russian show in pattaya

​​Russian Girls in Pattaya – Visit Little Moscow in Thailand

​​Russian Girls in Pattaya – Visit Little Moscow in Thailand

When you think Pattaya, you think parties and nightlong entertainment. When I think Pattaya, I think girls, wild sex round the clock and plenty of fun. To anyone suffering from “yellow fever”, Pattaya is a paradise on earth – girls making eye contact every few seconds and even more girls selling their bodies for like no money.

However, while most local girls are Asian and come in that standard petite shape, you will also find Russian girls in Pattaya – a different breed of women available in an unusual place.

There is one good thing about Pattaya – you can have as much sex as you want. Changing the type every once in a while adds to the diversity, so banging a Russian babe will be a bit different.

But then, many tourists would agree that Russians come with both good and bad parts. So, what should you know about them?

Why are Russian girls in Pattaya?

While Pattaya has beaches, landmarks and a good nightlife, we should be honest about it – we all go there for sex. When it comes to couples, they want to try different things or perhaps they want to enjoy some wild parties. But when it comes to single men and even solo travelers, it is all about sex.

Russia is quite ahead of Thailand in terms of economics, but let us face it – it is not the most powerful country in the world. In fact, many areas struggle in poverty, especially the ones far south. This is the reason wherefore so many pretty girls choose to go abroad for money.

Pattaya is a magnet for sex hungry tourists. While you can bang girls for free too, most men have a decent budget for hookers and prostitutes only. Since western money makes the difference in this part of the world, more and more girls turn to Pattaya.

Russians are just different in features and style, but you will also find girls from Cambodia, Laos, China, Vietnam, Malaysia and so on. There are hookers from all over the world selling their bodies on the streets of Pattaya.

The average westerner cannot make the difference between a Thai girl and a Cambodian girl.

But Russians? They definitely stand out because of their western appearance. Simply put, Russians hookers go to Pattaya for the money.

You can walk down the street and see some tall babes in super short skirts – those are usually Russians. You can also attend a Russian show in Pattaya and trust me – most girls will follow you to your local girl friendly hotel for the right price.

Russian girls versus Thai girls

Whether it comes to their looks or attitude, Russian girls are different from Thai girls. I have tried everything in Pattaya, so I can explain everything in small details.

Let us start with the looks. Thai girls are normally short. They are petite – skinny, with nice round shapes. They have the classic oriental appearance and they are slightly more tanned than Russian girls.

You can find them in all sizes. Most of them are fit – at least for me. If you are looking for a big fat ass, you can also find Thai babes with bigger bums – just hang around and look left and right.

On the other hand, Russian girls are different. You can tell immediately that they are not oriental because most of them are Caucasian – long legs, skinny waists, round asses.

They look just like the hot girl next door. Chances are they look better than you too, so there is your chance to score out of your league. They have long legs and they often have blond hair, yet you will also run into dark haired girls with blue eyes.

The average Russian girl is the pretty woman who you cannot even approach back in your country, only because she looks too good. Of course, I have seen Russian babes in all shapes and sizes – from 4 to 10.

However, I believe most of them are 8s, yet you can find much better too.

Now, how about the attitude? When it comes to looks, it is a matter of personal preferences. I recommend banging both types of women – alternate to avoid boredom. As for the attitude, I must say Thai girls are nicer overall.

Thai girls tend to be more humble. They are not all about sex, but I have also enjoyed the girlfriend experience with them. Sure, you can find a hooker and treat her like you do not care about her feelings, bang her behind a house and then abandon her.

But at the same time, you can have one in your hotel that will smile and chat to you, so she will give you a nicer experience.

Russian girls can be the same, but most of them are colder. They are nice and friendly, but they can have a proper attitude at times. I have found both nice and crappy Russian girls, but overall, Thais are nicer.

Where to find Russian girls in Pattaya?

Asian chicks are more common in Pattaya, but Russian girls are just as common. There are less of them, so they will be harder to spot, but they are taller, so you can see them when they are around.

Russian street meat is everywhere. You can find independent hookers walking down the street or in bars and nightclubs. When down the street, they are usually on their phones. They are in fancier areas in Pattaya, rather than back streets.

Russian girls are more common in nightclubs though – go down the Walking Street and hop from one club to another. LimeLima and Mixx are probably the top options.

You will find working girls who hang out by themselves at the bar (usually waiting to be approached), as well as Russian babes on holiday. If you are good enough, you can bang one for free – just happy party girls looking for hookups.

For a better selection of Russian girls around Pattaya, I recommend the Internet. Escort agencies represent a higher level – more expensive, but also more qualitative. Most of them will have at least a few Russian girls.

Pictures are clearly professional and might be misleading. Some of them hide their faces. I booked a few escorts online – they looked stunning. But then, when you want to empty your balls and she has a teasing body, who cares about the face?

I would say Russian girls from escort agencies in Pattaya are much better looking than those around the Walking Street. However, you might get cat fished.

Russian girls are also available in go go bars or strip clubs. You can also find a Russian show in Pattaya, be it a proper dancing show or a strip dancing show.

Let me remind you that all these services around go go bars tend to be more expensive than if you find a hooker down the street, as drinks are often overpriced.

Rates and services

russian girls in pattaya

When it comes to services, I am talking about escorts and hookers. They will not clean your room or cook for you – although I think they would if you pay them. I am talking about sex.

You can get everything, from blowjobs and regular sex to anal sex and prostate massages.

Let me mention that many Russian hookers have perfect measurements, so they will clearly cost more than Thais. Some of them cost double than that. While many foreigners come to Pattaya for the Asian meat, Russian ass is just as sweet, especially for those coming from the Middle East.

A street Russian hooker may charge around 2,000 baht for sex. If you go to a massage parlor and you want a full menu, the price will also include the massage, as well as all the teasing. The price will go up by another 50% – around 3,000 baht.

The more services kick in, the more money you will pay. For example, you will pay more for bar girls, coyote girls and go go girls because you have to count drinks or bar fees too. As for escort agencies, expect to pay up to 5,000 baht for a night with a Russian stunner.

Obviously, the higher the price, the better looking your girl will be. While Thais are great for those with yellow fever and limited budgets, Russians have the perfect proportions that every man dreams about. They are certainly worth a shot too – you will love the difference.

Final words

As a short final conclusion, to me, this is all about sex. Pattaya is the land of sex – you can have sex 10 times a day if you want. Literally! No matter how attractive those petite babes are, I truly recommend trying out some Russian meat too.

They are worth it if you come from an area where white girls are not so common – plus, you need a good budget.

In terms of personality and style, make sure you are straightforward and direct. Russian girls like that in men – they want to be led, rather than to lead.​​

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