a tourist, but you can also use public transportation. You have the Sky Train to navigate around Bangkok, as well as express boats, the subway and public buses. When using public transportation, make sure you look after your valuables – pickpocketing is a common crime in Bangkok.

If you want to get out of Bangkok and visit the surroundings or islands, you can do it by tours, buses, boats or planes. Ideally, you should plan every aspect of your trip upfront. If you want to bang as many girls in Bangkok as possible, stick to the capital. If you also want to see around and explore some beautiful islands – lots of girls there too, plan everything upfront.

Final words

bangkok girls

As a short final conclusion, Bangkok could be an exciting destination and might give you the experience of a lifetime. If you are like most men, you will hope to get laid there and bang some petite beauties too – nothing to worry about, you will have plenty of opportunities.

It only depends on your standards. If you also want to visit around, plan everything and enjoy it. Thailand has something for everyone – you got the weather, the landmarks and the landscapes. Plus, it is a completely different lifestyle – worth a shot.

Whether you meet a beautiful local girl or you want to settle there, you will need even more research. In an ideal case, you should date normally, find a good girl with a decent financial situation for Thailand and count on her to help you settle in – live in a good area, get used to the lifestyle and so on.

While mostly popular for sex, there are plenty of girls in Bangkok who are looking for serious relationships with foreigners – not just for the money or to get away from Thailand.​


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