Red Light District in Chiang Mai

​Chiang Mai Red Light District – Visit This Unknown Paradise!

Chiang Mai Red Light District – Visit This Unknown Paradise!

Nothing compares to walking down the street and shopping for hookers like you choose a meal in a restaurant. It is like an open menu – you walk for 15 minutes and you see over 100 girls making eye contact and smiling at you, waiting for you to rent their bodies for whatever fantasies you have. This is what the Chiang Mai red light district feels like.

Although I keep going there whenever I have the opportunity, I will always be pleased to look around and shop. In my opinion, this is one of the best places in the world to satisfy your hunger for sex. You can get laid 10 times a day if you want to – skinny, fat, s​​hort, tall, Asian, Caucasian, you name it. This district has everything you could dream of.

Where is the Chiang Mai red light district?

While there is no such thing as an official red light district, everyone – from taxi drivers and hookers to tourists and locals – will claim that all the action takes place on the Loi Kroh Road. This is the so called red light district in the area. There are lots of Chiang Mai women hanging around – all sizes, all shapes and all ages.

The road is slightly longer than half a mile. It lies between the river and the old city. While there are all kinds of adult entertainment options everywhere on this road and around it, there are two central areas where most people hang around.

One of them is around a boxing bar beer center, located right behind the Imperial Mae Ping Hotel. The other one is on the western side of the road – close to the Kotchasarn Road. Whether you are looking for a quickie behind a building, a full night or just a couple of hours of fun, you have everything you might need in the menu.

Best places to go in the red light district

Each area has its own main attractions. There are lots of girlie bars, massage parlors and Chiang Mai freelancers everywhere around the main road, but certain areas are more popular than others.

The Thai boxing stadium features a massive arcade full of bars, massage parlors, lonely girls and nightclubs. There are about 20 of them gathered in the arcade. My Tirak Pub is one of the top choices for tourists – quality girls and good value for money.

Coyote Bar is also worth a shot. Plus, coyote bars in Chiang Mai provide a modern type of entertainment these days. You no longer need a coyote flashing her ass one inch away from your face while you wait for a drink. You can even get noodles served in the same manner. Check this article out for more details.

While most tourists gather in these few places, I find Star XiX A Go Go more fun – loud music, lots of girls, fun and entertainment. You can actually have a chat with those girls – it feels more natural.

Now, how about the other side of the red light district? The Kotchasarn junction is not to be overlooked either. The crazy nightlife starts around 7PM. You just cannot miss girls. They are half dressed and walking around everywhere. Go go girls invite men in, while Chiang Mai freelancers make eye contact with everyone.

Some of my favorite bars in this area include Linda’s Bar, Marin, Jammer’s Delight and Dragonfly. Win Rock Style is on and off – it can be wild one night and quite peaceful the other night. I also enjoy Spotlight A Go Go – just north on the Kotchasarn road. You will also find Lucky Bar nearby – they are popular among tourists, but they are a bit out of the way. I feel more intimate there.

Prices in the red light district

Prices vary widely. If you want a girl for a quick blowjob in the bushes, you might have to pay up to 500 baht. Chiang Mai freelancers are cheaper than other options because they work on their own – they will follow you to your hotel room for 1,000 to 2,000 baht, depending on their looks.

Prices go up as you get more services. For instance, massage parlors will cost extra 500 to 1,000 baht, just because you also have a massage. Bar girls and go go girls will also involve paying bar fees and drinks.

Most girls in the red light district of Chiang Mai are Thai, Malaysian and Chinese. You can find girls from all over the world though – including 90-60-90 (breast, waist and hip perfect proportions in models) Russians. They will cost double than that and are often available through agencies.

Personally, I recommend quickies to empty your balls and nightlong entertainment to fulfill your fantasies.

Let me mention that I have banged Chiang Mai women for free too – tourists or local women interested in hooking up only.

Staying safe in the red light district

Common sense is essential while staying safe in the red light district of Chiang Mai. Do not flash expensive jewelry or large amounts of cash. Stick to public and wide roads, roaming with tourists, rather than sketchy back streets.

If you see lots of people around, it is probably safe.

When dealing with girls – be it in a massage parlor or a whorehouse, always keep an eye on your wallet or clothes. Do not leave your clothes in another room while having some fun. They must be close to you at all times.

Final words

Bottom line, the red light district in Chiang Mai can get quite wild. Like I said before, some places dominate the night, only to be dead the night after. Therefore, I recommend club hopping. Walk in and out until you find the kind of party you like – or perhaps the perfect girl to fulfill your fantasies.

Remember – this is the ideal place to score out of your league, get healed of yellow fever and make your dreams come true.​

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